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Dabbler v2.0

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Dabbler v2.0 Empty Dabbler v2.0

Post by The Nekromonga Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:44 pm


I am the witch of Chaos! the harbinger of  the 66 ends of mankind! the avatar of mortal torment! BWAHAHAHA!

The Bio

Real Name: Samantha H. Pratt
Villain Name: Dabbler
Title: The Chaos Witch
Alignment: Chaotic Crazy Evil
Age:  Chronologically 39 Looks 15 (Birth Date: September 1989 )
Gender: Female
Race: Human-Demon-Outsider Hybrid
Hair: Black with red highlights
Eyes: Heterochroma Yellow and Red
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Blood type: O-

The Looks

'Human' Form: A wispy, malnourished looking causasian teenager who shops at hot topic and halloween stores. Her skin is much too pale, her hair frayed at the edges. There is a tiredness to her posture, but the mania in her eyes betray a boundless energy. Regardless of what form she takes, what face she borrows, she cannot hide her yellow and red eyes.

True Form:  The young woman before you transforms entirely, sprouting two extra arms with skin black and dry as rough coal. otherwordly eyes within her palms open, conduits to another realm. Ugly scars reveal themselves, at the joints and across her unevenly hued body, as if she were stitched together. A manic grin reveals sharp fangs, and a forked tongue. Her dark robes seem tattered, and her legs end in black clawed feet. This is no longer some human caster, but a being of malice and shadow, her cackle echoing the laughter of dark gods.

The Personality

Personality: Murderous. Cowardly.Joyful! Sad. Simply repulsive. Dabbler is an unhinged ball of wrongness, swinging between moods as easily as a teen girl swaps clothes. The far realm has touched Dabbler's mind, and precious little humanity appears to remain. Sadly, there are times where Dabbler does seem to recede, and Samantha Pratt emerges, desiring a return to normalcy.

The Story

Dabbler began life as Samantha Pratt, the daughter of an occultist leader, Joel Jones Pratt, the leader of the cult of Yog. Her mother, meanwhile was a powerful sorceress, Abigail Harkness, a powerful heiress to a lineage of witches, who sought the power of the Old gods. Theirs was an unholy union, for Joel sought to sire a powerful offering to his god, but Abigail desired the power of the old gods for herself. They lived a sham of a marriage, but it was a mutually beneficial one nonetheless, and so it went on, Joel's suspicions slowly eroding away.

Dabbler was raised in blissful ignorance of her true purpose and experienced an otherwise unremarkable childhood, save for her mother's occult practices. But, starting at age 11, her mother slowly began to subconsciously implant knowledge into her daughter, being unable to teach her directly due to the cult's scrutiny. When at last, at 13, it was her time to be offered to Yog, she was brought to a summoning circle to be sacrificed. As the gateway to the beyond opened, Dabbler's innate powers manifested, transforming the gateway into a violent vortex- it caused a massive blowback on the ritual, sending herself and all in attendance - her entire family- to the Outer Realms.

Due to the circumstances of the failed ritual, Dabbler’s parents can no longer be resurrected by their respective patrons, thus she inherits the contract of her parents, placing her in the rare position of having 3 “Co-Patrons”, whose agendas overlap as often as they contradict each other.  In exchange for their power, their knowledge- Dabbler devoted herself to the cause of the dark gods, not as a conqueror herself, but as a messenger, a herald, and a gate keeper- one who would facilitate the invasion of worlds.

The Powers

Lore of Memnon, the Infernal

Gaze of Memnon (Innate Ability) – As part of the infernal pact, the Eyes of the chaos demon Memnon were ceremoniously plucked from their sockets (He has a lot of eyes), and placed within each of Dabbler's palms. These red beams (red lightning appearance) of pure chaos and destruction rip through materials of reality with little hinderance, exploding flesh, igniting flammables and melting down all the rest. It is equal parts Magic, Lightning and Chaos. The worst part however, is her ability to control the magnitude of the chaos energy, using it instead to subject her enemies to torture via electrocution and raw chaos energy. further, it serves as the spell focus of her other abilities.

Hellwalker – At the speed of thought, Dabbler teleports to a nearby space within her line of sight.

Chaos Portal (1st Advancement, Somatic, Concentration) – Dabbler opens a pair of portals at two points in space where she can see. Anything and anyone may pass through the portals.

Lore of Yog, the Old One

The Flesh is Malleable (Innate Ability) – As part of the cosmic pact, Yog has forever transformed Dabbler’s body. A rather unusual take on enhanced durability, it could be described as Looney Toons physics. That is, Dabbler no longer has weak spots- damaging her organs has no greater effect on her than the loss of a finger. After taking catastrophic damage, Flesh knits and bones mend, and organs rent asunder restart their functions with little issue. As long as she can recover body parts (doesn’t have to be hers), she can keep chugging along.

