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American Warlords

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American Warlords  Empty American Warlords

Post by Melchizedek October 1st 2022, 11:39 am

American Warlords



Quest Information

This is a classic, widespread street level crimefighting 'quest'. The quest is, in the most simple terms, a quest to take down criminals gone wild, but with a few elements that are remarkably dramatic. Essentially, various (and honestly quite realistic) factors in the city of Philadelphia, have brought the city into a near feudal state run by various crime factions. Turns out, anarchy doesn't really spread that often when law and order breaks down, but rather criminals simply expand their operations and often become a government in and of themselves. The mass media turning a blind eye to the crime of less important, poorer urbanite Americans, as well as the corruption and weakness of the police force and city government has hit critical mass. However, unlike other cities where people fall into depravity and more domestic violence, Philadelphia has turned into a city blossoming with a new professional class of villains.

The question is will heroes and vigilantes rise to the occasion to stop them? Or will even greater villains and problems arise, taking advantage of the weakened city, looking to plunder that which lies within?

The goal of this quest is to make a significant inroad and name for yourself in one way or another in the city of Philadelphia. This quest is meant to be a more drawn out story, exploring the rapidly changing city, following leads, and contributing to the lore itself. For completion, one must make a change in the scenery, whether it is saving a large amount of lives, taking down a gang, OR performing your own act of evil. Something that may even make headline news. NPC antagonists and city denizens will be provided by me and the point of contact will usually be my character Neon. PM me if you have your own ideas for the lore and wish to contribute on that front.


Outside of experience points, there are a vast plethora of rewards one can attain after completing this quest, depending on the kind of character you have and the feats shown. Usually, it will be in the form of assets. One asset could be weapons and devices either stolen, created, or won as you push against the powers at be. Lastly, one can earn money via crime or bounty.

All in all, the quest will leave one significantly better off in their operational capabilities.

Difficulty Level - Medium


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