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Humanity, The fallen.

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Humanity, The fallen.

Post by Humanity on February 25th 2015, 5:57 pm


"*lazily* Roar."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Yamm
Pseudonym: Matthew May
Hero Name: The Outsider
Title: "The Dragon King" "The God of Primordial Chaos" "The Fatass Alpha Dragon" "The Father of Leviathans" "The Father of Chaos" "The Father of Sea Monsters"
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: Very, very old.
Occupation(s): School student
Gender: Male
Race: Old God (Primordial)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 158lbs.
Blood type: Dragon Blood

The Looks


The Legacy

 Matthew is generally the quiet type. He loves learning and he loves providing help and knowledge to others whenever he can. He loves the feeling of being useful and appreciated and it's the easiest way to put him in a better mood. Matthew is generally quiet and keeps to himself, referred to mostly as the strange kid who keeps to his books or is always looking to learn something new or refining his writing skills whenever possible.

 While he is the quiet type there are certainly ways to get him to talk. A primary example is to wait until he is tired, and you could get his mouth to run like a Ranger boat engine. Another example is to put him around someone who knows more than him, or wishes to learn something from him. The last example is to get him to engage in a friendly debate, weather it's from religion to magical theory or even the basic back and forth regarding politics. Despite loving debate and Socratic seminar, Matthew hates verbal fighting and argument's that serve no purpose other than to waste words and virtually waste precious moments of the already too short human life.
Matthew is most associated as being a loner, having the grand total of four friends that he is rarely ever seen with. He comes across as a rather stale person, seeming to lack any true emotions but always having a sad look on his face and in his eyes. Getting him to warm up to you is difficult, and it's incredibly difficult to earn his trust, but once he's a friend he's as loyal as a dog.

Matthew is a horribly self-conscious person, easy to torment due to his own belief that he holds a sever inequity to his friends family and loved ones. He fears the thought of being aesthetically different from his peers, going to great lengths to never be in a situation where the scars on his back show. He despises his need for glasses, and is nearly terrified to death of losing teeth (Even though he could just regenerate them). Matthew also has tendencies to beat up upon himself in an unrelenting fashion, even saying one thing wrong is able to keep him up at night...thus (when coupled with his philosophy that talking is mostly useless anyway) he is a soft spoken person.

 Yamm is a intellectual, yet air-headed creature who barely understands the concept of the human social structures. He doesn't understand sarcasm (he will learn it and may have learned it by time you've read this) and he is very literally in the usage of his words. He is an objective thinker, and he has a desire to learn, though he never truly feels as though he understands what was being said. He follows the same personality as Matthew.

Born into a family consisting of his mother, father and an older brother, Matthew was always a bit different from the rest of his family, his older brother specifically. Unlike most others in his family, Matthew seemed to show great concern for just about everyone else he met from the closest of family friends to the hobo down the street who had been wearing the same "The end is Nigh" cardboard box sign for the past eight years. His father worked in law-enforcement, the liquor commission, having served as a United States Marine and doubling time with Professional Bass fishing. His mother managed a rental car company in a large Air-port. While both his parents had high hopes for their children, Matthew seemed to be the one his mother seemed to have the most interest in. It was his caring for other people that was something that seemed to come naturally for Matthew, unlike his older brother who looked out for his family and ONLY his family.

His life for the first few years was uneventful. He would mostly sleep in his mom and dad's room, watching Zorro at two in the morning with his dad, talking about why people did things like helping others. He'd generally fall asleep with his head on his dad's chest, near unable to sleep without the sound of his heartbeat. He was close to his dad, but eventually one day his dad just vanished. Left no trace, never said goodbye, not even a warning or a pep talk. No divorce, no separation, just one day he was gone. Matthew remembered it forever, or has so far at least.

Matthew developed quickly, learning and soaking up almost anything he could in order to make the grade and surpass expectations. He achieved his goal rather early in life, being able to win the adoration of his mother and his little brother, as well as his older brother. Dad had come and gone again as easily as he had before, not to be heard from until quite some time later. More specifically five years later, when Matthew was in a car accident with his best friend. His best friend's mother and boyfriend survived, but the large wreckage in front of them caused fire to spark form a car. Matthew and his friend Alex were in the back seat, laughing at a silly joke when the man came back and heard the boy's laughter. He looked to Matthew and asked him "Do you think this is funny?" The man, in a moment of anger, lashed out and punched Matthew, giving him quite the nosebleed. His friend's mother ended up taking Matthew to one of the nearby medics who helped him settle the nosebleed. When the boyfriend returned form "heroically" helping save a woman from a burning car, Matthew refused to return to a car with the man. Matthew would later learn that his father caught wind of it, and the man was dishonorably discharged form the Marine Corp, a branch of service his Father served loyally. The only thing Matthew could remember was he was asked to testify against the man...and he could only say no because he was afraid that the man who hit him would hate him...

