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Andrea Beinheim

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Andrea Beinheim Empty Andrea Beinheim

Post by Zonkes January 19th 2021, 5:21 am

Andrea Beinheim

"I have come on behalf of the Beinheim family, the Kingdom of France, and of my own personal interest. You have chosen to insult each one. For this, I must have justice."

The Bio

Real Name: Andrea Beinheim
Hero Name: Vanguard
Nickname: Andi, Her Royal highness
Title Princess Andrea Beinheim of France, Heir Apparent to the Throne
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Descendant, Nephilim
Hair: White, tied into a ponytail
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 165lbs
Blood type: Hm?

The Looks


Andrea Beinheim is a short, western European woman of French descent. Her hair is bright white and her features are sharp. Generally, this lends itself to her credit while on the battlefield as her opponents tend to underestimate the short, slight girl as nothing more than a pampered princess.

In defiance of this, Andrea always wears armor. Whether of her own creation, or her templar armor, which makes her look  more bulky than she actually is. Even in social, or formal events she refuses to take off her armor unless she is forced to by her brother or friends, of which she has few.

The Personality

Stoic - When it comes to those watching Andrea from the outside, they might think that Andrea is completely emotionless. However, this is due to the strict mental and emotional control that she places herself under. When it comes down to it, the Destiny Descendant is still a young woman, and is still  susceptible to the same fears, hopes, desires, and other emotions that come with being human. She just doesn’t show it as easily.

Determined - When it comes down to it, it is incredibly difficult for another person to get Andrea to back down. Once she has chosen a fight to pick, the only thing that can get her to stop is a reasonable argument as to why they shouldn’t fight.

Fear of Failure - Andrea fears failure above all. Failing her country, failing her brother, failing herself. Andrea needs to succeed in anything that she does, or she will begin doubting herself and her abilities.

Simple Desires - Andrea’s desires are simple in the end. What Andrea truly wants is to be given a plot of land that she can call her own and to live out the rest of her life in peace. But her duty to her nation, and to the mantle of the descendant of Destiny leaves little room for the quiet life.

The Story

Andrea Beinheim was born in a storm. They say the walls shook with thunder as she came into this world, and her pure white hair gleamed for miles. The king, confused as to why this white haired child appeared on his doorstep, picked the child up and discovered the note underneath her.

”Andrea Beinheim, daughter of Henry.”

If the white hair hadn’t already revealed her origin, then the note confirmed it. The teenage king brought her indoors, and set her beside him. He did not know when this child was conceived, but… there she was. Plain as day. How old was this girl? She didn’t look more than a month old, if even that old. Wouldn’t she still require her mother? He sighed, but this wasn’t the medieval ages. There were ways to care for a newborn without the mother or even a wet nurse. Sarah and Henry would just have to figure it out.

As Andrea grew, Henry and Sarah fully accepted her into their lives.

Sarah and Henry had their first, full blooded daughter, Cordelia 3 years after the arrival of Andrea, by this time Andrea had learned to walk and talk. At this age, she was already learning how to ride the horses that the Beinham family kept. Of course, Ser Alexander would hold her until she was steady enough to ride on her own.

At the age of 6 years old, Andrea discovered what Jacques was doing with her brother’s bodyguard, Ser Alexander, while she was busy learning other things. Swordplay.

Andrea would sit in the shadows of their training grounds, just watching for hours on end as her brother was thrown through the basics over and over again. After a year, Andrea felt that she was ready to ask Alexander if she could train with him in swordplay.

Alexander agreed to teach her, and gave her some friendly advice. “Never go into a fight expecting to lose. If you go in expecting to lose, you’ll never be fighting at your full effectiveness.”

She was eight when the queen was assassinated. Andrea was sitting with her adoptive mother. Andrea was resting with her family after a hard training session with Ser King. Her mother, older brother, and younger sister were all sitting together with Andrea being on the opposite side of the room. One minute, her mother was laughing at something, the next moment came slower.

Andrea glanced over to see what she was laughing at. Even today, she still recalls her beautiful white teeth, and platinum blonde hair flying as the bullet impacted with her skull, splattering the former queen's blood all over the room. There was a scream. It might’ve been her own. She wasn’t sure. Moments later, Alexander and her personal bodyguard, Joseph entered the room. They ushered the children out of the room, and stood sentinel with them until other guards could take their place so they could hunt for the killer.

Andrea kept Cordellia in close proximity to her, ensuring that she wasn’t next. Who had done this? Why wasn’t the assassin stopped at the door? Where was her daddy? Andrea needed to be away from people. No, she needed to be with people. With Alexander and Joseph. Hunting down whoever it was that killed her mother.

