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NPC's: The Gravitas Gang

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NPC's: The Gravitas Gang Empty NPC's: The Gravitas Gang

Post by Proarden (Gravity Man) on April 11th 2015, 1:00 am

Absolute Zero *Deceased*:

Absolute Zero
"The ice man cometh..."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Jared Bowen
Renegade Name: Absolute Zero
Title:  "The Ice Man"
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 27
Occupation(s): Gang member (currently)
Gender: Male
Race: Modified Metahuman
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 600 lbs.
Blood type: Frozen O-

The Looks

This is Jared Bowen. He is generally dressed in an outfit made of a special fabric that is cold resistant and freeze proof.

The Legacy

  Cold and isolated from the world around him, to perfectly fit his power set. He is a crafty, but not overly intelligent person who often takes the philosophy that most problems can be solved with "a little elbow grease, a bottle of whisky and a revolver". He holds Gravity Man's life above even his own and his undying loyalty is quite often the subject of great risk to him.

  Long time friend of Gravity Man, the reason for their first escape attempt form The Agency. His life was "ended" when Gravity man pulled the trigger and shot him. His power had long ago frozen his brain and allowed The Agency to salvage it and tamper with his genetic coding, instead of simply having cryokinesis he was given an uncontrollable power. He was eventually reunited with his long time friend when Gravity man returned to free him from isolation. He has been the best of friends with the Gravity Man ever since.

The Powers

Thermokinetic effect: The temperature around Jared is constantly lowering, and the longer he remains in an area and remains standing still the colder and colder the areas gets. This power tends to cause pain to people who run at high temperatures, slow incoming projectiles and is the reason for his high durability. IT also makes it difficult for him to move as his joints freeze in locked positions. He must keep constanrtly moving to not freeze himself and his surroundings to absolute zero temperatures.

Frozen Physiology: He is literally frozen solid. As such he is superhumanly durable.

Cryocurse: The ability to concentrate his themrokinesis in order to pull molecules from the air and form layers of ice upon his body, regrowing appendages or altering limbs as needed.

The Weaknesses

On the go: Jared needs to keep moving, if he ever stops moving for too long of a time period it becomes increasingly hard for him to move himself. It will eventually become to hard to move and he will become stuck, where the temperature in a 50 yard radius around him will lower to theoretical point of Absolute 0, where all movement, even on a molecular scale ceases to happen. No energy can survive in this environment, though neither can Jared.

Ice cold: Jared being made of ice means that he is also quite heavy. He has a difficulty moving at all, as such he cannot run like most people. His movement speed walking is the same as a human's though he is unable to run.

Extreme heat: Extreme heat can put him in a "power deadlock", where his thermokinetic power is rendered stagnant.

Isolation Complex:  He isolates himself from others when able. That being said he is prone to take matters into his own hands, be less than "commutative" with the rest of a group, or even go against an order given by another for the sheer satisfaction of being beyond another's control. This makes teamwork hard to plan and could be used to isolate him from allies in combat.

Modification breaks: Jared making a "modification" like regrowing an appendage means it is made of pure ice. He's stuck with this appendage until it breaks.

Path of self-destruction: Jared despises himself and all of his past failures. Being reminded of them quite often times leads him to do brash things that lead him into dangerous events.

Melted: Jared can be "melted" in which if he is melted he is automatically defeated and rendered entirely human, save for the thermokinesis which will compile him back into ice over the course of time between topics.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic: I'm F#*%!ing COLD!!!!!

Physical Priority

1 : Endurance : 1
2 : Strength : 2
3 : Reaction : 3
4 : Agility : 4
Absolute Zero sacrificed himself in Detroit in order to freeze the Agency Base, preventing it's self-destruction from sending half the city's populace straight to Hell. He now stands beneath the city, hidden away an unseen hero, a frozen statue in absolute 0 temperatures.


