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Randolph  Empty Randolph

Post by Snack April 12th 2024, 11:47 am

Randolph Rathouse

"What, never seen a guy with chest hair before?"

The Bio

Real Name: Randolph Rathouse
Villain Name: Chimera
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Age: 73
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Height: 4' 6"
Weight: 115 pounds
Blood type: AB

The Looks

The Personality

Randolph has a pretty problematic personality. He's certainly a wild spirit who's actions completely disregard laws and logic. His actions purely destructive, often specifically to create chaos, which he craves. He very much is the one to set the bank ablaze instead of stealing the money. Usually nearby to watch the panic and chaos unfold.

He's amazingly reckless and will run forward into situations, for the fun of it! When not fighting and causing chaos like a gremlin, this old ass man is being social. He likes to tease and poke people. He just loves life, loves to laugh, grins from ear to ear. Tells jokes, often found talking about the crazy shit he did as a kid and criticizing kids these days for not wrestling boars in mud. he is typically less combative if he doesn't have his masks on hand, not that he won't start swinging his walking stick at a biker gang, because he will.

So in short, he is a handful and no nursing home can handle him.

The Story

Randolph lived among plenty of brothers and sisters with two very strung out parents who, for some reason, just could not get their children under control. Chaos reigned above all else in the Roadhouse house, and eventually that chaos seeped into every nook and cranny of the small town they called home. All the children would prank, vandalize, dare each other the dumbest things. it was an absolutely blast and the townsfolk only tried to beat the kids a few times, not that they could catch them. Randolph's favorite activity was craving these creepy masks and doing weird rituals before hanging them around town to freak people out. It was harmless, but a blast!

But life was to change. The family grew up, pranks and chaos fell to the wayside and gave way to school, then college, then jobs, marriage, a family. An identity outside of the hoard of crazy as kids who could not be contained all those years ago. Randolph never quite moved on. He was always mischievous and it really hurt him. Lost him jobs, friends, lovers even a home that one time he rigged a bucket of slime and sand to fall on the landlord's head. Because of that he was alone. His only comfort and social interactions was his many brothers and sisters occasionally reaching out to him. Those nights were great, the nights all together were amazing.

But all good things must end, and they started dying off. Slowly at first, but it got faster. Each one cracked Randolph's heart and mind, and when he approached his baby brother, the last one left, both just shattered. He abandoned everything he had in his nursing home, and fled to his old home, to the house they all grew up in, now in disrepair and condemned. He broke in and hid there for days. Lost in memories and tears. He was alone.

Eventually, he started causing chaos like the good old days. Stealing food, painting walls, egging the police station, must to the disbelief of the town. No one for a second believed a tiny old ass man was causing such trouble, but he was and he wasn't stopping. Reliving all the best moments from his youth. He grabbed an antique chisel that happened to be lying around the house and got to work making another mask, took him a bit longer than it used to, but he did it just like the old days. Almost. This one glowed, drew his attention. When he put it on, he heard his baby brother's voice as the mask grabbed onto his face and changed his body into that of a half skunk half human thing. It made sense, his brother was always a stinker.

The mask gave him more power, mobility, capability, and his reign of chaos worsened with every moment. Banks went up in flames, police cars were flipped over, chaos was here to stay! The old man remained mobile, moving from place to place spreading the joy of his family to the detriment of society.

The Powers


The Weaknesses

The Items

A magical chisel found within Randolph's childhood home, that had gathered both rust and small bits of magic over the decades.

Enchanted Masks, created by hand carving wooden masks with a magical chisel, the creator is able to create various masks with different effects.

Randolph  EpItOYAUYAIVocy
The Skunk Mask: Turns the user into a skunk or a skunkman, who possesses a stink spray attack, enhanced strength and durability, but gives a pretty serious allergy to bleach and other cleaning products.

Randolph  Desar-yuartha-cupang
The Fish Mas: Turns the user into a fish or a fishman, who possesses  water breathing, enhanced agility and speed while in water but lacks the ability to breath outside of water.

Randolph  Logan-wagoner-werebatsmall
The Bat Mask: Turns the user into a bat or bat man, who possesses flight, echolocation and sonic attacks, but is sensitive to sudden bright lights.

The Minions


The Fluff

Each mask made is in honor of one of Randolph's late siblings in some way so he can continue to enjoy life with them, though with a more sinister approach than previously. Deep down, he's a good man who just lost his mind. The masks are made using this old chisel that over time has adsorbed some magical energy due to exposure. All Randolph has to do is carve a mask while thinking about a specific sibling. His baby brother

The RP Sample

Alarms went off, it's ringing echoing down the street. Sirens grew louder and louder and red and blue lights grew closer and closer. Smoke escaped the doorways and window, reaching high into the air, calling all eyes to the bank. Bursting through the glass front, sending shards of glass all over the street and unlucky onlookers was a fish as tall as a man wearing pants. It's huge unblinking eyes glanced about hastily as it clearly gasped for breath! But there, not to far away there was a river and the fishman bolted for it while hauling a big sack with what appeared to be the American dollar sign drawn on with a purple crayon.

"Ah! It's coming after me!" A woman screamed out as tucked off to the side and grabbed onto a pole right by the water's edge.

The fishman stopped for a moment, glaring at the woman through apple sized eyes with not a single thought behind them, still gasping for air. Others looks on, cop cars rounded the corner, tires screeching to a stop, as cops jumped out and pulled their gun, demanding the fish fella to freeze in place and drop the bag. Firefighters followed right behind and rushed into the small bank hauling a long and heavy hose behind them.

But the fishman had a different plan. He jumped back as bullets let loose, thankfully missing both fishman and woman, and he crashed into the waters.

"You'll never catch me! Haha, you can't swim like I can!" The fishman said, though none could hear because he was completely submerged. With a big splash of water that soaked the woman through, the fishy foe fled with bag in hand at great speeds. The copes reached the edge of the water and fired blindly into the waves but hit nothing and no one.

That day, the legend of the Fish of New York was born.

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Randolph  Empty Re: Randolph

Post by inquisitor April 16th 2024, 8:56 pm

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