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NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain

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NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain Empty NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain

Post by Zell March 21st 2015, 2:36 am

Ulysses Perhero, The Marionette:

Ulysses Perhero
"I may be the one named marionette, but I'm the one whose pulling the strings."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Ulysses Perhero
Renegade Name: The Shadow Man
Title: "Marionette"
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Unknown
Occupation(s): Minion/Slave of Samhain
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed human
Hair: Black
Eyes: glazed hazel
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 131lbs.
Blood type: B-

The Looks

NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain Tumblr_mh0c50YaBd1rve9ogo1_400
NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain Marion10
NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain Marion11
Looks like his normal human form but is able to see, wearing all black and the lower part of his Marionette mask grows fangs while from the mid-bridge of the nose up remains normal skin.

The Legacy

  An isolated and confused person, someone who lacks trust and serves the whims of Samhain without question. His mind rarely strays from trying to be free of his cursed music box.

Yet another lackey that specializes in scouting, assassination and the ability to gather information. This "lackey" is actually the captured soul of a child. Rather than letting the child die, Samhain offered him the "contract" to trap his soul inside a music box. By using this music box he can summon the man at any time and give him new life.
   His history is a major plot for Samhain, therefore I will not go further into detail.  He is believed to be blind and instead uses his sensitivity to "shadows" to see.

The Powers

Umbrakinesis: The ability to manipulate, weave and control shadows and darkness to his whim. Doing so allows him to solidify and manifest shadows in order to conjure and create 3-dimensional constructs with it.

Shadow-Stalk: The ability to sink into the floor and attach himself to shadows. In this state he is unable to be detected by any means of extra sensory.

Transformation: The ability to enhance his personal durability by turning into a creepy shadow figure. His durability comes form his entire body becoming made of shadow which cannot be purged or moved by light.

Ascension: Another transformation which turns him from the creepy shadow figure to an even more horrific and deranged looking human being. In this form he has a powerful regeneration factor that can non-fatal wounds in a minute or two and lethal wounds from anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours depending upon the damage done.

I may be the marionette, but it is I who pulls the strings: Ulysses is able to use his umbrakinesis to attach strings to an individual. When doing this he binds themselves to their mind and has access to their mind/thoughts/feelings and is able to subconsciously influence them as well as puppet their moves.

The Weaknesses

Regeneration Hindrance: In "Ascension" the regeneration factor can be substantially slowed when he is subject to concentrated light or bright areas.

Chink in the Umbra-Armor: In "Transformation" his durability is birthed from his own umbrakinesis so photokinesis is an effective way to pierce it, as it causes some of the shadow to "avoid it" and therefore thins the armor.

Shadow Exposed: Despite not being able to be detected, if the shadow Ulysses is "stalking" gets hit, damages or exposed by light, he is entirely and utterly revealed and will suffer the appropriate damage.

Inhabiting Grace: Ulysses is not able to use his umbrakinesis to manipulate a shadow he is inhabiting.

Blindness: Ulysses is blind in all forms except his "Ascension" form. His primary means of "seeing" is through sensing nearby shadows. If anything is done to disrupt the shadows he is entirely helpless.

Frailty: Ulysses is NOT a physically powerful person. In fact, he is entirely human prior to his activation of Transformation.

Hidden are the strings: Ulysses' strings on his puppeting power are concealed on the shadows of the ground. Disrupting these strings will instantly free the person of control. If a person is a fair distance away from him the "strings" work through their shadows, so i their shadow is disrupted control will be compromised and Ulysses will be dazed for at least one post.

Sentient shadows: Shadow tendrils on the mind control power and on his Transformation armor are actual extensions of his nervous system. If a tendril is cut it will cause agonizing pain and a total break of concentration, meaning any connection to the person he's controlling is gone. His connection with other people will not be broken, but it will leave him exposed for a time as well as unable to issue commands to any other puppeted people.
Yandrastrix the box: A specialized weakness, this is true, but a weakness none the less. Ulysses lost his vision by being trapped in a magical music box which holds a fate worse than Hell. To this extent, Ulysses fears this music box and will be instantly sucked into it if it is used against him. Furthermore this is a valid weakness because he fears that any form of beat-box or stereo is a type of this music box and likely to make him freeze in fear or flee.

RP Mechanics

Shadow Sink: In order to escape a topic or enter a topic, Ulysses is able to move through shadows to arrive at his destination. Not usable in thread unless used to flee a topic.

Dark Resurrection: Ulysses is bound to the Hellish music box which trapped him, and so if he dies his soul simply returns to the eternal torment of the box until he is once again released.

Physical Priority

1 : Endurance : 1
2 : Reaction : 2
3 : Strength : 3
4 : Agility : 4

Dante Amuri, The Apprentice:

Dante Amuri
"I finally have a family to fight for. They're messed up, demented and they'll probably turn me into a terrible person...but they're mine."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Dante Amuri
Hero Name:
Title: "The Archon's Apprentice", "Traverser"
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 18
Occupation(s): School student, friend of Samhain.
Gender: Male
Race: Presumed human
Hair: brown
Eyes: green
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs.
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain Mv5bmj10
NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain Wolf_Apocalypse_Armor_by_Azmal

The Legacy

  All around good guy who chooses to believe the best in everyone, but he's not above being a jerk to people who deserve it. Silver-tongued smooth talker who uses his charismatic ways to get out of a sticky situation.

