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The Scarlett Shadow

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The Scarlett Shadow Empty The Scarlett Shadow

Post by Rorking February 19th 2022, 3:15 am



The Scarlett Shadow  

"The Fates seem to be against you today, my dear moron"


The Bio

Real Name: Shiba Nyoko (Ashley Scott)    

Renegade Name:The Scarlett Shadow    

Title: Junior Death of The Descendents    

Alignment:Lawful Neutral    

Age: 24    

Gender: Female  

Race: Half-demon  

Hair: Jet Black with a Scarlet streak on the right side.  

Eyes: Scarlett    

Height: 5'9  

Weight:150 lbs  

Blood type: Type AB  

The Looks


Nyoko is best described as someone who fits very well among a crowd with her looks alone. only being 5'9 and 150 lbs makes her very average-looking. it's when you look at some of her features that start to separate her from the herd. One thing that is instantly noticed is her Scarlett red eyes that make anyone who looks at them almost intrigued by them. another feature is her hair. while the color of jet black isn't out of the ordinary, the natural red streak that runs down the right side of her head raises some questions.

Her normal attire consists of very casual clothing, a style chosen to make sure she fits in with a crowd as much as possible. her attire consists of a spaghetti strap top with a biker jacket over it. Though it's never zipped up, the zipper looks like it has been replaced a bunch of times. going further down, she can be found wearing a pair of dark jeans. whole sometimes they are torn and sometimes they are untouched, they are always matched with a nice pair of black Chelsea-style boots with a little symbol of a skull on the side. to conclude her attire are her accessories. on the pointer finger on her right hand sits a skull ring with a little indent carved into one of the eyes. She also wears a necklace molded to look like a bronze dragon. both the ring and the necklace were crafted by her hands from images in her memories. while she isn't sure why she decided to craft them in the first place, they bring her a strange sense of composure.

When she hits the streets to deal with justice and pain, her attire shifts to reflect this. firstly she reverses her jacket to show off the demon logo she has embroidered on the back. though she has the jacket zipped up all the way, she still wears a jet-black t-shirt underneath. sitting below her jacket, she wears a pair of dark tactical pants. perfect for keeping in the shadows and slipping around without being seen. on her feet, she dons a pair of sleek pair of black and gray shoes that allow her to move as silently as possible. the icing on the cake is the mask she dons to keep her identity truly hidden. wearing a black and red demon mask, she's able to drive fear into her foes. To add to her fear factor, she learned to puff out the smoke the mask contains while having two LED lenses installed into the mask. the last thing her targets see within the smoke are two red eyes before the knife is driven into their chest.
The Personality
From her lifestyle and environment during her early years, Nyoko has found herself becoming a very closed-off person. The Hatred of others hardened her shell beyond her control. she no longer cares what others think of her or what she does, she does what she wants and says what she wants.

There are moments when her flashbacks get too powerful and things get weird for her. she's had moments where they got so intense that she briefly thinks of herself as the one named Ashely. this sees her become more open and an extremely cheerful person. When she's in the middle of one of these sessions, best to avoid her in case she snaps out of it and comes after you for calling her nice.
The story

“My name is Ashley Scott”  

The Phrase flowed through her head like an active river, these five words holding a sense of meaning to her yet somehow having none simultaneously. She's held onto them for as long as she could remember, focusing on them gave her the feeling of another life she could almost understand. The images start to flash again as she focuses more on the words. Images like a skull ring, a bronze dragon, and a goggles-wearing man flashing a smile that forces a smile to develop upon her own face. The Images fade with the only consistent image throughout, the image of that same man mid-scream and reaching for her as a knife was driven into her chest. As the visions fade completely, she is left with nothing more than a pure sense of wonder about what they all mean.  

Even with these visions being so evident in her mind, Nyoko could not determine whether these were real memories or not. No matter how many times she looked back, the constant elements always seemed wrong to her. The one she always debates is how she possibly could be pondering these thoughts if the vision of her death were true. The more she considers these thoughts, the more she finds herself slipping away and hoping for the visions in her dreams.

