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Deimos BlackBrook

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Deimos BlackBrook Empty Deimos BlackBrook

Post by Demonhunter February 24th 2021, 5:51 pm

Deimos Blackbrook

"Sometimes I wonder if the world could collapse into stardust tomorrow."

The Bio

Real Name:Deimos BlackBrook
Hero Name:Deimos
Title:Star Dragon
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 6ft 2
Weight:270 pounds including the wings on his back
Blood type:???

The Looks

Deimos BlackBrook 6441a0321d6c62909ebba080c736834d
(Kyle Ellison)

Deimos BlackBrook Dbb6u8k-28534b54-3da3-48e1-99a9-af16925f012e.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3sicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvNGJiNzViMWQtM2NiNS00NDVjLWJkNTUtNjgyMDg0ZDk2YmJmXC9kYmI2dThrLTI4NTM0YjU0LTNkYTMtNDhlMS05OWE5LWFmMTY5MjVmMDEyZS5wbmcifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6ZmlsZS5kb3dubG9hZCJdfQ

By CanserM on Deviantart
The Personality

Deimos is a rather shy and quiet boy, not at all what anyone might expect from one who’s raw magical capability could reduce the cosmos to dust. The mage is a kind young man though, and has chosen to use his magical studies for good. He can often be found volunteering as a healer in disasters, offering a bit of extra protection to fire fighters. His idea about his ability in magic is that there was no point in wasting it, when it can be used for good.

The half dragon knows he has yet to reach the true potential of his magic, and deep down he knows there's something he is supposed to do with it. He wants to find more of his own kind, find where he came from and maybe more about what his magic is for.

The Story

Across the universe exist manifestations of the aspects of life. One to control time, one to control the sun, or one to control the moon, for example. One of these was a dragon named Silithia who controlled the stars.

Silithia reigned as queen of the cosmos for several thousand years. However, this all changed when a man showed up in her domain. This was unheard of, her pocket dimension was supposed to be inaccessible to human technology, however this man was a distinguished mage. This man’s name was James Crowley. In their time together the two grew close, James taught Silithia about the human world, while Silithia taught him the more obscure magics of her race. The two then brought a son into this world.

Silithia began to notice James’ interest shifted from the joy of having a baby boy, to constantly testing his magical abilities. The visits from him seemed to devolve into trying to get the baby to show any kind of magical talent at all before he could even sit up. The dragon grows more suspicious of his intentions and orders a servant nymph to spy on James in his return to the human world.

Sure enough a plot was uncovered, James planned on extracting whatever magic Deimos had inherited from his mother through black magic, and claiming it for himself. Everything had been a ruse and now Deimos was in danger from his own father.

Silithia was desperate to save her baby, and the only way to save him was to hide him and make sure James could never leave. She dismissed all her servants with only one order: Hide Deimos among the humans. Find someone safe to raise him and who would love him as much as she did.

The pocket dimension seals behind James as he comes to take his son, locking him there. She confronts the mage about the sinister plan and duels to the death to keep him there.

Silithia, however, did not die in vain. Deimos was brought to earth by Silithia’s servants and placed upon the front door of an old couple who’d lost their child to illness in the past, deciding that they were worthy of raising their prince.

Ed and Kathy Blackbrook, although alarmed by what seemed to be a metahuman baby on their doorstep, were soon overjoyed by the realization they had a second chance of being parents. They handled the legal adoption process to take him in and raised him like a normal child, even if he did have wings. As Deimos grew and learned to speak the human tongues, he was able to explain his mother and the circumstances of his arrival.

He grew up as normally as a half-dragon could in a human world. He went to public school, graduated with a normal degree and is currently in college to be a pharmacist. However, he cannot ignore the call that there is more for him to do.

The Powers

Deimos has two sets of powers, One set for his human form and the other for his dragon form.