Andrea was about to leave, when a strong hand gripped her by the shoulder. She looked up to see her father’s face looking down at her. She couldn’t see his expression, but the shake of his head alone was enough to tell her what she needed to know. There was pain in his every movement. This was a shade of a man that she had only known as a source of light. She would just have to wait with everyone else, though she could tell that waiting was killing her brother as well.

In the end though, there was no justice to be found. Nothing but a corpse with a knife in the back of its head. They couldn’t even find the weapon that the coward used against her. Andrea promised that she would never fail her family again. Because that’s what it was. She had been training with Alexander to protect her family. And what did it come to? Nothing. She lost her mother. She couldn’t get justice for her. She couldn’t even comfort her father. He was gone so often that she barely even saw him.

‘Never fail again.’ Andrea thought. ’Never again.’

At age ten, after Alexander had been training her for 3 years, he introduced her to the rules of dueling and combat. It wasn’t too long until the old knight asked her to display what she had learned in one on one combat with him.

Andrea came in, overly confident. Ser King was an old man, after all. He would underestimate her. Go easy on her. She was just a little girl after all, so she didn’t have to fight him seriously.

That attitude vanished as soon as Alexander took her blade from her hands with his own; cutting her fingers up in the process. “Something you’ll have to learn.” He said, as she walked away from her fourth brutal loss that day. “Is that you’re not going to be facing very many opponents that will treat you better because you’re a girl. This world is full of monsters. Even though your brother is the future king, and you yourself are a princess, that means nothing to them. They will tear you apart from the inside.”

Alexander didn’t have to tell her what was left unspoken. She could tell just by the sound of his voice. ’Like they did your mother.’
While Andrea trained, she would often find herself heading into the forest surrounding her family's land. The area was well known to be a danger zone for anyone but the best and brightest soldiers under the families command; but Andrea felt a strange pull to the area.

Oftentimes when Alexander would let her out of his sight, for even a moment, she would go into the forest and visit the strange house. The home was hidden from every sense she could muster until she was nearly upon the gate itself.

The home was an oddity to her. At first, the gate didn’t open but the man of the manor came to greet her not long after and invited her in for a glass of tea.

There were strange creatures tending to the garden, little men like creatures with tiny horns flying above the azalea bushes and watering the roses. The house had a strange energy about it. Something that Andrea was strongly attracted to. But what was it? She shook her head and sat as she drank the tea.

The man told her that she could explore as much as she wanted, so long as she followed the guidelines he set out. Particularly that she could never explore the basement.

The man there would ask after her family, and often bring gifts. Though usually in the form of clothing or some exotic food, Andrea’s favorite gift was the gift of a black rose. The man told her to treasure it, and keep it on her at all times.

She felt a strange kinship with him. Like the brother that she had never really had. Andrea spent more and more days with the man she’d come to know as Shiwa Kodomo.

As a consequence of this, Andrea did not learn of her fathers illness for a week. While her siblings were at his bedside, she was in the forest with Shiwa and his strange house. Her father summoned her when she found her way back to the palace. Between the berating of Alexander and Jacques, and the realization that her father was sick; Andrea ended up staying at her fathers bedside, barely eating for days. She didn’t want to leave him.

There was also the matter of her new stepmother. The woman who wanted to make her forget all about her mother. Her attitude could certainly have used an adjustment as well, but the way she spoke of Sarah… or rather forced others to not speak of her… It outraged Andrea. Even more so when she heard the rumors of her involvement in the assasination. Andrea grit her teeth though, and bared it.

Around this time, Alexander was the hardest he had ever been on Andrea. Constantly pushing her through drill after drill, after drill. But she found herself speeding up. Speeding up a lot in fact. A couple of times managing to score a blow on the old knight.

Her fathers condition didn’t seem to be improving, so she couldn’t go back to Shiwa’s home. She wanted to know what was in his cellar, but… every time she got close the older man would chastise her like a child. It was just… it was a lot to deal with.

It was on the night of her 14th birthday that she decided to fully commit to becoming one of the Templar Order, and a proper soldier for her kingdom. Alexander would present her with several tests, each of which she would pass. That’s when she discovered her templar symbol. A circle with lines connecting it to a knights shield, and a large rose in the background. On the front of the knights shield, a crescent moon. As soon as this was completed, her gear was constructed and she was forced into even harsher training than before.

In her off time, she would mostly stay with her father and his new family. It was always frustrating how Sophia would force her to leave the room whenever she wanted “privacy”, but her father never spoke up in her defense. How the man could still be as… rambunctious as he was, even while bed ridden fully escaped her.

