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Christopher Masters [Omega NPC]

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Christopher Masters [Omega NPC] Empty Christopher Masters [Omega NPC]

Post by Alpha October 11th 2014, 8:23 pm

Christopher Masters

Christopher Masters [Omega NPC] Tumblr_luz899HWmZ1qbm4md

Basic Biography

Real Name:Christopher Masters
Renegade Name: Omega
Title:Big Brother
Alignment:True Neutral
Age:Physically 18
Race: homo superioris
Hair:Dirty Blond
Blood type:O+

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality:Omega seems to serve as a sort of foil to Travis Masters, their Alpha. While the make mentioned second is serious, and non nonsense, Omega finds himself taking on a more active big brother position within the family that had formed. He is typically level headed, calm, kind and overall a good guy to be around, helping in any way that he can, especially when it comes to those that are his family. Still, even then he will help when possible, and if possible, despite his siblings otherwise dubious and somewhat questionable motives. Despite his being so different from Alpha, he holds  large amount of respect for the male, and will do almost anything asked of him.

History: Chris was not born in the traditional sense, as most are born from a womb, he was born in a test tube. The place of his birth was a genetic project that was formed to create the perfect human, one perfect in every meaning of the word. As for the name of the project, one had not been given to Travis, though he had come to call it Project Perfection, due to the fact that the project was the thing that had birthed him. He was the twentieth project within the project, and the nineteen before him had been absolute failures. The failings had ranged from deadly strokes to massive heart attacks, and multiple tumors that usually formed after three months of their being “born”. His creation involved a human sperm, egg and the introduction of various metahuman genes in the attempt to create the perfect human, or atleast a potent metahuman.

The gestation period of the young man was around the usual nine months, until the child was fully formed, and then he went through a rapid growing period within the tanks that he was bred in. His body would rapidly mature, going from new born to adolescent within a matter of three months, and that was when the problems really started for the ones before, it was the Alpha that first managed to get through the complications and Chris was the second one, when the Alpha had taken control of everything. He was born much like him, but with nowhere near the potent telekinesis that the former male had, which made him at the start seem like a form of failure wihtin the protect, yet Travis found use for this male and he would be the one to helo within the development of the siblings to come. It was within the time that the family grew lartge that Chris of all people suggested the ranking system, and Travis went with it, taking the name of Alpha and leading his growing people in their the age if evolution. It was within his life that he took on the position of taking care of his siblings smaller needs, such as their social needs, and things that the Alpha could not be bothered with, knowing that even his older brother of all people could only do so much.

Despite his being the second oldest and only being last within the rankings, he holds no resentment towards his sibling, and will doa nything within his power to help him further his goals.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power of the mind:Another side effect of the strange experiments done to him is that Chris is superhumanly smart, capable of thinking hundreds of times faster than the average person. What has blossomed from this change is that he is capable of performing complex calculations that any human would be left confused with in a matter of seconds, learning and memorizing languages within a day, figuring out strategies and even predicting a person’s movements and actions based upon minor clues normally ignored.

The hive mind: Omega is capable of reaching out with his mind, and bringing others into a sort of hive mind network that stretches as long as he would have it go. It is within this network that people can share information, and things of that nature, images and simple vocal info can be shared, with a limit on the people not really known. If one only wishes to speak to another within the link they can, but Omega is always aware of what is going on and what is being said within his mind. He is also capable of tapping into the senses of one person within the link, and looking through them to perhaps offer strategic advice.

Psychic virus: Omega is capable of putting a virus into a person, causing them to fall under his mental control, and with it he can do with them as he wishes, ranging from wiping their minds to causing them to do things that would normally be against their normal morals. Along with this he can even cause a persons mind to overload, either wiping it of all information much like a computer or simply frying it to the point of leaving them a vegetable. It is also with this psionic virus that he can leave a small part of his psyche within a person, and if his body were to be destroyed, it would emerge within the body and reshape it to resemble his old body.

Family: Omega would rather die than let anything happen to his family.

Good Hearted: Unlike his sibling, Omega is a kind hearted person and that can be used against him.

Obsession: omega is obsessed with the survival of his little species, and will do anything short of murder to get it. If someone has a means of helping that along, he will be easily manipulated in getting that knowledge.

Near sighted: While its not normally apparent, Omega is near sighted, and that can be exploited.

Concentration: While he is capable of thinking on multiple things at once, louds noises can break his concentration and ruin his ability to think as efficiently.

Perfectionist: Much like his sibling Alpha, everything must be perfect, otherwise Omega will go out of his way for it to be so.

RP Mechanic(s):
Power 1:Due to the research placed into his body, Chris is easily capable of matching an Olympic athlete as far as physical prowess is concerned. His muscles produce marginally less fatigue toxins, and allow him to perform for longer than the average male of his build without tiring out, as well as lifting considerable more than twice his weight, as well as placing more force behind his fists. Not only that, but Chris is capable of reaching sprinting speeds of around 30 mph when pushing himself, and can strike with a frightening quickness. Along with this, he has a minor amount of enhanced reflexes, not making him by any means superhuman but he is beyond the average human. Finally is body is monumentally efficient, aging rate having slowed to the point that one consider him biologically immortal, body processing food, water efficiently. He is capable of going on with around eight hours of sleep a week. His genetics are also considered nearly perfect bearing almost no defects, and the few that exist are minor enough to not warrant any concern

A minor healing factor that allows him to heal twice as fast as the average person, meaning a wound that heals normally in a week would only take 3 days.

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)

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Christopher Masters [Omega NPC] Empty Re: Christopher Masters [Omega NPC]

Post by Bliss October 11th 2014, 8:25 pm



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Christopher Masters [Omega NPC] Empty Re: Christopher Masters [Omega NPC]

Post by Charlatan February 24th 2015, 5:45 pm

NPC updated to new system
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Christopher Masters [Omega NPC] Empty Re: Christopher Masters [Omega NPC]

Post by Humanity February 25th 2015, 8:12 pm

Approved at this time


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Christopher Masters [Omega NPC] Empty Re: Christopher Masters [Omega NPC]

Post by Sponsored content

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