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The Superhero RPG I_icon_minitimeToday at 7:53 am by Argonath Belzenlock

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  • Announcements and Rules

    This is where the most important things of Superhero RPG will be. The rules, and forum updates are found here. Please stop by here if there's anything you'd like to know. If you're looking for Contests, click the link.
    10 Topics
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    Spooky Dou...
    October 3rd 2021, 8:36 pm
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  • Introduction and OOC Area

    Come by and say Hi! Introduce yourself, or your character! Also, jibber-jabber away about anything that you just have to talk about OOCly.
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  • Suggestions, Ideas, and Complaints

    Got a good idea that keeps getting lost in the chatbox message feed? Come post it here so it's easier to read! There's also a Complaint section that you can create a topic in for Staff to reply to if you're having an issue.
    Complaint Section
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  • Roleplay Planning

    An area to discuss and plan roleplays.
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    Rave vs......
    Today at 9:30 pm
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  • Question of the Day

    Got a burning question for your fellow members? Drop it here. One question per day.
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    What do yo...
    September 24th 2021, 11:59 am
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  • Character and NPC Applications

    In this section, new characters will be posted as new topics. | The NPC Vault is where all NPC characters will be filed. | Approved Characters is where your characters will be kept for safe keeping. If and when the character dies or becomes retired, there is an appropriate subforum to keep things organized. | The Character Modification forum is where already approved apps will be moved to edit them accordingly.
    Character Archives, NPC Vault, Character Modification
    1617 Topics
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    Pureeva ||...
    Today at 3:03 pm
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  • Group and Base Applications

    In this section, you will be able to post base applications. You will also use it to discuss joining specific groups, posting information about groups, or even trying to get your own group approved.
    Approved Base Applications, Approved Group Applications
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    The Empres...
    November 3rd 2021, 10:55 pm
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  • Race Applications

    In this section, all the websites custom races that are open for creation to the public should be placed. As with all things, before making a member of one of the races here, get permission from the original creator on discord. If a race is retired, that means that the creator has left SHRP or has decided to discontinued the creation of the race.
    Approved Races, Retired Races
    3 Topics
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    November 12th 2021, 5:09 pm
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  • Minion Application

    All Minion and Pet applications will be made here. No NPCs should be made in this section.
    Approved Minions, Minion Modification
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    September 6th 2020, 10:54 pm
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  • History and Lore of Superhero RPG

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  • Experience and Advancements

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  • Alerts, Quests and Contests

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  • Quest Applications

    In this section you will find that you are able to post and create an active Quest adventure for you and other role players. Be sure to read more information regarding the rules of quests found HERE.
    Approved Quests, Quest Archives, Finished Quests
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    Things Tha...
    February 9th 2021, 12:45 am
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  • Alerts!

    RED ALERT! Calling all heroes, villains, and in between! There's a catastrophic event happening - are you going to save the world, or help wreak havoc? You decide by participating!
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    RED ALERT:...
    Today at 2:46 pm
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  • Contests

    In this section you will find any and all contest events that are taking place on SHRP at this time.
    Contest Entries, Finished Contests
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  • The Superhero RPG Universe aka Roleplay Section

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  • Not our Universe aka OOC Roleplay Section

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  • OOC Roleplay

    A section away from the Super Heroes and Villains, a place to get away from all that and roleplay something different. All topics here are not eligible for EXP, even if you use characters existing in the Superhero RPG world of Heroes and Villains. RP done here should be completely relaxed, and fun. All rules of the board should be followed to the T.
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    Hijackers ...
    October 15th 2017, 7:14 pm
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  • Original Story Section

    A place to post your original stories.
    Original Lore
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    Boston Que...
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  • Everything Else aka Non-Roleplay Section

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  • Graphic Gallery

    Have a Signature you've made and would like to show off outside of you signature? Post it here! Are you skilled with photoshop and in the mood to make signatures for other people? Make a thread here and be sure to include examples so they know your skills or limitations!
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    Code testi...
    November 20th 2021, 3:42 am
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  • Roleplaying School!

    Need some help with your roleplaying skills? Want a few pointers on how to write better and longer posts? Well here's the place for it, an experienced member/Roleplayer will get to you as soon as possible.
    Character Ideas
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