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Superhero RP's Rules and Regulations

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Superhero RP's Rules and Regulations

Post by Chellizard on December 17th 2017, 5:20 pm

Superhero RP Rules

and Regulations

David "Spirit Corgi" Phillips & Rochelle “Chellizard” Reagan / Creative Commons Copyright 2008-2019


1. Introduction to the Rules

2. Account Regulations
      A. Spoofing
      B. Offensive Accounts
      C. Multiple Accounts
      D. Name Changes

3. Icons and Signatures

4. General Conduct
      A. No Flaming

5. Roleplay Rules
      A. Where do I post my application?
      B. General Roleplay Rules
      C. Advanced Roleplay Rules

6. Character Rules
      A. General Character Rules
      B. Character Edits
      C. Retiring a Character

7. Disclaimer

Introduction to the Rules

In this topic, the staff has written your rules.

It is advised that you pay close attention to every aspect of this rule book. There will be several hyperlinks that can lead you to other parts of the forum where you can find other helpful information.

You may, however, want to check out any other thread that is listed in  this section, as well as stickies in the Character Application, Item Application, Minion Application and Experience areas of the Superhero RPG.

Account Regulations


Spoofing is when you create a username that is too similar or a variation on an existing name in order to confuse others as to whom a person is. Do not create a username to intentionally mislead others into thinking you are a member of the SHRPG staff or user.

Offensive Accounts

What is deemed to be offensive includes, but is not limited to user names containing strong language, sexually related terms or any form of discriminatory speech.

Admins reserve the right to ban or temp. ban any account they deem as offensive.

Users banned for this reason must submit a ban review (or wait out the time) before possibly being allowed a new account.

Multiple Accounts

You may have multiple accounts if you have multiple characters. An account for each character is recommended for organization of your posts and information.

However, it is not a mandatory requirement. You are more than welcome to have one singular account for all of your characters.

Name Changes

Message an Administrator for a name change.

NOTICE: If you just asked for a name change less than a week prior to trashing and creating a new character, you have to wait and RP as that character for at least a week or two before trashing it.

See Character Retirement Rules for more information.

Icons and Signatures

No icons or signatures directed at another user without consent of that user.

No signatures that exceed 600 pixels in height. Spoilers can help with this issue.

[spoiler]Content here[/spoiler]

[spoiler="Title of Spoiler Here"]Content here[/spoiler]

No flash movie signatures. These are typically too large and also require embedding, which can often cause problems for many members. As a result, no flash signatures are tolerated.

No music signatures. This refers to signatures that play songs automatically. Other users should not be subjected to the music of your choice; please keep others in mind.

No signature or icon which prompts any type of pop up for any browser. This is self-explanatory; if your signature or avatar requires a password, please be sure to set it for public viewing.

General Conduct

No Flaming

There will be very little tolerance for flaming. Arguments and debates are healthy, however. You may not insult the other party.
Flaming includes all of the following points:
Verbally degrading other users.
Harassing other users persistently in any manner.
Harassing other users private messaging.

Users are asked to use the private messaging system (or off site means) to carry on these debates. However if one party feels the other is harassing them without cause, administrators will take action against this person. Repeated instances of this on the public forums may result in a temporary of permanent ban. Each case of flaming will be handled individually and at the sole discretion of the moderators and admins.

Also, when actually carrying out a debate/argument with legitimate reason, turning to vulgar words for sake of holding your end of the argument is not a good idea. If you have to resort to using curse words, then you should do the mature thing and let it go.

Again, there is plenty of vulgar language used in the chatbox, usually just joking. This is not a problem and you will not get into any trouble for joking around in the chat, however, there is a limit, if you are offending some one or know you are saying something to offend some one. STOP, you will be banned.

TL;DR Version: Just be nice.
Never argue with an Administrator or staff member.
Never abuse your powers.

Roleplay Rules

Where do I post my application?

In the Hero/Villain Application section of our forum, you will find a big, shiny button that looks exactly like this:

Be sure to have the Character Template copy and pasted so that you can fill it out! Now, on to the rules of Role Playing.