"Dante had it easy."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Steven Sheirheir
Villain Name: Inferno
Title: "The embers of ambition"
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 24
Occupation(s): Gang member (currently), Pizza delivery boy (former)
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Brown, turns into fire when using powers.
Eyes: Yellow, turns to orange and then red depending on how much power he's using.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 153 lbs.
Blood type: A+

The Looks

This is Inferno. He is generally dressed as seen, though his "work suit" is a red L.L Bean jacket that's been sprayed with a flame retardant spray, one of Gravity man's inventions. His pants are generally grey sweatpants.

The Legacy

 A  proud and full of himself young man with nothing better to do then let the world know just how awesome he is. Contrary to his hot-headed powers he is not an inherently angry person, though in all honesty he DOES love fire with a passion, and he loves to watch things burn. An arsonist to the core, but only in the anarchist freedom fighter styled way he sees himself. He holds a strong attachment to his fellow gang members, seeing them as family. He has a warped moral compass.

  The brother of famed Excalibur city reporter Samantha Sheirheir. Know primarily for being born and raised in a lower class family in Norway. That's right. Norway. He's from there. Get over it. they moved to Canada when his dad got a job as a translator for a law firm in Excalibur City, Canada. Rags to riches and then back to rags because daddy had a gambling problem and was arrested for trying to sell him and big sis to the neighbors. Other than that he had a pretty good life, save for getting caught with an older woman and ruining his career as a pizza delivery boy. After he finished joining the Hellhounds as a general arsonist who didn't mind a little extortion. After the Hellhounds sent Inferno after Gravity man, Gravity man beat him to a pulp and offered him a position in a gang of a new kind. With his help, Gravity man staged a coup of the gang he eventually took as his own. His nemesis is the Exosuited Hero and S.T.A.R.K soldier, Archangel, former Hellhound.

The Powers

Multi-pyrokinesis: The ability to manipulate fire of all kinds, both of this dimension and of other dimensions. Gold fire, green fire, and space fire, hellfire heavenflame and all forms of fire are able to be controlled and manipulated by him.

Molten Core: The ability to cover himself in intense flames that counters incoming projectiles and incoming projected energy while physically burning things nearby.

The Weaknesses

Playing with fire: When Inferno takes another type of fire he is able to use it, though he's not very effective with it until he has a better understanding and a better grasp of it. He can use it effectively for short periods of times (5 seconds at most) but after that they become haywire and are likely to burn him. (Requires 10 posts to be able to use the fire effectively)

Fire is unpredictable: When inferno takes another type of fire, regardless of his mastery with it, he must be careful, as the other person's domain over their power very well may be able to be used against him. (50/50 chance)

To have weakness is with in it's nature: When inferno takes another's power it is still regulated by the same weaknesses that govern that particular fire, be it stated in this app, in their app or not.

Water: Even Pokemon had the logic right. Water has an elemental advantage against combustion. Certain fires may not have this weakness, but it should be clear that if the flame on Inferno's head is just a very hot flame, though if it is extinguished he is rendered entirely unable to battle and must concede defeat.

Unable to hide: Inferno's hair catches fire...he's not able to hide very well, and he's liable to set off sprinklers, give off light and all around stand out in a crowd.

Pyromaniac: Inferno loves fire, who would have guessed? He loved to torch things, so if he's in an ally base or if there's something of value in the area...don't send this guy to get it.

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic: Flaming hair and eyes that change depending upon what kind of fire he is manipulating.

Physical Priority

1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Agility : 2
3 : Endurance : 3
4 : Strength : 4


"Yes I'm old enough to be in here!"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Gray Jackman
Renegade Name: Xerox
Title: "The Baby of the family", "Squirt"
Alignment: True Neutral
Age: 23
Occupation(s): Gang Member (current) Professional Soccer player (former)
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: brownish
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

This is Xerox. He's generally seen wearing a hoodie, a pair of jeans and boots. He's always carrying around a backpack or a messanger bag.

