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Descendants: Lore and Information (WIP)

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Descendants: Lore and Information (WIP) Empty Descendants: Lore and Information (WIP)

Post by Katrina A. Russel November 12th 2021, 7:09 pm


The legacy of the Descendants is long and complex. Twenty-six individuals each possess some piece of the Cosmic Source, an ancient piece of magic that crashed on this planet eons ago. They are made from it, molded by it, and thus marks them as Descendants.They come from many different backgrounds and ethnicities, though all share the distinctive traits of their Descendancy, that being the colored hair and eyes that mark them as different. All Descendants share a Bond, invisible threads of energy that bind them together. It is their destiny to meet, and once adults they will often have a desire to explore the world. This is the universe acting on them to seek out their fellows. Individually they are powerful, but together they are unstoppable.

Despite appearances, Descendants are not human. They are born of gods and formed from the emotional energy that surges from the Cosmic Source. Though their appearance is distinctly human, they take on the physical appearance and traits of those they think they should have; genetics is a complicated game with Descendants, as magical beings can contribute to the appearance of the Descendant, but physical traits will not. That is to say, Descendants can inherit the magical beauty of Elves, the wings of angels, or the devilish traits of Demons, but the look of their parents will not necessarily contribute to their appearance. Rather, as the Descendants age, their appearance is shaped by how they view themselves.

All Descendants have a Soulmate, a counterpart created especially for them. Similar to the Descendant themselves, the Soulmate will reincarnate through the ages, tied to the cycle of the Descendants. If a Soulmate “Bonds”, commonly referred to as “a Zing”, which in this case means the act of meeting eyes and your souls becoming one, they will share in the longevity and, eventually, in some of the physical attributes of the Descendant. For their part, the Descendant will get significantly stronger - “greater than the sum of his parts” - while also receiving an emotional foil to mitigate the damages of severe Emotion renders on the soul. Finding a Soulmate is rare; in all of history, only five individuals have ever done so. The process can only be done so once all Descendants have discovered themselves and are aware of each other.


Corruptions are what happens when a Descendant falls under the thrall of an intense emotion. Each Corruption is unique, and much like the Descendants, bring with it unique powers and abilities. The Emotion represented by Corruption could be as simple as a mixing of the two core emotions, or something that represents the opposite of the core emotion. Simply feeling the emotion isn’t enough; they must be suffused by it, absolutely consumed by the emotion. Doing so starts to Corrupt them. This starts by coloring them, but unlike their proper Descendancy, their very emotions change, warping to more represent the Corruption.

Corruptions come in six stages, represented by a percent. This goes from 10, to 25, to 50, to 75, to 90, 100 percent Corruption. While transformed, inexperienced Descendants cannot control themselves and tend to lose themselves in the emotion, following the creed of whatever it dictates. Descendants who have reached full Transcendency and have practiced their Corruption, however, can manage to control it, to an extent. Even the most experienced Descendant, however, has not managed to control it beyond fifty percent.

Corruptions are odd. No Descendant is so simple that a spook in the night or a good day for once will completely change them. The emotions necessary to change them aren’t something so basic. To change a being of pure emotion, you must completely envelop them with said emotion, make them unable to do anything else, leave these emotions unresolved and stewing. This will change the Descendant. Once Corrupted, the Descendant can choose to enter their Corruption at will simply by recalling that emotion, but this can be a traumatic experience for the Descendant, particularly mentally. If these emotions are never resolved, it is possible the Descendant will Corrupt completely and be lost without outside help.




Long before the start of the written word, long before the first human thought to put pencil to paper, when life was still crawling in the primordial ooze, there existed the Cosmic Source. An object of such tremendous power, such wonderful destructive nature, its mere presence triggers war among those hungry enough to possess such a thing. A Source of infinite emotional energy. Before long, it fell to Earth, perhaps attracted by the future destiny of this fledgeling planet. There it rested, influencing the world around them, and thirteen great civilizations arose around them, each vying for control of the world. Magic crashed uncontrolled, monsters from nightmares roamed unchecked, and the first of humanity killed each other before the world could. And then, a truce. The leaders of two of the nations, Koshek and Lucifer, called for a meeting at the Gathering Place, where the influence of all the Cosmic Sources met. A common ground.

