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Doesn't get more American than a Farm in Kansas (Prodigy)

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Doesn't get more American than a Farm in Kansas (Prodigy)

Post by The Nekromonga on February 29th 2016, 10:35 pm

The call for heroics would see the city bustle of Los Angeles exchanged for the quiet, vast, sprawling wheat fields of the Kansas country side. June the Dragon Girl woke from the grueling eight hour drive from their last stop since L.A, vowing to fly home after this kind of uneventful road trip. She took a big gulp of water from her Prodigy (tm) Water Canteen, and looked around to see they were indeed in the American Heartland, lots of wooden fences, lots of farm hands, lots of horses. The nearest town they passed through was twenty minutes back, and it was only slightly less interesting.

"Here ya go, kids. Pratt Ranch. Last stop fer miles. Next Bus'll be in two days." The driver says, letting off the tall Asian gal off here, and whoever else tagged along.  The driver recalls a bit of advice and passes it on to the young folk, "Watch yourself round these parts, and be mighty respectful. These Ranch Folk don't take kindly to troublemakers."

June, ever polite, thanked the driver for the ride and the advice. "Trouble usually comes to us."

The Pratt Family Horse Ranch was apparently important enough to have a bus stop with an actual vending machine... But June saw it mostly had just corn bread and milk available. She sighed and looked around... open prairies or wheat for as far as the eye could see. Whatever was happening, whoever was stirring up trouble, picked the most idyllic place to do it. She removed her travelling jacket and was in uniform, so to speak,  her ensemble appearing like a mail armor to look a bit more intimidating. She eyed their contacts off on the horizon, riding towards the stop but... yeah, even on horseback it was still a pace she wasn't used to. Should she just hurry it up and jump over? nah. She decided to give corn bread a shot, and got a quarter out of her little change purse.

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