His life would carry on, things would come and go far less than expected. The less interesting portions of his life were around this time, he ended up getting assaulted, leaving a rather light scar on his back and on his side under his right arm. The assaulter was never found and the investigation called off. Matthew ended up progressing to High school with no issue, His brother Zach moved away, not to be heard from again (Thus far). In High School, unlike he suspected, the classes ended up getting easier. He ended up drifting off to the Occult. Matthew soon found himself with little to no time on his hands as he managed to get on the Football team as a wide receiver, the Baseball team as a pitcher,and the swim team. Despite all of his ability though, he only truly excelled at Baseball while swimming was his favorite...though he was a pretty damn good WR at football. He also took to joining the Congressional debate team, and in all spare time delved into the occult as best he could. At the age of seventeen they found a lack of T cells in Matthew's blood. Assuming it was Leukemia he began treatment on December second, responding well before he obtained his "powers" and for the first time life was looking up.... Until he learned of the disdain for the "people like him".
 Matthew soon learned that he would come to be labeled as a "Meta-human. This would come about by the strangest encounter he'd ever had while on a Trip to Italy with his Italian class, as a special bonus to taking the class. While in Rome, Matthew came across the oddest little stand where he found oddities. Knowing how much his mother loved history, he purchased a small jar, in order to give her little history room a more "Authentic" feel to it. It was one day that he inspected the jar, and found that there was the strangest little fragment of some odd clay-like material inside. Closer inspection revealed that the jar was containing a piece of some odd occult item, sealed with some magical technique. Being the avid occultist, he studied it and worked ways to disenchant the urn. This was the last time Matthew would ever throw caution to the wind, and he disenchanted the jar. When he opened it he was never the same. He had stumbled upon a fragment of Pandora's Box (Jar) and was now transformed into a vessel for the manifestation for pure evil. His blood had turned black and taken on a sweet smell and an addicting taste, and he found that the remainder of the broken Jar fragment seemed to follow him. Every time he turned around the thing was there, lurking.

Using a little "tool" he picked up in his studies of the occult, Matthew stored the vase in his own Inner Mind dimension, waiting for the day when he believes he can deal with the Jar. During the events of his life, Matthew encountered many individuals that altered the destiny of the path before him. Including Ryurou Shi, Eros, The Archon, The Minister (His super-powered father), Hanna and Salone, as well as Artemis and most importantly his best friend Shael and his "brother" (and Sin's Apprentice) Alexander. These individuals all sided with Matthew and within the events of the manifestation of Sin, in which he attempted to overpower and consume Matthew, Matthew's inner essence awoke, and Yamm was reborn into the world, resurrected and revenanted. Yam defeated Sin and reclaimed his life form the great evil that once corrupted his father. He exists now in order to keep the balance in check, and ensure that nothing can every happen to this realm ever again that will endanger it, taking up his "burden" as the "Old God" (Primordial) of Primordial Chaos and the oceans.

  Yamm continues to allow Matthew the illusion that they are not one in the same person, and allows Matthew to have his own life away from the troubles of a Primordial being, though certain obligations do tend to pop up. Examples being the children of Yamm appearing to him, a cult being formed to worship him and the Draconian nature continually trying to consume him in moments of moral weakness. A.K.A: this dude is great at parties.

The Powers

Dragon Form: Yamm is able to summon forth his Dragon form from beyond the veils of reality, ushering himself in as his true self. In this form he ranges in size in accordance with his CHAOS CONTROL power, though his maximum capped size of a jumbo Kaiju (roughly around 3000ft). In his dragon form he can breathe under water.

Primal Chaos: Storms, high-tides, Red Tides, Hysteria in the streets, all the works. These happen when Yamm's Dragon form is called into the world. This actually serves mostly as an RP mechanic. It assists in keeping the area chaotic but it makes no promises of safeguard for allies or innocents.

Chaos Control: Yamm feeds and becomes empowered by creativity, chaos and intelligence. The more chaotic the situation, the more creative or intelligent the people he surrounds himself with the more powerful he becomes. More potent in his dragon form.