Growing up wasn't the most joyful thing for Nyoko, things only got worse when she started to show the start of what would become her powers. Whenever she entered a room, she always felt the hatred people had for her. No matter what she tried, everyone around her showed nothing but hatred and contention toward her. This was one of the biggest deciding factors in her leaving her hometown to attain college elsewhere. If she had only known what that choice would lead her to, she probably would have stayed home.

Arriving at college almost gave Nyoko hope that she had escaped the weird situation of her upbringing and its environment. Her classes started great and her roommate was very kind to her, for a time there she almost felt herself open up a bit. Things started to change when she kept seeing a figure trying to follow her around campus every day, sometimes they would be spotted and book it while other times she'd just see them watching her from the bushes. She must have been truly shellshocked by this figure as one day she walked into her dorm room before she was ambushed by her roommate. She insisted on the two of them going to a party that was being thrown by the Delta Delta Alpha sorority. Since she wasn't taking a no for an answer, Nyoko only smiled and rushed to change and get ready for a night of dealing with drunk college students and pure stupidity.

Arriving at the party, Nyoko could instantly tell things would get worse tonight. She barely got to the front door before the Quarterback of the football team jumped off the roof of the building. While she smiled slightly as he fell, she felt her smile fade as he only landed in a tree with a broken leg. When she got into the house, it wasn't long until she saw several couples run past her deep in some kind of argument. After several hours of trying her best to "fit in," no matter how useless that tends to be, Nyoko decided she had appeased her roommate long enough. She took a step forward but stopped as a figure went running past her with enough force to throw her backward. Before she could stop, she felt her legs take off running to catch up with them.

By the time she found the figure in the kitchen, she hadn't decided quite yet if she wanted to yell their ears off or just pound them to a fine pulp. standing at the counter stood a student spraying some kind of device with a fire extinguisher, which only gave Nyoko the idea to yell louder to be heard over the rushing dry spray. After a couple of minutes of yelling at the figure, they must have finally heard her because they turned around and looked up at her. Nyoko was knocked to silence upon seeing a pair of proto-tech goggle lenses staring back at her, it only got worse when the figure lifted them to reveal eyes that seemed way too familiar and flashed a smile that forced one upon her face. frozen in place, Nyoko didn't know what to do. As the figure opened his mouth to speak, she took the opportunity to immediately bolt out of the room and rush for the front lawn. She just made it out the front door before a bag was thrown over her head and she felt herself getting dragged away from the house. She was dragged maybe 25 feet before one of her kidnappers reached over and elbowed her in the head, she could barely feel the impact before she fell into pure darkness.

Nyoko wasn't sure how long she was out for, maybe hours or maybe it was only mere minutes. As she came to, the smell of burning wax was oozing throughout the air around her. she looked around to see candles, hundreds and hundreds of candles. slowly getting to her feet gave her a better idea of what the candles were all about. they looked arranged into a strange shape she'd never seen before. looking almost like an eye resting on top of a cross, as she looked around she realized that analogy would make her the retina. As she moved to step out of the eye, a short in the ground forced her back to the ground. As the platform came to a stop mere seconds later, Nyoko saw who kidnapped her as a dozen chanting hooded figures surrounded her.

One of the figures approached her and removed their hood, Nyoko was almost shocked to see her dormmate standing before her. As her now ex-roommate held out a weird dagger, a scream was heard before Nyoko as a student her age was dragged and dropped behind her. As her screams echoed around the room, the blade in her roommate's hand almost flashed as it called out to Nyoko. all the sounds around her slowly started to fade as she just stared at the dagger before her. Her hand shook as she reached out and gripped the handle and pulled it through herself. For a moment, all seemed quiet in the room. Her body started moving on its own as her vision was covered in a blurred red mess before all her other senses disappeared.