The Legacy

A care-free and rather funny and athletic young man. Or at least he thinks he's funny. He is probably the most "normal" of the gang and the most "gentle" of them as he doesn't go out of his way to ruin peoples lives. He's the straight-forward one who plans to get what he wants and helps decide what the best course of action would be. He shows a general concern for all of his allies, new and old, and he works to plan and achieve the best possible outcome for all of his allies. His desire is to be taken seriously, though with his power and his exceptionally youthful apperance often times don't allow that to happen.

  Don't let apperances fool you, Gray is actually twenty three years old. In fact he was a professional soccer player! Never heard of him? Well that's because no one likes soccer. That aside, Gray is a quick, agile and playful boy who was raised by his dad and mom in Warwick, of Warwickshire England. The town lies upon the river Avon and had an entirely normal life. You know what changed? Nothing. He was on vacation with his family in the America's and he discovered that he had a metagene. He continued on to play sports professionally for two years before his contract ran up, though before he signed it he decided to "retire" (or was forced to rather) and seek out a normal life.

  He eventually found himself in the united stated, and he found himself getting kidnapped and held hostage, trying to find his parents...who were in England. Long story short Gravity man and Absolute Zero came to the rescue when they learned that this man had a metagene and he was to be sold to The Agency. Rather than subject a man to that torture they saved him...only to find out eventually that he wasn't as young as he appeared. Ever since then Gray has just continued to keep alongside Gravity Man in his attempts to stop The Agency and to repay him for his rescue.

The Powers

Xerox Cloning: The ability to clone himself, making up to 5  independant copies. The clones are perfectly like him with absolutely no deviation physically. They wear what he is wearing, they are holding what he is holding. If he is holding a specific item (i.e: Autographed first addition novel) the specific item is then dialed down to become a "mundane" item for each clone.

Power Xeroxing: The ability to touch someone and make a Xerox copy of himself with a varrient of the power of the person they touched.

The Weaknesses

Xerox Law of Power: Xerox's law of power clearly dictates:
"Power is ever fluxuating, always changing but is forever constant. Therefore power is equally distributed, but will always change hands and will always shift. Therefore where one is powerful, they will not always be powerful. Power WILL shift."

   This law describes the nature of power, energy and all things. Power, energy and all things shift, change form and are NEVER constant. When put in relation to his Xeroxing power it is clear that all his Xeroxing clones are crated with equally distributed power. Though power will eventually shift. This means that if one of his clones has energy manipulation that is strong enough to level a bus, it could, in the next moment only be strong enough to shatter a light bulb. This is uncontrolable by him.

Law of replication: The law of replication states:
"That which is original always and forever will be THE original. It can be replicated but it will never be the original, nor will it ever be as perfectly to the original as the original is perfect to itself."

   This law describes the nature of replicating an object, script or any other work. When put in relation to his Xeroxing power it is made clear that objects that are original, unique or one of  a kind cannot ever be truely copied to the dree that they are so close to the original that they would be one and the same. Mistakable perhaps, but never truely perfect to the orgininal copy. That being said, if he is holding a unique one of a kind plasma pistol that is made from a one of a kind piece of technology, his replication of this plasma gun will be a plasma gun, but it would never be able to be the same as this plasma gun. He may end up with A plasma gun, but it will be rudimentary or mundane in comparison to the unique item.

Law of Replication: The law stated above also applies to the replicating of powers. Replicated powers will not always be EXACTLY the same as the person they are Xeroxed from. It would also not be as powerful as the original person's power.
(I.e: Xerox high-fives Inferno. The Xerox copy may not get Pyrokinesis, instead it may get the ability to light itself on fire. Or Xerox get's patted on the head by Venus... he now has Venus' permission based power to control me...but unlike Venus he must kiss them. It is a variant of the power but it has a similar premise.)