The leaders of all thirteen nations came;

Koshek the Sky-God, Master of Life, wise but stubborn;
Ahava the Lover, a beautiful maiden with hair of woven gold;
Em the Caretaker, considerate and kind;
Peladah the Forger, master of arms and combat;
Adlay the Riotous, white knight and caretaker of the poor;
Emeth the Preacher, the lion in a den of snakes;
Rei the Reflector, cool and logical in the face of disaster;
Almanah the Widowmaker, She Who Suffers;
Gannab the Taker, his massive form blocking out the sun;
Yirah the Fearmonger, his magic casting his form apart;
Hebel the Vain, the Rainbow Knight, Virtue-Thief;
Esh the Inflamed, Berserker-King and God of Fire;
And Lucifer Light-Bringer, intelligent, calm, and ageless.

These thirteen together brought a truce. For ten years they labored, crafting a spell that would change the shape of the world forever. And when it was done, they disappeared, taking with them the Cosmic Sources. The spell warped them, transported them to divinity, but it did not work as intended. Perhaps due to the power of the Cosmic Source itself, or something as simple as a misplaced verb, the spell destroyed their physical form; and though they retained power to rival gods, and new Realms crafted from the powers they now hatched, they could not enjoy life as they did before. Being such as they could not exist on the Earth save for a single point, where all thirteen realms collide.

This was unacceptable; so they crafted something. The most brilliant among them created the Transcendents, the first of their children, and the others followed suit, sending their beloved to Earth to guide humanity. The day came when the Transcendents found the one they were destined to be with, and they sired children. These children lacked the abilities of the parents, the divine strength and endurance. They were, it seemed human. Until they weren’t. And, the Thirteen realized, they could feel them. The Cosmic Source, shattered on that very day, remained within the children of their children! And thus they took the opportunity; to guide these Descendants, use them as the font through which they channel their will.

To this day, they remain, great men and women from all over for whom power is but a stepping stone to greatness.


All Descendants share some similarities in addition to the aforementioned Perfection. From a young age, Descendants are highly durable, even the most novice among them capable of withstanding extraordinary punishment. All their other physical attributes - Strength, Speed, Agility, etc, - are enhanced as well. As Descendants get closer to their Cosmic Source, and thus unlock more of their power, their physical attributes increase as well. The weakest Realized Descendant is more powerful by far than the strongest Naivety Descendant. Additionally, all Descendants share a penchant for magic, though like humans born with the Gift, they still must seek out a Master to learn. All Descendants possess six stages of power.

Naivety: This first stage represents the Descendants lack of knowledge; or more specifically, their desire to learn and the emptiness of their soul. They are a Vessel for energy and magic, and the outpouring of energy they exhibit in this stage is representative of that. The First Stage is a passive ability, one that they rarely if ever choose to use. This can take the form of an Aura ability, such as one that enrages everyone around you, an Eye ability, like seeing the suffering of everyone you look at; a Mental ability, such as feeling the emotional spectrum all around you, or a Hand ability, such as sticking to whatever you touch.

Most, if not all, Naivety’s tend to be uncontrollable or, at the best, unmanageable. While methods can be created to manage such Naivety’s, only Realized Descendants can fully learn to master their Naivety. Naivety’s have a set range, and like most Descendant abilities, are useless against their opposite colors. Most, if not all, are useless (or at least less effective) against their fellow Descendants.