1. Spell Casting: Inhuman for Deimos’s spell casting mirrors D&D’s Sorcerer. He has spell slots for every spell except one that he must expend. He can use metamagic to ‘upcast’ which means he can use a higher spell slot to cast a lower level spell and currently has spell slots equivalent to a level 7 sorcerer, however due to the fact he is a half human, he doesn’t have to stick to spells within a specific domain. He is a jack of all trades when it comes to spells and he can theoretically learn more

Lvl 1s- 4 slots
Heal > A touch spell that heals more the longer he can keep contact
Shield > Eats one incoming attack completely. However it is very obvious they are shielded.
Lvl 2s- 3 slots
Silence > Creates a 30 foot area where sound doesn’t happen at all. It’s good for shutting down other mages that need speech and sneaking around.
Greater healing> A ranged healing spell that can reach 15 feet away and heals extensive injuries such as broken bones and organ damage
Lvl 3s- 3 slots
Animate object > Deimos can make up to 3 objects, each under 10 pounds act on its own accord, such as making a pen write notes on its own, or a book flipping through the pages by itself. This enchantment can last for up to 3 hours.
Fog> Deimos can turn himself into gas and move 30 feet. He can move through people and even though grates.
Lvl 4s- 1 slot
Polymorph > For a span of about 10 seconds, he can turn someone into something incredibly inconvenient. Or very convenient. This person must either be willing or unsuspecting.
Teleport > Deimos can choose to blink elsewhere up to 60 feet away for free, instantly.

2. Blind and Burn: Deimos has but one spell that doesn’t eat spell slots. Deimos has the ability to use his breath weapon as if it were a spell. This is the only spell that only requires somatic components (hand movements) This ability functions as a ray of blinding light and scorching heat given off in the same manner the surface of stars do, through the fusion of hydrogen and helium. However it is quite weak, the damaging portion of it reaches 30 feet, but it can be moved. Looking at the ray directly puts people at it risk being blinded temporarily, or if they continue to look it can burn their retinas. Getting hit with the ray, doesn’t hurt much at first… then it begins to irritate the skin like a sunburn… and with more time of exposure the damage gets worse and worse. Full duration is 20-30 seconds, however direct exposure for the full duration can leave a victim permanently blind, likely with third degree burns and anything flammable on their person is likely on fire.

3. Wings: Deimos does retain his wings. He cannot hide them and they are still functional. He has a double set  of wings, The main, outer wings are 12 feet from wing tip to wing tip. The lower supporting set is 8 feet across and is only really useful for staying vertical in the air. When not in use the supporting set tuck perfectly under the main set.
Cards of the Fae:
During the events of the London event, Deimos was brought to full power by a mysterious being which granted him a grand many powers for a short time. However, as a parting gift he was gifted an artifact from his future, a deck of Tarrot cards that have vast magical properties. The cards themselves look like a relatively normal set of tarot cards, however they have a consciousness, throwing out cards for readings. It is an unknown fact that these cards can foresee the future, however they can only communicate via tarot readings. As well as a tool for divination, The 21 major arcana cards each have a magical effect attached to both their upright and reversed positions, meaning a total of 42 new useful spells.

Deimos's cards grant him access to 42 new spells/effects. Each card has two abilities assigned to it, one for the upright and one for a reversal. Only one card effect can be played at a time (with only one exception as stated on the empress card) and using another effect requires a dismissal of the first.

The Fool:

The Magician:

High Priestess:




The Lovers:

The Chariot:


The Hermit:

Wheel of Fortune:


The Hanged Man:



The Devil:

The Tower:
The Star:

The Moon:

The Sun:


The World:

