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[BREAKING NEWS] Recent Lore Updates

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[BREAKING NEWS] Recent Lore Updates Empty [BREAKING NEWS] Recent Lore Updates

Post by Zonkes November 10th 2022, 8:08 pm

Three years ago, an anonymous organization made itself known to the world and began a systemic war against empowered persons and metahumanity as a whole. This organization, The Agency, began to capture and contain all metahuman peoples that broke the law, then using almost inhumane methods and devices known as collars, which allowed Agency Handlers to better “repurpose” the powerful metahumans in a way that better served to protect the human race. At the time their extremist and almost human-supremacy agenda was shunned, spurned, and rebuked by society as a whole. At the end of their crusade, they made a promise to all humans that the day would come when they were needed, and they would be ready. After the events that transpired in London, it seems like people are finally willing to call upon the extremist organization once more.

The United States has instated The Agency as the overseeing body which will govern and regulate the legalization of Heroic Enterprise and Legalized Powers. Nicknamed the H.E.L.P initiative, The Agency has provided the federal government and all subsequent states with Metahuman detection devices, capable of sensing and detecting metahumans from many backgrounds. While The Agency has openly acknowledged an 18% margin of error in the detection equipment, they remain confident that the equipment will be efficient enough for the first stages of implantation. The Agency has also given official approval on the equipment created by the internationally recognized Gene-X corporation. The Federal government has conceded to the advice of The Agency and issued a federal mandate, granting all powered citizens 30 days to apply for registration, those who fail to comply are warned that they will be regarded as “Vigilantes” and “Threats to national security” and will be legally charged as such. The Heroes Association was awarded as the first organization to be approved for the recruitment and utilization of Empowered peoples for contracted law enforcement, investigation specialists, environmental and domestic security. The organization received high praise from The Agency Director, stating that: “They set the bar high, they exceeded even my expectations. Other individuals interested in securing our approval are going to have to work twice as hard now. We’re looking to keep us ALL safe. This is just a temporary, albeit necessary constraint at this time. We can’t allow this to happen in our own cities.”

The United States, as well as many European nations, have begun to talk of genetic testing for and possibly the separation of Empowered peoples in the world of education. Such international schools, such as Japan’s Tsuru Academy of Higher Education and Canada’s Apocrypha Academy already exist and have been shown to produce more “power conscientious” empowered individuals. Many parents advocate that they simply cannot feel safe with their children sharing a classroom with an armed gunman, let alone a walking nuclear reactor. Innovative tech-company Gene-X has already started accepting contracts to supply protective and empowered identification equipment in accompanying with advanced and highly trained anti-empowered officers of justice. Many children are currently required to do their lessons online while being asked to enroll elsewhere. The Agency alongside the Department of Education are working diligently to provide sturdy shelters that are deemed “sufficient” for the purposes of education.

The discussion has hit the political world as well. There has been a surge of homelessness as renters and apartment complexes have issued eviction notices all throughout the United States. We’re seeing similar reactions in places such as France, The United Kingdom, and South Korea. Despite the laws that protect minorities here in the US, the Agency shared its intelligence regarding the number of metahumans it encountered and noted previously, and the number was staggering. This prevents Empowered people from being classified as a protected class of citizen, and many landowners and renters are unhappy with having metahuman tenets. We’re seeing families pool into lower-income neighborhoods, which many are equating to “Ghettos”. There has also been a surge in young children being placed into the system for adoption and foster care. Orphanages and shelter homes are almost at full capacity in three different states in the US, including Pennsylvania, California, and Louisiana.

Politicians seem to have a variety of opinions, but no talk of legislation to instate Empowered people as a protected class of peoples. The US isn’t the only one with troubles. Our allies abroad have also been having a litany of reactions. The European Union is currently being advised by The Department of Empowered Welfare and The CAFC to maintain a semblance of order. International organizations RISE and Olympus have already seemed to become active at this sleight, warning both The Agency and the CAFC that they will not tolerate “a lack of civility” when dealing with “their people.” While the comments are deemed to be inflammatory by some, the CAFC assures everyone that they are considering every possible factor. Canada had turned to outsourcing training to the STARK Corps, the mass training has brought in a staggering 200,000 recruits in the past three months. Gene-Tech was contacted but refused to comment on the sudden influx and registration for the elite anti-empowered corps. Olympus additionally has recalled all of their agents to the Isle of Fortune, in a mass exodus from the outside world.

China made news earlier today, by announcing it would be setting into motion mandatory conscription for all of their Empowered people, stating that it is the duty and responsibility of the Empowered people to continue serving The People’s Republic. North Korea announced its newest test and it wasn’t a missile. North Korea was observed with a unit of soldiers and individuals sharing a similar power to America’s own Atlas. South Korea, in response to the super soldiers, announced its own conscription laws to bolster its ranks against, what they fear to be, an impending attack. They’ve also cried out for assistance in fear of a North Korean invasion. They’ve made purchases and trade with Gene-Tech and began a cooperative robotics research facility, quickly designing and implementing mechanical soldiers to their forces. The technological improvements were years beyond what most experts had believed to be at the disposal of the people of North Korea which left many people wondering as to why the world’s smartest man had access to such technology, and why he’s sharing it.