  • Superhuman Strength: His strength increases, even more in his dragon form.
  • Claws and Fangs: In his dragon form, he is adorned with claws and fangs. In his human form he has two sets of swords, each one has three blades.
  • Superhuman Durability/Stamina: He becomes more durable and is able to endure more and continue on longer in more chaotic situations. More potent in Dragon form.
  • Quintessence: In his human form he is able to place his hand and unleash a surge of quintessence energy to kill or harm them. In his dragon form he unlocks the ability to breath quintessence energy as a dragon would breath fire.

  • Sword Master:  Yamm is a master of swordplay and several different fighting styles involving the sword, his swords in particular require great skill and adept nature. The more chaotic the area, the more creative or intelligent people he is around means the more skilled he becomes.

Dragon Form: The Dragon God Yamm has the ability to transform into a massive sea dragon, earning him the title of the largest creature in the entire oceans (and incredibly heavy) with incredibly water precision ands maneuverability despite his size.

Outsider Apparition: Yamm has the ability to project an image of himself to any destination and use said projection to interact in his stead. He can speak and interact through this projection as if it were truly him,
though he is unable to harm, nor be harmed physically through this projection.

The Weaknesses

Tranquility: Yamm in a tranquil environment is as weak and helpless as his fleshy human vessel. If there is no conflict, creativity or strife, or everything is in perfect order, he is powerless.

Unending Hunger: Due to his metabolism he is actually constantly hungry. If he goes too long without food he will begin to suffer hunger pains and may enter a state of irritation that leads to a rampage.

Dragon Compulsions: As a dragon he is compelled to hoard gold, kidnap virgins and anything shiny that catches his interest, this is not always a good thing. He only kidnaps virgins for good conversation, if you were wondering.

Musical remedy: Music has a great effect on Yamm, as it can influence his mood rather easily, even going as far as to calm the raging Kaiju down if the music is loud enough for him to hear, and audibly appealing enough to garner his attention.

Voices in my head: Yamm is able to telepathically hear anyone who prays or states the name "Yamm". While they do this he is indeed able to tell who it is talking to him, though it is horribly distracting to hear voices in your head.

Elder Dragon's Bane: Yamm's Dragon form, the larger, stronger and more massive it is is much easier to hit and much harder to put into locomotion. In this regard he is hard to damage, but easy to hit. He also had difficulty reacting with great speeds.

Sword is the soul: Yamm is unable to access his dragon form without his swords, if he lacks his swords the degree of his "boost" from the chaos is degraded by 1/6th for each of his 6 swords not in his possession.

Outsider's Aura: Mundane humans may not feel much, but any "special souls" (PC's and NPC's) are able to see Yamm for more than just a human and is able to sense the chaotic aura that surrounds him. This make it impossible for him to hide in an area undetected.

Dragon Sickness: When introduced to gold, riches or anything that catches his interest he is subject to great inner turmoil, turmoil that could actually cause him to "snap" and have a sudden shift of interests or re-prioritize his life in a poor manner. The turmoil can be smaller if the amount of gold (or whatever) is small, though the more plentiful the more his selfish dragon nature kicks in and the more inner turmoil he will experience. (this can be anything that he likes, enjoys, etc. It doesn't need to be a tangible object, though that is easier)

The Outsider's Opinion: The description of an "outsider" is someone who is outside looking in. As such, Yamm finds himself watching the events of the world go by without much of a care in the world. His "vessel" Matthew, on the other hand desires to take a more hands on approach. Ultimately this leads to inner conflict and resulting in indecision, which can be costly in the right circumstances.

Uncontrolled Horror: When his dragon form is present in the world, mass chaos breaks out in the immediate area. While this assists with his Chaos control, it is not controllable enough to ensure ally safety, or the safety of innocent lives involved.

Baal Hadad's treachery: Yamm used to have wings, but after the treachery of the Sunlight Lord Baal, Yamm's wings were "clipped" and severed from him and sent to the bottom of the sea. (Plot foreshadowing much?) The area where his wings are clipped are sensitive to energy and are more easily damaged in his dragon form.

Out of my Element: Yamm's dragon form is a serpent like one, which was initially "designed" to move through the air and the sea with relative ease. Unfortunately, even with his limbs, his ground speed is still painfully and horribly slow in comparison to his water and air speeds. On the ground he is 1/10th of his actual speed compared to is he were in water.

