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Designer/Mutilator Empty Designer/Mutilator

Post by Secret Santa March 23rd 2024, 9:29 pm


The Bio

Real Name:Ashley Baker
Villain Name:Mutilator
Hero Name:Designer
Age: 38
Gender: Female/Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5,6/8,3
Weight: 132lbs/586lbs
The Looks

Hero Form: Ashley would best be described as mundane-looking. Standing at 5,6, she has a thin figure, pale skin, and long dark hair usually styled into intricate braids. Her face is average with dark big eyes, a button nose, and a small mouth. While approaching 40 she could just as easily pass for her late 20s or early 30s.  She wears a fashionable bright green bodysuit with intricate golden filigree and no mask.

Villain Form:  Mutilator is a hulking brute of bulging flesh, jagged bone, and flayed skin. He stands over 8 feet tall with a grisly visage that makes him look more like the corpse of an alien than anything resembling a man. Thick arms much longer than a man’s scrap against the floor as he stands hunched over. Exposed bone pierces his twisted and malformed skin with tendrils of flesh writhing and twisting sprouting from his back and shoulders. His face is a mass of gnashing teeth and bloodshot eyes. Torn bits of shredded blood-stained clothing tightly cling to his unholy form.

This wonderful art is provided by Chellizard!
The Personality

Due to her rampant use of her power on her brain, Ashley has warped and twisted their mind into a deep state of psychopathy. He has long ago removed any trace of empathy, remorse, and guilt from his psyche. They have augmented themselves to be self-confident, outgoing, charismatic, and extremely intelligent. She doesn’t see her actions through the lens of right and wrong but rather a transaction-based system focusing on getting her more fame, influence, and power. They don’t see anything wrong with using and manipulating others to further their ends, even if the manipulation causes great suffering. While identifying as Designer, Ashley puts on the face of a bubbly and down-to-earth hero who is a bleeding heart for those down on their luck. Organizing charity drives and offering her services to help heroes and the innocent recover from their wounds or appearing on talk shows to bring awareness to ongoing issues. Of course, she doesn’t truly care about these but the positive attention and influence she has cultivated over the years as a hero please her greatly.

In his villain form, Mutilator drops all pretense of the mask of humanity they wear and shows their true self as a self-serving monster who will go to any lengths to get what they want. Cold and calculating, Mutilator organizes massive crimes to get information, resources, or even just the pleasure of dominating others that he can’t get while portraying a hero. He loves seeing his crimes plastered all over the news and the attention and fear he gains from it.
The Story

As the ad break ends the screen returns to the latest episode of Hero Talk. On-screen is an aging redheaded man in a suit and a combover sitting behind a desk and a woman who looks to be in her late 20s, she is wearing a dazzling green bodysuit with golden filigree. She looks happy as she reclines back on the couch.

The man takes a drink from his mug before speaking.

“Welcome back to another episode of Hero Talk with me, Jim Davis, and our special evening guest! You may have heard of her from her latest charity fundraiser event, Every Child’s a Super, her extensive clothing line of the latest and most trendy fashion, or her outstanding work in supporting the hero community healing those brave enough to protect us. I’m of course talking about Ashley Baker, Designer!”

The audience applauds while Ashley fails to fight off an embarrassed smile.

“Oh stop, you’re too much!” She blushed.

“Nonsense, if anyone deserves the praise it’s you. Not that many heroes have spent the last 2 decades dedicating their lives to helping others to the extent you have.” He laughed.

As he continued working the crowd she thought with amusement on how little they knew about her, even after 23 years of being in the public.

“With all that, thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to come on the show today and talk all about ya.”

He drank again, she noted. The man was sweating too easily, dehydrated, diabetic? She mused. Maybe even the beginnings of a heart problem in the coming years. She could easily fix it but what was to be gained from that?

“So… Designer, or would you prefer Ashley?” He asked.
“Ashley is fine.” She smiled softly.

“Right then. How did one of the most famous heroes of our time get started? When did you realize you could be a hero and start fighting the good fight?” He questioned.

“Well, that's quite a big question to ask there…But I suppose I can try to answer that.” She trailed off as she remembered the early days, back when she was a nobody, unimportant, WEAK.

“I wasn’t that different than anyone else growing up, went to school, did homework, maybe snuck out once or twice…”

The audience laughed.

“It was when I was around 14 that I found out I could help others, and I mean truly help them. I was at a coffee shop with friends when a supervillain attacked. I can’t remember who they were but they did such awful things, the building was collapsing, people were yelling out, just…truly awful things.

She hesitated, taking a deep breath, acting as if these memories were painful.

“My friend was trapped under the debris and as I tried to pull her out I felt it. Right then and there my power started healing her of her injuries. Her broken leg mended and her cuts and bruises faded away.”

She stared at her hands in reflection.

“It was then that I knew what I could do and what I should do. There was no doubt in my mind at that moment who I was supposed to be. With these God-given blessings, how could I say no?” She said with innocent wonder.

The crowd ate it up because of course they did. They always did. All of this was bullshit. In reality, she fell off her bike and instinctually healed her scrapped knee. Regardless, the truth didn't matter in PR, only the sob stories or those that caused them to lock their doors at night in fear mattered.