Curiosity: An exploration of limits and possibilities, probing at what is and what shouldn’t be. That is what the Descendant has began to do; with many questions and less answers about the universe and the nature of themselves, Curiosity’s represent their desire to find this answer. The energy they exhibit is a result of this Curiosity, searching for the answer to all their unanswered questions. The Second Stage is an active ability. All Descendants possess the ability to shape emotional energy. While the level of control the Descendant has varies between each person, with some only able to make simple constructs while others fully capable war-machines, they all function the same as a sort of solidified energy. Each Construct bears a unique property that the Descendant is immune to, such as burning those with fear in their hearts or healing whatever is touched. Curiosity constructs tend to be incredibly strong by themselves, and only grow stronger as the Descendant grows in strength. In addition to the power they themselves hold, most Curiosity’s possess the power of the Naivety as well, making them quite formidable indeed.

Studied: Learning, reaching beyond what they know, taking every opportunity to sharpen what they know; Descendants reach this stage shortly after their Curiosity develops. Studying Descendants are learning not only about themselves, but about the nature of all things. Through Studying, some of their questions can be answered, and the more questions answered, the more their Curiosity grows. The Third Stage is unique in that it can take the form of anything. For some, it’s an active ability that amplifies their prodigious abilities, or it’s a brand new ability. In rare cases, it’s even a secondary weapon of a sort, a weaker manifestation of the Cosmic Source brought into the world. In most cases, however, it is a passive ability that boosts the strength of their Naivety and Curiosity. If it takes the form of a weak Manifestation, both Studied and Awakened can be active at the same time.

Awakened: After all this time, the Descendant has awakened to something; a secret of existence, the knowledge of what they are. Some major question that has plagued them in life is now answered, and they have Awakened. An Awakening is not a gentle process; Descendants, attuned to the spiritual and the emotional, change as their entire world view changes. Everything they thought they knew is different; and yet there is still so much more to learn. The more they learn, the less they know. Awakening is a manifestation ability, lending a piece of the Cosmic Source to the Descendant; this is usually in the form of a weapon or armor but always in the form of a usable item. This item can be summoned and banished at will, usually with a dramatic flourish. While wielded, the Descendant is exceptionally more powerful, bolstering the abilities of their Constructs as well as their physical attributes.

In addition, the Item usually possesses a unique ability of its own related to the Aspect they most closely relate to. Most of these effects are purely limited to the manifestation itself. These Items vary widely; some only get a sword while others get a full futuristic set of armor and guns. Awakening’s, though they are all different, share a few different things, mainly sharing the color of the manifestation; however, though expressed in different ways, each manifestation shows some hint of the Searching, such as tusks being prominent or a flanged helm.

Once summoned, these Divine Instruments remain with the Descendant forever, though they may not always have the same shape. A sword could turn into a pen, for example, until the top is clicked. These are as infinite in variety as the Descendants themselves. All Divine Instruments also have the capacity to sheathe themselves in the Divine Realm that they call home, effectively disappearing from this world. So long as this realm can be accessed (e.g. not blocked by powerful magic) they can carry their Divine Instrument anywhere.

Searching: The Descendant is close to discovering the final truth, the question they didn’t know they were looking for; what are they? Where did they come from? Humanity is not beneath them, but it is set aside in search for the answer to their ultimate truth. The Fifth Stage is a beast ability. Within the Descendant there lies the Cosmic Source, and with training they can learn to summon the full power of it in the form of a Spirit Animal, an animal companion of sorts that’s formed from the concentrated Emotional Energy present within the Descendant. These Spirit Animals bolster the powers of the Descendant even further while also possessing all the same powers. They also tend to give the Descendant another powerful ability in addition to their own.

While they possess minds of their own, they have been shown to control the whims of their Descendant, though this is possibly different for each individual. This is different from mind control; Searching Descendants are close to their ultimate goal; being so close to the source of their true strength warps them emotionally, twisting them to align more closely with the aspect of their emotion they’re most closely attuned to.  For those that are already heavily attuned to their Aspect, this effect is exponentially more effective. This is not always a bad thing, but it is always significant.