RP Mechanics

Blue Oyster Cult: It's not really called that, but there is a cult dedicated to Yamm that is stationed just off the coast of California. This cult serves primarily as an Rp mechanic and poses a real annoyance to Yamm as they continue to pray and fill his head with voices he doesn't want to hear.

The Black Temple:   This is the place where the cult is stationed.

Swords of the Elements: His three swords are all "charged" with energies that Yamm has dominion over. Simply changes how they look.

Dragon God: Yamm is the alpha dragon, leviathans cannot deny his will and Dragons obey him without question. (PC's excluded) He is also an eternal being as in his death simply sarks the ushering in of a reincarnation. He is not invincible, but he is in theory immortal.

Chaos Eternal: So long as there is chaos in the world, there is Yamm. Yamm's vessel can be killed, but Yamm is as constant and eternal as chaos itself. So long as there is even doubt left to cause a little chaos Yamm will survive.

Physical Priority
1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Agility : 2
3 : Endurance : 3
4 : Strength : 4

1 : Endurance : 1
2 : Strength : 2
3 : Reaction : 3
4 : Agility : 4

The Villain
"Don't worry...I'm here to help."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Matthew May
Villain Name: Humanity
Title: "The Villain" or "The Misanthrope"
Alignment: Villain
Age: 18 +4 years in stasis (22)
Occupation(s): Villain
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Heterochromatic Hazel and Blue
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 158lbs.
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

He looks like the person in the spoiler, though he has black hair and heterochromatic eyes.

The Legacy

"Who am I? I am as I always have been. I'm the same person who fed the homeless. I'm the same person who tried to cure the diseased. I'm the same person who goes to church every Sundays and sings hymns with his all his little heart. I'm the same person who put on the security guard uniform and tried defend the innocent. I'm the same lazy, man who watched his life go by as I sat there and wasted away with type II diabetes. I'm the same person who drowned that little boy. I'm the same boy that raped and slit that girl's throat before beating her son to death with his own baseball bat. I'm the same lady who wears the pencil dress and constantly bitches about how incompetent my employees are, and then later that night I go home to my high end apartment and cry myself to sleep because of everything I've lost.

   I am ever drop of blood you've bled. I am every tear you've ever shed. I am the promises of life anew. I am the monster that lies inside you. I am all of these things. I laugh, I cry. I anger, I die.  You ask who I am? What I am capable of? I am the worst of you. I am humanity. Just as you have no hope in someone like me, I have no hope in others like you. Who am I? I'm the Villain. That's all that matters."


"My history? You don't really care about that. Be honest. You don't care about my history, you don't care about me and if there is anything you DO care about it's what made me what I am today. The answer to this is simple. It was you. It was humans. I woke up one day and went to work to help tutor some kids and then went to Taco Bell with three of my friend before we got into conversation. It was all standard. It started with video games, college and all these other things that they experienced. I sat quietly and listened, closely monitoring the time as I had to be back for work the next day. The conversation eventually became interesting however, as it shifted to how college life was for them, and the way their professors taught them. It eventually brought us to a was absolutely fucking pathetic how college seniors seemed to have problems learning how to complete the most basic tasks with editing. Even if that were excusable, how could a college freshman struggle to pass Algebra? This brought us to the fact that well...I realized just how adorable dim humans were. How their culture struggled...and then I dissected it. I looked through it and realized that the reason these peers struggled were not from their own incompetence. No the true culprit was the public schools and their governing systems. I won't bore you with the details, but then we looked to the medical doctors have been told to run tests, and to do all of these trivial things just to rack up a large bill and milk a client for all that they could before letting them go. I didn't want to believe it but my personal experience and seeing examples of this before my own eyes was enough for me to know this for truth. It made me realize just how hopeless we were. Humans were sick, corrupted by greed. The worst part of all of it was the fact that they didn't want to be cured. They were content to be sick. To devolve, and believe me, humans are devolving. Then I looked at my past and saw everything that I was...everything I've done. How guilty I was of the same thing. Then I realized that something needed to be done.  So here I am. Slowly but surely cleaning out the gene pool. Because this is something that needs to be done. A tad campy perhaps, but ultimately it's the truth. I know I am bad. Because I am as humanity. I am a Villain."

The Powers

None: The Villain is a human, and has no powers.

The Weaknesses

It's only human: The Villain is only human he is limited to human physiology and human durability

The last of my light: The Villain is only able to trust 5 people in his life. He cannot, will not and would not form a bond with another individual. The primary weakness is through targeting one of these 5 people.

A man without hope: The Villain is a man without hope, as such he is impossible to inspire or rally.