Dante's history is unknown to many people, his true origins being unknown to even Samhain himself. However Dante holds the words very close to him. "I'll save you. I'll always save you when you least expect it. When I die, and I return to dust form which I was born...when I can no longer save voice shall beg an Angel to save you." The promise his father made him long ago. Dante was born the son of an heir to nobility, and while his father was a gentle soul he was also a very just and determined man. However one day Dante's father began acting strange, seeming overjoyed to see his son was alive... of course the little child didn't know what was wrong with his father, however he remembered his father saying that he had "woken up" and he needed to go and stop an "Eros".

That was the last Dante saw of his father, his mother having died earlier on in his life from an affliction. Dante was left with a nun to watch over him, but the nun would soon abandon him, taking the trust his father left her to watch over the child. Dante lived on the streets, not worth a single penny. His life was not an easy one, but he held to the promise that one day he'd see his father again, his father would find him and save him. Like he always did. But the more Dante waited the more he realized that unfortunately the worst had probably come to pass, and his father was no longer living. Dante would steal, do whatever needed to be done to survive. Stealing and being beaten by older men was actually when he needed saving the most one fateful night. It was that night that he met Samhain, who intervened for him.

Dante had no fear going with Samhain, wanting to repay him for saving him, and wanting to be close to the "angel" his father sent to him from the afterlife. Dante had no fear to Samhain, and it naturally bonded them, up until ante was left again to the care of another woman. The woman taught him many things, survival and how to live self-sufficiently until the day she too eventually died. Following a whisper and rumors he found himself tracking down Samhain, and eventually under the "employ" of the man. He worked tirelessly and with the utmost effort until he was sick...and then Samhain opened up, and they bonded yet again. Now he still remains with Samhain, though his purpose being to uncover the secrets of his other-dimensional father, The Archon..

The Powers

Superhuman Fighting Skill/Reflex: Dante has advanced reaction speeds, the ability to react and strike at even the fastest and/or the most skilled of foes. His reaction time is almost supernatural and on the verge of combat based ESP.  

Superhuman Durability/Stamina: Dante a suit of armor that he can summon at a moments notice which enhances his already impressive durability. His immune system also helps reduce the effectiveness of poisons and illnesses, and he has a supernatural stamina

Superhuman intellect: Dante has a superhuman intellect that allows him to learn both scientific and occult things with relative ease, as well as develop strategy or improvise devices as plot allows.

The Items

Claw and Fang
Abilities: Highly durable parts to a unique Kusarigama weapon. They both condense into a pen and a pair of glasses. When activated they can generate a powerful bubble barrier that expands up to 20 feet. The other piece is composed of several blades and with the fighting skill and practice of Dante and he had become adept and be "juggled" for some serious combo attack using the chain.
Description: A hand piece consisting of several scythes in the formation of a vicious looking claw like thing with a long ass chain that curves back into a
Weakness 1: Breakable The item, like all other items can be broken and if it becomes broken it cannot be simply field repaired like other items could.
Weakness 2: Single activation The item can only be activated once, which means once the barrier is emitted and the weapon is summoned there is no putting it away until the conflict is resolved.

The Weaknesses

Fae summon disruption: If he is directly touching iron or is in anyway exposed to iron he cannot summon his weapon or his armor

[b]Layered Superhuman Durability:[b] Half of his total superhuman durability stems from his armor. Without his armor he would be difficult to hurt with a gun, in his armor he is even more durable.

[b]Durability Shatter:[b] As half of his durability comes form his armor, his armor is able to be broken and thus he loses the benefits of that extra durability.

[b]Honor-bound:[b] Unlike the other minions of Samhain, Dante has the privilege of being an honorable person, which means that innocents must be spared if possible. This makes him a typical hero that has typical heroic weaknesses. Oh no, save the innocent people, protect people, be a good person. Total let down.  

[b]Technophile:[b] Dante is more likely to study technology than accomplish an actual mission. He requires a gentle reminder of the objective and incentive to pull himself away from technology.

[b]Family:[b] Dante holds Ulysses, his brother, his father and Samhain above all others. If you control any one of them he will immediately cave to your will.

[b]Diplomacy:[b] Dante will ALWAYS attempt to work a diplomatic solution first. This makes him predictable if encountered more than once and gives the enemy a chance to explain themselves or buy time/ploy/etc.

RP Mechanics

[b]Technopathy: a slight explanation for his advanced intellect and his ability to work with machinery is the belief that he is slightly insane by saying "It's talking to me". This isn't a joke, it explains his intellect mostly and his ability to work with machinery. He has a similar condition with occult energies and enchantments. He may no be able to manipulate technology or enchantments like others can, but it is the source of his knowledge and recreation.


Physical Priority

1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Endurance : 2
3 : Agility : 3
4 : Strength : 4

NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain Samhai10

NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain Untitl10

"Gone from light, lead astray. Soul turned to darkness in a single day. Lead me back to the light. Killing me...the only way to set things right."
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NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain Empty Re: NPC: Ulysses and Dante, the servants of Samhain

Post by Charlatan March 21st 2015, 3:30 am

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