Law of consciousness: The law of consciousness states:
"That which you are is all that you are. That which you are not is all that you will never be. Your thoughts, hopes, dreams and actions are what you are but they are not who you are. You can never part with who you are, though you can in theory be more than one you, you are still yourself as they are thremselves. Just as a camera taking pictures from the exact same spot. The pictures taken were EXACTLY the same and come from the exact same source...the pictures are all the same and behave the same, but are all individually singular."

  This law describes the nature of ones sense of self. It says that you are what yu are, and what you aren't is what you were never supposed to be. This means your hopes, dreams and thoughts are what you are, but WHO you are is a compilation of all these things. This law also states that it is theoretically possible for WHO you are to span beyond ones physical body. When in application to his Xeroxing power it explains that while these Xeroxed copies are exactly like him they are their own individual beings that aren't under his direct control.


Alcoholic: He is an alcoholic, this makes things difficult. Primarily because he can't fight worth shit drunk. He can run, but he definitely can't fight. Also, if he uses his Xerox power when he is drunk the Xeroxed copy is always drunk and will never sober up.

Weakness replication: Xeroxed copies with replicated powers share the weaknesses of the powers.

RP Mechanics

Peak human stamina, speed and dexterity: Peak human stamina, dexterity and speed due to his career as a professional soccar player.

Youth: It angers him, and it's not a metahuman power...but Gray looks younger than he really is. It annoys him that they card him everywhere.

Physical Priority

1 : Agility : 1
2 : Reaction : 2
3 : Endruance : 3
4 : Strength : 4


"Baby, my body IS my art."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Samantha Grigori
Villain Name: Ink
Title: "The bitch"
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 23
Occupation(s): Gang Member (currently), Tattoo Artist (Currently)
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145lbs.
Blood type: Ink

The Looks

This is Ink. She seems to be a punk sort of girl and loves leather. She's got a beautiful build, though often times seem sot be the kind of person who seems absolutely unamused with everything and everyone. Of course on rare occasions she is seen in a more positive light. Ink rarely ever smiles.
Ink undercover or trying to actually dressing up completely changes the way she looks, becoming unrecognizable to even those in the Gravitas gang, her "brother figure" being the exception because of his "sight" situation.

The Legacy

 A woman who knows how to get what she wants. She's not afraid of getting her hands dirty, or any other part of her for that matter. She enjoys long walks on the beach under the moon in the blood spattered sand with her dismembered enemies laying as a mound of flesh to the side. Sespite being partially sociopathic she tends to treat her allies as her family, and anything and everything that is a danger to her family is going to get a what for. Don't believe her then you can ask her real dad. He's dead. She killed him, if you didn't catch the first part of her personality. She strongly holds to the concept of loyalty but is all about the subterfuge and deception, she finds it to be pinnicle to any long as she's not the one doing it. She's a bitch who likes her action. The only "soft" part of her is the one that manifests by punching people for doing something stupid.

     Daddy's little girl, the princess, the apple of his eye and the blessing her mother always wanted. That was until puberty kicked in. Someone once made the joke about her bleeding everywhere...then she made THEM bleed everywhere. It wasn't sure why, what happened or how but the doctors simply chalked it up to some form of mental disorder associated with genetics. The girl was literally born a psychopath with a bloodlust and a difficulty to establish connections to others.  Classic Reactive Attachment Disorder, that was hardly able to be controlled or counseled until she was already done in.

   She was a member of a rural Indianapolis gang that was eventually assimilated into the gang that Gravity man eventually would overthrow with her help. She worked as a tattoo artist and she was somehow able to "take care" of every gang member sent out to her business to extort her. When Gravity Man was sent after her he had her at his mercy and he chose to spare her, seeing her as a resource and as an asset to his goal of eventually taking full control of the gang for himself. She still continues her work as a tattoo artist as a front for the gang's operations. Eventually she grew close to Gravitas, learned his secrets and came to look at him as a younger brother. That's when he learned that she truly believes in the phrase "you only hurt the ones you love".