Self-loathing: The Villain is fully aware of what he is and what he represents. No matter how much he attempts to disguise it he is harsh on himself, and in moments when he is exceptionally harsh on himself he is prone to spacing out, getting lost in thought or at a worst case scenario he could lash out. A human lashing out against metahumans could be rather dangerous.

Terminal: The Villain holds no value on his life, and while he does intend to avoid death and takes precaution to, he is often times likely to take risks that could be potentially lethal.

Humanity's bad habit: The Villain has no hope in the human race, unfortunately he tends to treat children as precious individuals. Having harmed, or killed a child will cause tremendous stress to his psyche and will likely put him into an emotional or mental breakdown.

Nothing to lose...except you: Humanity presents himself as "a man with nothing to lose" this is very true, and it leads him to doing crazy things, reckless things with no concern for himself which generally pays off. However that statement he shares is a little bit of a white lie. He has one family member left alive that he values above all things.

Ticking Time-bomb: Humanity takes a lot to anger, but once he is angry the best thing to do is to get out of his way. It takes a lot to make him angry, but once he is angry he is very, very likely to kill or destroy the cause of his anger.

Chaos theory: Humanity believes that we can truly control nothing, and that happiness comes with the acceptance that we cannot control anything. He also recognizes that this is why he's so miserable most of the time as he flustered, angered or easily irritated when he plans something out and is goes awry simply because another person was an idiot, or made a mistake.

Schizophrenia?: The Villain is not mentally stable, though WHY he is unstable is rather unknown. This mental instability makes him unpredictable and while that may not be a weakness he DOES have a weakness in the sense that he is so unpredictable to even himself that he may have actually become predictable. He may react to certain things in a very regimented way and not even realize that he does so.

RP Mechanics

Blue Oyster Cult: It's not really called that, but there is a cult dedicated to Yamm that is stationed just off the coast of California. This cult serves primarily as an Rp mechanic though they now follow "The Villain" and are governed how he sees fit.

The Black Temple: This is the place where the cult is stationed.
<--- Yamm Specific

Wealth: The Villain has a vast accumulation of wealth, despite that he rents a home that looks like this.  Most of his money is put into his safehouse. Which is described in the spoiler below.
Humanity's safehouse is a beautiful ranch that is quite literally "off he grid" and entirly hidden from all people and things thatare feesibly possible of hiding from. The front of the house is a beautiful structure of stone and wood, a traditional style with an old world country charm. The back of the house has a nice laid out back area with one of many pools present within the premesis.

 When one enters the interior it's traditionally a nice whitish color with golden trim. The living room is well furnished with a television and easy access to the upstairs, with an indoor hot tub with a rock waterfall and a smaller sitting area.  Branching off of that sitting area is the kitchen which has the hardwood floor, granet counter tops and a decorative country tone to it. Straight out form there one could turn the corner and reach the dining room with it's wooden panel, beautiful table and soft celestial golden seats.

  Breaking out of the dining room one could find themselves into the seven identical guest bedrooms that are designed to cater to the whims of several guests...a.k.a people and family members that might need to go into hiding with him. One could also stumble onto a unique little bedroom with a pool built into it, requiring one to swim through the pool in order to get to the bed or the attached bathroom. Or they could go next door into the Master bedroom with a door outside leading to a patio, or venture into the Master bathroom.

  Then we enter the studywhere Humanity spends a good portion of his time. From within the study however is a particular secret entrance within a bookcase. Following that you'll end up at a vault door made of sheer Atterrium, unhackable, impenetrable. Just behind that you reach a safe-zone and The tunnel which you follow it down until it turns into a nice stairwell that descends into depths and arrive at a "front door". Taking that brings you to a sitting and dining area of the doomsday prepped area. Right out of the dining area is a similar kitchen as upstairs, just without windows and two areas that diverge into an armory and a food storage

 From there, one could find their way into the twenty guest rooms (exactly the same as upstairs), made to accommodate more guests and loved ones, along with a gym and exercise area. Then one might be able to find Humanity's lab where he's continued and generated his potent and enigmatic fear-toxins. Then one could simply ignore that area and managed to find the recreation room. The recreation room is adjacent to a different Master bedroom, this one having a pool built in as well. When one moves past that they arrived at a communal area known as the Pool room and theater where there's artificial daylight and exterior projected through the windows with a realistic outdoor feel, as well as a metallic closing area over the pool to allow the artificial windows and lights to become a theater that plays movies or games.

