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The Empress Crown Casino

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The Empress Crown Casino Empty The Empress Crown Casino

Post by Elena Vexus November 4th 2021, 12:55 am

The Empress Crown Casino

Elena Vexus

The Origin

Elena Vexus in collaboration with Niao. Ms. Vexus aims to increase her coverage in the continental United States. Having more operational locations will allow her better overlook her activities on the west coast as well. This massive investment will also help generate more revenue for future projects she wishes to embark on. She will also use this establishment to further expand her New Hero program, allowing newer Heroes a inexpensive place to stay that will provide consistent paying missions.

The Looks

The establishment itself is carved directly into a mountainside. This incredible feat of engineering was only possible due to the genomancing abilities of Niao. The casino is open to the public. It is a record stretching 1KM long crown shaped venue. With a multitude of different floors including restaurants, shops, hotel and living spaces. Each of the pillars is an elevator allowing ease of transportation to every floor. Due to the location, Elena has establish rotating contracts with various bussing companies to provide transportation to and from the facility. There is also parking facilities, helicopter pads, as well as a private airport.
Images below for scale.

The Layout

On the ground floor you will find the stunning hydroponic gardens. A massive eco-park that is explorable but also makes this establishment virtually carbon negative. As mentioned, there are 9 elevators visible from the front of the Casino. Each spaced 100M apart serving as the spokes of the crown shape. The central pillar, the largest of them, is the only one that has access to Vexus’ private floors. Also on this floor is the back of house. Located here is all of the casino’s machinery, utilities, support facilities, kitchens, staff dorms, and all other necessities that keep everything running behind the scenes. Large service bays accommodate the movements of supplies and staff in and out at all times. Specific transport is utilized for staff and delivers.

On the second floor you will find the sprawling casino, spanning the entire length of The Crown. There are five tiers of play based on the money brought to the game. The entry level room is the Solar room, slot machines, card games everything you would find at every casino. In the next room, Galaxy, the stakes are a little higher. More competitive games and higher minimums. Following is the Local Group Room. The buy-ins are a little more intimidating, with thousands of dollars trading hands very moment. The second to last room, Supercluster, is revered for some of the highest rollers that Vegas sees. The 5th and final room, The Universe, is incredibly exclusive. Vexus personally selects and invites individuals to play in this room. Incomprehensible amounts of money are tossed away from the fun and enjoyment of the ultra-wealthy here. In short, there is fun to be had for all walks of life!
The second floor is also home to a plethora of shops and restaurants. Fast food, buffets, multi-star sit down of every type of cuisine. Anything you could crave can be found in the dining halls of the casino. The shops also have an equally extensive list of choices. Clothing, souvenirs, hygiene essentials, luxury gifts, and so on.

On the Third Floor, after a solid floor of noise dampening, The Empress Crown boasts a staggering 3500 guest rooms. Varying in size and shape, many of them have the option to be rented out as apartments or condos with available desert and garden views. Up here you will also find many luxury amenities to many any guests’ stay tranquil one. There are spas, gyms, various recreation and sports centers to keep anyone active and entertained.

The fourth floor, the Apex, you’ll find the crown jewel. Vexus’ personal offices and apartments. These are for not only herself, but high profile clients who may require a more elevated stay. Everything on this level requires approval from Vexus herself. The staff on this level only ever operate on this level and are never permitted to work on any other floor.

There are a couple of underground levels that are accessible to staff members only. Receiving bay for shipments, storage, additional supplies and of course one of if not the most advanced security system on the planet. The server room is guarded by sentries created and programmed by Vexus. The servers themselves, as well as the entire security systems as a whole, are another personal creation of Vexus. This guaranteeing their sophistication and impenetrability. The incredibly advanced cameras are automated, but are still monitored 24/7 by a rotating staff. All security personnel are highly trained combatants in the event of a breech. The information captured and stored in these levels is far more valuable than any monetary amount transacted in the floors above.

Of course such an establishment would not be Vexus Approved without a lair for various trials and experiments that test the limits of nature, science and magic. Complete with a winding labyrinth of miles of tunnels beneath her grand casino, Vexus is completely sealed off from the world so deep under the earth. Of course this area in inaccessible to anyone but herself. Only Elena and the creator of this masterpiece, Niao, are aware of the existence of the lair. Though due to a very extensive NDA, Vexus is the only one who can speak of it.

The Purpose

Seeing the promising abilities of Niao, Vexus reached out for the construction of this breathtaking masterpiece. Regardless of the cost, it would still be less than the construction of her sky-scraping Manhattan establishment. She wanted another public vestibule for her projects. With something so massive and productive for the economy and environment it would be difficult to demonize her actions. On the surface, literally, it is exactly as it appears. A Beautiful vacation spot for people to stay, gamble, live, love and play. But far deep below the surface, the darkness is accounted for. The philanthropy can be seen as fraud and the grand scale tips in Vexus’ favor.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

(Huge mega ultra fantastic THANK YOU to Neko for essentially putting this together for me, you’re amazing)

Ms. Elena Vexus
The General
Advancements: #1-#8
Elena Vexus
Elena Vexus
The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus
The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus

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