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Remiela, The Divine Empress

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Remiela, The Divine Empress Empty Remiela, The Divine Empress

Post by Forceaus on March 19th 2015, 4:04 am

The Divine Empress

Basic Biography

Real Name: Remiela
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name:
Title: The divine empress
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 167
Gender: Female
Race: Krepis
Hair: White
Eyes: Gold
Height: 25 feet
Weight: 3 tons
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks
Remiela, The Divine Empress Sky_mo10

The Legacy

Personality: Proud best describes Remiela. She is also clever and manipulative. Vain, greedy, and self-absorbed

History: Born on the distant planet of Krepis, in the Vanehi solar system, Remiela was a mere village resident as a child. Hardly anyone in that small village even knew who she was, and those that did didn't think much of her. Her village lay just outside the planet's capital city, but enjoyed none of its resources. What it did receive was plenty of visits by the spoiled son of the royal family that eventually developed a sort of infatuation with her. Remiela turned down his advances, and this led to her being exiled from the empire and she and her family were sent to another planet.
Remiela's family tried to start new lives on this new planet, but being outsiders simply prevented it for them, but not for her. She easily adjusted to this new world and became like by her peers. Things were easy for her for years until an army of bandits invaded. Her new home was nearly destroyed and she among others went on the run for safety. They formed a tight-knit group and for over a year did whatever they could to survive. They would eventually find the source of the army's powers. A gem that contained tremendous amounts of energy. The bandits discovered their presence and attacked them. Out of sheer desperation, Remiela grabbed the gem and attempted to use it against them. Somehow she would wind up absorbing the gem into her very being and gaining its power. With this newfound power she destroyed the attacking bandits.
Eventually the bandits would be driven off the planet, but only after it was discovered they were apart of a larger, more powerful organization. Remiela and her group decided to attempt to infiltrate it to destroy it at its very core. They found out more about these people and eventually managed to join, but only Remiela got in past the outermost ranks. Because of this, she found herself alone again for the first time in years. The stress of being alone, trying to hide her real intentions and constantly plotting to destroy this organization from the inside out slowly drove her mad.
After nearly three decades of perseverance and manipulating the circumstances, the organization's innermost members were defeated, but instead of collapsing, the organization found itself under new leadership. Remiela and the remaining members of her entourage assumed control over it. Unfortunately she had become corrupted and power hungry, and with this newfound power, she began seizing control over whatever could be obtained along with what they already controlled. Her first stop was her home planet where she promptly defeated and executed the entire royal family.
Over the last forty one years she has been expanding outside of the Vanehi system to other worlds. One of these worlds is Earth, but is has been low on the list of priorities with just minor stuff sent that really went nowhere. Until recently where she had come to the planet to prepare the invasion.  

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: Siruli Manipulation: Remiela is capable of controlling her own aura thanks to the gem of Siruli that she has merged with. Her aura resembles a bluish flame when being projected outwards. It also allows her to regenerate at a fast enough rate to heal fatal wounds in about a minute.

Power 2: Shapeshifting: Remiela can reform herself into a large variety of alternate forms almost flawlessly. She can only take forms of her natural size or smaller though.

Power 3: Flight: Remiela has a set of wings empowered by Siruli. It allows her to fly without need of air at near supersonic speeds.

Power 4: Psychic powers: Remiela possesses powerful psychic abilities thanks to the gem of Siruli. Powers include:
Telepathy(RP mechanic. Primary means of communication)
Mind reading(permission required to use on PCs)
Mind control(permission required to use on PCs)
Telekinesis. Her telekinesis is strong enough to lift nearly 25'000 tons of weight and level some buildings.


Weakness 1: Shapeshifting power loss: While in different forms, power is restricted or outright unusable.

Weakness 2: Fragile: Remiela is rather fragile for a creature of her size.

Weakness 3: Pride: Remiela is extremely proud and does not take failure very well.

Weakness 4: Telltale sign: Despite her great shapeshifting capabilities, she cannot hide the fact that her eyes glow bright gold whenever she is using her Siruli or psychic powers.

Weakness 5: Medicine: Human artificial medicinal products have adverse effects on her biology. They can inflict serious damage on her.

Weakness 6: Psychic block: Her powers don't work very well on those with psychic powers.

Weakness 7: Paranoid: Remiela has become very paranoid over the years and it often affects her decision making process.

Weakness 8: Clipped Wings: Remiela loses the ability to fly if her wings are damaged enough.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s): Remiela is powered entirely by the gem of Siruli and no longer needs to breathe, eat  or sleep.


Item Name: The amulet of Vanehi

Item Description: A purple diamond amulet

Item Power: Allows the wielder to control the lesser minded creatures of the Vanehi system. Some of which have been sent to Earth over the years.

Item Weakness: Can be used by anyone. Cannot be repaired if damaged.

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility: 2
Endurance: 3
Reaction: 1
Strength: 4

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Remiela, The Divine Empress Empty Re: Remiela, The Divine Empress

Post by Silus on March 19th 2015, 4:07 am

Approved until stated otherwise...I'll do a stamp thingy when I'm not busy being lazy.

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