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Shael Atterrius [NPC]

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Shael Atterrius [NPC] Empty Shael Atterrius [NPC]

Post by Hyperion on May 26th 2015, 4:06 pm

Shael Atterrius
"I...don't wanna do this part."

Shael Atterrius [NPC] Aramis_Knight_05

Basic Biography

Real Name: Shael Atterrius
Renegade Name: Shift
Title: Wild Child
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Varies
Gender: Male
Race: Ethereal
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’5
Weight: 123
Blood type: Z-Ω

The Looks

12 years old:
Shael Atterrius [NPC] SZYahyv
13years old:
Shael Atterrius [NPC] 8jyHm7x
15 years old:
Shael Atterrius [NPC] MF8XxiM
18 year old form:
Shael Atterrius [NPC] Aramis

The Legacy

Personality: Shael is for the most part a carefree individual. Not many things bother him and he does what he wants when he wants it, regardless of who gets in his way.

History: Shael was born the second of a set of twins, his sibling being a female ethereal named Fera. Their birth may have been an accident, but their father never treated them as they were one, showing each one as much love as possible. As such he had a rather normal childhood, no family tragedies really plaguing him as far as he was concerned. Within his short life so far, the male has mostly went about using his powers as he wished, changing into animals and occasionally into other people that he encountered. Which sometimes annoyed his sister, but not too often at any rate. His favorite prowling grounds however is anywhere, ranging from the isles and across the united states of America.

This care free life had changed slightly when he found himself being killed by the ethereal Raziel, though thanks to the efforts of the primordial Yamm and the apprentice of Sin Alexander, he managed to come back.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Perfect Shapeshifting: Shael can literally turn into anything, ranging from various animals to even other people as well as inanimate objects. Anything he desires he can become, taking on their attributes as well, save for superhuman capabilities. [mostly things like venom for snakes, ect] While shapeshifting, he can also take the form of things that fly, allowing him to fly as well.

Heightened senses: Even when he’s in his normal form, Shael has senses that are heightened far beyond any human capacity. Allowing him to hear, see, taste, touch and smell with heightened acuity.

Pure ethereal manipulation: Shael is capable of manipulating pure ethereal energy, using it offensively as well as defensively, in the form of constructs, blasts and various other means.

Nature spirit powers: Being partially a nature spirit, he also has powers related to nature. These include manipulation over plant life, controlling them as he sees fit and even mutating them to fit his needs. Along with this, he can also manipulate the very earth under his feet, ranging from simple earth , to sand, rocks and any variations. Crystals and metal are not one of these.


Sensory overload: His senses of hearing and sight can be overloaded.

Pain: Due to his enhanced sense of touch, Shael also feels pain greater than it would normally be felt.

Squishy: Despite being tough by human standards, he is still within the range of human durability and so he can be harmed like any human can be.

Flight weakness 1: If for example the wings of a flying form is damaged, it cannot fly.

Flight weakness 2: His flight is heavily dampened in stormy conditions.

Stupidity: Shael is not the brightest bulb, he can easily be fooled. So in short he’s really stupid.

Magic dampening: methods of dampening magic can be used to hinder most of his powers.

Pollution: Being partially a nature spirit, he is harmed by things such as pollution more so than normally.

Fire: His plants are particularly weak against fire and can be destroyed easier when it is used against him. Though expecting to use a small flame will only lead to disappointment.

Hollow: A hydrokinetic can rip the water from his plants and reduce them to nothing less than husks that crumble away with minimal effort.

Control: While he can control the earth, another geokinetic would likely be able to wrestle control of the element away from him.

Sight: He needs to be able to see the earth he is controlling, and if there is no earth within sight, then this power is weakened if not useless.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Physical Priority
1. Agility
Post Adept
Post Adept

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Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

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Shael Atterrius [NPC] Empty Re: Shael Atterrius [NPC]

Post by The Doctor on June 2nd 2015, 3:57 am

Approved until stated otherwise.

Shael Atterrius [NPC] The_do10
The Doctor
The Doctor
A Drunk Homosexual

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Job : I'm a Doctor
Humor : "People remember me for being the creature with the child armor...I regret nothing."
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