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Shael Atterrius (Wild Child)

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Shael Atterrius (Wild Child) Empty Shael Atterrius (Wild Child)

Post by Shael Atterrius March 22nd 2019, 2:23 am

Shael Aterrius

Shael Atterrius (Wild Child) Fd78e9417b58785b7beda658ea5e5c8d

Basic Biography

Name: Shael Attterrius
Title:  Wild child, son of nature
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 3 (Physically varies due to shapeshifting)
Gender: Male
Race: Ethereal/Nature spirit hybrid
Hair: Black
Eyes: Onyx black
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 Ibs
Blood type: Z Ω

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: Free in nature, Shael has always been the kind of person to do what he wants without worry of what others would think about him. This uninhibited nature has made him into somewhat of a hedonist in nature, Following things that make him happy, sometimes to selfish ends if that is where his passions lead him. There are very little things that can hold back the passion that hr constantly exhibits, though many view this way of thinking as lacking in intelligence. He speaks what he’s thinking without regard, even if that thought might be absolutely ridiculous in or out of context. There are many words that could describe him but he doesn’t really like the connotations that many of them would suggest.

In short he is someone who wants fun in his life and will do what he can to get it.

When a mommy and a daddy hate each other very much they sometimes make a baby. Shael was the result of that, though through more convoluted ethereal means than the typical hate making one would expect. All he knew was that he was born and with a partner in the form of his sister Fera. Their names were borrowed, given to them by their father who was in his own ways very flawed. Despite that Shael stood beside him through all the issues that came with him being who he was.

Not even death managed to hold him back forever.

There are many stories which make up the short life he’s lived and plenty of them would have filled a novel to some degree.  This strange child of nature trying to live a life within the world of man. Not quite fitting in with them but wanting to nonetheless. He had reasons for wanting to be with humanity, that being people that mattered and a growing desire just to connect with more people. These revelations having sprouted from so many separate experiences coming together.

What has driven him most however was his connection to the world around him. How nature has always bent to benefit him and animals have considered him a manner of leader despite often not even being the same species as them. Life has so much in store for him so he lives each moment with that in mind. That’s just the kind of person he was, even if

The Powers and Weaknesses


Shifting:  Shael is capable of altering his form on a whim, allowing him to take the form of any animal or human that he could think of. These shifts are typically quick, taking only a few seconds at most or sometimes more depending on how large the form he is trying to take.  While full shifts are something he prefers, Shael is capable of changing different portions of his body. From taking on animal portions to even changing how his human form looks, though he typically keeps his original form as a common one. When taking on animalistic shapes he can also take on the capabilities of that animal.

Superhuman senses: Even when not taking on an animalistic form, Shael’s senses are far keener than any humans and even some animals. This allows him to follow almost any scent trail, hear quiet sounds and even pick out small details through sight as well as seeing clearly so long as there is even a glimmer of light.  

Beast tongue: Shael is capable of speaking with and understand any animal regardless of the form he takes..

Natural manipulation: Due to his nature spirit origins he can commune with the earth itself. This includes manipulation over plant life, controlling them as he sees fit and even mutating them to fit his needs. Along with this, he can also manipulate the very earth under his feet, ranging from simple earth , to sand, rocks and any variations. Crystals and metal are not one of these.

Sensory overload: His senses are highly sensitive, meaning that sharp stimuli can overload him. Even something like the scent of paint or nail polish can leave him feeling ill and ranker scents are enough to even almost incapacitate him.  

Pollution: Elements that would pollute nature such as toxic man-made materials have the potential to rapidly weaken him just on contact.

Fire: His plants are particularly weak against fire and can be destroyed easier when it is used against him. Though expecting to use a small flame will only lead to disappointment.

Squishy: Despite being tough by human standards, he is still within the range of human durability and so he can be harmed like any human can be.

Wings can only do so much: When taking on a form that has wings, their flying can be disabled by making the wings unable to move for flight.  

Attention deficit...oh shiny: Shael’s attention is easily grabbed and all it takes is something very shiny or colorful to grab that attention from him.  

Protect nature: Aside from very few examples, he would prefer to protect animals or nature over humans.

Ethereal: Physically he’s comparable to most human athletes, doesn’t need to eat, drink or even really sleep despite being able to do so.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4
Shael Atterrius
Shael Atterrius
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Post Mate

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Shael Atterrius (Wild Child) Empty Re: Shael Atterrius (Wild Child)

Post by Silus March 22nd 2019, 2:38 am

Good to have the Wild-Child back in the woods!

Approved until stated otherwise.

Shael Atterrius (Wild Child) Lucife10
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Retired Moderator

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