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Luke Masters - Eta [NPC]

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Luke Masters - Eta [NPC] Empty Luke Masters - Eta [NPC]

Post by Alpha March 30th 2015, 8:55 pm

Luke Masters
”I'll rock you like a terrible pun.”

Luke Masters - Eta [NPC] Tumblr_m4g0hvh4Nj1rn435g

Basic Biography

Real Name: Luke Masters
Hero Name: Eta
Alignment:Neutral Good
Age: Physically 16
Gender: Male
Race: homo Superioris
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Grey
Blood type:O -

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: Luke tends to come off as soft spoken and overall timid, but that's just to those that don't know him. Typically around those that know him, they find that he can be rather animated, making conversation and cracking jokes with the best of them. Just like many of his siblings, he holds family before anything else and will do anything to protect them, even dying. He is what you would call more moral than his siblings, as he would go out of his way not to harm anyone during an operation, and even sometimes does heroing work when it suits him.

History: Eta was born in the latest generation, along with the current Beta. Although the had not shown the same amount of promise as his sibling, he still showed enough of it to be allowed to take the position of Eta by impressing both Alpha and Omega with his advanced mind, as well as control over the elements. So he sort of just does his duty, whatever that is, mostly sticking around his superior Epsilon.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Aerokinesis: Eta is capable of controlling the air around him, creating bursts of wind, capable of tearing through metal with ease. As well as conjuring up tornadoes, wind storms and many other air related attacks. Along with this, he is capable of propelling himself through the air in a form of free flight.

Gift of the mind: Another side effect of the strange experiments done to him is that Luke is superhumanly smart, capable of thinking hundreds of times faster than any human could. What has blossomed from this change is that he is capable of performing complex calculations that any human would be left confused with in a matter of seconds, learning and memorizing languages within less than a day, figuring out strategies and even predicting a person’s movements and actions based upon minor clues normally ignored.

Wind form: Eta is capable of converting his body into air, becoming impervious to all manner of attack.


Flying Weakness 1: In stormy weather, his flight can be thrown off course easily, meaning that he would not likely fly in such conditions.

Flying Weakness 2: Flight requires concentration, and if that is broken, it can lead to him falling to a painful death.

Overuse:  If he uses his aerokinesis for too long, he can begin to experience migraines, nosebleeds or even pass out.

Concentration: While it may not appear like it, his power requires concentration and you break that concentration, it could weaken or nullify an attack.

Family: Eta loves his family, and they can easily be used against him.

Still human.....sort of: Despite being pretty impressive physically, he is still within human limits and things that would kill a human can also kill him.

Even the winds can be contained: In his intangible form, he still can be contained by using a sort of air tight container. If the space is too confined for him to turn into a slid form, he had to remain within a state where he cannot do anything.

Weak Stomach: Eta has a weak stomach and strong smells can incapacitate him for a small time, as well as gruesome sights such as blood or gore.

RP Mechanics

The Perfect body: Due to the research placed into his body, Like is easily capable of matching an Olympic athlete as far as physical prowess is concerned. His muscles produce far less fatigue toxins, and allow him to perform a peak human levels without tiring out, as well as lifting more than 4 times his body weight and placing more force behind his fists. Not only that, but Luke is capable of reaching sprinting speeds of around 30 mph when pushing himself, and can strike with frightening quickness. Along with this, he has a major amount of enhanced reflexes, putting him far above humans. Finally his body is monumentally efficient, aging rate having slowed to the point that one consider him biologically immortal, body processing food, water efficiently. He is capable of going on with around eight hours of sleep a week. His genetics are also considered nearly perfect bearing almost no defects, and the few that exist are minor enough to not warrant any concern 

Enhanced Healing Rate: A minor regenerative factor that allows for a healing rate that doubles how fast wounds heal. For example something that would take a week to heal would only take three days. 

Hypercognition: Eta can instinctively or with little effort perform mental calculations beyond the scope of the human mind.
Pamnesia: Eta is capable of remembering absolutely everything he sees, hears, feels or experiences since birth.
Parallell Processing: Eta is capable of carrying out multiple thought processes at once.


Physical Priority
3. Reaction
4. Strength

Luke Masters - Eta [NPC] CjhXQha
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Luke Masters - Eta [NPC] Empty Re: Luke Masters - Eta [NPC]

Post by Forceaus March 30th 2015, 9:01 pm

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