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Knightfall's List of Character Concepts

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Knightfall's List of Character Concepts Empty Knightfall's List of Character Concepts

Post by Knightfall April 27th 2017, 12:47 am

Concept: Wildfire/Wildfier
Wildfire is the bisexual product of a twisted corporation that creates biological weapons and makes them take up contracts from other corporations, etc. Such as assassinations, suicide missions, recon, tracking, infiltration, etc. He is the eighth out of nine current subjects. He has been brainwashed to do the tasks set for him and to not feel positive emotion. His abilities have been greatly enhanced from what they previously were. He can manipulate and generate different types of fire this includes regular fire, blue fire which exhausts his powers more given its higher intensity and heat, and explosive fire that burns on impact and bursts in a fiery explosion shortly after. His fire is slightly empathic in the way that it gets stronger and more uncontrolled when he's angry or it can be smooth and weaker when he's calmed. The fire's nature reacting to whatever emotion he's feeling at the time. He can fully combust his physical form having fireproof skin makes it to where he doesn't burn up as well as shooting fireballs, making a flame construct that takes the form of a fox. The type of fox changes when he's channeling different fire. He can also manipulate the smoke he generates allowing him to create dense cover for easy get away or find cover or open up a gateway that allows him to travel to his desired destination when walking through it. He has heightened sense such as smell, hearing, touch, and sight to the point where he can physically see scent trails, extend the range of his sight, focus his sense of smell on one thing, every touch  he feels it all throughout his body rather than just one point. as for taste he can't actually taste anything, and for hearing he can pick up on frequencies most humans won't be able to like dog whistles. He has serrated nails and canines sharpened to a point. These are capable of ripping and tearing into the flesh of his target with ease. He has an enhanced stamina allowing him to use his fire manipulation longer and not exhaust himself as often as he used to his mood and feelings help with his exhaustion. His enhanced stamina also allows him to catch up to his targets when they'd be out of breath he'd only just started to break a sweat. He has a resistance against diseases his immune system being stronger than most and able to effectively protect his body from harmful pathogens and viruses due to the fact his corporation didn't want him dying off due to various disease such as malaria when sent out to other countries. He regenerates at an accelerated rate allowing him to heal completely from a gunshot wound in twelve hours time.

Concept: Infinity
The last of its kind a race of aliens called Celestialsapien the infant lies in the very center of the Void and maintains the order and flow of space-time. It is the physical embodiment of infinity. It can change his form to that of a cat, an owl, and an orca all of them retaining his likeness but being changed in shape and structure. It can manipulate cosmic energy in the form of energy blasts, etc. It can also alter how big or small it is when in its regular humanoid form. It has a thirst for knowledge and is extremely curious but doesn't know much about the universe outside of its place of origin.

^ I'll finish the rest of Infinity's later. ^

Concept: Spartan
Concept: Triggerman
Concept: Aurum
Concept: Alloy
Concept: The One Who Runs
Concept: Narrator
Concept: Nathan
Concept: Ultimatum
Concept: Naga
Concept: Magi
Concept: Adolphin
Concept: Fiend
Concept: Seraphsin
Concept: Oblivion
Concept: Gravitron
Concept: Knightmare
Concept: Cyber Cavalier
Concept: DayRise
Concept: Starfall
Concept: Arachnophobia
Concept: Digit
Concept: Tsunami
Concept: Hot Thorn
Concept: Hope Diamond
Concept: Tribulation
Concept: Sunset
Concept: Absolvent
Concept: Executioner

"If I see any of you trying to steal my ideas I'll hunt you down. YOU HEAR ME?!"

Note: This is a list thats only function is to sort and work on all my current character concepts. Helps me remember what's what.

Knightfall's List of Character Concepts 2rggabb
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