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A Wretched Discovery

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INV ONLY A Wretched Discovery

Post by OhNoesBunnies! on August 1st 2019, 11:26 pm

A Wretched Discovery ZoiGz4K

August 1st, 2019

The discovery had the world of archeology on edge. A city of Mesopotamian origin belonging to the Sumer, lost to time, had been uncovered by an expedition of American, Iraqi, and British archeologists just south of Baghdad. What was originally thought to be the chamber to an insignificant 8th Century Caliphate noble turned out to be so much more than they imagined. Within, rooms and crisscrossing halls so massive ten men could stand one upon the other and never touch the ceilings lay before them, ready to be explored with thousands of years of missing history ready to be studied. The news had spread like wildfire. Major television organizations wanted to be the first to report on it, to witness the live unveiling of what was sure to change the history of the region. It wasn't until the late hours of the evening, when midnight grew near, that they found the center of the complex temple. The throne room where the Sumerians worshiped one of many their "Patron Gods"... but something was amiss. They had not expected to find a body, let alone one entangled with another in a seemingly fruitless struggle. Nor let alone one with four massive skeletal limbs, shaped like claws, curled about and impaling the skeletal remains of their victim.

Outside of the partially uncovered Sumerian dome, the crown had calmed. The assortment of men and women, reporters and workers, civilians and military alike, had begun to depart as the night grew old and twilight threatened to break into dawn. Though their chatter was still filled with excitement, many of their demeanors had grown tired. For them, it was time to rest. For one, they had only just begun to awake. Though before any of them could leave, the crowd picked up in a hurry. Panicked cries sounded and someone, a member of the last expedition into the foreboding temple, came crawling out covered in dirt flecked crimson. The few news crews that had stayed behind flicked on their cameras and began reporting frantically, then screams echoed out from the crack in the dome the expedition had discovered. Another figure attempted to climb out with limbs scrambling to grab whoever tried to help, but it was fruitless. Something larger than any normal human reached from the shadows of the temple and grabbed the entirety of his head in its palms. Wicked long fingers, shaped like claws, wrapped around the poor soul and forcibly tugged him back. His cries of fear quickly erupted into ones of anguish, and just as quickly were silenced with a sickening gurgle and the sound of flesh being rent.

Then something emerged. A massive humanoid figure with four arching limbs similar to that of a spider just behind pushed itself from the crevice with a groan. Its skin was grey with pigments of fresh blood glazing its body, and its mouth was agape, glistening with the fresh blood of its previous owner. As the camera remained fixed and the crowd began rushing away in a panic, the decrepit skin of the creature began to swell and change its hue, becoming more alive with a pale complexion, as the decidedly once skeletal figure started to take the shape of a giant and curvaceous female. Whether keeping his sights out of fear or courage, the cameraman neither moved nor uttered a word. Slowly, she lurched forward on weakened legs, her spider-esque limbs moving to assist, until she was only a few feet from the terrified reporter beside... and in a blur, with the camera falling and screams ringing out, she struck. With only her feet visible in frame, the creature lifted the poor man up into the air, her smaller spider-limbs impaling him through his abdomen and chest to create a downpour of crimson that drenched her all the way to her toes, which curled in the sand as if she were having a refreshing shower.

When the screaming stopped and the shooting began, she took off towards the distant city lights, using the dark of night as her cover... having discarded her last victim in two pieces upon the desert sand.

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