   The final additions to the safehouse are the well stocked wine-celler and a fully upgraded and prepared Garage that holds some of Humanity's more... advanced vehicles.

   The safehouse is safeguarded and cared for by Humanity's faithful friend and comrade (will be revealed later).

Enigma: The Villain is enigmatic, no one knows who he is or why he'd doing what he does....yet.

Mentor: The Villain is a mentor to many heroes. The Bolt, Khaos, Vigilante, Ahnk, Citizen Zero, Asmodeus, Orpheus Reinhardt, The Disciple, Guilty Spark, Rimefang, Deluge, Slaughter, Masquerade and Gravity Man are all individuals that have been mentored by this individual. Most of them have been instilled with a sincere belief in the non-lethal tactics taught to them.

Advancement 2:

Training in season
Advancement Description: Intense training has allowed Humanity to reach above peak human levels of fighting skill, even greater than the majority of the most lite military warriors. and given him deadly almost superhuman aim. His training was done deep within the mountains, at the Temple of the Bloodmoon by Hisakawa. Trained in combat to react to superhuman speeds, bullets, strengths and other incredible feats, however the psychological torment he endured may just haunt him. There is a dark, buried history between Humanity and his strained relationship with the Order of the Bloodmoon, despite their inhuman training results.

Item Abilities: Inhuman human fighting skill and reaction time and almost (and questionably) superhuman aim. The know-how and the tactics to hold his own in a world of metahumans. Trained in a vast array of combat and fighting styles.

Advancement Weaknesses: none (I have enough in the app as is)

Advancement cost: 10xp


Torture Mechanic:
 Item Abilities:This is a place that is consistent of items that will allow for the torture of even the most powerful durable of people. An assortment of stolen items and chemicals from the periodic table of elements.
 Item Weaknesses: The torture items require permission as they require the use of torture.
  He could only carry one or two containers of elements in a topic.

The King's Scepter: A customized sniper rifle.
 Item Abilities:A sniper rifle that shoots chemical (from the periodic table) bullets, nerotoxin bullets. Has a great scope with thermal, infrared and x-ray modes.
 Item Weaknesses: Requires 2 posts between switching chemical rounds.
Limited to it's users reflexes and aim
Moisture in the air throws off thermal, x-ray can't see through lead.
Can be used by anyone who picks it up

Item Description: A unique combination of military technology run through, analyzed and disassembled in order to have parts with no serial or traceable origins combined to make a hyper-induced weapon. The weapon is a collapsible gun like device with an atterrium core, and bright lights down in the center. The four segments shoot out and then break apart to reveal the barrel, though the EM pulse can be shot without it. Armed with a scope.

Item Abilities: Fires out EM waves in a direction or a pin-point specific target. Waves bypass armor, clothing and most conventional coverings in order to hit and soak into the dermal layer, where it proceeds to cause intense pain. Has the ability to fire out an EMP blast to disable technology, batteries, etc. (Assault rifle-mode, Precision Mode and Sniper Mode) Scope had thermal and night vision.

Item Weaknesses:  While designed to be non-lethal, this is essentially a portable Microwave gun. It can kill people if not careful, and cause serious burns.  It is dangerous to be used around explosives.  

Advancement 1:

Humanum maculam
Item Description: A ballistic knife that has several blades made and infused with periodic elements that allow for a variety of functions.  It appears to be nothing more than a mundane knife.

Item Abilities:
- Highly durable.
- Grappling hook ability
- Coated blades can have one of the following effects.

  • Hexavalent Chronium: A very toxic carcinogenic lacing on the blade that has immediate poisonous effects as well as long lasting effects.
  • Unrefined Polonium 210: Blade laced with the elements Polonium 210 that has been balanced out with Argon and other Nobel gas infusions. This blade is highly poisonous and releases alpha particles that deals damage to internal organs.
  • Greek-Fire torch: Blade that is designed to explode and splatter a flammable gas that ignites with the air and catch fire to virtually any surface. Like greek fire water in small doses will not conventionally reduce this fire.
  • Cold-Snap Blade: Blade that fires out and rapidly freezes things it touches as well as generates a haze for him to use for cover.

Item Weaknesses:
- The knives will only fire out at 40mph, and is easily avoided by those with advanced fighting skill or speed.
- The blade can only hold two knives at a fired before needing to be reloaded.
- He can only carry 4 blades in a topic at any given time.
- Certain blades can be hit and cause the effect to trigger while inside the device itself.
- Water can cause the ballistic spring to malfunction and prevent blades from firing out.
- The non-grapple blades can only fire effectively within 20 feet.