[See: Eidolons, a Descendants Best Friend for more information]

Realized: The final question has been answered, enlightenment has been reached. The Descendant has tasted the kiss of death and came out the other side whole. Entering the Realm of their God is enough to Realize, but for some, they must converse with the Origin of the Source. They explain to them what they are, what their purpose is, and it all becomes clear. They become Transcendental beings. Upon the Question being answered, Descendants merge fully with the Cosmic Source, becoming beings of pure emotional energy. All of their abilities become stronger while mitigating or completely eliminating most of their emotional and chromatic weaknesses. A Realized Descendant is the strongest there is. Having realized their true self, they are no longer limited to any form, capable of shaping their appearance and gender at will.

Realized Descendants have incredible powers.

They can Transcend.

A Transcendency is their ultimate form, the most powerful form any being can take. They merge with their God, and their Realm, potentially becoming more powerful than even them. All their abilities increase exponentially, gaining new powers as well, but like all things there is downside. They are vulnerable in this state, exceptionally so, to emotional manipulation; and should they ever be destroyed, they and the Realm will be lost forever. A Transcendency carries their Awakening, which has taken a more powerful form, and merges with their Searching, becoming part animal, part energy, part divine.

Once a Descendant Transcends, all their abilities increase significantly and they can began to master the most powerful of the emotional arts, amongst them being permanent constructs. This is not an easy path; to learn their Transcendency alone, they must have years, if not decades, of solo study and then … the Descendant must die. They must shed their mortal form and return to the world from which they were begot. Only then can they truly understand their being.


Elder Death Descendant: Shiwa Kodomo
Junior Death Descendant:

Focal Point: Crown Chakra

Divine Realm: Black Palace
Divine Source: The Lake of Fire
Divine Ruler: Lucifer Morningstar, God of Magic and Knowledge

Death is a natural force of nature, an unstoppable march through time and decay and rot. It is inescapable, all powerful, fearless. It is these traits the Death Descendant incorporates. Death incorporates the end of life and the beginning, as all things must start from the decayed remains of others. Death Descendants are naturally stoic and quiet, contemplative of their surroundings but not engaging in them. They tend towards feats of pride and apathy at times, but are nonetheless hard workers, with a penchant for tasks that require skilled work. Death Descendant’s whose Aspect is closest to Death are smart, hard-working individuals, with a penchant for skilled work and tasks that others would deem impossible.

Along with Death, Black is the color of Hate. Hate is a powerful emotion, all-consuming. True hate keeps you up at night, darkens every thought, hardens your resolve to do anything so long as it gets you that much closer to your goal. It is these traits the Hate Descendant incorporates. Hate is the overwhelming need to destroy your target, no matter the cost, no matter the collateral. If anyone stands in your way, you destroy them too. Hate is Eage taken to the logical conclusion, the fires sullied and blackened. Hate does not look like what you expect, a barbarian determined to take down his goal or a madman with an axe. Its subtle, its invasive. Before you know it, you’re sucked along with it. Hate is a high school girl preying on those less fortunate than her. Hate is the factory worker with a spiteful boss. Hate is spite. Hate is everything.

Black is the color of Magic; wonderful, strange, and altogether inspiring. Magic is hard to grasp; it is esoteric, it is flighty, yet is always present, all-knowing, all-powerful. Or it seems that way. That’s the trick with Magic; seeming to hold all the cards while you conjure a table to beat the enemies with. Magic is subversive and tricky, yet always honest. There is a language to Magic you can learn, and it is this language that those who take this Aspect speak. It’s not a physical one but a series of mannerisms; a slight eyebrow raise at those they deem lower than them, a faint smile at the suggestion they’re hiding something. Magic is sly.

The Realm of Death is The Black Palace. Contrary to popular belief, it is beautiful. It is surrounded by countryside, a lake of molten stone lending a soft glow to all it touches. Paths wind through the varying city streets, small, one-story shops and brothels advertising their wares. Unlike typical Realms, this one is occupied by demons. The Palace itself is a massive piece, black as sin and twice as sinister. But it is just an appearance. The rooms inside are as magnificent as any in the human world, if not more so. But the true centerpiece is the throne piece. A chair of crafted onyx and obsidian, adorned with golden trophies from ages past, is fitted on a raised dais at the far end of the room. A beautiful floor, paved with precious gems of all sorts, sparkles from the light, and paintings any artist would die for. The Throne emits its own light, casting the room in a spangled, low level of light.

