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Elena Vexus’ 11th Advancement

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Elena Vexus’ 11th Advancement Empty Elena Vexus’ 11th Advancement

Post by Elena Vexus February 4th 2021, 3:26 am

Item/Character Advancement Name: Divine Mode

Item/Character Advancement Description:
An angel of death. A terrifying build that makes no sense to those that walk this realm of existence. A slim skeletal form with four wings, eyes lining the tops of each side of each of the wings. She becomes a faceless creature with only a mouth and a broad crest where her forehead would be and speaks telepathically. Her body is draped in tattered robes with boney fingered inching from underneath the fabric. The robs reach the ground and flow around the base. They way she walks appears as if it is simply floating eerily over any surface. The figure appears to be heavily armored but is quite delicate. She stands a powerful 7’6” (2.3M)

Item Power(s): This form grants her the ability to perfectly manipulate what she calls SuperTechnomatter at a level of pinpoint precision and accuracy. As described in a previous advancement, this supercharged form of Technomatter is a glowing white substance that appears to be liquid as opposed to the grey and dull sand like appearance of the original Tehcnomatter. Unlike her other forms, Veuxs is not limited to the number of uses, nor the shape, size, or quantity of the SuperMatter as she can use it in any method she pleases. Offense, defense, supplementary limbs, walls, barriers, bubbles, nearly anything she has the need for she can utilize the matter for it. The SuperMatter will convert anything it comes into contact with into Technomatter. There does not need to be more of the matter than the object it is converting. Super Technomatter will cut through/destroy any organic material converting it into dust instantly. This form also allows her to materialize the SuperMatter anywhere within her field of view.
With being as close to a real celestial being, she can also manipulate the regular Technomatter, but it can only be created as a byproduct of the SuperMatter. She can dematerialize and re-materialize using either forms of the Matter for methods of faster transportation or dodging slower moving attacks.
The eyes on the wings of this form are all functional Celestial Eyes and allow Vexus to see at nearly every angle at once. Paired together with an absolutely insane reaction time, this makes Vexus an incredibly hard target to hit while sustaining this form.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): Entering this form requires a small blood sacrifice from Vexus and using the blood to write an ancient dark spell on the inside of her left wrist. This initiates the sacrifice by destroying her left arm, her Celestial Arm, which must have already been exhausted prior to writing the spells. The transformation is quick but destructive. Whipping up storms, high winds and dark clouds and a black aura and hides her body from view. While in the form Vexus is unable to use any of her abilities in any previous form. No magic, no regeneration, no healing, etc. SuperTechnomatter cannot destroy/convert forms of energy. They can push against each other and she can defend from attacks that are not tangible, but she cannot convert them. This form can fly, but it is not fast by any means. The body is very delicate.
One of the greatest drawbacks of this form is a constant and continual deterioration. The crumbling of the body is random, but the head will always be last. This deterioration can slow but will speed up if an obscene amount of Technomatter is being created and/or manipulated. This body is just as fragile as it appears, any part  of her, except her head, can be crushed or destroyed with no more than the pressure of a common handshake. The body can withstand its own actions such as flying, walking, picking up/holding objects etc. She does not feel any pain in this form, so she can function perfectly fine with only half a body, or only a single arm. The form can be exited at will but it cannot be reactivated for quite some time (one use per topic). However any deterioration is sustained in her original form, if she lost both legs and most of her torso, that is how she will appear. If that much damage is sustained, Vexus would not be able to heal herself fully. At most she may be able to stabilize herself. Utilizing such power is draining and extremely damaging, and it is not likely she remains conscious for very long after leaving the Divine Mode. She will be forced out of the form if the majority of her body has deteriorated or has been destroyed. That point would generally be if only her head remained.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 55xp

Ms. Elena Vexus
The General
Advancements: #1-#8
Elena Vexus
Elena Vexus
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The Eternally Elegant Elena Vexus

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