“Woah, that is quite the origin story!” Jim said over the applause. He waited for the crowd to die down.

“Speaking of your power can you go into more detail on it? We all know you heal people from even the most serious of injury but we’ve never actually gotten your description of it.”

She took a sip from her mug before speaking.
“I’d love to! My power is pretty straightforward compared to other heroes, but you already have the gist of it. I can encourage people’s bodies to heal faster or direct their healing to do specific things it normally wouldn’t do like changing their hair color or growing taller.”

She frowned slightly.

“The latter is pretty restricted on what I can do, mainly being cosmetics but thankfully I’m able to help others with life-threatening injuries or even cure their diseases. I can’t use it on my own body though, not sure why but I’m not complaining, I'm happy with what I can already do. Still, I’m happy I can work with someone and give them the dream body they always wanted.” She chuckled.

She was feeding them so many outright lies that it was comical at this point to her. For decades they have believed that the little innocent healer couldn’t pose any real threat. That her power was limited to just healing. In truth, she could do so, so, much more. She doesn’t just heal, she has complete control of organic matter and can shape it to her desire like a skilled potter with wet clay.

Wings, extra arms, cat-like eyes that see in the dark, and more, so much more. As long as she could make the body still function, she could do just about anything to change it…Including her own.

While everyone praised her for her charity work and healing, she always believed her real power lay in changing her own body, making her better, stronger, the person she was meant to be.

She remembered back then when she was a nobody. People walked right over her because she wasn’t the smartest, the prettiest, or the most successful, but she changed all that. Like a skilled surgeon, she meticulously altered her mind, removing anything she saw as weakness or failure. Her fears, self-doubt, and her slow mind, all were replaced and enhanced. She even went as far as to remove her empathy and guilt when those pesky things started hindering her success. After all, why would she let something stop her from being successful when she had the tools to correct it?

The interview went on as Jim Davis asked her about her life. Her charity work for those in need, her newest fashion line, even joking asking her to restore his receding hairline which she did much to his surprise. As the show ended the host thanked her for her time and said she was one of the real heroes. She gave him the same rehearsed smile she’d been giving for years.

As she left, ignoring the crowd of paparazzi, she couldn’t help but be amused by what he said. “One of the real heroes.” If only they knew how laughable that was. She stopped and stared at the crowd of people admiring her musing on how none of them would approach her had she been in her other form, her other identity.

Years ago she had concluded that while success is a ladder, there was a ceiling. She had spent decades building up her stardom, growing her fanbase of masses who utterly adore her for being “one of the real heroes” but how can you go up from there when everyone already loves you? What could you do to be even more popular? Even more successful? Fear, she had concluded. She had long ago hit the ceiling on adoration but there was the other side where people feared and respected you.

She had been so blind to not see the other ladder.

Resolving herself to not continue making this mistake she created her other identity. It was a masterpiece in fear and horror in her opinion. A hulking monstrous brute of a man the newspapers quickly named Mutilator. As her alter ego, she could finally let loose with her power and sculpt herself, pushing her power to its limits, making herself a monster of flesh, blood, and bone, capable of striking fear into even the most steadfast of heroes. The more destruction she caused, the more mayhem she reaped, the more people talked about her. Whispering in dread of the seemingly unstoppable boogeyman she had created.

It has been too long since Mutilator last made his appearance to remind those who would forget about him why they should lock their doors at night. Perhaps he will make his appearance on Hero Talk next week and show Jim Davis what a real villain looks like compared to a real hero?

The Powers

Flesh Manipulation: Designer has the incredible ability to manipulate organic matter whether that is her own body or others. There is almost no limit on how far she can alter an organism with the only limit being that the result must be biologically possible. She can’t alter someone’s body to give him laser vision but she could give them wings to fly with or eyes that can see in the dark. The process of altering flesh is much faster when used on her own body as when used on others she has to systemically disable their immune system. The more extreme the change the longer and more exhausting the process is.

Mutilator primarily uses their power to augment themselves and transform into a monstrous being of flesh and bone, granting themselves incredible regeneration, strength, durability, and a wide range of biological weaponry such as jagged bone claws, projectile bone spurs, acidic bodily fluids, or even meaty combat tendrils. Designer uses their power to heal the injured and cure the meek of their ailments, or even cosmetically change those who want to become beautiful.

The Weaknesses

Secret Potential: Due to their dual identities, Designer limits their power capabilities based on their current identity. As a hero, they will only use their power on others; as a villain, they only change themselves. While She can use her power without these self-imposed limits she is hardpressed to as she doesn’t want people to make the connection between her two identities.

Aim For The Limbs: They are incredibly hard to kill due to their rampant regeneration but even that has limits. Dismembered limbs take longer to regrow than other wounds and having to regenerate too much too quickly will leave them feeling sluggish and exhausted.

Fire Weakness: In particular, fire is an effective means of slowing down her regeneration.

Touch Based: Mutilator needs physical contact with whatever he is trying to change.
The Items

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