Lucifer Morningstar, otherwise known as Lucifer Lightbringer, resides in the Black Palace, and he is the God of Knowledge. Like all of the Thirteen, he is formless, but the form he takes is most similar to the one he had before he became a god. Luscious blond hair, eyes as blue as the sea, above which sprout a pair of goat horns, delicately parting his curls. He is rarely found with a shirt or shoes, preferring the freedom of near-nudity, and showing off a chest chiseled with muscle. A single wing stretched out behind him, as if chosen just to satisfy the myths. Lucifer is an enigma; he will say one thing, but contradict himself with another. Each word, turn-of-phrase, and expression he uses must be analyzed for any double meaning. A trickster at heart, he will take any opportunity to, as they say, “make a deal with the devil”. Despite his mischievous nature, Lucifer genuinely cares about his family and those who serve under him.

Elder Rage Descendant: “Mad” Paul Yofun
Junior Rage Descendant: Rusty Scarlet

Focal Point: Wing Chakra

Divine Realm: Bloody Ballroom
Divine Source: Byzantine Blade
Divine Ruler: Esh the Inflamed, God of Fire and Destruction

Passion is life. It is the desire to go out and do things, things you love, and cannot live without. Those with passion enjoy life in everything they do. They are, as the name implies, passionate, and creative; artists, sculptors, actors. Whichever career they choose, they are among the best in their field. Passion Descendants are easily bored and distracted, however; because they have so many interests, it is hard for them to focus on just one. As such, they tend to either hyperfocus on one skill or become jack of all trades among several. To live a life of Passion is to live hard and live fast.

Rage is consistent, a fire, a burning forest falling to ashes. Nothing can top rage. It simmers below the surface, it boils and bellows and brews, ready to spill out at a moments notice. And when it does, it is pure vitriol, acid and fire and disease that pour forth from them. Rage is persistent as well. It doesn’t give it up. Those burning with rage don’t give up, eternally roaring and fighting against the world that would bind them. It is a poison in them, yes, but one that gives them strength, a drug, that harms as much as it hinders. Every moment spent raging is one less the Descendant may have on this earth.

Strength is solid. It is the foundation in which all of society is built. Not just strength of body, though that is important too, but strength of heart, strength of mind, strength of spirit. Those that take this Aspect are reliable, as trustworthy as the ground you walk on. But, they can be stubborn. As hardharded as their spirit is strong, they are firm in their beliefs, and anyone who comes between them and achieving their goals will be sorry. Strength is the most important thing, and those with this Aspect tend to be quite self-reliant, refusing help from the less fortunate and idolizing those stronger than them.

The Realm of Passion is the Bloody Ballroom. A beautiful, captivating room, white tapestries hanging on the walls and silken curtains dangling through the air, swaying on the gentle breeze. The Ballroom, at first, has an unearthly, divine feel. Then the Players enter, ghostly apparitions of couples dancing and laughing and spinning in place to silent music. With each step they take, they flicker, and a bloody footprint marks their place. With each flicker, the scene changes; Victorian, early European, American Southwest. But the situation is the same; within the Ballroom, the dead dance an eternal waltz, trailing a bloody path across the room. The Throne is empty, merely a covered chair in the middle of the Ballroom, dyed red with blood.

Esh the Destroyer, the Eternal Flame, the Infernal Monarch. He Who Rules from Flame. Once upon a time, Esh was the God of Fire and Destruction, and his wrath was mighty. Despite the laws that determined they do no such thing, Esh wrecked havoc across all the worlds in the system, calling upon vast pillars of flame to destroy all life. And then he moved onto the next. Because of this, Lucifer Light-bringer and Koshek Shadow-dancer fought him to a draw, and once drained of power, sealed him in the sun for eternity. Though he has no physical form, his preferred visage is that of a powerfully built man, hair made of fire and wreathed in heat so intense to cause distortion around his form.

