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Kuma Magicka

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Kuma Magicka Empty Kuma Magicka

Post by Kubi Tsuru on January 30th 2020, 4:53 pm

What is it?

Kuma Magicka is the ability to convert Kodai Chikari, also known as life force, into elemental and magical effects.

Kumahi, Kumasenko, Kumakaze:

Item/Character Advancement Name: Kumahi

Item/Character Advancement Description: The flame generated by Kumahi is  a bronze color, and can be generated either in typical fireball fashion, or shaped walls and pillars of flame.

Item Power(s): Kumahi converts life force into powerful fire. This bronze flame is capable of melting steel in seconds and setting entire areas alight. Any flame generated from Kumahi burns the soul as well, while burning bronze.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): Each foot of flame generated costs 1 year of Kubi's life, and only up to five feet can be generated at a time. No explosive force comes with it, just pure flame. Attacks can be launched to a maximum of thirty feet away.

Item/Character Advancement Name: Kumasenko

Item/Character Advancement Description: The lightning generated by this power is bronze in color, but otherwise maintains the general shape of its traditional counterpart.

Item Power(s): Kumasenko creates bronze lightning, converting his own life force to create a powerful electric current. This current can generated across his body as a sort of barrier, or projected into a bolt. The former is capable of withstanding and repelling even the most powerful metallic attacks, while those made of flesh will feel numbness across the afflicted area; the latter is capable of piercing the hide of a mid-size tank. If piercing flesh, Kumasenko will leave the wound numb and painless.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): Each usage per post costs 2.5 Toshi. The range of the bolt is up to 100 meters; after that, it fizzles out. Despite its electrical nature, Kumasenko does not convey electrical energy through organic targets.

Item/Character Advancement Name: Kumakaze

Item/Character Advancement Description: Kumakaze created bronze energy in the form of wind, shaped either in cyclonic bursts or blades of air.

Item Power(s): Depending on the form, Kumakaze can do one of two things; either create funnels of wind for close-range combat, or channel this energy into powerful blades that can cut through steel. The cyclonic winds are capable of lifting and deflecting a mid-size SUV.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): Each usage per post of Kumakaze costs 2 Toshi. The blades only have a range of about 20 meters, while the cyclonic winds have a range of only ten feet. The blades are about 5 feet in length and negligible in width, while the cyclonic funnels can grow up to ten feet in height and half that in diameter.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 15 XP

Kumayami, Kumaiyasu, Kuma'ana:

Item/Character Advancement Name: Kumayami

Item/Character Advancement Description:  Kumayami creates an area of magical darkness. While within this sphere, a massive bronze bear is inscribed within the diameter.

Item Power(s): By converting life force and sacrificing years of his life, Kubi can create a sphere of magical darkness in which no traditional lights work. Even magical lights, such as the type commonly generated by wizards, are snuffed as soon as they enter the influence of Kumayami. This sphere is in a thirty meter diameter and even continues underground.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): Every use of Kamiyama takes ten Toshi. Individuals with powerful vision, or powerful magical ability, can break through his magical darkness.

Item/Character Advancement Name: Kumaiyasu

Item/Character Advancement Description: A healing technique, Kumaiyasu creates a bronze glow around Kubi's around and the afflicted areas.

Item Power(s): A bit different from normal Magicka, Kumaiyasu transfers life force directly to Kubi in order to heal injured or sick individuals. This cannot be used to regrow detached limbs or bring the dead back to life in anyway. This healing is near instant, though, and is capable of healing those near death. It can even purge the body of illnesses such as cancer, though cannot heal genetic illnesses. This power can also be used to add to the lifespan of existing creatures.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):  The amount of Toshi used is directly correlated to the extent of the injury; near-death injuries will drain dozens of years off him, while a skinned knee will only take a couple of days. Kumaiyasu requires physical contact.

Item/Character Advancement Name: Kuma'ana

Item/Character Advancement Description: A bronze haze surrounds Kubi's hands and his victim.

Item Power(s): Perhaps the most insidious power of Kubi, Kuma'ana is the crux of his magical abilities. By touching any living being, including plants, he can drain them of their life essence, aging them at a rate of a decade per second. These drained years are added to Kubi permanently for use with his powers. This is a dark, insidious power, one that Kubi hates using, and thus typically saves it for truly horrendous beings. He can drain all the life out of someone, or just render them older. While he can pull the life essence out of plants and animals, it's much less effective, as their life force isn't as compatible.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):  Kuma'ana requires touch and time to use properly. Once touching the victim, it takes up to thirty seconds to start draining as his power seeps into them. If somebody has a life force greater than Kubi, frequently possessed by powerful metahumans and immortals, they can completely overcome this effect, immediately draining Kubi of 15 years off his life. Non-human entities he drains he can only gain a maximum of ten Toshi off them, max. He cannot drain the life force of smaller creatures, such as dogs or insects, as the Toshi gained would be negligible.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 20 XP

Hard Work and Dedication:

Item/Character Advancement Name: Hard Work and Dedication

Item/Character Advancement Description: While it has no physical appearance, this upgrade has increased Kubi's baseline for powers.

Item Power(s): In recent years, Kubi has put in the hours at his special gym, as well as the constant fighting and power usage that comes with being a part-time hero and fulltime avenger. AS a result, his strength and durability, already significant, has nearly doubled in strength. His max lifting capacity is now 10,000 pounds, or 5 tons, while his durability allows him to endure the shots of even the most powerful bullets.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 25

Hard Work and Dedication 2:

Item/Character Advancement Name: Hard Work and Dedication

Item/Character Advancement Description: The tattoos that symbolize his power have taken on a new life, almost seeming to move around on their own.

Item Power(s): In recent years, Kubi has been using his powers more and more. As a result, hes gained a new understanding of them, and with that comes reduced limitations. Kubi can apply up to ten Toshi at a time without feeling fatigue; from there, the degradation of his body resumes as normal.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 30

Grand Total XP: 90 XP

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Kuma Magicka Empty Re: Kuma Magicka

Post by Zonky Blong on January 30th 2020, 6:39 pm


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