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Gravity Man (Gravitas)

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Gravity Man (Gravitas) Empty Gravity Man (Gravitas)

Post by Proarden (Gravity Man) April 9th 2015, 3:05 pm

Gravity Man
"Why am I the way I am? Because of the most deadly poison to all mankind. Hope. Through hope they've taken everything and now... hurting them is all I have left. Don't think you have the right to lecture me for being evil. I've been there, both good and evil. I see it for what it really is while all you do is sit there staring at the map. "

Basic Biography

Real Name: Zak Megaton? (Maybe?)
Pseudonym: Zak Megaton
Villain Name: Gravity Man
Title: "Gravitas"
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 25 (chronologically unknown)
Occupation(s): Gang-leader
Gender: Male
Race: Engineered Metahuman
Hair: Black Hair
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 250lbs.
Blood type: Superfluid O-

The Looks

 Gravity man is distinguishable due to his rather strange set of attire. His primary attire seems to be something out of a horribly overdone slasher series. It's a black robe/cloak looking thing with frayed and tattered bottoms and sleeves, black boots and a hood that drapes over his face. The robe is split in the middle though not revealing a thin set of durable armor beneath him (to be added later as advancement) There is an embroidered purple G over his heart and a black overcloak that one might expect to find on a king...or a Harry Potter cosplay. Beneath the hood is a relatively unremarkable man whose only distinguishing features are the fact his eyes appear to have some SERIOUS cataracts.

The Legacy

  A tormented and angry molten core that is burning eternally beneath miles and layers of a cold and calculating intellectual person. Yes I just described the earth, but it's also applicable to his personality. He is layered, and occasionally if you strike the right area you will release the pressurized molten core. A good example of it is calling Gravity man by his real name. Call him that and he's liable to kill without mercy, without hesitation and without thinking of the ramifications. He despises, above all, being reminded of the fact he does not have the power to do something. Furthermore being late to events, people ascertaining his identity or other such things are unacceptable to him and heads will roll. He cannot seem to believe that something is out of his hands, or that something is beyond his control.

Despite his history, Gravity Man is not one of those people who you just need to hug and be friends with. Trying to do that will likely get you killed. Gravity Man acknowledges he is a victim of circumstance but he CHOOSES to rise above it and obtain power, seeing it as opportunity. Be it because he's so mentally messed up, or because it's his inherent personality... Gravity Man is a villain for one reason. He wants to see his enemies destroyed.

  Generally speaking, Gravity Man is know primarily as a "sociopathic" man whose antics and plans often times are the cause of great chaos, riots in the streets and men and women turning upon their own kin. The "rumors" have it that whenever gravity man is near you can tell simply because of how people act more "insane" and "deranged" around him and are more likely to cause problems. Events of the most unnatural will also occur and it is for this reason he's been in constant evasion of The Agency. Regardless of superstition and conceptualizations one thing is for certain... Gravitas or "Gravity Man" is not a force to be trifled with. He's a brilliant mind with power, resources and nothing to lose.

Nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose.

 The subject of experimentation by an enigmatic group known as "The Agency". A young man named Zak was taken and experimented upon with the meta-gene and the experiment manipulated to essentially create a living weapon. This weapon was known as "Experiment: Gravitas" and soon enough it would be the weapon they desired. Zak, Gravitas, was placed in a home, given two parents and allowed to live a remotely normal life for a short time. His mother and father both pawns to an Agency ploy, and sooner rather than later they would find themselves cast aside when their use had run out.


  Generally speaking, Gravity Man is know primarily as a "sociopathic" man whose antics and plans often times are the cause of great chaos, riots in the streets and men and women turning upon their own kin. The "rumors" have it that whenever gravity man is near you can tell simply because of how people act more "insane" and "deranged" around him and are more likely to cause problems. Events of the most unnatural will also occur and it is for this reason he's been in constant evasion of The Agency. His evasion of The Agency and their "tests" on him have led him to many mysterious ends and found himself on the brink of sanity as he's encountered many dangerous metahumans and humans alike, each time surviving the encounter with more knowledge than before.

 The Agency has yet to relent their pursuit upon him as they've taken virtually every living person he's ever developed even the most remote connection for, and he's continued to make his mark on the world through underground dealings and acts of terrorism.


The Powers

Gyrokinesis: His very existence generates disruptions in gravity. It is his focus on suppressing this effect, and allowing the effect to roam wild that allows him to mimic telekinetic-like effects within the gravitational pull between himself, others and between matter.

Gyrosensetivity: The ability to sense and "see" as well as feel the effect of gravity on all things within a 50 yard radius. This is an enhanced sense power that can supplement for his lack of vision. The vision can be generalized or concentrated. See weaknesses for more info.

Superhuman reflexes/combat prowess: The ability to react and enact his power out of sheer instinct and reaction, so much so that almost incomprehensible speeds are something he is capable of defending against. He can implement his powers and begin making movements, He is also dangerously skilled with chains, pistols and total mastery over his own original weapon that will be named at a later date.