Advancement cost: 5xp

Advancement 3:

Protective gear
Item Description: Humanity's suit. Basic bullet-proof armor that doesn't provide superhuman durability but provides other forms of protection. Made of a compilation of Kevlar, and other synthetic fibers as well as hazmat gear and a gas mask.

Item Abilities: Allows for mundane protection from fire/radiation and has a gas mask.
- voice modifier
- Bullet-proof

Item Weaknesses:
- Areas around the joints are less armored in order to keep mobility.
- Kinetic percussion from bullets can still damage the wearer.

Advancement cost: 15xp

Advancement 4:

My Chemical Romance
Item Description: Chemical tactics and deals with the underworld types have established a better access to chemicals and elements. That being said he has the ability to carry certain named elements with him.

Item Abilities: Allows Humanity access to more chemicals from his torture area and his chemical reserves. He can manifest them as traps, grenades, etc.

Item Weaknesses:
- Humanity can only bring 2 more additional types of elements he can use. (Total of 4)
- Incredibly expensive and thus must be used sparingly.
- Chemicals can be dangerous to him as well as his enemies, especially if the containers are broken.
- Chemicals need to be established in the form they are in, or takes a serious amount of time uninterrupted to construct a form for them to be utilized in. (up to 5 posts)

Advancement cost: 20xp

Advancement V:
The Nightmare:
Advancement description: Despite having a singular effect, this advancement is composed of several pieces and parts. First part consists of a very specifically refined carbogen (30% Carbon Dioxide and 70% Oxygen) that quickens the heart rate and induces the primal thanatophobia. Then within this toxin is a well hidden and tempered Dopamine. While Dopamine may very well be "The sexy hormone" it also has proven to induce total dread and despair, true and total horror when introduced to an area of the brain just millimeters away. This area of the brain is the "nucleus accumbus" (the part of the brain that deals with both the feelings of emotional reward AND dread.  The introduction to dopamine in the lungs (and ultimately the blood stream) and cycling through the body while the nucleus accumbus is sensitive and "trained" on dread will only amplify the effects, and lingering in the bloodstream will ensure the effect is long lasting.

 Alongside Dopamine, a substance called Yohimbine is also added in potent amounts. Yohimbine is an aphrodisiac, though in copious amounts it fails to arouse and instead only gives a feeling of fear, dread and despair (much like the other components) though the difference being that Yohimbine evokes increased alertness, and increases distrust and paranoia. Further causing concrete fear is the chemical L-DOPA (L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine) which has proven to give vivid, horrifying nightmare, which serves two purposes in conjunction with other the other components. The first one being that this reacts with the effects induced with carbogen, as everyone knows your "life flashing before your eyes" is simply because of an oxygen deficiency and an increase of Carbon Dioxide in the brain, it's been studied and perceived as very close to a dream-like state. Carbogen puts you into a "dream-like" state and this causes the most horrifying experience of your life... this also works with our next "addition" which is BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor).

 BDNF is a protein that is related to long-term memory, but also has the nifty trait of helping you cope with trauma and terror. Of course this is also the same protein that solidifies fears, and gives "flashbacks" of traumatic events when introduced the same time as the traumatic event. This works primarily in conjunction with L-DOPA and makes every moment like this a solidified nightmare, a fear you will always have, forever, engrained into your brain. Every time you bear witness to humanity (or whatever was the subject of your fear), be it on television or in person, on a newspaper or on the web (the list goes on and on.) you will immediately lapse back into the fear you had during your exposure to the toxin. This fear is permanently part of you, unless of course you seek bio-chemical help which takes years of detox and therapy.

 Alongside the gas/liquid/powdered state that the toxin comes in, there is the introduction of an of an ingredient. That ingredient is sweat. When you are afraid, or dying it is your bodies natural reaction to sweat. It has been scientifically proven that being close to, touching, or smelling the sweat of a fearful individual will increase your heart-rate, as well as a few slightly noxious fumes that increase your sensitivity to fearful perceptions. So the more people in the vicinity, the more effective this gas will be. But all of this leads up to the final piece of equipment to this "fear" upgrade.