Grasp of Yog (Somatic, Verbal, Concentration) – A large number of otherworldly tentacles bursts forth from a surface of Dabbler’s choosing (wall, floor, ceiling, air duct). The tentacles reach and grasp an area roughly 10ft in diameter, crushing everything then can grab. The tentacles are supernaturally strong and magical, crushing anything man made and dealing damage to more durable targets.  

Lore of Menalis Umbra, the Shadow Fay

Wear the shadows (Innate Ability) – As part of the shadow pact, Menalis Umbra has cloaked Dabbler within shadows to disguise her and conceal her plans. She may alter her appearance at will, limited to human forms.

Hallucination – (Verbal, somatic, Concentration) An audio-visual illusion, creating an opaque creature or object complete with audio component.

Haunt Media (2nd Advancement, Verbal, Somatic, Concentration) – A relatively modern application of shadow magic, Dabbler infiltrates paintings, books, screens, mirrors and other visual media, altering their contents to suit her needs. A portrait’s eyes follow the inhabitants of a room; a teenager watches his reflection age and die; a novel’s contents describe the reader’s violent murder in grisly detail.

The Items

Dabbler's Devouring Hat of Holding A magical character must have a bag of holding, an evil magic character must have a devouring hat of holding. Dabbler's hat is a repurposed bag of holding, imbued with demonic magic. Within she may store a large number of STUFF, about a small house's worth. Unauthorized access results in an intruder's hand probably bitten off, as the bag possesses the bite force of an adult Hippo. The hat may also swallow objects whole at Dabbler's command.

The Weaknesses

Holy Energies: Vulnerable to holy magic, negating her ability to regenerate for a time.

Energies of Order: Vulnerable to the powers of law and order, which are powerful counters her Infernal and Old Ones magic.

Salt: The eyes of Memnon are not easily distracted by mundane physical debris like sand, dust or water but casting Dabbler's hands in salt will cause them to be unable to open until Dabbler dusts them off completely.

Blinding: The eyes of Memnon are subject to light-based blinding effects. Concentration is disrupted when they are closed.

Intangible illusion: The illusions cast by the lore of shadows are susceptible to physical scrutiny.

Somatic Some of Dabbler's spells or abilities are tagged as Somatic. She must perform hand signs to use her these spells or abilities, requiring her hand to be free to use them.

Verbal: Some of Dabbler's spells are tagged verbal. She needs to be able to speak to use those abilities. Being in a zone of silence or being gagged negates the use of those spells.

Concentration: Some of Dabbler's spells are tagged Concentration. These spells require continuous mental effort to sustain. Due to the eyes of Memnon, she can keep 4 going at once, each eye bulging open as it sustains an effect. Closing the eye that maintains will be sufficient to break the spell, forcing Dabbler to cast it again on her turn.

The Fluff

Planar Shifting: Dabbler, with the aid of rituals and magic circles, may access other planes of reality, hence she may thread in many locations beyond earth.

Occult Knowledge: Dabbler possesses much knowledge of the arcane, of the eldritch, of the mysteries of the cosmos.

Serious Multi-Tasking: Each of the eyes in Dabbler's hands has an unusual connection to her brain. As a result, each hand can perform a different task without difficulty, subject to the limits of what 1 hand and 1 eye can do. Dabbler usually uses this to read five books at a time.

Photographic Memory: Dabbler's has perfect recall.

Polyglot: Dabbler's mind can absorb and learn languages at an astonishing pace. She can speak most languages after hearing them for a few hours, and reading and writing takes just a little bit longer.

Polymath: Dabbler can perform complex mathematical problem solving - Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Probabilities - in her head, on the fly. This will come in handy as she gains more powers. (Mickey Mouse wink)

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Dabbler v2.0 Empty Re: Dabbler v2.0

Post by Jordan Reynolds Fri Sep 23, 2016 12:39 am

Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds
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Dabbler v2.0 Empty Re: Dabbler v2.0

Post by Zonkes Fri Jan 28, 2022 7:05 pm

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Dabbler v2.0 Empty Re: Dabbler v2.0

Post by Zonkes Tue Feb 08, 2022 1:22 am

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Retired Moderator

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Number of posts : 646
Location : Somewhere between hell and a hand basket
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Humor : What’s the difference between a clown and a pancake? Not much after the steamroller incident.
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Dabbler v2.0 Empty Re: Dabbler v2.0

Post by Sponsored content

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