Elder Vanity Descendant: Haru Shiba
Junior Vanity Descendant:

Focal Point: Sound Chakra

Divine Realm: Mirrored Museum
Divine Source: The Comb of Desire
Divine Ruler: Hebel Web-Weaver, God of Illusion and Deceit

Vanity is, ultimately, about the single. Everything revolves around them, they can prove it and gods help anyone who disagrees. Vanity is more than just caring about your appearance; it is, at its very nature, insecure. And it is this insecurity that defines them. They must be perfect, they are perfect, because if that is the case, then everyone else is wrong. They elevate themselves above others, treat those they do not care about as trash, to make themselves feel important. To be the Aspect of Vanity is to put your own needs above all others. They feel little guilt about this; they are, after all, superior than these others, and people should know it.

Selfishness helps only themselves. Self-serving, self-limiting, ultimately self-entitled- those with the Aspect of Selfishness rely on others only as a means to take advantage of them. Traders, salesmen, con men, all are inherently selfish in their single-minded pursuit of profit. And it is this that defines the Aspect; the profit. Wealth, glory, women, power, status, it is all the same to the Selfishness Descendant. They care only about obtaining and keeping, and anyone who stands in their way will be blasted out.

Deceit lies. It weaves webs of white lies and ruses and cons to trap the gullible and the dim in a cave of their own making. Deceit is subtle and insidious; most often, one does not realize they are tricked until it happens. Deceit is not mischievous; Deceit is inherently malicious, designed to harm. Deceit tricks those that cannot tell the difference; the elderly, the disenfranchised, the poor. Deceit cares little about those. Vain and selfish, but malicious as well; their Aspect focuses on the advantage they have over others, the ability to take advantage of others and pretend to help while robbing them blind.

The Realm of Vanity is the Mirrored Museum. A massive building, constantly changing at the whim of its fickle master. Each floor consists of mirrors; the floor, the walls, the ceiling. Mirrors dominate every surface, reflecting not the one who violated this sacred place but their life. A museum dedicated to every vain thought. A man can get lost in here, each achievement exalted, each failure framed to look like an achievement. Reality turns to illusion the deeper they go; lost dreams and recycled hopes become reality in the museum. What once was lost is found, but it is merely an illusion. The faded specters of those lost to this world can still be seen, absorbed in the glory that is no longer there’s to claim. The Throne is hidden, and is the only room in the museum devoid of mirrors. It is a glorious piece, carved of silver and decorated with bone.

Hebel Web-Weaver, also known as The Elusive One, the Specter, and the Light That Comes Which Way, is the God of Illusion and Deception. He is an incredibly attractive man; the unique magic he weaves make him appear differently to each person who sees him. To one, he is their high school love; to others, a model they find to be perfect. The form he chooses without this magic is that a tall, leanly muscled man with long silver hair, clad only in underwear. He constantly floats above the floor, as if touching it will make him dirty. Hebel is mischievous, deceitful, and everything those who come from him embody. And yet he takes a special interest in mortals, such short-lived, precarious beings. His Realm is the only that those other than Divine beings find themselves in. For this reason, it is also called The Passageway.

Elder Fear Descendant: Lazarus Parallax
Junior Fear Descendant: Mary O’nette

Focal Point: Soul Chakra

Divine Realm: The Iron Pit
Divine Source: Iron Guillotine
Divine Ruler: Yirah Fearmonger, the God of Fear and Darkness

Fear is visceral and gut-wrenching. Among all the emotions, it is the one most closely associated with evil and human nature. To live is to fear, every living thing fears. The rat fears the bird, the bird fears the hunter, the hunter fears the politician. The Aspect of Fear is this concept as a living thing. Each step they take spread the yellow haze of terror, each word they speak designed to strike unspeakable horrors into the hearts and minds of those who hear it. Fear is clever; it will wait, strike from the shadows with extreme prejudice, just when the time is right. Fear is also impatient; they wait in silence, and their wait lessens the impact. For what is more truly terrifying than time?

