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Superhero Role Play System

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Superhero Role Play System Empty Superhero Role Play System

Post by Chellizard February 22nd 2015, 11:37 pm

Superhero RP System

David “Spirit Corgi” Phillips
Patrick “Atlas” Marks
Rochelle “Chellizard” Reagan

Creative Commons Copyright 2008-2024


1. Game Design
    A. Summary
    B. Gameplay
    C. Mindset

2. Technical Mechanics
   A. Posts
   B. Character Generation
         a. Player Character Generation
         b. Magic and Spells
         c. RP Mechanics
         d. NPC/Minion/Boss Generation
         e. Character Advancement
         f. Expunging Weaknesses

3. Outside Media
    A. Digital Usage

Game Design


Super Hero Role Play is a system design to allow players to generate superhero/villains and play them in an environment that places precedent on story-based interaction rather than comparison of stats. The strength and weakness stats will provide a guideline for players to understand the character they are role playing with for better application in plots.


When stories are put together the Original Poster (OP) will set the stage for the thread. Each participant will determine who is allowed within the thread by placing a tag on the thread next to the title in parenthesis (e.g. "Open" "Closed" "Invite Only").

Any character may impact the environment around them with the following limitations: You may not directly control another player or NPC introduced by another player without the permission of the other player. You may not kill another player or NPC introduced by another player without permission. You may not introduce a situation and resolve it without giving other players a chance to interact with the situation at hand without permission.


All characters should think in the terms of their general experience. It is up to the player to establish the perimeters to which the story should unfold for the character and which circumstances should be presented to other players. Never should one player dictate what circumstances HAPPEN to another player without permission.

Technical Mechanics


All character history will come from posts in the world section, quest section, and alert section. Anything from Out of Character section and the Discord will not be included for Experience or for character history. Each post you make as your character earns you experience points that you can use to purchase advancements for your character.

Character Generation

Character Slots

Each member of the site will begin with five character slots. After six months, members are able to make as many characters as they are able to handle.

Player Character Generation

Characters will change with use of experience gained (read more below), however will only be modified with staff approval.

For each power you give your character, a tangible weakness must be included. A weakness is described as anything tangible that can be exploited physically or mentally.

Browse any character in our approved section for examples on powers and weaknesses*.

*Some characters may have been advanced with XP to eliminate weaknesses or acquire more powers.

All powers must be described as to how they were gained in your characters history. Some powers deemed strong may be required to add another weakness. This will be up to staff to determine.

Your character(s) can have as many powers as you want, so long as you have the appropriate weaknesses to balance your character.

If you find you cannot think of weaknesses, staff advises that you lessen what powers you start with and use advancements to unlock more potential.

Magic and Spells

Whereas all powers require at least one weakness, spells are somewhat different.

Spells are, usually, 3 spells to 1 weakness in ratio when looking at powers to weaknesses.

However, there are some cases where mundane spells may be at 5 spells to 1 weakness ratio, and in other cases, a 1 spell to 1 weakness ratio.

It is up to staff to decide.

Five examples:

Lesser fireball - Would be something to light a small fire, or a candle.
Basic fireball - Large enough to clearly hurt someone or something.
Greater fireball - Large enough to harm a building or vehicle.
Conflagration - Starting a large, uncontrolled fire.
Incineration - Completely destroying something with the use of fire. (A bit self-explanatory.)

This is a basic five tier spell list showcasing five different spells of growing intensity.

Most spells would be classified as a spell by including post cool downs, or prep time to cast said spells.

Cooldowns should be included for between use of spells.

Some spells may only be used once per thread, and in that case, may be a spell that would require its own unique weakness.

RP Mechanic(s)

An RP Mechanic is something your character can just do to add fluff to your character's personality, power, or etc. It would be something like walking barefoot and little flowers popping up where you stepped, or how rich your character is.           

NPC/Minion/Boss Generation

NPC/Non-Playable Characters that are used frequently by users of the site are allowed to have the same base structure as playable characters. NPC’s are not allowed, however, to gain any character advancements what-so-ever.  NPC’s must also have 2 weaknesses for every 1 power that they have.

Minion characters also follow the same structure as NPC’s.

Boss characters follow the same structure as Player Characters but can have no weaknesses if desired by the creator of the boss.

