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Castor, The Black Prince

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Castor, The Black Prince Empty Castor, The Black Prince

Post by Zell January 24th 2015, 7:33 pm

The Black Prince

Basic Biography

Real Name: ????
Pseudonym: Castor Jackson Gael (A.K.A Jack)
Renegade Name: Samhain
Title: "The Black Prince" "The Jack of Lanterns"
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: Appears 32ish.
Occupation(s): Unites States Marine (Former), D.A Lawyer (Former/Current), Business owner (Current)
Gender: Male
Race: Eldritch Horror
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'
Weight: 170lbs.
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

 While his true form is unable to be seen by anyone who does not know his "true name", he often times appears to be a physically fit but slightly slender man who dresses appropriate for all occasions, though sometimes may be a little over dressed for the occasion.
  To those who don't know his "true name" he appears like this. (Chris Pines with a beard and a slight tan)

The Legacy

 Basically: Opportunistic, loves children,  will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal, and while he is eccentric and seemingly altruistic he is very thoughtful and cunning.

Basically: Dude ends up abandoned from unknown events and wanders, eventually losing memory of his purpose for living. Eventually makes deals with dark forces unknown. He eventually encountered a seer, then (as per the seer's prediction) the dude met a kid. Dude then ditches said kid and moves away to continue his dark arts away from the child to keep him safe. Tracks down Seer and kills her to steal her eyes and then enchant them into his own. Dude meets the kid, older this time. Dude takes kid as a servant, kid starts showing promise when they find an ancient journal that belonged to the kid's biological father. They meet Archon who brings them "back to where they were once from". Now they are here, and they're planning to have fun raising Hell.

The Powers

Eldritch Physiology: An umbrella power which is broken down into lesser powers.

  • Unbound movement: Samhain is able to literally phase through objects, energies and maneuver through both organic and inorganic things as if he were simply a ghost, or unhindered. This also allows him to be "free" of concepts and consequences for his actions. (Able to pull out someone's heart and not kill them, even if he switches their heart and brain's locations. they will still function if he desires.)

  • Omnipresent Relocation: Samhain is able to relocat himself anywhere he wants at any given time, as part of his unbound movement. This allows him to be anywhere he needs to be, or remove himself form any area he doesn't want to be in when needed.

  • Power Bestowal: Samhain has the ability to bargain and barter with other people and individuals in order to bestow "power" to them. Power being defined as money/wealth, a promotion or any device/power which enables one to achieve a goal.  

  • Madness Induction: (Permission based) Samhain has the ability to scramble the minds of lesser creatures as he wills to, enslaving or enthralling lesser minds and bending them to his will.

Advancement I:

Occultist: Samhain is a collector of powerful magical artifacts and is a rather worthy enchanter. He is able to identify and counter other enchantments as well as mix potions and other things for Rp mechanics. (items added with character advancement)

The Weaknesses

Compelled to deal: Samhain has a primal compulsion to deal. If someone had an interest in dealing he is compelled to hear out their proposition, want to or not. He is not obligated to accept any deals, though he is compelled to at least hear a deal out and attempt to compromise.

Summoning Circle: Samhain is able to be summoned by any person, at any time. He is forced to appear if summoned, regardless if he wants to or not. This is not exactly difficult to do. Anyone with even basic occult knowledge could know how to draw a summoning circle and absoultely anyone who can speak can say "Samhain"

Angel Trap: if Samhain were ever to enter a drawn circle he would be unable to leave the drawn circle. He retains his powers within the circle, though he is unable to leave the circle, reach over the circle or use his influence to move past or teleport from the circle. In order to escape the circle he must be given permission in some manner, the circle must somehow be disrupted or broken.

Bestowal of Power, except for you... He obviously cannot bestow powers on himself.

The blood of the Innocent/True Hero: if Samhain even touches the blood of someone who is "innocent" or a "True hero" (has never killed) he suffers a total personality overhall where the pure angelic entity that Samhain once was is able to temporarily drive back the darkness in his soul in order to temporarily become a "good person" once more.

The power of a name: Anyone or anything that knows Samhain's "true name" is able to request him to do something. So long as what he is asked to do has good intentions governing them, he is forced to abide by the request.


Minion: The Blood Tithe
A minion that was acquired by Samhain in the thread "You should have killed me when you had the chance". Blood Tithe is the relentless evil within Red Tide, and is quite honestly one of the main contributions to Samhain's cause in holding this world hostage and gaining a victory for villains everywhere.

Minion: Azrael
A minion that was acquired by Samhain in the thread "They call me Azrael". Azrael is revealed to be the manifestation of Humanity from Sin's power "The Evil Within". It was revealed that Azrael (Who had named himself Nihilus) was not truly the manifestation of Evil, and that Humanity CHOSE to remain evil in order to give his other-self a chance at redemption. While not ideal, Samhain took advantage of the twist in fate, placing Yamm's essence back within Azrael, containing it to keep it away from Humanity and anyone who would use the Primordial Chaos's powers against him.

RP Mechanics

Longevity of the Elderitch: I'm unbound to the concetps of life and death. I don't age, I don't die...and if I do "die" I come back later, because yeah... Elderitch.

I have a shop: I have a pawnshop full of magical weapons that are very dangerous and a sell them to normal people in the guise that they are just normal items. It makes for chaos and great fun.

Physical Priority
1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Endurance : 2
3 : Agility : 3
4 : Strength : 4

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Castor, The Black Prince Empty Re: Castor, The Black Prince

Post by Odien January 24th 2015, 8:32 pm

The Black Prince needs to meet the Prince of Dreams.


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Castor, The Black Prince Empty Re: Castor, The Black Prince

Post by Silus February 23rd 2015, 4:33 pm

Unapproved for edits to the new System

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Castor, The Black Prince Empty Re: Castor, The Black Prince

Post by Charlatan February 24th 2015, 10:50 pm

Approved for new system
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Castor, The Black Prince Empty Re: Castor, The Black Prince

Post by Sponsored content

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