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Post by Vorik on September 16th 2019, 8:18 pm


"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Daniel Fulton
Villain Name: DANGER DAN!
Title: The Most Dangerous Dan, The Danger of Heroes, Dan The Destroyer, The Duke of Danger, The Despoiler of Safety, Dan The Dangerous Man, Indestructadan
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Ear-Length Windblown Dirty Blond
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5,11
Weight: 142
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Outside of his costume Dan is more or less average and would be easily ignored in a crowd. His dirty blonde hair is unkempt with a hint of stubble on his squared jaw. Dan's attire usually consist of worn out Van's sneakers and ripped up faded jeans with a graphic T-shirt of the latest video game or meme and a flannel button up. One wouldn't find it hard to think he just got out of bed and threw whatever was closest to him on for the day.

The Personality

Dan loves pop culture, whether it's memes, video games, or anime he considers himself a expect in the "fine arts". Before realizing he is indestructible or close enough to it he was rather meek. The meek kind of person who would sit in the back of the class and only be noticed when it was their turn to present. However despite his reserved nature he frequently found himself in heated debates regarding his hobbies that would usual end in fights.  

Now that he has super powers his cautious nature is replaced with reckless abandon. After all, what could possibly go wrong when you can shrug off bullets? His lack of concern is actually a facade, inside he is an emotional wreck beating himself up over his many failures. His dream is actually be something in his life and earn the respect from his colleagues.

While out performing a DANGEROUS DEED!  DANGER DAN! is bombastic and full of ham. To one who is indestructible these 'heroes' who can lift buildings and shoot lasers from their eyes try in vain to harm him so why should he worry about a fist that has the power of a miniature sun? While some of his DANGEROUS DEEDS! are for money the majority of them are for exposure. He commits crimes in hopes of drawing out the biggest and best heroes to battle with. Even losing he still wins as now more people know that he along fought against the best the world has to offer and survived.

The Story

Growing up in a middle-upper class suburban household in Maine to a successful lawyer and chemist Dan's life was fairly good. Toys and games were plentiful and the streets were safe. However, he was left for days on end by himself as his parents traveled to various events and meetings around the world. There were no other kids around the block so his comics and games were all he had to keep him company. When his parents did come home his father would try to show and teach him the newest coolest thing in science but Dan was just happy to not be alone. His father tried for years to get that genius spark he knew his son had to shine but was met with mixed results. His final attempt was bring your kid to work day. Whether it was a loose kid messing with control valves or a miscarried number the lab's various chemicals super-heated and exploded covering everyone. Dan only survived due to the quick thinking of his father shoving him into a small pressure fridge used to contain chemical reactions. He was the sole survivor of the horrible chemical explosion.

His school years were awkward and uncomfortable as every kid's experience but he always had a rough time fitting him with kids from more "normal" households. Dan's high school experience came and went with few teachers even remembering Dan at all. After all what's noteworthy about a student who gets C's and quietly sits in the back? Going to college College was more or less the same with few people bothering to talk with him outside of projects. Without the push of his father his life was aimless. Not even knowing why he was even bothering with school as the class action settlement from the lab accident more than set him up for life he dropped. 3 years he sat around doing nothing but playing video games and ranting on forums about various things only feeling more disheartened by the day. He knew he wasn't talented like his parents, nor was he charismatic enough to have people to hang out with. There was nothing going for the social outcast that Dan was.

After being nagged for the 100th time to get milk from the store Dan didn't realize how significant this milk run would be. Groceries in hand he was too busy thinking about who would win between Atlas vs Oak to see the bus. Miraculously unharmed he thought he was the luckiest guy in the world that what seemed to be a head on impact only clipped him instead. Dusting himself off he decided to skip the street and walk down the train track instead. His earbuds were on full and Dan was happy to still be alive in spite of the near death experience that he also didn't hear nor see the train barreling down the tracks. Miraculously again Dan didn't become a red smear and was flung 68ft into the air. Screaming as he flew in the air he thought that this, this was it. The bus he was lucky, The train, was a miracle, but the seemingly random pile of swords in the junkyard he was careening to? That was it. Miraculously(Triple miraculous?) The swords didn't kill him either. In fact despite the dirt marks and torn clothing he was fine. Dan may not believe in God but he does believe in superpowers and if he didn't have one then he didn't know anything at all. Racing home with excitement for the new possibility to actually becoming a hero he thought on all the cool names he could take. Turns out the vast majority of names involving being impervious/indestructible were already taken. Not letting this bring him down he donned one of his father's old Hazmat suits and ventured out into the world to be a hero!

