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Ervin James

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Ervin James Empty Ervin James

Post by ghost March 29th 2024, 9:14 am

Ervin James

Mr. Imfurious

The Bio

Real Name: Ervin James
Hero Name: Mr. Imfurious
Title: Mr.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 68
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6’
Weight: 290lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Ervin is a tall freakishly muscular man. He is a caucasian male. The only notable body marking on him is an old war wound on his left shoulder/shoulder blade, a burn that looks as if it is still weeping. His face is all angles and clifs, a strong jaw line and boxy head. He usually cuts his hair short, but his beard and mustache almost always are at 5 o'clock shadow length.

Mr. Imfurius is usually dressed in a tight black and red suit that has so far proven just as indestructible as himself, though that could be due to the large belt he wears at his waste. The belt is about 5 inches in height and an inch to an inch and a half thick. The belts face is gold and depicts an octopus legs, mouth, and part of its head (as its at an angle). The mouth is what houses his DNA. The beak glows red when the belt is active. The suit goes down to his wrists and ankles, and covers his feet (though it has the look of boot bottoms). The suit is red from his chest down the inside of his legs.

The Personality

Meat Head: When looking at Ervin most people think he's just a dumb brute made to destroy things in front of him. Clear the way, if you will, for the smart people to take charge. This wouldn't be completely accurate, as he is known to come up with a few good ideas himself, especially in combat, but otherwise it's spot on. He deals with most troubles by beating them to death. When he gets frustrated or irritated, he's more sure to punch you in the head than to talk about it. The only people he lets get under his skin are his friends, and that has to do with how much effort he has to put into building those bonds, not to mention how kind and understanding they have to be.

Friendship: He tries. He really does. Ervin has a tender side under the brute exterior and he tries hard to make friends and keep them. These people tend to match his sense of humor and need to be understanding of his flaws. He looks forward to the days when him and his friends can light the world on fire and conquer the ashes. Ervin has been known to have a family and a child, but those days are behind him, and fire is in his eye. When friendships are made with him, he tries his hardest to maintain them.

Anger: He is well acquainted with the feeling of anger. It fuels him. Though, he is able to shy away from its sweet embrace time and again to have a meaningful conversation and even to fall in love. Though, the people that this happens to are rare and special in of themselves, he can't simply be boiled down one emotion. Even if that emotion is what he resorts to most of the time. Through seasons of therapy he has been able to create distance between his anger, but recently it has been more and more difficult to achieve due to the issues in his life.

Troubled past: In and out of prison. Lost relationships at work. His wife and child dead. Ervin has many things that he can grasp onto to fuel his rage. Not the least of which is watching his friends fall into trouble.

The Story

Born to a happy family in Chicago, Ervin grew up loved and well taken care of. His father was construction worker and his mother a waitress at a local dive. Ervin was never an easy child, but because of  their long working hours or having to be away for long periods of time, Ervin found himself in the care of many different babysitters. When the sitters tried to tell point out Ervin's anger issues, his reluctance to share toys, and his intolerance of other children, his parents shrugged it off as a developmental phase. It wasn't till he was in his teens that his parents really started to see who their child was.

At 13 Ervin found that his strength was more than the other kids. He soon started to use it to his advantage, taking what he wanted when he wanted it. It was a power that developed and grew as he did. When he was 16 he found himself in juvenile detention after beating a kid half to death and stealing a car from the kids father. After three years and a lot of therapy he was released. Not returning home, Ervin decided to hit the road and headed south. Being 17 and something everyone called a, "Meta". He made his cash through fights, bets, and the eventual money collection agent for big wig crime dealers.

Throughout life Ervin found that his anger would get the best of him. He was never able to keep much of a relationship past the first couple nights or even a working relationship past a few months. His temper and the strength that followed were terrifying, making the people that needed to work with him afraid or upset, or Ervin would do something, taking something he wanted, and cause division amongst them. It wasn't till he went to prison in his 40s and started to really work the psychological program that he was able to get a handle on himself.

Once out of prison and pushing 50 Ervin found himself living in a cabin in northern Michigan. Most of his ties to gangs have died or been incarcerated for the foreseeable future and he thought about trying his hand at settling down again. He eventually married, had a child, and moved back to Chicago. Once a rival gang heard he was back in town, trouble brok out. After the resulting confrontation Ervin found himself kneeling in a pool of his families blood. Unsure what had happened Ervin went on a rampage. He leveled several buildings that he knew the crew hung out in, not caring who was inside. It was now that he had earned his name, "Mr. Imfurius". He teamed up with a few other metas from the past, thinking he'd take over the city for the start, then maybe the world, make their world pain for what they have done to him. The heros of Chicago proved too much for them though, and he found himself in prison once more.

Now he's pushing 70, he's out of prison, the hero presence has died down a bit, and his hands are aching to destroy the city that cost him so much of his life.

The Powers

Toughened Physique: Ervin's body is harder than anything he could think of. He's watched bullets bounce off the softest parts of his body. Fire doesn't burn, ice doesn't freeze, even electricity has a hard time passing through the outer layers of his skin. His friends call him invulnerable, he only wished his mind was as tough.

Strong, Like Bull: Anger fuels this strength. Already being at an Olympic level of strength, he can rivel most humans. But when he is angry his strength increases. When angry enough he can rip through walls or vehicles, punch holes in steel, or catch moving trains without breaking a sweat.

Pain?: Ervin has an incredible pain tolerance. He can feel the things, but it takes a lot of punishment for him to actually become effected by it.

The Weaknesses

Glass Mind: Ervin has a surprisingly strong susceptibility to psychic attacks. His anger over the years has made it hard for him to resist the things he wants, and when a skilled psychic turns the tables on him he finds himself going along with most things that are presented.

Magical Restraint: Ervin can be restrained with magical abilities, that is, pure magical restraints. Anything short of this can leave a possibility of his escape.

Old War Injury: The only physical damage he has taken is located on his left shoulder(top and towards the shoulder blade). Burned by a spellcaster who claimed to be a demonic queen. The wound has never healed completely. His intolerance to pain does not apply to this part of his body.

The Items

Genetically Encoded Kinetic Energy Shield Modulator: "GEKSIM" is what he calls it. It looks like a large weight lifting belt with a large buckle that houses the mechanism. Encoded to his DNA, it allows him to punch and do harm while absorbing the kinetic energy of projectiles or falling objects that come within it's range. The shield hovers a few millimeters above Ervin's skin. He can use the kinetic energy it absorbs to shoot beams of force out through his hands or by swinging his arms.  

EMP: An electromagnetic pulse can temporarily disable Mr. Imfurius' shield due to over absorption of energy. (Three posts)

The Minions

Edwin Stone: A big time crime boss in Chicago who owes Ervin a favor. (NPC Sheet needs creation)

Dealeria: A Meta human who deals in all things occult, magical, and some technological weapons and information (whereabouts). Her real name is Delilah Kento, she is pushing 70 years old, but still in business and looking hot as ever. Some of the information she sells comes at a high cost, and we aren't talking money. (NPC sheet needs creation)

The Fluff

Fantasy city State of Eugenia (Change):

Combat: When fighting Mr. Imfurius isn't all dumb. He has met people stronger than him and has been incarcerated several times. Street fighting and using makeshift weapons almost comes second nature to him. He as been known to come up with clever ideas to defeat clever foes.

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Ervin James Empty Re: Ervin James

Post by inquisitor April 15th 2024, 9:53 pm

Approved until further notice.
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