What felt like only mere moments later, Nyoko came to staring at a wall that had a single candle burning on it, a loud ringing filled both her ears. As she started to move she felt this icky substance drip off of every last inch of her. Upon lifting her arms to see what it was, she was met with crimson-soaked limbs still holding a knife covered in the same crimson coloring. She quickly spun around in shock only to be met with a massacre. every last hooded figure laid dead on the ground, some with heads and some with guts. load screaming rang out as her hearing returned to her which caused her to look around until she found the source. still kneeling on the ground was the college student more terrified than before. She quickly walked over and cut her bound feet. As she moved to free her hands, she was met with a hard kick in the chest as the student jumped to her feet and bolted with a blood-curdling scream. Dazed and confused, Nyoko stood up and started following the student very slowly. using the walls to keep herself on her feet, she walked for what felt like hours before she finally saw light directly ahead of her. the excitement she felt gave her the strength she needed as she started sprinting with what energy she had left. as she reached the light and stepped outside, she got no farther than ten steps before she fell to her knees and puked all she had in her stomach.

faint noises could be heard in the distance as she tried to keep her composure. so many thoughts and questions started rushing through her mind, none of which she expected to get answered any time soon. The only thing that broke her out of her thoughts was the cold metal being pressed to her head and the sudden pain in her wrists as two steel cuffs were tightly fastened to them. As she was dragged away, she got a quick glance at a figure in the distance wearing a mask of some kind. Though when she looked to fully see them, they had disappeared like they next existed. Nyoko always knew trouble seemed to follow her but this took the whole bakery.
The powers

Assassin in training:
Though she has had time to perfect the skills she has developed over the years, she is still training to become much more powerful than she is now. through her time she has reached the studied level of her descendancy.

Descendancy Physiology:
Being a Descendant gives Nyoko a boost in her physical power and agility. Allowing her to run faster than the average human with speeds up to 40 MPH when giving it her all. Her tough skin allows her to deflect small-caliber bullets with ease. Her inhuman genetics have also caused her mental capacity and rate to evolve tenfold. She can figure out complex problems and strategies in mere seconds when given enough of a breather.

Energy sense:
Nyoko has trained herself to be able to open the gaze of her third eye upon the world. When it's in use, she can tap into and witness the energies surrounding her. She finds though she can only see the energies of hatred, the arcana, and that of the other side. With this sense comes the ability to craft and control the same energies at will for any use she sees fit.

Energy Construct-Curiosity:  
through training and concentration, Nyoko has learned to take the energy around her and morph and twist it into an image of her creation. these can range from:

  • Weapons like throwing knives, Knuckledusters, and a scythe for use in combat.

  • creating a shell of energy for protection against those that mean her harm.

  • When needed, she can create a strong construct to restrain or hold down an opponent. may it be to stop them from fleeing or allow her to flee.

  • She can create a small army of zombie humanoids that fight on her side when needed.

Though her construct differs in ability and concepts, they all look ghostly and that of a restless undead. being around one of her constructs gives one a slight chill down the back mixed with minor fury.  

Her constructs have shown to be capable of pounding anyone who touches them with a massive ton of death energy. upon coming into contact with them, they are instantly sucked into a vision of how they might come to an end. every imagery and sense is working at max capacity. They will feel the sensations of drowning, suffocation, the pain of the attack, even as far as the feeling of hopelessness as the lights go out in your body before they suddenly find themselves back in front of the construct.
Hatred manipulation:
Nyoko has learned to absorb any hatred energy around her and redirect it to increase her power temporarily. This can be used to attack with more force behind a hit or simply use an opponent's hatred against them.

Whispers of the dead-Naivety:
When tapping into the energy of the other side, Nyoko has found it comes with a unique side effect. Her naivety has shown that the Energy is filled with the whispers of both the recent and the long-ago dead, whispers rattle in her ears as she morphs the energy to her needs. These whispers allow her to learn the secrets only the dead keep, secrets that she will happily use to her advantage if given the chance.

Death prevention-Studied: 
like all the energies that flow throughout the world and people within, Death emanates with very powerful energy. One of the biggest sources of this type of energy comes from that of a mortal wound. Nyoko has found she can absorb that energy with ease. one of the most powerful uses of this ability is being able to control the thin veil between life and death. Through training, Nyoko has learned that absorbing the energy from someone who's standing at death's door has the side effect of causing the wound to heal faster with the lack of death energy within the injury. Giving her the ability to make someone she deems worthy temporary immortal by removing death from their system entirely. This has allowed her to start to harness this trick to dive deep into her descendancy and reveal her studied ability.