During a sparring session with Alexander, the old knight noticed that her posture had changed. She was holding the blade like it was a paper weight suddenly, and her shield didn’t seem to be something that was even slightly bothering her. It was then that she first manifested a proper construct in the form of a simple solid cylinder that threw the knight 10 feet away from her. To his surprise, the construct didn’t disappear after she stopped focusing on it. The squire just standing there panting with her blade ready behind her shield, almost like she didn’t notice.

Alexander then explained that she was a metahuman. Much like the ones that she saw on the American news so often. She stayed calm throughout this. The life of a metahuman wasn’t easy. Persecution and fear. The concrete cylinder had shown her that. She was put into special classes to help train her ability. Keep it under control.

After a year of this training, Andrea felt she was ready. She had been training since she was a child to become the best soldier she could for her family. Now it was time to dedicate herself to her country, though she yearned for places beyond. Yearned for her mother and even longed for the comfort that Shiwa’s home brought her. Her own home was not the place of peace and comfort that she wanted.

Andrea cried when she broke the news to her father. She didn’t like leaving him, but he still had Jacques and Cordelia. Her talents were better spent elsewhere. Not only that, but it seemed Alexander was preparing for his own leave. So why shouldn’t she go? She couldn’t complete her training if she stayed, she wouldn’t be able to visit her family if she went with Alexander… Becoming a soldier was the best option.

And yet… She knew that it would be a while before she would be able to return, and return for good. Still, she felt that she had to do this.

The battle was bloody. Massive casualties on either side. The blood turned her pearl white armor into a dull pink as she sliced through the head of another soldier with her blade. Her armor dented and bruised with bullet holes, she nearly slid in the blood that watered the grass. Still, she moved forward with her company. They had turned the tide of the battle in their favor, but it was still going to be a long fight and… steel. Cold in her gut as she heard the blade slide against metal. She glanced down and saw the head of a sword appearing in the front of her armor.

She heard her men yelling variations of “Princess” and “She’s just a kid!” and “Treason!” She slid to her knees, armor clanking heavily. She tried to pull the metal out of her gut, so that she would at least be able to save her armor with a patch… but the darkness… clung to her sight…

She awoke, ghostly and floating inside of a palace more beautiful than her home. Pillars reaching beyond sight, and every floor a shining mirror. Behind a birchwood desk sat a man with a bright white beard, drinking something out of a coffee cup and reading the paper.

Andrea began floating towards him, and the man glanced over, did a double take, then spit coffee all over the floor. With a whisper of power, the paper and coffee disappeared as he straightened himself and his long white robe. “Welcome, Descendant.”

The Powers


KNIGHT OF DESTINY - As a descendant of Destiny, Andrea Beinheim has abilities that are roughly equivalent to a third level descendant. Additionally, magical training and her half breed status have allowed her several other abilities with which to fight injustice.  

Base Descendant Physiology - Andrea’s Speed and Durability are greatly enhanced by her descendancy. Andrea can run up to speeds upwards of 587 MPH at base, and can take direct hits from a missile being launched at her. Strength feats include being able to bench press mid-sized tanks and take on entire battalions of the French military for up to 3 hours at a time.

When Andrea runs, she is completely enveloped in blinding white light, and the life around her seems to blossom. Flowers blooming, animals acting erratically, grass and trees bend toward her.

Banner of the Destined - Andrea emits a sort of pulse from herself. This pulse is called her banner. As long as Andrea is alive, this banner will emit up to 60 feet away at all times. While active, anyone working towards the same goal as Andrea feels it’s effects. Normal humans find their speed, strength, and durability to be peak human, with the added bonus of having their pain sensors turned off; while metahumans will find their personal abilities doubled in addition to the physical increases.

Andrea’s own physical stats are doubled as a side effect of this banner while fighting with a sizable group - upwards of fifty people.

Andreas passive ability is not limited to this however, as a secondary effect, Andrea knows everything about the people that fight under her. More specifically, she will know everything she wants to know simply by thinking of what she needs to know. The number of people under her banner, their general health and injuries they’ve sustained,and a brief glimpse into their emotional states.

The final aspect of the banner is the authority it grants Andrea. People will find themselves swayed by her words and general emotional state. They aren't mind controlled, just influenced. [Permission Based and limited for PCs and player owned NPCs]

Living Constructs - Andrea has the ability to create constructs, as all descendants do, Andreas constructs however, are more permanent and life-like. From animals acting and existing like real animals, to weapons having the same properties as the actual weapons they’re based off of - a silver sword construct would have the same werewolf killing properties as a non-construct silver sword.