Being at the wrong place at the worst of times can really make all the difference for someone. If only Dan was given a chance to say a few words in his defense before the hero group descended upon him like a pack of bullies he was all to familiar with. How could they think that he of all people was a bad guy? Yeah, gas masks are kinda villainous but he was obviously saving that women from those thugs. She was just pepper spraying him out of panicked fear. The heroes had no idea when they were saying he was a danger to society.  Enraged that his first outing as a hero, the first time he had a chance for greatness, to make his life mean anything was ruined to the overzealous self righteous heroes he looked up to. They called him a dangerous man? Well, he'll show them just how dangerous an indestructible man can be. He will show them all...DANGER DAN!
The Priority

1. Agility 1
2. Endurance 4
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 3

The Powers

Indestructible:Due to the various pressurized super-heated chemicals from the lab explosion Dan is outright immune to all physical harm. Whether it's gunfire, lasers, or even magical disintegration. If the intended effect is to harm Dan physically it is nullified.
The Weaknesses

Specific Immunity:While Dan is immune to physical harm others types of attacks work just fine on him such as mental attacks.
Probably his biggest weakness is that he still needs to breathe. If he was to be held underwater he'd drown/pass out. Could Even just put him into a choke hold until he passes out as well.

Base Human
:Besides his amazing indestructibility he is otherwise a normal guy in terms of strength, speed, and intelligence. He isn't going to have the decades of training to run across walls or the capability to lift buses. He is simply a normal indestructible dude.

Sensitive Ego
:Dan may talk a big game and acts like a massive tool but he is actually very insecure with himself. If a hero was to this out they could possibly manipulate him just by a calling him out.
The Items

A standard hazmat suit with 3 back up air filters
A smart phone
Fanny pack filled with basic first aid supplies and a juice pouch
Wallet with 32 dollars and a 8/10 punched Starbucks card
The Minions

Has no minions as of yet
The Fluff

The RP Sample

The streets were quite with everyday people going about their everyday business unaware to the horrors lurking just around the corner. Lulled into a false sense of comfort with the inactivity of villainy and the ever watchful eyes of their caped crusaders. Little did they know that things were about to become unsafe and hazardous, dare I say it, DANGEROUS!

Big and Low was your everyday convenient store, the kind you'd find every other block just around the corner. With its cheap goods and flash sales many families flocked to get the latest buy one get one free special. Here they felt safe, secure, knowing they would get the best deals around town never aware what sort of heinous deed was being done.

DANGER DAN! fidgeted with one of the many sticks adhered to his skin. With one rough tug he ripped it off hissing under his breath. "Gah, I knew I shouldn't of gotten that industrial glue. Damn stuff gets everywhere." Placing the sticker on a shelving unit he went to pull off another. "No matter once this DANGEROUS DEED! is done the public will fear the name that is DANGER DAN!." These exclamations drew the eyes of many shoppers who moments later decided it was best to leave the strange yellow suited man shouting at himself alone. Tug, swear, stick, this went on for several minutes before Dan felt the judgmental presence of another extraordinary individual.

"Just what do you think you are doing?" The man said in a snobby voice. Sighing Dan put down his wad of stickers and turned around. "Obviously I'm committing a DANGEROUS DEED! Would love to monologue but I still have 3 more shelves to label before the heroes show up so if you don't mind, I'm busy." The snobby man winced as DANGER DAN! bellowed mid sentence looking more annoyed. "You're just replacing the labels of milk, how is this possibly evil?" Staring for a moment Dan chuckles and rubbed his gloved hands together. "Yes, genius ins't it? Heroes always watch out for robberies and kidnappings but they will never expect this! The confidence in this city is based on assurances and promises but how can the people trust a city and their heroes if they cannot get the right kind of milk? Soon, yes, soon, the people will be aghast when they found out the more healthy whole milk is actually the vastly inferior .2%. By then the heroes will be too late as the people turn on them in the milk addled rage." Taking a moment DANGER DAN! cackled thrusting his hands in the air.

"That has got to be...The most moronic, nonsensical thing I've ever heard! You are by far the worst excuse for a villain I've ever seen and I have flunked hundreds from my academy." The snobby man scoffed. "You'll see, you'll all see once my DANGEROUS DEED! is done!" Dan slapping the man's chest with a .2% sticker before turning around to continue his evilness. The man was stunned over this display of lack of self preservation. Didn't this moron in yellow know who he was? He was THE Brother Blood! The city's villainy wouldn't be half as effective had it not be for his wisdom guiding it. With grating teeth he composed himself. "I have half the mind to destroy you." "Half a mind? Well in that case let me fix that." Dan flourished and slapped Brother Blood with yet another sticker labeling him as 50% off. "Now begone before I label you with another sticker!" Brother Blood only saw red.

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Post by Zonky Blong on September 18th 2019, 4:52 pm

Approved, approved, approved!


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