The weaknesses

The limits to enhanced power:
Even with her enhanced physiology and mental capacity, Nyoko still has limits like all lifeforms made of meat bags and bones have to deal with. She can push herself to her top speed for three hours before she starts to get tired. Since she focuses on flexibility and moving fast, her durability tends to lack behind. even with her deflecting low-caliber bullets, she can still be hurt by many strong and sharp items that make her need for cation even more valuable.

the power that flows around us:
Even with the tremendous power to see the different types of energy of hate, magic, and that of the other side. The issue comes from the fact she doesn't have the reception to separate what energy is what. This causes issues as it disallows her to know for sure, in most cases, what type of energy she would be manipulating and absorbing into her. another issue arises as she is unable to use this ability to determine the attitude and situation by just looking at someone. this led to her social skills having more use than her powers.

Low energy:
As such with all constructs, Nyoko has learned the hard way that they aren't always the most reliable. A good starting point is her constructs being based on her thoughts makes her dazing condition conflict with it. Can't summon what is needed if she can't even think straight. another issue she faces is getting in over her head. the longer she stays in a fight, the weaker her constructs get and the more strength leaves her.
Nyoko Smash:
When it comes to the energy for which an emotion like hatred is built, easy to control and contain is certainly not the case. This is shown in full force when Nyoko tries to use the energy for her own use. The more energy she absorbs, the more it builds up and leaves a residue within her. If enough energy and residue build-up, she will snap and fall into her emotions. if that were to happen she would lose control, causing her powers to go haywire.

no silence of the damned:
While her power to hear the dead is quite an amazing power, it does come with one major flaw in the system. The voices never stop talking. all day and all night, they do nothing but whisper into her ears. This means unless she takes the time to zone in on the voice she needs, the power is useless. another issue comes from the voices that cause her to lose focus a lot. unless she concentrates on zoning them out, the voices are likely to drive her to the brink of insanity.

Death comes to us all:
While this power allows her to essentially stop someone from dying temporarily, it causes a huge strain on her own body. Since she's absorbing the energy into herself to release in a safe manner or for her own use, the more she absorbs the more she feels herself start to fade away as it drains her life force. another major issue is If the wound is fatal enough that death refuses to let them go, even if she somehow survives for a long while, eventually the energy will build up to a level she won't be able to stop it.

Emotional Damage
Like the other members of the descendants, Nyoko has found she has a strong weakness in the forces of Love and Life. though the energy that forms these forces is there same, how they weaken her differs vastly.

Love: Throughout her life, the energy of love is by far one of the energies she has dealt with the least. that is apparent as she never seems to notice the side-effects of her interactions with this energy, as usual, she's too far into cloud nine to notice. the side-effect of long exposure is her powers start to go glitchy. Her constructs come out weaker, her death speech becomes harder to control, and even her anger manipulation because much more uncontrollable making people around her so much more furious.

Life: When Nyoko finds herself near the energy of life, her whole body has massive reactions. going anywhere near sources like hospitals gives her massive migraines. The times she has spent more than twenty minutes in the same room with a life descendant, she massively puked up her lunch. out of all the relations life energy gives Nyoko, the oddest is her life sensitivity. whenever the migraines hit their peak and her stomach gets the most nauseous. Nyoko finds herself unable to even stand in a lite room without being completely blinded and unable to think properly.
These colors do bleed
Through her time trying to master her powers, Nyoko has found she has a strange weakness in the colors White and Pink. Being around the colors for more than a couple of minutes gives her a mild headache while also giving her a strange urge to ponder on her flashbacks more than normal. Her issues with these colors get worse when the object or thing that attacks her is one of these shades. any wound inflicted gets worse. Any blows to the head instantly send her into a daze as she finds her flashbacks fight their way to the surface until she is lost in her own mind and memories.
Up in smoke
Since the power is inherited directly from the mask Nyoko wears, the smoke itself still affects her body like it would any normal person. if she relays on it too much, she can end up suffocating herself and disorienting her long enough to get herself killed.
The items

1. A Skull ring she had made from one of her "memories"
2.  A dagger that's sharpened like a scythe and engraved with the phrase "Usque ad Mortem venit" along the blade.
3. a Red and black Oni mask she wears when she has to "get some work done."

