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Quest Template and Rules

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Quest Template and Rules Empty Quest Template and Rules

Post by Chellizard on January 13th 2019, 3:29 am

Quest Rules and Regulations

Updated 2019


- Anyone can suggest or create a quest, BUT they MUST be approved by a Moderator [Forum or Site] or an Admin.

- You must create a quest application before beginning the actual quest.

- After creating the quest application topic, you must create a separate topic (with the same title as the quest, please) for your quest in the active quests section.

- You may not quest alone, either have someone join you or gather a party of friends and quest all together.


The way quests work now are as follows:

Select a difficulty level. You must write AT LEAST the words required per post to get the bonus XP per post.

If you fail to write the required amount per post per difficulty level, you will NOT be rewarded the flat bonus experience for that post.

You do not gain rewards for higher tiers if the quest is not marked as the difficulty level, no matter how many words you write.


Very Easy : 250 Words
-Rewards: 1 XP per post

Easy : 350 Words
-Rewards: 2 XP per post

Medium : 500 Words
-Rewards: 4 XP per post

Hard : 600 Words
-Rewards: 6 XP per post

Epic : 700 Words
-Rewards: 8 XP per post

Legendary : 800 Words
-Rewards: 10 XP per post

All quest base word count is 350 words makes 1 XP. The difficulty levels add additional XP to your total based on post length.

This means that if your entire thread is 5000 words, you would divide that by 350 to get the total of XP you've achieved. You would also add additional XP based on the amount of words per each post you create in the quest thread.


Quest thread difficulty is Medium, so each post is a minimum of 500 words. You post 10 times, so your total word count is 5000, but you get 4 XP for each post that is 500 words or more. So you get an additional 40 XP in addition to the 14 XP you receive from writing 5000 words.

(5000 / 350 = 14 XP and 100 words leftover.)

Quest Template



Quest Information

This is where you would put the goal that you're trying to achieve during the quest.

You would also add how many people you will need for this quest.


Difficulty Level

Along with the difficulty level, you will need to list any additional rewards you would like to include, be it a trinket of unknown origin, or a weapon that you found or created in character.

Any and all additional rewards will need to be approved by a staff member. Some items may be declined due to rarity or complexity of the item.


Any additional fluff information you think you should include. You can even include what types of characters you would like to have involved in the quest.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

<div class="quests">
<div class="characterName">QUEST NAME</div>

<div class="characterTitle">QUEST DIFFICULTY</div>

<div class="quests2">
<div class="questsHeader">Quest Information</div>

<div class="questsHeader">Rewards</div>

[b]Difficulty Level[/b]

<div class="questsHeader">Miscellaneous</div>

Application created by [url=]Chellizard[/url] | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

-My DeviantArt-
Quest Template and Rules JiLqjv0
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