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A Danger Comes to New York!

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A Danger Comes to New York! Empty A Danger Comes to New York!

Post by Vorik on September 23rd 2019, 9:40 pm

The video feed sprang to life barely illuminating the dirty backroom of probably some abandon warehouse. The view was partially blocked as a man in yellow fiddled with something just beyond the camera's view. He fiddled around for a few minutes before sighing in frustration.

"This place has only been abandoned for 3 years and all the wiring is rusted! I didn't even think it was possible for wires to rust, they have that colored rubber stuff on them...Well at least these ones probably did. That or the scavengers really are getting desperate..." The mysterious yellow figure scratched the back of his helmeted head. "Man, this city really has problems."

"Can I go now? I have work in 2 hrs and I need to get ready. I can't miss another shift." The female voice whined. Another sigh escaped the yellow man as he turned towards her. "Look here Rebecca, I've gone through a lot of trouble kidnapping you and trying you to that chair. The least you can do is wait a freaking minute. Not my fault this place isn't up to code."

Rebecca Chambers rolled her eyes. She really didn't have time for another kidnapping this month. Of all the people to kidnap, why her? She was after all just a reporter of one of many news stations. Was it because she was pretty? She'd like to think so but still the first few times were cute and exciting but this is getting ridiculous.

"Aha, I got it!" Flicking on a Zippo the room was illuminated by the pale yellow flame showing more or less the same dusty room that Rebecca and Dan was in. Dan set the lighter next to the camera and backed away standing next to the immobile reporter.

"Alright we are in business! Do I look good, is my hair ok? Wait..I have a helmet on. Sorry first time doing this...Anyways!" Dan crossed his arms and firmly planted his feet in front of him. Many a villain did this pose and was commonly known as "The Standoff". "Quake and despair heroes of New York for I, DANGER DAN! have committed the dangerous deed of kidnapping loved reporter Rebecca Chambers! For years the public has grown soft off the protection from their "heroes" but those days end. No longer will this be a safe world, no longer will the supermen of the world stop the destruction just beyond the door. Hiding will not safe no and running only delays your destruction. Send forth your greatest champions so that you can watch them fall under the devastation of DANGER DAN! MUAHAHAHAH-" "Uh Dan?" "HAHAHAH-" "Dan, the camera is on fire!" "Oh fuck!" The feed cuts off as Dan dives towards the camera.

Which heroes will answer the call and confront the most dangerous threat yet?


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