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Dabbler  Empty Dabbler

Post by The Nekromonga September 23rd 2016, 2:44 am


Basic Biography

Real Name:  Samantha Pratt
Renegade Name: Dabbler
Title: The Chaos Mage
Alignment: Chaotic Crazy
Age: 33
Gender: F
Race: Human
Hair: Black with red highlights
Eyes: right brown, left demonic
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Blood type:

The Looks

'Human' Form: A malnourished looking lady of slavic origin and dainty features, young with hair like a raven yet skin like snow. There is a tiredness to her posture, but the mania in her eyes betray a boundless energy. Scars run across her body where they can be seen.

True Form:  The woman before you transforms entirely, sporting four arms with demonic eyes within each of her palms, two of those arms being 'stitched' on from a demon. A manic grin reveals sharp fangs, and a forked tongue. Her dark robes seem tattered, her boots worn, but they seem almost a part of her as the cackling laughter of the dark ones...

The Legacy

Personality: Murderous. Cowardly. Joyful! Sad. Simply repulsive. Dabbler is an unhinged ball of wrongness, swinging between moods as easily as a teen girl swaps clothes. The far realm has touched Dabbler's mind, and precious little humanity appears to remain.

Dabbler began life as Samantha Pratt, the daughter of occultist leader Joel Jones Pratt, the pastor of his own merry little slice of Christianity. Hers was a sad tale, her mother one of Cain's own daughters, as the man propagated many offspring. Life resembled a facsimile of a religious and devout household. Cain was an abusive, domineering man, who controlled every aspect of life and put down any who objected. Samantha Objected, and got a good thrashing in full view of her mother-sister. It was a man's duty to discipline his women, after all.

At 13, When the time came for Samantha to be 'offered' to her father, she came to realize that Pratt was a follower of Yog-Sothoth, a mad leader who sought the favor of the old ones. But Samantha saw more than his father could- she could feel the outer worlds, the void beyond the stars... In a flash of eldritch energy, her metahuman power manifested, and she was hurled to the beyond, never to be seen again.

What she witnessed there, she does not speak of, now that she has returned 20 years later amid the flux of metahumans in the world.  

The Powers and Weaknesses


Chaos Beams: Beams of hell flaming fiery death that come from her hands. Comes in a few variations.

Standard Beam: four beams that can be fired separately.
Focused Beam: shoots the four beams at a single target; only deals 3x damage.  
Cross the Streams: crosses the beams, accumulating into a ball of chaos that can be hurled. The ensuing explosion sends her flying backward.

Lovecraftian Magic: Summons big friendly tentacles (sometimes crustacean-like) from another dimension that only wants HUGS! No, they don't want to hug Dabbler. 3 turn cooldown. Only 1 portal maybe be active at a time.

Lovecraftian Durability: While still a meat bag, broken bones and perforated organs no longer quite stop her. In fact she doesn't feel pain. In double fact she'll show you her internal organs for laughs. She regenerates too... assuming she has live tissue on hand to assimilate. That was fancy talk for eating somebody.

Teleportation: Visual range. Takes up too much energy beyond 80 feet.


Going on a tangent: Half of the time Dabbler talks about something not relevant to the situation at hand. This can be distracting and make it difficult to get a straight answer from her.

Easily Distracted: Mentioning something interesting or pointing out something shiny causes Dabbler to momentarily forget what she was doing on hand. Also distracted by loud noises, flashy bright lights and plushies.

Paranoid Schizophrenic: Multiple personalities means her motivations are mutable, and may change actions at the drop of a hat.

Total Sociopath: "Not SETTING YOU ON FIIIIRE is my way of SHOWING AFFECTION!"

Freak: Four arms with demonic eyes within her palms, two of those arms being 'stitched' on from a demon. Sharp fangs. Cannibal. Screeching high pitched voice. Yeah, no, normal people are going to run the hell away from her.

Holy/Order magic/Silverphobe: Vulnerable to holy magic, while silver weaponry causes her pain.

Nekrobears: completely terrified of zombie bears. For some reason.

Kids: Argues with them until they cry.  If they have food, she will steal it from them.

Nuts, Peanut Butter and Soya: these things cause her revulsion and physical illness at the mere sight.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):

Lovecraftian Shapeshifter: Can assume different human forms up to 6 inches taller or shorter than herself, but still very uncanny to keen observers. Body covered in strange scars/seams, heterochroma with a red eye, the occasional tentacle, the sharp filed teeth...

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 2
Endurance 1
Reaction 4
Strength 3

My Gals:

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Advancements of the IMMORTAL HELLBEAST

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The Nekromonga
The Nekromonga
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Mega Poster!

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Dabbler  Empty Re: Dabbler

Post by Jordan Reynolds September 23rd 2016, 5:39 am

Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds
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Mega Poster!

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