All NPC, Minion, and Boss characters will not change with experience and will only be modified with staff approval, alike to PC’s.

Character Advancement

Characters in the Super Hero Role Play universe earn character experience with every post they make in the world section, quest section, and alert section.

Experience will be distributed as follows:

500 words equal 1 Experience Point (XP) for regular threads.
350 words equals 1 XP for quests.
250 words equals 1 XP for alerts.

Experience can be distributed from one character to another character* so long as each transaction of XP is documented on each experience sheet.

                   *The character must belong to the same player.

Experience will be tracked in this section of the board using this template. You may choose to keep track of all of your characters on the same sheet if you wish.

Experience can be used to purchase improvements.

1. Purchasing Advancements

Characters that are staff approved must be involved in 1 entire thread before being trashed and replaced.

Characters that are a WIP and has not been touched by a staff member may be discarded to be replaced.

All items will need staff approval and in the case of powerful items or advancements, may require an additional weakness.

You can buy as many advancements as you can afford.

Tier 1 | [ 5-15 XP ]: This would be like a simple power up, single item, or minor increase in power. For spellcasters: This would be equivalent to 3 spells / 1 weakness when purchasing an advancement.

            > EXAMPLE: True Form of the Realm

Tier 2 | [ 16-25 XP ]: This would be gaining more moderate powers, multiple minor powers in one, or a moderate increase in power. For spellcasters: This would be equivalent to 5 spells / 1 weakness when purchasing an advancement.

            > EXAMPLE: Tyuki Gold's Advancements

Tier 3 | [ 26-35 XP ]: This would be gaining more powerful powers, multiple minor powers, or a major increase in power. For spellcasters: This would be equivalent to 6 spells / 1 weakness or more in one purchase, depending on complexity.

            > EXAMPLE: Gravvy's 1st and 2nd Advancements

Tier 4 | [ 36-50 XP ]: This would be gaining very powerful powers, multiple major powers, or an incredibly vast increase in power. For spellcasters: This would be equivalent to 9 spells / 1 weakness or more in one purchase, depending on complexity.

            > EXAMPLE: Katrina's Spellbook

Tier 5 | [  50+ XP ]: This would be gaining nearly game breaking powers, many powerful powers in one, or increasing a power to astronomical limits. This tier could also be used to theoretically purchase multiple smaller tier advancements. For spellcasters: This would be equivalent to 12 spells / 1 weakness or more in one purchase, depending on complexity.

            > EXAMPLE: Elena Vexus' 10th Advancement

            > EXAMPLE: Kuma Magicka

Once you purchase an advancement, you cannot refund it.

Staff have every right to deny an advancement as well as assign a weakness if they feel that one is required.
Staff are at their discretion to increase or decrease cost of advancement, depending upon complexity and or inclusion of weaknesses.

Expunging Weaknesses

Experience can be used to expunge weaknesses for a character via advancement.

This can only be done after 6 months of activity.

When expunging a weakness while using XP, the price would vary depending on the powers that you are trying to balance without weaknesses.

So, for example, if you had a character with superhuman strength, durability, and speed, and he wanted to have no weaknesses, they would need to spend XP equivalent to the advancement tier. Super Strength, Super Durability, and Super Speed are all complex powers, and as such, could be between Tier 3 or Tier 5 on our advancement scale, meaning each weakness being expunged would be anywhere between 26-50+XP per expunged weakness, depending upon power complexity.

Staff have every discretion to deny any player from expunging a weakness if the powerset needs a form of balancing.

Players that have 1 or more years of activity may submit new characters for approval with pre-expunged weaknesses but must pay equivalent XP required upon character creation to expunge said weaknesses.

Outside Media

Digital Usage

The use of images not owned by the site are acceptable as long as no solicitation of products is put forward. There is no commission of art on the site by a solicitor ( herein by referred to as Party A ) of an artist ( Party B ) through means of the chat box pertaining to digital media not owned by either Party A or Party B. Any breaking of this rule will be a permanent ban.

David "Spirit Corgi" Phillips
Patrick "Atlas" Marks
Rochelle “Chellizard” Reagan

Creative Commons Copyright 2008-2024

Superhero RP System

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