The United Nations is holding a summit, and the proceedings will be made clear as we have more development, but the devastation in London will no doubt be part of the discussions. The United Kingdom lost its entire Parliament and House of Lords in the attack, as well as the Royal family, save for the sole surviving heir, The Princess of Wales, Victoria Windsor. Earlier last year the Princess was married to the Prince of the Spanish Monarchy. With their current constitutional government and framework in disarray, many call out for the Princess’ return, to serve as Queen in her late brother’s stead. Until such time as a new representative to the United Nations can be selected for the UK, CAFC and Gene-Tech’s STARK Corps have compounded a plan to properly represent and secure the UK’s seat.

Other areas of the world have also begun to double down on their legislation, laws, and cultural inhibitions of the empowered people. The United Arab Emirates were rallied at the sight of Ascendant’s traditional Catholic depiction of an Angel, as well as his atrocities, and have officially declared that empowered people are not works of God, and use of any empowerment that is not depicted as a power given by their god shall be considered Haram, and punished similarly to the crime of witchcraft. Pakistan itself has also come forth and denounced all empowered people, though they offer an alternative to the death penalty; conscription into the armed forces. Of course with Pakistan resorting to conscription, India quickly began to prepare itself for growing conflict. Now India has never held any conscription laws in the past, they have a rich history of incentivizing volunteer service within their armed forces, and now they incentivize metahuman support even greater than before.

It would seem nothing is sacred when it comes to the devastation of London. The Vatican publicly spoke out in sympathy, offering prayers to those lost in London. The Vatican officials made no solid comment, but the church itself has rejected the actions of Ascendant calling him a “Misguided Soul” and his deeds “an act of heresy” that senselessly ended the lives of thousands. When asked where the Church stands on the Empowered people crisis, they stated that “There are some who have earned their place as champions of the Holy and Righteous, and perhaps it is time we canonize them for as they are.” Many fear that the process of canonizing empowered individuals will inspire more religious empowered people to action.

Japan has announced today that it will be closing its borders to all outside individuals. The Japanese government is encouraging all foreigners on Japanese soil to “return home” as once the borders are closed there will be no entry or exit, even for Japanese citizens. Japan’s decision was criticized by many, as they are home to one of the greatest schools for empowered people. Japanese officials have declared the lockdown will go into effect one month after the incident in London. Japan faces many issues in the coming months with a ban on travel, one of them being continued access to trade. Individual companies have all offered to maintain connections with the Japanese, as well as The United States, Canada, and Germany.
Hokkaido has risen up in response to this, claiming the northern area of Japan as a seperatist nation all its own. The notorious Gang Akai no Mizu has claimed all credit for the secession. The prolific Tsuru academy has closed its doors in response to this lockdown, Kubi Tsuru, the Headmaster, was unavailable for comment. The school will be shutdown after this semester.

Germany has spoken out as a strong voice of reason in this troubling time. They were among the first to send humanitarian aid, and have taken the EU by storm with their leadership. Unlike the rest of the EU, however, Germany does not see the empowered people as the problem. The German Federal President spoke out on the issue saying “This was not an act of bad people. It was the act of a bad man. Just as many good men, and women, came out of there that day to stop him. I know you are hurting, but we must not become the things we despise.” The German government has proposed several newspaper policies and changes to their government systems, including the acknowledgment of Empowered people forced to flee as “refugees” and states they are under “Humanitarian protection”.

Germany was not the only one to take this stance. The Canadian government has been working alongside Excalibur City and Gene-Tech to establish safe havens and sanctuaries for any empowered person who is attempting to flee persecution. The Belarusian government and RISE have both agreed to assist in this endeavor to rescue and protect the empowered people of the world. Canada and Belarus continue their talks, and Australia and Switzerland seem to be taking a neutral position on the subject. Australia has adopted a more “relaxed” protocol, while Switzerland has refused to partake in any additional protocols. These relaxed protocols were adapted from the CAFC guidelines while trouble brews not so far away. New Zealand has openly begun having internal conflicts and hostility. The Maori have refused to comply, and have taken their metahumans together, to protect them from the enforcement of The United Kingdom’s designs. Many fear the chances of conflict between the parties, and hostilities seem imminent.

Russia stands firm and denies the presence of empowered people within its borders. The Russian leaders are under fire for their comments, many taking to social media on the issue, wondering where all their metahumans have supposedly vanished to. Sources indicate that Israeli and Canadian intelligence have uncovered disturbing information answering those things, but neither group is publicly addressing the situation.

The Israeli government insists that the CAFC and The Agency desist their course of action, calling it “Brash'' and “Distracting” from the true threat at hand. They acknowledge that Ascendant was bad, but their intelligence seems to think that there is perhaps an even darker, more malignant threat to humanity than simply what shares our earth with us.
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[BREAKING NEWS] Recent Lore Updates Empty Re: [BREAKING NEWS] Recent Lore Updates

Post by Zeke Jamora July 8th 2023, 1:31 pm

I need to read up on the Lore to this place. I'm actually interested in making a hero character. This RP has been around for a long time. I think I do an in-depth study.

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