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The General

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The General Empty The General

Post by Elena Vexus July 11th 2014, 11:23 pm

Real Name: N/A
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: N/A
Title: The General
Alignment: Evil
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Cyborg
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Green
Height: 7'.0"
Blood type:N/A

Personality:The General is an overly confident and condescending individual. Taking much after his creator. He is an extremely talented military general and takes care of most the rebellion out breaks as well as keeping Europe in order. When at the Palace, he stays by Elena's side as a sort of assistant bodyguard type. He is bound to obedience and only follows ordered given by Elena Vexus.

History:The General was created by Elena Vexus as a sort of boredom project. She took one of her past robotic prototyped a random and slightly dead captive and basically created a crude cyborg. He has his flaws and defects since the human parts were nearly useless, however if they fail she has plenty of captives and prisoners for replacements. The General knows not what he is and Vexus' control is absolute. Because of his arrogance he believes to be far above all and any other form of technology when in actuality he is an abomination of robotic and nature.

Physical Priorities


Advanced Combat Systems:  The General is not nearly as powerful as Vexus herself, however he is not without talent. He has a very extensive skill set for hand to hand combat and weaponized combat. He has a total of four arms that can be separated from two. Using all four arms can sometimes overwhelm even the most skillful of warriors.

Mechanically Enhanced Strength: Due to the robotic enhancements, this cyborg creation has been given an insane level of strength. This strength shows in punches, kicks, movements of his blade, etc. His feet also have a mechanism that allow him to latch onto whatever solid surface in order to stay put. This can also be used to walk up walls, ceilings, walk across fast moving vehicles, more against a heavy force, etc.

Mechanically Enhanced Agility: The General can run at very impressive speeds due to his robotic parts.

Indefinite Endurance: Due to his robotic nature, his stamina does not waver after time. In situations where he is out classed in ability, he can wear his opponents down to a point where he can take advantage.

Impressive Flexibility: Despite his mechanics qualities he is very flexible also being able to turn, twist, and spin parts of his bodies that it would normally be impossible move in a complete 360. Such has his feet, hands, arms, head, torso, so on and so fourth.

Heavyweight Durability: The materials that Vexus used to create the General were some of the toughest she could find, however they are very dense. They can take a lot of punishment before a noticeable amount of damage is visible. These parts are not bully, so the do not impede his fighting skills or agility.


Susceptible To EMP: If a high grade EMP is used against The General he will shot down and go into a recovery mode until switched back on by Elena or teleported back to a safe location.

Minor Heat Resistance: The General can waistband normal amounts of fire and heat that would occur naturally. Man made fire and heat of that created by a Metahuman can prove to be heavily damaging.

Mild Water Resistance: The General channeler getting wet by rain, snow, or any other liquid precipitation. However being submerged more that 15 feet or being struck with a heavy volume of water can cause damage to his circuits.

Loyalty to Vexus: As Elena's bodyguard, he is programmed to be blindly loyal to her and will put her safety before his own even if it means he would be destroyed in the process.

Electrical Overload: The General's combination of organic piece and machinery are a delicate blend that run on a highly monitored amount of self sustaining power. He can withstand a certain amount of voltage, but what would prove lethal to a human would also overload his systems and cause a temporary crash. It would take time for him to reboot on his own, or a recalibration from Vexus.

Weight: Even though Elena's Bodyguard can move at a very accelerated rate, getting up to speed when running takes time due to all of the heavy materials that he is constructed of. They are not bulky and do not interrupt his fighting skills or agility, this mostly only shows when running. These parts can also weight down another individual or vehicle that he might be traveling with.

Overconfidence: As with Vexus, The General highly underestimates his opponents, generally complaining when Elena makes him fight someone that she doesn't want to. He enjoys a challenge, however will view everyone as less than himself until it is proven otherwise. The realization normally happens after it is too late.

Increased Fragility: If/when The General separates his arms into the four, they become more susceptible to damage. Tied together they are thicker and more dense, but upon splitting into four individual arms they are not as durable.

Tunnel Vision: When with Elena, he relies heavily on their shared vision. Because of his protective facemark it blocks off a large portion of what would be his peripheral vision.

Super Sensitive Audio Receptors: Both a gift and a curse. His hearing can be calibrated to be able to hear a pin drop from a mile away, however if caught off guard before being able to recalibrate it what could be a normal yell of a human would be a paralyzing screech to him.

Reptilian Eyes: His eyes take more time to adjust to light and darkness, but after he can see more adequately than a human in dimly lit or overly bright situations. However if a bright light is cast very quickly and unexpectedly it can temporarily blind him, even if the light would normally only make a human simply squint.

Magnetism:Unfortunately Elena did not spare the money or resources to create her bodyguard out of non-magnetic materials. Due to his weight it would take an incredibly strong magnet to pull him, but it can be done.

Character Mechanics

Life Force Monitoring: All of Vexus' vital life signs are transmitted to The General at all times. That way if they ever fall below a certain point he can come to her rescue.

Minor Teleportation: The General has technology imbedded in him that allows for him to teleport to Vexus' side either by her command or his own will. If he arrives in a very heated environment he can also teleport back to the original location he came from. (Both can only be performed once per topic)

Shared Vision: His eyes have been linked to Vexus' so that he can better defend himself being able to see whatever she sees while in a close proximity of each other.


Regenerative Blades: The General possesses four swords that he had engineered. They are retractable and are basically just average swords, however if they are damaged they will regenerate and keep their form.

Carbon Nanotube Cape: The Cape that The Generals wears is enhanced with carbon nanotubes making it extremely durable. It can protect him and others from bullets, fire, explosions and other concussive or cutting attacks. Too much stress or sustained damage however can cause the cape to tear.


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The General Empty Re: The General

Post by The Ranger July 11th 2014, 11:26 pm

NPC Approved until stated otherwise.

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The General Empty Re: The General

Post by Chellizard February 23rd 2015, 12:13 pm

Unapproved to make changes for the new system.

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The General Empty Re: The General

Post by Forceaus March 5th 2015, 4:46 pm

Approved for new system

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The General Empty Re: The General

Post by Sponsored content

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