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Death Blow 3 : Lady Deathblow

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Death Blow 3 : Lady Deathblow  Empty Death Blow 3 : Lady Deathblow

Post by The Nekromonga March 3rd 2022, 9:58 pm

Lady Deathblow (Deathblow 3)

Justice by any means necessary

The Bio

Real Name: Donnalyn Lu
Renegade Name: Lady Deathblow
Title: The vigilante lady
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 19
Gender: F
Race: Human (with a drop of dragon's blood)
Hair: Naturally Black dyed blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160 pounds
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Normal: Donnalyn is a fairly typical modern, young, extremely fit Asian woman with a social media presence. Her green eyes are her most startling feature besides her enhanced physique.

Deathblow: Lady Deathblow wears An all black fitting ninja ensemble with a hoodie, all the rage with Gen Z and younger vigilantes. The grinning, gray Deathblow skull on her chest serves as distraction and a warning.

The Personality

On the surface, Donna has the hallmarks of wayward youth - angry, impulsive and arrogant, due to her natural and learned abilities. Deep down, she has a resentment and feelings of inadequacy from parental neglect, and shuns the family that had facilitated her present level of education and training.

Donna also has little trust in the system and rule of law. She sees the system is rigged against “the common folk”, how some criminals were punished but others were spared, despite seeing for herself how her family money had been used to make consequences of her actions go away. Her privileged anti-establishment attitude does not apply as much to the rank-and-file police or other civil servants, knowing the “little guy” is just trying to get by. She does not realize how patronizing she can be at times, helping people but expecting them to be universally grateful afterward.

The Story

Early Life

To be born into the Lu family is to have a fantastical heritage springing from Dragon kind, and Donna is the latest generation of that illustrious family. Donna grew up in privilege, surrounded by a wealthy family who gave her many opportunities to succeed. However, her parents’ work was tied to the underworld, who were frantically making deals to get out of the business. What time was spent with family was spent training and preparing her for survival, her parents teaching her ‘practical’ skills. Most of the time was just being at home with her womanizing, philandering grandfather, Winston.
By the time she became a teenager, Donna was a troublemaker who was known to local authorities, always being bailed out by the family. What’s worse was her parents’ divorce and falling out, though Don remained with her father who was the obvious breadwinner. She found her private education boring and dull, whilst being a sports martial artist was easy, she found the rules and all the holding back to be pointless and counter to what combat arts was about.  

Deathblow 3: Lady Deathblow

The first Death Blow is an aging Vietnam War veteran, Christopher Cage, who had undergone some of the earliest experimentations on artifical metahumans, producing a type of super soldier. He had started the Deathblow identity to be a gun for hire. Despite pushing 90, Christopher looks not a day over 50 and still has strength and skills. The second Death Blow was Donna’s own father, Drake, who had taken up the mantle and be more of a gun runner and smuggler, with only the occasional wet works or sabotage.

With her grandfather being a rather neglectful guardian, she often snuck out and was taught many skills by Christopher, finding his rags to riches story and many misadventures far more interesting than the peace and stability of being the scion of the Tea Shop. There was no challenge in her life, as she excelled in all her pursuits- and so, she took it upon herself to break into the life her family spent so much effort to get away from. She identified a scummy dealer, and Donna experienced a rush like no other, wiping out a stain on the face of humanity and pillaging his wealth. She loved the thrill and the excitement, and the feeling that she had dealt out natural justice. Once she was 19 she took off from the Tea Shop, establishing a public social media persona as a traveling fitness and lifestyle coach, and physiotherapist.
Privately, it was so she could take up the mercenary life, trying her hand at vigilantism. And she would do it as the Third Deathblow: Lady Deathblow. "Death Blow is still a pretty cool name."

The Powers

Earth Dragon Heritage:

A Drop of Dragon’s Blood - Far removed from her ancestors’ draconic might, the diluted dragon’s blood still grants Donna peak human attributes. in Strength and Athletics (Able to manipulate and lift 500 pounds overhead, more in other modes of heavy weight movements; and have the same striking power as Mike Tyson or Buakaw in their prime, vertically jump and clear 8 feet, running jump of 30 feet, and putting a hole in a concrete wall given enough time), Agility and Acrobatics (Capable of almost any acrobatic body movements) Speed (rapidly hitting 45 kph or 30mph in under 2 seconds, performing a jumping 1080 spinning quintuple kick), Stamina (perform above feats for 3-6 hours), Toughness (Pain tolerance and able to withstand and continue to function after minutes of multiple human level unarmed blows, breaking bats and other objects on their body, non-fatal gunshot wounds, a bear mauling, and at most - two or three shots from low level metahumans.) Reflexes (catching thrown projectiles and arrows, batting away grenades. Not bullets though- if she gets shot, she gets shot.)

Seismic sense – Donna can read the ground she treads or large objects she interacts with, within a 50 feet radius around her. She can get a get grasp of the internal structure of the floor or object if it contains traps, cavities and objects, how its internal mechanism work, or can sense someone moving without needing line of sight, and even give an accurate assessment of their bodyweight, and any nuances in their movement (they have a limp).