Pain is survival. To feel pain is knowing you are alive. Nerves firing, blood gushing past jagged edges of open wounds, exhilaration as adrenaline pumps into your veins. Pain is the physical act of being alive. Those with the Aspect of Pain are those who take pleasure in the little things in life; torture, pain, and the destruction of life. Cries of pain, to them, are music, and they have an urge - no, a compulsive need - to compose. To be the Aspect of Pain is to embody all that the living must do to survive.

Violence is the natural state of being. From the smallest molecule to the largest transcendental beings, all things crave violence. Why else is power coveted? Destroying others is something that those with this Aspect make almost religious. There is a fanatic fury to it, a wonder typically found only in small children. It feeds them, guides them. They don’t need to just hurt others; they need to cause them to rage, to fight, to sow discord among all, friendly or otherwise. To live a life with this Aspect is to that of a warrior, sowing destruction and causing chaos wherever one may roam.

The Realm of Fear is known as the Iron Pit. A vast, seemingly endless dimension, filled only with shadows and glimmers of things best left unmentioned. Among these shadows are beasts that feast on your flesh, a darkness that eats at your mind, and a mind-numbing silence that destroys your resolve. A land of pain and violence, everything the god represents. Any flesh bared in the Pit is eternally tortured, consumed, regrown, and consumed again. A thousand deaths happen daily. Those trapped in the Realm of Yirah find their eternal souls caged here, subjected to cruel terrors beyond imagination. The Throne, much like its master, is a massless thing, a sphere floating through the landscape. Within it is a simple stool, upon which the monster of a man sits.

Yirah Fearmonger, the Blackened One, Fanged Beast, and He Whom Lurks, is the God of Fear and Shadow. A massless, shadowy form, many-clawed hands and many-fanged teeth are the only things discernible on him. The mere sight of him, his very presence, stokes fear in all living things. Flower coil, grass dies, and the very air grows still. Taking on a form to suit the mortal world is a rare thing for him, but should he do it, he takes that of a long limbed man with lanky, greasy black hair and hallowed eyes. A mouthful of sharp teeth and waxy skin complete the skeletal look. Yirah is the most terrifying of the Thirteen; he feeds on the fear and pain of others, and even among his brethren is not afraid to spread his sorrow. To his enemies, they know only pain, for he is upon them like a shadow on the sidewalk.

Elder Greed Descendant: Takuma Leagalow
Junior Greed Descendant: Marceline Gulveig

Focal Point: Knee Chakra

Divine Realm: The Ratway
Divine Source: The Infinite Pantry
Divine Ruler: Gannab the Taker, God of Thievery, Passages, Time, and Homes

The Orange Descendant is a natural glutton, tending towards training in all aspects of combat. Despite their obvious skill, they are naturally talented at theft to take all that is theirs.

Elder Grief Descendant: Regulus Amitale
Junior Grief Descendant: Kiba Iwakura

Focal Point: Ground Chakra

Divine Realm: The Weeping Ward
Divine Source: The Well of Sorrow
Divine Ruler: Almanah the Widowmaker, God of Sorrow and Memory

The Cyan Descendant tends towards chilling and ice-based attacks. They are cool in all aspects of their life, but particularly in battle and are typically frontline combatants.

Logic Descendant: Alyssa Honda

Focal Point: The Third Eye

Divine Realm: The Impossible Pathway
Divine Source: The Mirrored Shield
Divine Ruler: Rei the Reflector, the God of Logic and Mirrors

The Clear Descendant stands in the middle of the Emotional Spectrum. Though she possesses little noteworthy talent of her own, she is immune to the effects of the other Descendants and can reflect the energy.

Elder Honesty Descendent: Bai Nalu
Junior Honesty Descendant: Riley Kahinu

Focal Point: Throat Chakra

Divine Realm: Copper Coliseum
Divine Source: The Headsman Axe
Divine Ruler: Emeth the Preacher, the God of Honesty and Ritual Combat

The Bronze Descendant isn’t a warrior but an Inquisitor, his powers suited for interrogation and torture. He never tells a lie, no matter the situation.