Gravitational Field Side-effects: Due to the constant influence of gravity he has simply by existing; Gravity man has his own gravitational field and has actually conditioned his body in the harsh gravity in terms of training and cardio. This also makes him immune to the effects of others manipulating gravity in his general vicinity. This gives him superhuman durability and stamina as his body has compacted on a molecular level and his training has allowed him to go longer stretches in Earth's gravity without tiring as easily.

Gravitational compression/dispersion: His workings into augmenting his own self and actually working with his gravity to a smaller and more focused level. This allows him to influence gravity on a much, much smaller scale and actually influence the density of things and objects. This allows Gravitas to control the density of objects or people by making the target more compact and dense, or causing dispersion which causes the target to become less dense. This also subsequently allows Gravitas to increase or decrease the weight of a target whose density he is altering. Gravitas has recently learned that lessening density Gravitas to be able to stand things that one could otherwise not stand upon, like water or air, or making the area around him incredibly difficult to maneuver.

Gyrovectoral Manifestation: Gravitas is able to utilize his power and affect more than just gravity.  Gravitas' very existence is destructive to the laws of natural born physics, and as such with extreme care he can actually generate a type of vector manipulation, playing and altering the forces of kinetic and potential energies, momentums and altering directional influences of matter. Further more he can also influence the level of inertia, acceleration and quantum potential at the most destructive levels.

Wormhole: Gravitas gains the ability to teleport between two areas of space-time as if it were a sort of portal. Provides quick escapes for those with superhuman durability, though it "instantly" kills most normal humans that attempt to pass through. (Permission based where applied)

The Weaknesses

Sight through Gravity: He is only able to see things with the assistance of his gravity sensitivity. While doing this he is unable to see things in great detail (i.e read things, notice colors or details). If he focuses in great detail he is bale to single out words/writing on parchment/signs/etc but his radial detection/sensory is completely removed.
example 1:
example 2:

Extension of myself: His power is not a mental power. His power is actually his own physiological existence influencing the "gravity" (his powers). That being said, any use of his power MUST be accommodated by the movement of some part of his body.

Volatile: Weakness Removed

Combat Specialist: Gravity Man is skilled with Chains, Pistols and his own original weapon. His reflexes are for primarily activating his power and dodging. Any other weapon he is as clumsy as a baby learning to walk with it and has no real use for it.

Thick skin is heavy skin: In increasing his durability he has become more compact in his density and therefore is forced to increase his overall weight as well. This makes swimming difficult and can be an issue for several obvious reasons. The more durable he makes himself the heavier he gets.

Opposition: Due to their opposing natures of density, Gravitas cannot use both wind-walking and durability, he must choose one or the other.

The risks of being dense: By altering his density and the density of other things he also alters their weight, which means when he is more dense he will be unable to swim without assistance from his powers, or he may break what he is standing upon. Likewise if he lessens his density he very well may be easily blown away by a strong gust.

Linear incline: He cannot increase density without increasing weight, or vice versa.

Hole-In-One: Weakness Removed

The Artifacts

The Talisman of Tribulation:
    A talisman created by Gravitas after the defeat of Phoenix. By taking the ashes of the man and instilling them with stem-cells, new life began to naturally grow in an embryonic like state. At this time Gravitas utilized the vacuum of space and a rare radioactive isotope as he utilized his power to create pressure in the ashes and create a smoky LIVING gem of energy, life and viridian glowing flames within. It was set in obsidian with three claws that secure the gem safely. Each gem has a symbol engraved into it. One is a Gold Alpha symbol, the second is a Ruby Brimstone alchemical symbol and the third is a cross-hair like symbol that has arches coming midway between each line, that one being made of amethyst.  All Items with the Gravitas color for titles/names are functions of this Talisman.

Phoenix Down:
Item Advancement Description: After the death of the hero known as Phoenix, Gravitas took the ashes of the fallen hero and infused them with a rare radiation, utilizing his gravity powers in order to create a rate and beautiful gemstone that harnesses part of the hero, Phoenix and their rare ability to return itself from death.

Item Power: The amulet has 3 charges. Each time it is used it expends a charge. The amulet can do one of three things. The amulet recharges 1 charge per topic.
  - The amulet will unleash a torrent of vibrant viridian fires to scar the surrounding area and reduce metals to bubbling liquids in a flash.
  - The amulet allows the wearer to breathe fire in a 50 foot cone. The fire burns hot with a viridian color, and is not extinguished by water.
   -The amulet may consume all two charges in order to bring back an individual whom has passed away, providing the corpse is present.

Item Advancement Weaknesses:
  Sparing: The item only has so many charges, and recovers 1 charge per topic.
  Scars of Broken Wings: The Gem is powerful, however once it is introduce to the power of Red Energy, Telekinesis, or Gravity Manipulation, it goes inert for the remainder of the thread.