The Powers

My body, My art, My weapon: Ink has the power to bring to life any tattoo on her body. She has five tattoos.
    Deathstalker Scorpion: A scorpion on her wrist that animates and comes to life.
    Poison Dart Frog: A poison dart frog with an automatic machine gun mounted on it's shoulder, filled with poison darts. She was feeling creative. The dart frog is a beautiful blue, purple and orange with silver armor on it's back with a cute little red bandanna around it's neck. The poison is a heavy tranquilizer.
    Solid-Snake: A snake coiled up her calf and thigh that seems to be nothing more than floating metal and energy. The snake is durable and is able to tazer people.
    Wings: Two big demon like wings on her back, near her shoulder blades. Enables flight.
    Polar bear with a Coke bottle: A polar bear with crazy eyes and a smile surrounded by bottles of coke.
The Black Widow's Web
A web that appears to be laced with a purple hue, the webs themselves appear to be made of black ichor and act like extensions of Ink's body. She can fire them out, intertwine them into rods, or she can have them span out like netting. The ichor seems to be corrosive and will devour at any flesh, metal it can keep itself attached to.

The Weaknesses

No more than two: Ink can't bring to life any more than two tattoo's at a time at any given time.

Fade away: Ink can only have a tattoo out for 4 posts at a time. After she's had it out for 4 posts it will fade away and return to her body where it must wait at least 3 posts before being able to be used again.

Scorpion Weaknesses: It is a scorpion whose only remarkable talent is that its poison is substantially more potent. Otherwise you can step on it, burn it, shock it or do whatever to it that you would do any normal bug and it will kill it.

Solid Snake weakness: Solid Snake is pure metal and hard to damage through many means. However EMP's and electrical energies will disrupt the energy that flows between the shards and it will go inert for a post. After it powers back up it cannot go inert again unless it has functioned for one post.

Wings: Her wings are not effective in stormy conditions, strong winds or other hazardous things like hail or sleet.

Polar Cub: Her polar bear gives no cares as it will wreck anyone and anything that gets close to her, it protects her as if she were it's cub. Sadly this is a very dangerous thing for allies to be caught in the middle of.

Cover up: Her tattoos disappear and are inoperable if they are wet. She must have a dry tattoo to use it. We don't know why.

Black Widow's Weakness: The Black Widow's web is a little volatile, and while they act as extensions of her body, they can often times actually act in a more "reactive" and uncontrollable manner. That being said they may choose to attack a different target than she is, or they may try to grab something to perceive to be a bigger threat than what she may recognize.

Animals: part of her therapeutic counseling's as a child involved animals. Ink first realized and recognized that he "violent tendencies" were "wrong" when she accidentally inflicted harm upon her childhood companion and best friend, a python named Joey. Ever since then she has managed to connect a sense of "wrong" and "guilt" with the harm of animals. Meaning the easiest way to get to her mentally is through animals.

RP Mechanics

Master of Disguise: She's an expert, no a master of disguise.

Gangland Bruiser: She knows her way around torture and weapons.

Physical Priority

1 : Reaction : 1
2 : Agility : 2
3 : Reaction : 3
4 : Endurance : 4


The Purple Man
*disgruntled screech and a yelp followed by maniacal laughter*

Basic Biography

Real Name: (Unknown)
Pseudonym: The Purple Man
Villain Name: Poltergeist
Title: "The Ghost". "The Nightmare of the Gods"
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 34
Occupation(s): Gang member (current), Murderer (current), IRS Agent (Formerly)
Gender: Male?
Race: Deranged and feral metahuman
Hair: unknown
Eyes: white
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 10 tons.
Blood type: None?

The Looks

This is Poltergeist. He looks like this except all black and his eyes glow white and his veins glow red.

The Legacy

  It's hardly a's a homocidal monster.

 Once a simple metahuman with the ability to turn invisible. Once captured he was experimented on by a geneticist who then locked him in an asylum. Eventually after so many experiments and so many nightmares, the man's mind literally eroded away into insanity. The man's power mutated him and soon his physical powers overcame his own mental nature and he was totally and utterly transformed into a monster, a freak that was like none other.

