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The Empress Eternal

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The Empress Eternal Empty The Empress Eternal

Post by elephantlord September 16th 2022, 10:10 pm

The Empress Eternal

The Bio

Real Name: Lac'rix Vaal
Title: The Empress Eternal
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: Over 50,000 years
Gender: Female
Race: V'zon (Eternian)
Hair: Dark Green
Eyes: Emerald
Height: Variable (typically 7'0)
Weight: Variable

The Looks

Though the V'zon now resemble little of their ancient forms, their Matriarch still adopts a form similar to her mortal days. When she adopts a lesser form, the Empress appears as an extremely tall, graceful being with emerald skin and a pair of branching horns. Though mammalian, fine scales run along certain parts of her form. Her clothing tends toward the extravagant, with long flowing trains and high collars.  

Due to several reasons, the Empress has long ago been unable to step foot upon the mortal ground. She must remain under the effects of her power own great power, lest the would shatter beneath her feet. Only those objects she herself has forged can support her divine presence.

The Personality

The Story

Before Lac'rix Vaal began Her great work, She was a mortal scientist attempting to save Her doomed world. Through Her efforts, She staved off Apocalypse, and gained control of what survivors remained. In the time that follower (called the 'Great Flowering'), Vaal began to expand her people's knowledge and power beyond that of mortal understanding. Worshiped as a God-Queen,

The Powers

The Eternis Crusade
"I bare these gifts, as the Empire wanes.
"I bare these gifts, knowing my fate.
"I bare these gifts, as a hand of Eternis.

"I consecrate my flesh with blessed metal, this shell of dead matter and false life.
"I stand firm against the unbeliever, the unrepentant, the false.
"I give no quarter, I grant no absolution.

"By her grace, I take up the Crest, the symbol of salvation everlasting.
"By her favor, I take up her Blessing, awaking the power within.
"By her name, I bare the Symbol of my people, and join my them in Crusade.

"I am Steel. I am Salvation. I am Eternal."

 -- Canticle of the Second Becoming

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and the Empress has long ago passed that threshold. The scale of Her power dwarfs the works of lesser peoples, yet the subtly and breath of Her power is no less awe-inspiring. At Her great forge does the Hope of the Universe toil to create wonders beyond imagining for Her people.

Those she sends forth upon Her Crusade are blessed with her miracles. Divine artifacts forged and sanctified by a being older than most civilizations, they carry the spark of Her Genius and Her Will to bring salvation to all Life. Her Chosen gain access to these artifacts; tangible shards of Her Glory.

System: Power Sharing (Reduced Effect), Power Suppression (Minions Only)

The Forge of Days
(Permission-Based Power)
Before Her Divinity, the woman that would become the Savior of the Universe started Her existence as a simple researcher in the field of advanced temporal mechanics. When the Doom arrived, Lac'rix Vaal used Her understanding to gain the time needed to come up with a solution.  She dwelt in that space, Her Forge of Days, for almost a century before She emerged, Salvation in hand.

Endless centuries to perfect Her craft, as well as new understandings of the chrono-flow and other techniques, have created something orders of magnitude stronger than her earliest work. With a wave, the Empress Eternal can dictate the passage of time, slowing it or speeding it up as she deems fit.

System: Temporal Manipulation (Freeze, Slow Down, Accelerate) - Greatly Reduced Effect Against Sentient Beings (See The Draxin Chain).  

The Protean Molecule
The Empress of a Thousand Miracles faced a problem after Her Chosen left their cradle. Their world could no longer sustain them, so the V'zon peoples fleeing their Doomed world were bereft of resources.  Desperate, they swiftly consumed all available resources in their depleted star system.  It seemed as if the V'zon would die out yet again, but the Blessed Empress withdrew once more into Her cloister, and brought forth Wonder.  

It came to be called the Protean Molecule. Based loosely on the nanite swarm that had ravaged their doomed world, the Protean Molecule was capable of wholescale matter transmutation. The line between organic and inorganic blurred, and the People rejoiced.

Refined after untold millennia, these trans-dimensional nanomachines are capable of impossible feats of molecular realignment.  Incredibly fast and thorough, these devices are capable of restructuring entire worlds. With but a wave of her hand, the Empress Eternal orders the universe to her desire.  

System: Matter Transmutation (Rapid), Hyper-Solid Materials, Complex Item Construction (Large Scale); Effected by the Draxin Chain

The Mirror-Queen/b]
Distance holds little sway over the the ambitions of the Empress Eternal. In her guise as the Mirror-Queen, she opens doors between all worlds and times.

The Weaknesses

[b]The Draxin Chain

In the Draxin Nebula lay a cluster of six points of utter darkness.  Black holes chained together through the manipulation of immense gravitational forces, these singularities are far more than they appear. Instead of being merely impossibly dense pieces of matter, they are instead a series of computational engines of impossible power.  These holy artifacts are the ultimate gift of the Empress Eternal to the myriad peoples under her reign.

For there is an afterlife, and the Empress Eternal is its Creator. Every creature under her rule has a place - their mind and souls housed in the dark empyrean of the Draxin Chain. In this artificial afterlife, those who embrace Her rule never need know oblivion. There they remain, safeguarded, against pain or hardship or dissent.  

Yet, Her benevolence has not come without cost. While the Empress' resources are beyond the ability of mortal comprehension, the Draxin Chain exerts a limit on Her power. The Chain monitors the neurological patterns of all entities within Her domain, and limits the scope of her power in order to prevent any disruption to those it monitors.  

System: The Dark Empyrean prevents the Empress Eternal from exerting Her full power against sentient organisms.

Morality Beyond Mortality
There is perhaps no more compassionate being in the universe than the Empress Eternal. Yet, is is not a compassion on a mortal scale. The goal of the Empress nothing less than to shepherd all sentient beyond the heat death of the universe and every other concern is secondary to Her holy mission.  

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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