The voice modifier that is within his mask. Humanity's mask modifies his voice to the point it's near impossible to decipher...but it has another purpose. His mask, while he speaks emits sound below 20 Hertz. This is called "Infrasound" and while Humanity talking can be heard, this sound is too low for humans to hear, and anyone with sensitive ears would likely have their eardrums burst or their ears bleed. Infrasound may not be able to be heard, but it DOES have effects on the human brain. In fact Infrasound is known to cause fear, anxiety and even more hallucinations. What's better is that the fear will change and become more intense as he speaks, securing all fear is directed at him in the subconscious. As this effects all people as it is responses to stimuli and not just one singular medium.

Advancement powers: Induces fear, despair and utter dread. Suicidal tendencies in all people, metahuman and human alike. Causes a permanent fear (PC permission) if permission is declined it will be highly advanced "illusions".

In addition there is a gauntlet he created for a different medium of injection. As he an use it as a gas or powder easily enough, liquids must be injected or ingested. Ingested is easy enough but injection typically comes from his clawed gauntlet with syringes attacked to it. No, it looks nothing like Scarecrows.  The gauntlet has five hyper-durable needles, in bullet-proof glass coated syringes hidden beneath iron gauntlets with a Co2 pressurized chamber in the forearm that allows him to fire out one needle/syringe at a time.

Allows Humanity to have a tempered and military grade bow with special arrows that is encompassed by his special elemental ammunition as well as Tasers, grappling arrows, etc. This bow has it's own unique name "The Jester" or "The Jester's bite"

(Will be adding Rp mechanic "Vigilante safehouse".)

Advancement Weaknesses:
 Fear gas and it's lingering effects are all permission based. If it is declined it will only be illusions. The illusions effect sight, smell and hearing. Higher durability's require very heavy concentrations of gas to be affected or direct injection through the needle. The powder form  requires ingestion or exposure to a mucus membrane. Higher intellectual beings (metahumans with superhuman intellect) will be able to still function within reasonable levels while still feeling dread, or fear. Mostly effective in highly populated areas, however this goes against Humanity's strange morality and his mission.

Bow and Arrows are affected by intense winds and have more limited range.

Advancement cost: 25 Xp.

The Silence of the Darkness.
Advancement Description: An overall upgrade on his Vigilante Game. Humanity is outfitted with a weaponized motorcycle, as well as a new wrist projected grappling device that allows him to fire out twice, pulling two object together or pulling himself towards something. Armed with two machine guns on the side, one piercing round and a powerful hidden ballistic shot called "Dragonator" Sleek, black, jagged and fragmented with proper armor and rotating ball-like wheels to prevent crashing.

Item Abilities: Adds advanced grappling devices. Adds a weaponized motorcycle (as above). Motorcycle is armed with auto-pilot, safe-lock and electrically charged "Wall of Pain" protection to keep unauthorized people from starting it. EMP to take out lights at the press of a button. Anti-pierce wheels. Humanity gains back Yamm's Dagger, a dagger specifically meant to dispel magical energies. Plot driven only device.

Advancement Weaknesses:
  The device's auto pilot sees Humanity as much as a target as the other target. If registers Humanity first, it will target him. Auto-pilot cannot fire machine guns. Wall of pain will effect Humanity if discharged. Yamm's Dagger is plot related only and will burn red-hot if he attempts to use it on a vampire.
Advancement cost: 30xp

Metaflex Flight Suit Augmentation
Advancement Description: Additions made to Humanity's suit allows him to trigger the suit and enable it to double as a wingsuit. In addition the suit has been outfitted with metaflex technology, meaning that with the trigger of a button he is able to render himself completely invisible.

Item Abilities: Equipment gains Wingsuit capabilities and is armed with metaflex, a material that is resistant to magical and metahuman based abilities and able to render Humanity Invisible for a small while. (RP Mech: Utilizing the upgrade he utilized metaflex in contact lenses to white out his eyes when he's looking in light, or being looked at in night vision. Helps conceal identity. Also adds his wrist communication device. Basically a cell-phone with access to his database.

Advancement Weaknesses:  
  Invisibility doesn't work in heavy /quick contrasts. Metaflex is only on the outer areas of the suit. Wingsuits are dangerous, no matter how skilled you are.

Advancement cost: 35xp

Physical Priority
1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Endurance : 2
3 : Strength : 3
4 : Agility : 4

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Re: Humanity, The fallen.

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Re: Humanity, The fallen.

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Due to the events in the end of the thread You should have killed me when you had the chance Matthew and Yamm have been forcibly altered and will undergo a modification of powers and of personality.

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Re: Humanity, The fallen.

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Re: Humanity, The fallen.

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Updated, added the 5th advancement, two weaknesses and added to the description of wealth.


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