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Assassin in a Classroom

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Assassin in a Classroom Empty Assassin in a Classroom

Post by Tybrid June 11th 2024, 11:08 pm

Gelato. Just a simple frozen treat. That's all Eevi wanted today. With an average humidity above 70% for the last week, she was already kicking herself and cursing her decision to rehome in Tampa without even a week having passed in her time there yet. Her search for the Italian delicacy of gelato had been fraught with whatever was affecting the world as a whole, but it didn't concern her much at all. What concerned her was the loss of her chosen comfort food of the day and the events that surrounded it.

In the chaos of the day, navigating the panicking city filled with heroes and rescue services working overtime to protect it from the creatures attacking, Eevi had found the store recommended on her phone and still listed as open despite the conditions. How considerate of the owners. Entering the store, Eevi found the cowering, unluckily-scheduled staff hiding in the back, believing a monster had entered. To their confusion, they instead found a young woman asking for service. Placing an order for an entire pint of honey-vanilla gelato and Swedish Fish-flavored shaved ice to accompany it, Eevi quickly made her way out of the store to return home. That's when it happened.

Almost losing her grip on both tubs after nearly being run into by a group of fleeing pedestrians, Eevi wished the moss-covered creature that ran after them luck for such rudeness. She turned to walk the other way down the street with her treats, but then she heard it. Crying. The two people that ran by her were carrying a small child, a daughter. No older than seven by her reckoning. Choosing to stand and defend his family, the man turned around and swung at his pursuer. Too agile for such an untrained man, the beast swatted the man aside into a nearby car and charged the woman holding the child.

"It's not my problem."

One step.

The monster tackled the woman down onto the sidewalk, her daughter being sent rolling out of her arms into the street by the impact. From under its moss-covered head, a boney face emerged from the mass, tangled with moss and vines. It opened its mouth, revealing rows of rotting teeth ready to feast.

Two steps.

"It's not my problem."

Extending her arms to her child, the mother called out for her to run. Crying and refusing to leave, the child began to run towards her instead. Seeing the approaching prey, the creature raised its head.

Three steps.

"It's not my problem!"

Standing once again but badly injured from the impact on the car and from the beast, the father charged from behind. How familiar. Why was it familiar? Why did she care? Why did she have to care?

She had stopped. A sigh escaped from her mouth. Words echoed in her memories. "I see their souls, Ms. Kincaid..."

"God damnit."

"... And yours isn't very dark."

Dropping her recently purchased frozen goods, Eevi formed a pistol shape with her fingers and turned. "Click." Pointing her fingers at the center of the creature's back, she aimed with one eye and fired. "Bang."

Black viscera showered the woman as the creature assailing her had its chest explode from behind just as it was about to pounce from her to her child. Shielding herself as its deceased form crumpled on top of her, the family reunited in this apparent miracle. The father rolled the body from the mother. Their child, uncaring about the mess on her mother, threw herself onto her mother, crying tears of joy at her survival. The family held each other close on the street and cried. They looked at Eevi and smiled. They were grateful.

She was confused. Standing there with her mouth open and dumbfounded, Eevi took a step back at their looks of appreciation. Her foot kicked one of the tubs she had dropped as she took this step. Both lids had popped off after being dropped, and now dirt, rubble, and grime of the city streets had already decorated the exposed wet surfaces, effectively ruining her goal. Staring at the tubs then back at the family SHE HAD SAVED, a shudder of fear escaped her mouth. The man looked her in the eyes and uttered something to her. "Thank you."

Recoiling at his words, Eevi's composure broke. "I-I'm sorry." Turning from the three, she ran for her apartment.

She made it home rather quickly after that. Running inside and slamming the door, Eevi crumpled against her door and cradled her legs to her chest. 'Sorry.' 'Sorry'? 'SORRY'!?! What was that? How could she be that weak? Slamming her fist into the wall, a metallic clang echoed off the floor from her right next to the table by the door. It was a key? Copper or brass maybe. She had no idea where it came from.

Attached to the key was a piece of paper, held in place by a strip of lavender-colored fabric tying it to the key through a hole punched in it. Reaching out and grabbing the key, Eevi looked at the paper. Written on the fine paper in purple ink was two simple words, "Use Me". "Use me for what?" Turning the note over and over, examining the key with it for some obvious clue she could be missing, she saw nothing else. Not entirely true actually, she had noticed something about the key itself. It looked familiar. Searching her pockets and pulling out the key she had recently used to enter the apartment, she found her suspicions correct. They were the same shape.

Curiosity taking her, and being used as a welcome distraction, Eevi stood up and exited her apartment again. Once in the hallway and with the door fully closed again, Eevi looked over this new key before cautiously putting it into the keyhole. To her surprise, the lock turned with a click when she turned the key! Exactly like what her one-of-a-kind, supposedly unique, apartment key only should have been capable of. "Well, I'll have to make a complaint to the management company about this one." Hesitantly, Eevi reached out and twisted the doorknob.

As soon as the seal of the door in its frame was broken when she pushed it open even slightly, a purple glow formed in the outline of the doorframe. Bracing her hand on the door and biting her cheeks, Eevi took a deep breath. "Alright Alice, down we go." And she pushed the door open only to find herself in a void occupied only by mist, fog, and the vapor of her own breath in this cool space she now found herself in.