When she is wearing her mask, she gains the power to puff out a giant cloud of smoke. As the smoke oozes out and fills around her, it can get big enough to disorientate a demon. The mask being enhanced with magic also allows her the ability to become one with the smoke. one moment she's stabbing you in the chest, and the next she disappears in a smoke cloud as the wind blows it away.

The fluff

Can sometimes be caught staring off into space. if she is seen smiling during this time, she might be having a past life flashback.
The RP Sample

As Nyoko stood looking at the front door of the store she was asked to visit, she could only wonder why she had decided to accept the request in the first place. the big neon-Yellow Weasel burning down on top of her as the sun peaked over the hill for its daily journey across the sky. She was about ready to abandon her quest and bail when she saw a spark explode into bright light from a garage on the side of the building. 'couldn't hurt to investigate, I guess' was the only thought that flowed across her mind before she started to jog for the door on the side of the building.
Opening the door instantly solved the mystery of the bright light. the culprits being a three-eyed alien and some hot-headed figure messing around with some nitrogen gas. If it wasn't for the laughter that erupted from the two idiots as they lay on the black and charred floor she'd assume they were dead. scanning the workshop for only a couple of seconds solved the second mystery she came to solve. the victim being her time and the murderer being a figure sleeping at a workbench near the back of the room. With a roll of her eyes and her head shaking, Nyoko made her way across the room to meet with the person who asked her to arrive so early in the morning.

Nyoko only had enough time to place a hand on the figure's shoulder as she felt a jerk before the figure tipped over and hit the floor. she could only watch with a tiny smile as she saw the figure shift around as they slowly get to their feet before she decided to get their attention.

" happy to see you finally awake sparky," she said as she took his place on his stool. "Since I haven't slept yet, I guess that means we can start." She couldn't lose her smile as she saw the figure try to adjust his goggles before realizing they were still on the workbench. With a smile and a nod, the figure ran over to a table on the other side of the room and grabbed something before running back and almost throwing the item into her lap.

Looking down only raised more questions as the thing sitting in her lap looked to be the mask she had brought him only a day prior. "I appreciate the offer to fix the mouthpiece but I don't understand the need to be here so easily in the morning," she said as her gaze jumped between the figure and the mask in her hand. without any sort of answer, the figure grabbed his goggles and ran over to a nearby light switch. before she could interject, he flicked it and sent the whole workshop into darkness. As the darkness seemed to engulf her, she was startled when she noticed a hand hovering a couple of inches from her face before it shot out sparks of electricity that light up half the room. maybe it was the context or maybe it was the figure tapping his goggles that gave her a hint. either way, she soon realized she was being asked to put her mask on.

putting the mask on made her cough a little as the smoke seemed a little more active than normal. she didn't have much time to react to the new smokey smell before a hand reached up and pressed a button on the side of the mask. a red light lit up from her mask as she now saw the figure standing before her, his face almost close enough to breathe in the smoke as well.  
"Whoa, this is cool," she said as she looked around." this is completely unexpected and I love this new edition." She looked back to the figure before her as she concluded with, " I will beat you if you charged me extra for it."

As the light returned to the workshop, Nyoko removed the mask and looked at her generous benefactor and tried to smile but ended up scowling as their rudeness suddenly hit them.
"hey," she almost yelled as she stood back up "I'm trying to hold a conversation here and all you can do is nod?"   she reached up and grabbed him tightly by the collar. "what are you trying to do? make fun of me?"

The figure just looked slightly down to look him in the eyes before they slowly opened their mouth to show a Scarlett color everywhere. Nyoko laughed a little as she realized what was going on as she let go of the man's collar.
"it's still too early for either of us to sleep," she said as she put her mask back on. "why don't I buy us some breakfast while you get a napkin for your mouth." The figure nodded before slipping his goggles back on his eyes. As the two of them left the building, Nyoko could only ponder on what kind of life she found himself living. after a moment, she knew she'd enjoy it more if she got to knock out some more teeth.



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