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Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC}

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Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC} Empty Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC}

Post by Samael Christensen on October 10th 2014, 9:13 pm

Robert Masters
”Lets get things shakin in here.”

Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC} A0lsvcB

Basic Biography

Real Name: Robert Masters
Renegade Name: Delta
Title:The Tank
Alignment:True Neutral
Age:Physically 18
Race: Homo Superioris
Hair:Dirty blond
Eyes: Grey
Height:6'3 ft
Weight: 221 lbs
Blood type:O -

The Looks

Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC} PMiYW15
Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC} IEzWCNu
Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC} PAHU14B

The Legacy

Personality: Perhaps due to his lesser intellectual prowess, or just a quirk, Robert has never really gotten out of the naive stage of his life. He takes great interest in everything, and tends to investigate anything that catches his interest until it looses that interest. He is fun loving, and tends to see everything as some sort of game, yet can become serious when dealing with any sort of order given to him by his elder brother Alpha. He is protective his of family and any sort of slight directed at them can lead to him explosively reacting against the one that is responsible for that. All in all he is mostly goofy, yet serious when he needs to be.

History: Robert was born of the latest of Travis Masters batches of biological weapons, born of the one before the more recent. It was from a young age that he displayed a powerful geokinetic prowess, capable of moving earth with little difficulty and showing a body that far outstripped that of his siblings; one as steadfast as earth. Like all of those within his generation, he went through a crash course in education, learning everything that he was expected to by the enigmatic alpha. As he entered into the physical state of a fifteen year old within a matter of weeks, there was a lot of catching up that was expected of the male, and so he did just that. However it was through the rapid development of his powers that he drew the attention of the one known as Alpha, and despite his being mentally inferior to all of his kin, his raw power allowed him to rise far above his mentally superior kin. So with his interest drawn, the make took up the position of Delta, and with that one of the personal servants of Travis Masters and taking on a name; Robert.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Geokinetic prowess: Robert is capable of manipulating the earth with impunity. All it takes is a thought for him to move large portions of earth with a single thought, ranging from large rocks, to pebbles, and any variation of earth in between. While he can do so without any sort of physical indication, he finds himself inclined to doing so with extravagant hand motions. Due to this power of his, he finds himself comfortable around dirt, and anything involving the earth. While he has not looked into a maximum amount of earth that he can move around, it has been speculated that around this time that he can move large portions of earth easily.

Seismic sense: Delta is capable of sensing vibrations through any solid surface that he has phusical contact with, allowing him a sort of psuedo sense that allows him to be aware of anything touching that surface, or is touching a connecting surface within a 200 meter radius.

Superhuman Durability: Delta is freaking tough, not a lot of things can hurt him, save for metahumans  with considerable power.

Superhuman Strength: Delta is stronger than his kin, capable of lifting an amount that normal humans could not, normally lifting 100 tons though he occasionally he has been able to lift more when he is filled with adrenaline.

Naive: Delta is painfully naive, and can typically be fooled into doing almost anything.

Family: Delta is fiercely protective of his family, especially his younger brother Zeta.

Concentration: Moving earth with your brain requires it, no matter what you think. So if he loses it, he will be able to move far less effectively, if his hold is not broken entirely.

Self conscious: Delta is rather self conscious, and will go out of his way to prove himself to whoever the thinks he should, even to a detriment to himself.

Overconfident: Delta thinks he is indestructible, so he will not avoid things that others would avoid, meaning that he may not avoid a potentially fatal blow.

Peanuts: Delta is fairly allergic to peanuts, enough so that it would interfere with his powers if he were to eat them.

Sand: He has a more difficult time controlling sand and other loose earthen materials.

Sonics: Loud or piercing sonic noises can cause him intense pain and even completely break the hold of his geokinesis.

RP Mechanic(s):

Perfect body:Due to the research placed into his body, Robert is easily capable of matching an Olympic athlete as far as physical prowess is concerned. His muscles produce absolutely almost no fatigue toxins, and allow him to perform far longer than even an olympic athlete without tiring out, as well as lifting considerable more than twice his weight, as well as placing more force behind his fists. Not only that, but Robert is capable of reaching sprinting speeds of around 30 mph when pushing himself, and can strike with a frightening quickness. Along with this, he has a minor amount of enhanced reflexes, not making him by any means superhuman but he is beyond the average human. Finally is body is monumentally efficient, aging rate having slowed to the point that one consider him biologically immortal, body processing food, water efficiently. He is capable of going on with around eight hours of sleep a week. His genetics are also considered nearly perfect bearing almost no defects, and the few that exist are minor enough to not warrant any concern. However all of this has been enhanced through a procedure that Travis performed that would make him a more effective, and in the hopes that he would lead the way to their races future.

Minor Regenerative Factor: His body heals things twice as fast as a human does, so something that would take a week to heal would only take 3 days.

Genius: While not superhuman like his family, Robert is still considered intelligent by human standards and is considered to be among the best of human minds.

Physical Priority
Samael Christensen
Samael Christensen
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Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC} Empty Re: Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC}

Post by Odien on October 10th 2014, 9:22 pm


Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC} Ul10
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Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC} Empty Re: Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC}

Post by The Phantom on October 20th 2014, 4:14 pm


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Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC} Empty Re: Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC}

Post by Charlatan on February 24th 2015, 5:46 pm

NPC updated to new system
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Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC} Empty Re: Robert Masters [Delta] [NPC}

Post by Danger on February 25th 2015, 8:14 pm


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