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Bloodfang Empty Bloodfang

Post by Cynical_Aspie March 24th 2024, 8:15 pm


"Whether it’s with claws or fangs, your fate remains the same."

The Bio

Name: Nawi (Last name unknown)
Hero Name:Bloodfang
Title: Scarlet Reaper
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Magenta
Eyes: Gold
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 115 lbs
Blood type: B+

The Looks

Nawi is a dark-skinned, well-toned young lady of mixed ancestry. Tall and lithe, she keeps much of her magenta hair in braided tails that run down her back. The three most distinctive things about her are her sharpened canines, the sharp claws on her fingers, and the catlike tail that springs from her back.

The Personality

Already a fearless and independent young girl, Nawi frequently loves breaking molds, setting herself apart from other girls of her Lost Tribe. Following her abduction late in her teens and eventual escape, Nawi gained a far more grim attitude on life, often expecting the worst out of others. In spite of this cynicism, she still strives to do right by human beings, laws be damned - the alternative would be to allow despair to claim her.

Living most of her life far away from civilization, she’s still largely unaccustomed to culture in Westernized regions and often displays curiosity and enthusiasm in learning new things.

Unlike most superheroes, Nawi doesn’t go out of her way to hunt down criminals. She mostly acts if paid to do so, or if they target her first. Once she's actively in the fight, it's very hard to make her stop.

The Story

Even in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, there exist smaller tribal communities where it was difficult - for either geographical or cultural restrictions - to unite people under a nation-state’s banner. Nawi was born in one such tribe of nomads - these people were touched by interdimensional beings centuries ago, and regarded these beings as manifestations of their gods.

Tradition has it that the gods chose a handful of men and women each generation to act as guides, defenders, and scouts for this Lost Tribe to go out and influence the growth of the tribe in an ever-changing world. Tales of the appearance of these beings have been lost to time, but they were frequently depicted on totems as panthers and other wildcats.

The slave trade still lived in underdeveloped regions in the world - the capture and selling of humans was as lucrative to certain criminal and bandit factions today as it was during the 18th and 19th Centuries. For this reason, the tribe Nawi belonged to was small and moved on a daily basis along Africa’s most forested regions, remaining a hunter-gatherer society where everyone had to pull their weight for the survival of the whole.

Nawi was never particularly content to sit around and pick herbs, and would often wander off to follow the hunters into the forests. Her fellow tribesmen would often attribute this to her mixed-blood heritage that dated back three generations - although she was proud to be one of the tribe, she always yearned for more than what it alone could offer. She took up archery and - with greater reluctance - shooting, so that she could better contribute.

In the dead of night, her life was turned upside-down when the gunshots rang out. Bandits and opportunists, eager to take people to sell on the underworld slave market, had attacked their tribe. Fire between the tribe and the bandits was exchanged, but the tribe was less experienced and geared with outdated Cold War era weapons while the bandits had more modern armaments. The warriors who had gained the favor of the gods had been among the first to die - shot in their sleep.

Desperate, Nawi cried, begging before the totem of the gods, carving into her arm with a knife. Suddenly, the totem’s eyes began to glow, the essence surrounded her, acknowledged her courage and willingness to defend, and infused her with the power of the wildcats. Her nails sharpened into claws, her canines sharpened into fangs, her eyes glowed as the darkness became brighter before her eyes, and it sounded like she could even hear the insects crawling along the ground.

Nawi sniffed deeply, the scent of blood - her people’s blood - being carried in the air. With the speed and strength of the wildcats, almost on pure instinct, Nawi leapt into action. Nawi had the advantage of surprise starting out, eviscerating bandits one-by-one. But they were more numerous, and more coordinated, than she thought they would be. Even her powers couldn’t win against superior numbers of experienced raiders.

The best she managed to do was buy time for her mother and other weakened tribe members to escape. Nawi herself was dragged off in chains and sold to an extremely wealthy underworld boss in Somalia. The boss had a sick idea of entertainment, and would often pit her against other slaves in fights. Nawi at first, tried to restrain herself from using her new powers, as she sympathized with others that were forced to fight as she was. However, as more were sent to her, and the very real danger of death came knocking, she allowed the claws to come out.

The underworld boss’s priorities for her changed, with worse and more degrading results. One such priority was pitting her against Meta in underworld prize fights, often with her as the victor, whereupon she was referred to as the “Scarlet Reaper”, where her claws would come away wet with the blood of her opponents. Nawi remains tight-lipped to this day about what else she was put through. It was during this span of time that she noticed her resistance to illnesses. When there was a flareup in criminal turf wars, Nawi took her chance to escape, cutting the boss’s throat for what he put her through in four short years.

Wandering into the more civilized parts along the horn of Africa, Nawi made it a point to find work and seek higher education. In a few short years, she became well-versed in multiple languages, as well as having a working knowledge of world history. She became part of the fledgling Continental African Modernization Movement - an activist group that pushed for more trade with the Western world and jobs for local infrastructure workers.

To Nawi, a more modernized Africa meant more martial power, which meant more opportunities to stamp out the slave trade. Don’t get her wrong: she was proud of her tribe’s existence, and her heritage. But as long as Africa remained underdeveloped, the isolated tribes would remain victims to those that would exploit the governmental and economic weaknesses of the many nations on the continent. But the movement needed funding, so she went into business as a hero-for-hire.

Nawi doesn’t honestly expect the movement to work out. But it wouldn’t be for lack of trying on her part…

The Powers

Superhuman Attributes: Infused with supernatural power, Nawi’s physical strength and speed are at least triple the human norm, as well as her reflexes being enhanced by a factor of five.

Enhanced Senses: Auditory and olfactory sensitivity are both enhanced, allowing her to pick out sounds and scents with pinpoint precision. In addition, her visual acuity is greatly increased and her eyes are able to see in lowlight conditions (albeit, at the cost of image focus).

Sharpness: Nawi’s fingers are topped with claws that can tear fabric and rend flesh with ease. Her canines are sharpened into fangs, meaning that - if put in a tight enough spot - she can bite hard as an attack. Her ability to draw blood and crush bone with her bite also means she's resistant (though not immune to) blood-borne transmission by necessity.

The Weaknesses

Blinded by the Light: Nawi’s enhanced vision in lowlight conditions renders her more vulnerable to sudden appearances of bright light than a normal human.

Durability: While her tendons and skeleton are indeed enhanced to allow for more radical physical maneuvers, her organs are no less vulnerable to physical damage than a normal human’s.

Sensory Overload: Because her hearing and sense of smell are so enhanced, a savvy opponent can drown an entire area with white noise and mixed scents to inhibit her ability to narrow down particular noises.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

My Instincts Are Showing: Every so often, Nawi will unconsciously do things that remind her (and others) that she carries the essence and instincts of several wildcats. She’ll rest on all fours when convenient, stretch in distinctively “catlike” ways, and even hiss out of fear or anger.

My Tongue is Burning!: Nawi’s sharpened sense of smell also directly impacts her sense of taste, and she cannot abide spicy foods of any kind.

Big Sleeper: In keeping with the instincts of cats of all types, Nawi is a frequent sleeper. She'll doze off in cramped conditions, only to be woken up when her hearing picks up sounds of interest.

The RP Sample

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Bloodfang Empty Re: Bloodfang

Post by inquisitor April 9th 2024, 4:14 pm

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