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Elena Vexus’ 10th Advancement

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Elena Vexus’ 10th Advancement Empty Elena Vexus’ 10th Advancement

Post by Elena Vexus January 19th 2021, 10:35 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: Devil Mode

Item/Character Advancement Description: This allows Elena to take the general appearance of a demon. She adorns what seems to be a slim fitting body suit crimson in color complete with armor, horns, wings, and a tail a that comes to a deadly point. Her face remains human with her eyes glowing a fierce red and her hair a slick black.

Item Power(s): While in this form, Vexus is completely immune to any and all effects and/or damage that is of magic origin including any sorts of magical detections or barriers. In addition, her physical combat abilities skyrocket. This Demonic form increases her speed and strength greatly past what she might have been capable of in any of her other modes. Speed so much to that point where untrained or unfocused eyes will not see or hear her. The form can adapt and surpass the speed, strength, dexterity, and durability of an enemy. Vexus already has an extremely extensive knowledge of combat forms and types, but this forms allows her to execute them masterfully with. As an added level of difficulty for her opponents, she can extend and retract her tail over a short distance at will, no more than a few yards or retracting the tail completely. While in  the Devil form her body is continually calibrated in order to sustain the stress her various attacks and combat sequences will put on it. Her wings also allow her to fly freely at extreme speeds. Devil Mode is primarily for close combat so she is incredibly durable when it comes to prolonged hand to hand combat, but she can fire off bursts of condensed air by punching it at an extreme speed if something long rage is required. The red glowing eyes allow her see incredible distances as well as granting her near perfect aim. This form also sustains an insane body temperature that radiates making it noticeably hot when standing around her. A normal human within about an arms length and a half would suffer 1st degree burns, touching her would result in 2nd degree or higher depending on the length of contact. With this body temperature, it also makes her very durable to extreme temperatures both hot and cold.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): While this form is totally impervious to anything and everything magic, it is completely susceptible to weapons/attacks of human/terrestrial origin. This mode is just as durable as a regular human when it comes to even common weapons like guns, swords, knives, etc. Items that are fabricated, metals and things of the like that are man made. Stones, spears, wooden staffs that are not enchanted will have incredibly minimal effect. The durability level is base human against anything that is not magical in origin, except for extreme temperatures of both hot and cold. This also includes human mutant abilities, as long as they had not been granted or acquired by any form of magic.
While in this form Elena in unable to utilize any of her magical abilities, or any other powers for that matter. Celestial Eye, any of her spells, the Celestial Arm, etc. Her standard regeneration is also on hold. If she wishes to heal herself  or activate any other form/ability she possesses she must leave the form. Leaving the Devil form also forfeits any and all boots that might have occurred from its adaptability. The longer she is in the form, the greater the level of exhaustion is when she deactivates the ability. Quick switching in and out of the form can dramatically shorten the time it takes for exhaustion to hit when exiting the Devil Mode. The high internal body temperature prevents Elena from being undetected by any sort of infrared or heat seeking technology, even from extreme distances.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 50xp

Ms. Elena Vexus
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Elena Vexus’ 10th Advancement Empty Re: Elena Vexus’ 10th Advancement

Post by Chellizard January 20th 2021, 11:05 am

Approved!! (:

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