General Roleplay Rules

No god modding

All battles and threads must be turned based. This means at the start of the thread you and everyone in the topic must decide a turn system. (Normally posting orders make themselves; but if someone leaves the thread, or fails to post, skip them after a 3-7 days. Add them back to the cycle if they return.)
Take other peoples attributes into thought.

No Marvel, D.C., or any other comic book characters. We only accept Original characters.
No use of the SuperPower wiki for power examples. Try to make up your own.

No claiming to have hit someone, (EX: Pain punched the crook in the face.WRONG) You must say you threw the punch (EX: Pain threw a punch at the crook. RIGHT)

You cannot kill someone's character without permission. You may beat them to a near death state, but they can not actually die without their permission.

Superhero RPG has a rating of 2-2-2. This means we allow violence, cursing, mild-gore, and PG-13 situations.

Give your posts time and detail. Make sure everything is spelled correctly. Check your grammar to make it easier and more interesting for those you are roleplaying with.

Advanced Roleplay Rules

Regeneration in no way allows for invincibility or assured immortality.

Though it can be used as a reason for not aging, the character is still not immortal. True immortality does not exist.

No matter how high the regeneration is, if the character's durability is too low to survive an oncoming attack then if not dead they would be defeated. There is a clear difference between a character dying and just accepting defeat, then exiting the thread. Regeneration does not allow anyone to just shrug off something potentially fatal simply because they feel like it and continue going. It's the same as the "No killing another's character without their permission" rule. It exists, but it is not to be abused.

Resurrection of any kind follows similar guidelines. It's primary purpose is plot oriented.

Character Rules

General Character Rules

No rip off characters, you can have similar ones, but be original.

All users may only have three characters. The fourth is gained after 6 months of dedication to the site. The fifth is gained after One Year of dedication to the site.

Powers and weaknesses are discussed at app approval; if you are unsure of a concept, feel free to contact a staff member.

Try not to have a character younger than 16, if there are any younger than this, they need to be really cool, or have a reason for fighting crime at that age other than "I want to."

Do not use the Powerlisting Wiki in your app. Do not copy/paste the power from the Wiki. You will be asked to remove it by a Mod or Admin. (Yes I've brought this up once before, and I'll do it again and again and again.)
If you don't fully understand the power enough to put it into your own words, you shouldn't be using it.

Furthermore, that site is a collection of examples across thousands of works of fiction. Just because it lists something as an additional power doesn't mean it's automatically included.

Character Edits

Upon character, item, or minion changes and/or edits, you must make a post on your app stating exactly what you're changing, even if it's editing out a mistake you made.

Retiring a Character

  • Retiring a character means no threads with them involved are XP eligible. When retiring a character, they are now considered an NPC. Unless they are dead, they are free to show up within threads and interact with characters; but only alongside another character. Be sure not to only RP as the NPC over your PC.
  • When Trashing a character, keep in mind that that character is no longer a PC or NPC; they are a trashed idea.
  • If you create a character, and decide you do not like them after getting a name change, I may strangle you. To prevent me from strangling you, I've decided to implement a new rule: Character Usage.
  • You must use the character for at least a week or two before deciding whether or not they are worth keeping.
  • Characters that get trashed only days after creation should never have been made, so try not to waste staff's time with approving the character to only trash it the next day.


Cheating, breaking copyright, and plagiarism are all against the Rules of this site and can or will be resulted in a warning or a temporary/permanent ban. Please, the admins don't like having to enforce such rules, but if necessary, action will be taken.

Superhero RPG does not own any content written or distributed by Marvel or DC Comics. All of the content referencing to Marvel or DC belongs to its rightful owners. Superhero RPG does not claim rights to any materials used such as Comic Book, Movie, or Video game character images.
Superhero RPG does retain the rights to any and all posts made by the original authors that are a part of SuperheroRPG.
Copyright ©️ 2008-2018 by Pain, Spirit Corgi, and Chellizard. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the author or the Site Owners.

Some rights reserved. This forum, and all of it's content, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

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