Savoring the cold for a second, having finally been freed of the heat of Florida, Eevi tried to observe anything in her surroundings. It was empty. Nothing was around her except the door she came through standing there in this void and the stone at her feet. Curious, yet cautious, she walked into this vast space around her. Was it hell? Did her body completely fail over her betrayal of her own ideals and beliefs in saving that family and now this empty, chill void would be her eternity? She would find out or someone would tell her. Her hands still had their tattoos and bore the empty space of the round she fired to save lives earlier. This was a good sign to her at least in favor of being alive.

The brisk air she walked through was familiar in the way of an old memory to her. Condensation nipped at her body, which was more lightly dressed for the heat, and she felt the fog filling her lungs with each breath she drew. The stone at her feet gave solid taps with each fall of her feet, her faint reflection showing in its wet, smooth, grey surface. Before long, however, the sounds of her shoes on stone changed to that on wood. After around seven minutes of walking, she began to make out more than just what tricks her mind had been playing on her senses.

Smooth, polished wood was now at her feet. Well-maintained and varnished wood at that. Turning back around to see what became of the stone she had walked over, she found herself instead staring at a finely decorated wall behind her, lights adorning the walls and windows showing only more mist beyond their panes. Returning to her original direction, she found herself standing now in a parlor of sorts decorated with a few chairs, couches, end tables, a coffee table, and even a fireplace along a wall perpendicular to her. Above the fine, dark-wood mantle of the fireplace was an emblem or crest she did not recognize.

Figuring herself to be in a waiting room of sorts, Eevi sat and waited to see what happened next. Putting her feet up on the coffee table and settling in, she wondered aloud,  "If I was invited here, then hopefully they already know I'm waiting here for them now." Twirling the mystery key in her hands, she smiled at this strange day.  "Rude to keep a lady waiting otherwise."

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Assassin in a Classroom Empty Re: Assassin in a Classroom

Post by Sage June 12th 2024, 10:14 pm

The Graymoon Institute was quiet. Approximately one third of the usual students had been escorted to their home to be with their families in the wake of the sky going dark. Monsters had been erupting in droves everywhere, and parents that couldn’t get to safety were spirited away here. The student areas had been rearranged slightly to accommodate the sudden influx of additional people, and everyone not willing to stand guard was advised to stay indoors.

The headmaster of this sanctuary was not one of those people.

Jack Hawthorne tirelessly walked through the halls, down the paths and through the hidden passages of his beloved school, as a bloodhound looking for prey. For days now, he barely allowed himself the luxury of rest or letting his guard down as he prowled in search of any ghoul, wraith, draugr or zombie that dared to pollute Graymoon. And so far, he only had to dispose of a handful of vaguely corporeal ghosts that came off of the shore. He assumed they were from a wrecked ship, but nothing had made its presence known since.

Jack took a shortcut through one of the many, many hidden sublevels of the school, which looped around into a non-Euclidean one-way door to the Landing Gate.

Without a sound, he appeared through the fog, far behind the newest arrival.

[color:42ca=6644ff]”Stay where you are,” he said, loudly. [color:42ca=6644ff]”Turn around, slowly, and identify yourself. What are you doing in my institute”


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Assassin in a Classroom Empty Re: Assassin in a Classroom

Post by Tybrid June 13th 2024, 7:15 pm

Eevi almost jumped from her seat hearing a voice come from where the was no one before. Complying with the voice's demands she stood from her spot on the chair, put her hands up in a display of non-hostility, and tuned around slowly/ She half expected not to see anyone there but was pleasantly surprised to see to the contrary. A middle-aged man stood far behind where she had been sat. Long black hair framing his head rested at his neck on accompanying dark clothing that looked better suited for the weather then her own wardrobe at the moment. And his eyes, they were strikingly purple. Almost seeming to glow in the light of the room they drew Eevi's curiosity, but not enough to question it openly. She wasn't one to question people with strange or unique eyes for certain.

Giving her best benign smile, she closed her eyes and cocked her head at the man. "Eevi would be my name friend. I'd offer you a hand but I've found people this week to be want for trust and a tad skittish with strangers so I'll keep my hands raised if its all the same to you?" Still holding the key by its bow, she would let it spin around her pinky finger to display it to her new acquaintance . "This got me here. Unless you also have a similar key that wound you up here same as I then I'd imagine you know more about what I do as to why I am here." Pushing her hand with the key forward for a better view, she extended her pinky finger towards him as to give him the offer of taking it.

"It was in my room when I got home from running errands." With a shrug of her shoulders she relaxed her arms slightly while still presenting her palms towards him. "If you're the new apartment manager you really should have sent emails about the new keys, certainly about letting yourselves in to deliver them. Rude I must say. Not enough to make me upset, but enough to make me worry about people being able to enter my living space freely." She was being coy and playing at being inconvenienced of course of course. New housing companies were more likely to be vampires in this strange new week then whatever this was. She just had to test how amiable her would be with her "playing".

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Assassin in a Classroom Empty Re: Assassin in a Classroom

Post by Sponsored content

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