1. Dragon Physiology:  As a dragon Deimos is roughly 14 tons, or the weight of 2 African elephants. Although he is nowhere near growing. His mother was so large she could block the sun from a city as if it were night. However, he is still young and it will take thousands of years for him to reach the sheer size his mother had. He has a crown of 6 horns that curve off his head, scales black at night that act as armor to deflect most projectiles and bladed weapons save for the highest caliber bullets, a double set of enormous wings, the larger set reaching 60 feet across, the smaller 40 feet. His claws are dagger sharp and are designed to shred armor. At the end of his tail are four boney thagomizers meant to be used to ward off attacks from the side or rear.
2. Stealthy Flight: Deimos has amazing flying ability, his enormous wingspan, in comparison to his body size, assures that his flying is basically silent. His double set of wings assures he can turn in a 5 foot radius and remain vertical, he can even fly backwards like a hummingbird, albeit clumsier. However, the feature that makes him the deadliest is his ability to dive. Deimos chooses to fly high in the air, above the clouds to avoid detection. When he sights a target he can tuck his wings and dive, using gravity to aid him to kick up to incredible speeds. His double wingset allows him to stop his dive within 20 feet. On top of this, he evades detection at night due to his coloring. He is dark, scales having almost a deep violet undertone, however the skin on the underside of his wings project stars and are bright with glimmering light, mimicking a night sky as he passes over targets on the ground.

3. Starlight Ray: This is essentially Deimos’s blind and burn ability on a much grander scale. Its cast as a breath weapon, and charges for about 10 seconds, The scales and spines on his back light up in a contagion from head to tail when the last scale lights he can blast an even more powerful torrent of nuclear power in a direction. It’s enough to melt tone and burn through 5 feet of steel in 20 seconds. He can use it like a ray as if he were in human form, or he can split it into short bursts. He can do this mid flight and is so accurate he can hit a 10 foot target on the flyby and leave the surroundings untouched.  He can use the ray for 20 seconds at a time or 10 bursts, 8 if he’s doing it in rapid succession. His scales remain lit, but pulse grows dimmer for about 5 minutes. Once his scales are dark again he can do it again.
4. Fire: Deimos can breathe fire like a stereotypical dragon, so of course he is fireproof. Deimos’s saliva has a very kerosine-like quality to it (fun fact, it gives it a sweet, sugary taste.) to make sure that the moisture won’t extinguish the flames. In the back of deimos’s throat are two glands that produce an oily substance that floods the mouth when he is about to breathe fire. Lastly his back teeth act as a flint and steel, clicking against each other if he opens his mouth quickly to ignite. Once the blaze has started, he can bathe something in intense fire for about 2 minutes straight. 2 minutes is a leisurely burn, he can pour in more gas for a more intense flame.
5. Limited regeneration: Deimos heals at a rate normal to a human, however, some damage can be regenerated over time. Like if he loses a horn, a thagomizer spike, tears his wing membranes, loses a tooth, these will regrow over time. Deimos is very unlikely to remain permanently maimed as long as he is not outright killed in whatever encounter he got in and will heal eventually.

The Weaknesses

spellcasting weaknesses
1. Spell casting: Deimos’s spellcasting with the exception of blind and burn require verbal and somatic components. Damage his hands or inhibit his ability to speak and you keep him from casting spells.
2. Spell limitation: Deimos’s mechanics work similarly to dungeons and dragon’s spellcasting. He gets one spell a turn (post). Spell slots are expended based upon level of the spell. Onces he’s out he must wait until a full rest to regain his spell slots.
3.Blind and burn: Although this ability is excluded from the spell slots mechanic, it’s cooldown is 5 minutes at night and 7 minutes during the day.
4. Polymorph: Polymorph is a rather gimicky spell. It works best on turning allies into something very convenient as being willing to be turned into something makes it a given success. However, if he uses it to turn an enemy into a duck or something there is a chance that someone could resist it (permission based.)
5. Upcasting:  Deimos can get around some spellslots limitations by ‘upcasting’, this means he uses a higher level spell slot to cast a lower level spell. This, however, does not work backwards. If he runs out of level three spell slots, yet wants to cast fog, he’d have to use his one level 4 slot instead of a level 2
6. Deimos’s level 1 heal is more useful the longer he can keep physical contact with whoever he needs to heal. This can possibly put him in a dangerous position as he needs both hands and is thus unable to cast any more spells to defend himself whilst healing. However if he were allowed to continuously heal, he can heal almost anything within an hour, and he can get rid of any scarring in 2 hours.