Entropic Solaris:
Item Advancement Description: The Talisman of Tribulation was forged and Gravitas turned to Alpha and began to work on biologically upgrading and perfecting the piece. While Alpha initially only managed a minor upgrade, through teamwork and the inspiration of Luke Masters (Eta), Gravitas began the idea to forge this new addition to the Talisman. The Genome was implanted and imprinted by Alpha, while the rare Entropic radioisotopes and darkmatter needed were harvested by a RISE operation to subdue the Lych. This allowed them to bring forth the soul of one long passed, left between worlds to serve as a Harvester of Souls.
 Advancement Abilities:  Consuming three charges, the Gem has a corporeal form created around it, summoning from the realms of the dead and defeated a cold, chilling black and violate flame that takes form of a sentient bodyguard for Gravitas.
  Advancement Weaknesses: The minion has it's own weaknesses, and when the minion is summoned, the Talisman cannot be used for any of it's other functions.
Talisman Summon:

RP Mechanics

Engineering/Medical Background: Zak's Agency background and isolation gave him plenty of time to read. His favorite subjects and most known subjects are in mechanical engineering and in medical treatment.

Lunatic effect: Have you ever heard of the Lunar effect? Yeah it's a myth. You know what's not a myth? Strange shit goes on in the human mind when Gravitas is around. Though it's unsure why, people tend to act just a little more crazy around Gravitas. That doesn't mean that people are always in an uproar, but things like Riots, mob mentality and al around crime rate increases. it was speculated that this is because of one of two things. The first being that his inherent effect on gravity causes on the water of the body, and ultimately influences neuron impulses, subsequently making people less able to resist the temptation of bad judgment calls. The second theory is that his effect on gravity actually makes it more difficult on youth hear to pump blood and blood takes a little longer to reach the brain, which causes the blood to be less oxidized and eventually causing the brain to be oxygen deprived and their judgment suffers, thus the "lunatic" effect. Whatever the reason... people are just a bit more likely to go crazy around him.

Age Effect: It is a little known fact that gravity actually does have an effect on our aging process. Unfortunately, he found this out a little too late as his physical being began to age at a rather noticeable increased rate. By time he had the ability to use his own power to circumvent these effects he was already at the physical age of a 25 year old.

Superfluid: Gravity Man's ability being a direct output of his own physiology, means that his blood, regardless of where or when spilled, functions as a superfluid. Meaning it looks like a fluid and acts as a fluid, but moves through air as if it were a gas and with 0 viscosity, making his blood able to escape even air-tight containers.

Phoenix Down: The once-Hero Phoenix was defeated and utterly broken by Rise. Gravitas had no interest in breaking the hero, his investment was in what happened when the hero perished. Once he was dead, Phoenix turned to ash to be reborn. Before that happened, Gravitas utilized his power to collect the ash and compress it into a beautiful gemstone that radiates power. He has yet to train or prepare for what he used the gem for, but he has it safely hidden.

Physical Priority

1 : Endurance : 1
2 : Reaction : 2
3 : Strength : 3
4 : Agility : 4


* Gravity Man and much of his gang are fans of the Pokémon Series. They even have their own code for classifying threats and their powers off of Pokémon classifications.

* Gravity Man's accidentally gave The Talon his powers with radioactive birds. He to this day still has no idea what he was thinking.

* Gravity Man created "The Gravitron Glaive", an original type of weapon that has surprising effectiveness. He got the idea while sitting on some kid's trampoline in their back yard while they screamed and tried to call the police.

* Gravity Man has a bad habit. He feels the compulsive urge to answer other peoples Cell-phones and opening the conversation with the line "I'm in your house." while people are away from their cell phones. This habit formed when he once lost a bet to Jared which resulted in him having to answer his own phone like that for a week. He does it to other peoples phones because it's much funnier when people don't know you and aren't expecting it.

* Gravity Man uses the moniker "Gravity Man" and the strange appearance to come off as a laughable and unoriginal person. A ploy to deceive people into not taking him seriously.

*  His metagene triggered due to his once-fear of falling to his death. When he had to go "sky-diving" for his captors.

* Gravity Man is one of few people who knows how a primitive Agency Shackle works.

*57 Xp from Yamm, 15 Xp from Tsxero, 228 Xp from Silus*

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Proarden (Gravity Man)
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Gravity Man (Gravitas) Empty Re: Gravity Man (Gravitas)

Post by Forceaus April 9th 2015, 3:42 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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Gravity Man (Gravitas) Empty Re: Gravity Man (Gravitas)

Post by Proarden (Gravity Man) November 11th 2022, 5:36 pm

Weaknesses Removed

Gravity Man (Gravitas) Gman10
Gravitas Gang:
Proarden (Gravity Man)
Proarden (Gravity Man)
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Post Mate

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Quote : "I've been a hero and a villain. Don't pretend you an teach me anything on morality."

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Gravity Man (Gravitas) Empty Re: Gravity Man (Gravitas)

Post by Arcana November 11th 2022, 5:37 pm


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Gravity Man (Gravitas) Empty Re: Gravity Man (Gravitas)

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