Chi Manipulation Powers:

Chi Disruption (Permission Based) – by striking vital points with unarmed strikes or with a bludgeoning weapon, Donna can temporarily inflict negative conditions (3 turns) she may render limbs unresponsive, paralyze someone, induce blindness or deafness, or induce vertigo and nausea.

Chi Healing – by manipulation of a person’s chi flow, Donna can diagnose a person’s status (blood pressure, heart rate) and end negative conditions on a person. These cover bleeding (outer and internal), poison, disease, vertigo, nausea, intoxication, other minor conditions, or her own temporary paralysis.

Shinobi No Jutsu:

Way of the Cat's Step (concentration) – Donna’s Footsteps produce no sound, even when sprinting full speed.

Way of the Spider (concentration) – With no assistance from any equipment, Donna can climb up sheer surfaces or hang out at ceiling corners.

The Weaknesses

Sphinx Hair: Due to her dragon heritage, Sphinx hair affects Donna differently. It is a potent allergen, causing her uncontrollable itching when within 5 feet of her. If ingested or inhaled, it will cause her a terrible anaphylactic reaction, and she will require an epinephrine shot or be incapacitated after 3 turns.

Less refined Seismic Sense Donna must stay still to use this ability, and have at least two limbs to the ground or a hand on an object. Until Donna’s next turn, she must concentrate to get a good ‘reading’. If she is disturbed the ability fails.

Only the living have Chi: Donna can only use her chi powers on living beings with a discernable anatomy (people, animals, supernatural beasts). This leaves out, robots, constructs, undead, incorporeal beings and others who would not have a conventional anatomy or life force.

Not a cure all: Donna’s chi healing may not be able to cure super or supernatural poisons or diseases, depending on the story or other player.

Chi Healing takes time: Donna must maintain physical contact with the subject of her healing. Until Donna’s next turn, she must do nothing else but concentrate to activate the subject's chi. If she is disturbed the ability fails.

Concentration: Certain abilities require Donna's intense concentration to maintain, to the exclusion of other tasks / use of other abilities, else the ability fails. If Donna takes a hit or suffers some kind of pain, the ability ends and she may get into trouble.

Down came the rain and wash the spider out: Donna requires three to four limbs adhere to the surface to use Way of the Spider. At three, she moves more slowly. If reduced to two, she must spend a turn to adhere to the wall. If reduced to one or none, she falls.

Agony of the feet: Any cut or piercing damage taken to the sole of her feet disables the use of feet based abilities until Donna spends an entire turn to remedy the pain.

The Items

Adamant Rod – her weapon of choice, taken from the family armory. The Adamant Rod is nigh unbreakable, and is telescopic- collapsing into a foot long rod for easy transport, extending anywhere to a 30" eskrima stick, to a 5 foot long Bo-staff, to its maximum length of a 12 feet, serving as a vaulting pole.

Adamant Mail – A suit of armor made of the fantastical metal, providing protection as the heaviest body armors but being light enough to wear a costume over it and plain clothes beneath.

Mundane items
Throwing knives - sharpened steel throwing knives thrown with deadly accuracy at short range.
Smoke bombs – a staple of the ninja way, creates a smoke screen that grants concealment.
Flash bombs – homemade flashbangs, overwhelming anyone caught in its blast with extreme light and sound.
The Deathblow costume – The Death Blow persona is well known and notorious, having retired and resurfaced multiple times, all of them criminals and assassins.
Donna's Kawasaki Ninja - Donna's 18th birthday gift and most prized possession. This sexy beast can hit speeds of 222mph.

The Items' Weaknesses

Magnetic metal – the Adamant Eskrima stick and mail are both subject to magnets and metal manipulators.

The body armor problem – while the adamant mail provides excellent protection against piercing, slashing and small firearms, they can only negate so much of the impact. Direct shots from rifle rounds or blows from metahumans will hurt and knock Donna around.


Highly trained martial artist – Raised from childhood to train martial arts, and gained supplementary training from the original Deathblow. Donna fights primarily with a mixture of Eskrima, Taekwondo, and even a mix of Capoeira, resulting in an acrobatic and kick heavy fighting style interspersed with melee. She is well versed in multiple combat forms, including throws, grapples, boxing, and so forth, and understands the fundamental of fighting.
Thief training – has studied hacking, lock picking, vault cracking, pickpocketing, hot wiring, forgery and other such nefarious abilities.
Electronics – picked up a good understanding of electronics from her father and the first Death Blow, able to defeat most electronic devices and even bombs.
Physiotherapy – Donna gives a really good massage.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

Dragon Girl Experience
Dabbler Experience
The Steel Sage Experience
Thalassophobia Experience
Lady Deathblow Experience
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Death Blow 3 : Lady Deathblow  Empty Re: Death Blow 3 : Lady Deathblow

Post by FantasyBound March 4th 2022, 12:03 pm

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