Physiological weaknesses
1.Healing- Deimos has no healing factor. He heals at the same rate a human does. Breaking bones and muscle damage can put him out for weeks.
2.Wing trouble: His wings are incredibly sensitive in human form; Squeeze them too hard and it’ll really hurt.
3. Immobile and squishy: Deimos’s wings are big and bulky in mage form. They tuck neatly against his back, however he won’t be pulling any acrobatics or impressive feats of agility to dodge getting hit.
4.Cold blooded- Deimos, although he doesn’t count as a truly cold blooded animal, he does have trouble regulating body temperature. Heat is never a problem, however cold is a major problem. He’s usually wearing clothes a bit warm for the weather, but if he gets cold he can be sluggish, groggy and may even lose his ability to cast spells because he can’t articulate his speech well enough. He doesn’t shiver, nor does he really have any indication that he is too cold either. The only warning he gets is that he is groggy.
5.Switching from dragon form to human form: Although it is a short process, it leaves him vulnerable. He can’t cast spells, he can’t defend himself at all and it takes almost a full 30 seconds. Therefore switching between a dragon and human form mid-combat is never going to work. He has to pick one before the fight even starts.
6.Dietary requirements: Deimos sheds scales often. These scales need to be replaced. In old days dragons would pillage gold, silver, gems, precious metals, not to hoard for their value, but to consume to maintain healthy scales that would serve as armor. However, Deimos’s digestive system cannot digest gold, gems and silver like his mother could. So to maintain his scales, he requires an iron rich diet. He takes iron supplements, eats a diet rich in red meats. His fire glands also require a fatty diet to make more of the oily substance allowing him to breathe fire. So foods like fish, nuts, and eggs are eaten often. Although caloric intake is not a huge problem (3000 calories a day), the contents of it need to be managed well to keep his scales healthy and fire glands full.
7. Telegraphed abilities- It is very telegraphed when deimos is about to use either his starlight ray or his fire as a dragon. His scales give a good 10 second warning before he uses it, continue to glow while he has it charged and pulse when he cannot use it, making it very easy to time attacks just right. Also when he runs out of oil in his glands, he will begin producing more smoke with his fire until all he is spitting is smoke.
8. Fire gland regeneration: As long as Deimos maintains his dietary habits, it takes a full 24 hours to refill an empty fire gland.
9. Sphinx hair- Forces him back into mage form immediately… even if he’s flying.
10. Dragon bone- ignores the armor his scales provide.

Cards of the fae:
Deimos's ability cards can only be used one at a time, although they can be used multiple times a day. Some effects linger after the card is put away, however he cannot play any cards tandem unless it is the Empress.
The Items

Library collection: Deimos collects books and magical artifacts. His parents attic is like walking into a treasure trove of spell tomes, history books and mildly cursed items. If something needs researching, it’s pretty likely it can be found in Deimos’s library.

The Minions

The Fluff

1: Although Deimos was only able to be with his birth mother for a few weeks, dragons use their minds to project pictures and words into the minds of baby dragons while in their eggs. So even though Deimos was a baby when he was sent away, he very much does remember his mother.He is also capable of doing mind pictures, but only toward other dragons and he is incredibly out of practice as he’s never had to project before as he’s never encountered another dragon.
2. Deimos DID hatch from an egg. As a child he preferred to remain in dragon form, growing from the size of a house cat, to his current size. If he had the option to, he’d remain as a dragon permanently as it feels more natural.
3. Deimos’s library is heavily enchanted so he doesn’t have to expend spell slots within it. Therefore his library can be full of a lot of things moving on their own due to Deimos’s animate object spell.

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Deimos BlackBrook Empty Re: Deimos BlackBrook

Post by Zonkes March 11th 2021, 11:03 pm

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