   How Gravity man met and tamed this beast is unknown, though what IS known is that this beast is terrifyingly effective at what it does. Causing chaos, murdering and all the things you hate. Gravity Man's research has only yielded that something like this has been seen once before in occult literature. It reads that these things are "broken men" whom have broken to the point that their minds are perfect for the molding for creatures of darkness and wickedness, they become the vessles and ultimately the walking tools of "The Nightmare of God's" a creature that even the God's themselves had nightmares of. Gravity Man then decided to claim it as a dependant and a pet and chucked the occult book in the trash.

The Powers

Imperfect Invisibility: He cannot be seen my the normal man, he canot be seen by most metahumans actually. He gives off sound and all other things, but this opponent is almost entirely translucent and see-through to anyone it does not wish to see him. He is only able to be see by means of extrahuman sensory or if you are the person it intends on attacking.

Organic Phasing: He has the ability to move, with all inorganic objects attached to him, through all organic matter without affecting it in any way as if he were a ghost.

Superhuman Strength: The ability to lift ungodly amounts and give a huge output of kinetic force when striking with his claws or his fangs.

Beyond human durability: Durability and stamina beyond human levels.

Blink: The ability to move beyond the speed of light and appear within 200 yards away.

The Weaknesses

Perfect Insanity: This man's mind is utterly broken. He's not even truly a man anymore. He can understand the most primitive and basic commands but he is utterly unable to forge any higher cognitive thought than a basic trap. It's entirely unable to speak and only laughs, growls and make gutteral noises. Easily outsmarted.

Inorganic: Abiotic things (things that are not living and were never living) are not able to be phased through, therefore is someone takes a blind shot and hits him he will be damaged.

b]Thrill-a-Kill:[/b] Murder is literally a drug to this thing. Once it kills someone all it wants to do is kill again, and again until it passes out, wakes up and gets to kill again. It won't pass up an opportunity to kill something if able.

Blindly blinking: When this creature blinks it cannot see, as it moves past the speed of light silently. That being said, if it runs into an object it is going to feel pain.

You can see can hurt me: If you can SEE him, be it through extra sensory or if he's chosen to hunt you or attack you, you have just as much a chance to hurt him as he does you.

Loud noises: Loud noises cause the creature to stop whatever it is doing, and in a panic it will blink away. If it's suppressed someone and loud noise is released it will teleport away. It is less effective if it knows what made the noise. (I.e: it attacks Tsxero and has heard Tsxero screech before. If Tsxero tries to screech to startle it, it will not be startled. As even in primitive, animal like nature it is familiarized that this creature has made this noise before.)

Blink Bind: Once he has chosen to blink he is unable to blink again for 3 posts. (unless a loud noise startles him. When that happens the cooldown resets to 3 posts.)

Energy Aversion: Energy projection powers are far more effective than physical energy damages. (i.e: Lightening manipulation, Chi manipulation, Spirit manipulation, demon fire manipulation, water manipulation, etc. will do more damage than Telekinesis, shooting him, punching him or trying to blow him up with a grenade.)

Delusional perception of reality: This creature sees reality different than most, that being said it is prone to hallucinations, illusions and experiencing events that haven't even really happened.

Keep children out of reach...wait-what!?: This creature attempts to kill and eat every child it sees for some reason. There's only been one recorded case of this creature coexisting with a child... keep away from children. It will end terribly and probably ruin any stealth attempt or plan that it's involved in.

RP Mechanics

Dark omen: animals will bark and go into a frenzy in this thing's presence, but all are too scared to do anything about it.

Physical Priority

1 : Strength : 1
2 : Endurance : 2
3 : Agility : 3
4 : Reaction : 4

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NPC's: The Gravitas Gang Empty Re: NPC's: The Gravitas Gang

Post by Atlas on April 11th 2015, 1:52 am

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Posting Apprentice

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