Elder Willpower Descendant: Elaine Sayomi
Junior Willpower Descendant: Jordan Reynolds

Focal Point: Base Chakra

Divine Realm: The Path of Will
Divine Source: The Tree of Life
Divine Ruler: Adlay the Riotous, the God of Honor and War

The Green Descendant is among the most physically powerful and her abilities tend to reflect this. She tends to be adept at the raw application of energy, but overall prefers brute force.

Elder Hope Descendant: Scott Baker
Junior Hope Descendant: Sabrina Baker

Focal Point: Hip Chakra

Divine Realm: Azure Aviary
Divine Source: The Box of Last Hope
Divine Ruler: Peladah the Forger, the God of Craftmanship and Progress

The Blue Descendant tends towards mechanics and electricity.

Elder Compassion Descendant: Blanche PendSerghast
Junior Compassion Descendant: Astrid Erland

Focal Point: Palm Chakra

Divine Realm: Orchid Ocean
Divine Source: The Smoke-Filled Glass
Divine Ruler: Gwendolyn Shadowfell, the God of Compassion and Connection

The Violet Descendant tends towards powers of empathy and psionics, utilizing her constructs with the power of her mind to peer into the future and employ other psychic effects.

Elder Love Descendant:
Junior Love Descendent:  Aisha Konnick

Focal Point: Heart Chakra

Divine Realm: The Valentine Vale
Divine Source: The Wand of Hearts
Divine Ruler: Ahava Blessed, the God of Lust and Love

The Pink Descendant tends towards the powers of healing and regeneration. They also tend to be highly affected by their Emotion, being happy and excitable with very few negative feelings.

Elder Life Descendant: Jacques Anthony Beinheim
Junior Life Descendant: Andrea Beinheim

Focal Point: Crown Chakra

Divine Realm: The Winged Halls
Divine Source: Throne of Eternity
Divine Ruler: Koshek Shadow-Bringer, the God of Creation and Possibility

The White Descendant is ostensibly the leader of the Descendants; his powers revolve around the usage of all the others, as well as manipulating the strings of fate.

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Descendants: Lore and Information (WIP) Empty Soulmates

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Romantic: True love.They are two individuals made for each other, in the most common sense of the word. Love and lust play a huge part of their relationship, and the first few days will likely nauseate anyone with weak stomachs around them. When it comes to the relationship itself, they will commonly be defined as “no better couple”. Though every couple has disagreements, to the Romantic Soulmate, these are just a spice of life. Nothing can ever drive a wedge between them, and they always seem to be on the same page.

Platonic: Best friends. Platonic soulmates are made for each other, but in a non-romantic sense. Whether they’re similar or not doesn’t seem to matter; they are inseparable, attached at the hip. They tend to do everything together, within reason; though they are as close as two humans can be, they are not romantic or in love with each other. A Platonic Soulmate is the perfect friend for the Descendant; having a platonic Soulmate does not preclude a romantic relationship with another individual. In fact, it's quite common. However, anybody they are in a relationship with will have to understand playing second fiddle to the Soulmate.

Guardianship. A true caring relationship. Some forms of Soulmates, though rarer than the prior two, is a Guardianship. Commonly seen between an older individual and a younger one, the Guardianship Soulmate is more of a parental bond between Descendant and the individual. This can go both ways; the Descendant can either be the carer or the caree, but the bond is no less for their role. This is perhaps the most powerful bond between any two living things, though it is not a dependency; both individuals are still capable of fully living, it just becomes the most important thing in their life.

Rivalry: Not quite enemies. A relationship as complicated as this is hard to quantify, but though rare, they tend towards the least corruptible Bonds. At times, they almost seem to hate each other; chaos seems to be what they strive on, as they constantly argue and berate and compete with each other. The reality is, however, that this competition is what keeps them so close. This does not cancel out any opportunity for a romantic relationship, but it would be one filled with competition; the Rivalry will always be paramount.


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