In addition, these constructs are completely permanent. In order to make them disappear, you have to destroy them. This ability does not interact with her banner. She cannot create fully realistic, permanent humanoids. This is due to her not fully understanding what makes them more than animals in the end.

Threads of Destiny - Andrea’s third ability is her additional descendant ability. Andrea can see the different threads of fate that bind every person to their eventual fate. Andrea can use these threads to manipulate a person much like a marionette. Temporarily taking their movements away from them.

This allows Andrea to essentially remote control her foes from a distance. [PERMISSION BASED]

Spectrum Descendant - As the white Descendant, Andrea can access the emotional spectrum in full. However, Andrea is not totally in touch with her emotions, and is therefore stuck with only a few of the different possible capabilities. Additionally, due to her family's curse; her fractured mind takes on new personalities - generally only concerned with the emotions that she is currently calling upon.

Mantle of Desire - Andrea is allowed the use of pink energy and access to the emotional abilities of the Desire descendants. The pink armored Knight of Desire is known as Josephine de Marc. Josephine wears long pink hair, without the use of any makeup whatsoever. Josephine looks like Andrea, but even more physically desirable in every way. When one looks upon Josephine, she unconsciously takes on features that the person looking at her would find desirable.

Desired Outcome - While under the purview of Desire, Josephine takes on an ability to completely alter the way that a person sees the world. While Josephine has direct eye contact with a person, they are left in a world where their desires, goals, and dreams are fulfilled by them. Whatever they are doing at the time, succeeds in their own perspective. [Permission Based]

Mantle of Indulgence - The Orange knight of Indulgence is known as Dierdra Arcand. Allowed access to orange energy, this version of Andrea is consumed by consumption and need. Indulging her every whim and fancy. Dierdra walks around with a shaven orange hair cut, and dark orange armor. Diedra is slightly larger than Andrea, though only enough that she’s noticeably healthier.

Avarice Aura - Through this ability, Diedra can passively drain the physical abilities of those around her. She can not take any powers that she does not share with the people around her. (Strength, Durability, and Speed), however she can drain from normal humans as well. Additionally, Diedra can drain the construct energy from other descendants. This ability however, only works on living humanoids.

Objects will randomly disappear and reappear into whatever container she has at any given time.

She can only take as much as half of the person’s speed, strength, and durability. It will take 10 posts for her to reach her full potential if she is draining a normal person, and 5 posts to drain a normal person halfway.

At max, this aura extends to 30 feet around her, 20 foot base. (Time changes depending on the character's power level.) (Permission based)  

Mantle of Friendship - The Blue Knight of Friendship is known as Christelle De Mons. Christelle is the sharp faced, blue haired knight of friendship. With a taller frame than Andrea; the Knight of Friendship does not actually wear armor at all, instead relying on her Aura to protect her.

Power of Friendship - While Andrea is under the purview of Friendship, Christelle calls upon everyone she considers her friend. Which is pretty much any person not currently trying to kill her. When this happens, Christelle automatically creates white and blue constructs of her friends and allies.

Mantle of Honor - The Knight of Honor is known as Marcelle Blanchet. While under the mantle, Marcelle hides their true face behind a bright green helm and armor that gives no indication of gender or features. From within the helmet, a feminine voice does emanate,  which is the only real way that you can tell that a female resides inside the can.

Divine Intervention - When under the purview of Honor, if an opponent does not follow the Code Duello - outlined slightly in her personality - will temporarily lose their divinity. What this means, is that the person challenged, entering her 10 foot sphere of influence, temporarily loses their abilities if they accept the challenge, and acts dishonorably. This includes personal insults, and other form of dishonorable attack. Once Marcelle decides to give them back their abilities, they have them in full. This does not affect fully realized descendants however, or other divine beings.

Dueling Grounds - Marcelle is the only other mantle that has its own constructs at the moment. Any constructs created by Marcelle generates a field of green willpower energy. Under normal circumstances, these fields of energy do absolutely nothing. However, once under the Code Duello, these fields become nearly impenetrable by all means except the use of orange weaponry.


Fated Wings - Andrea is a half angel, half demon. Because of this, Andrea has a set of gray wings that are made partially of magic, and partially physical. The physical aspects of her wings, fold into her back and become a pair of dark wing tattoos, surrounded by lightning. The wings allow her to fly at speeds reaching up to 380 MPH.

Angel of Justice - Andrea is the product of an Angel of Justice, and a powerful Demon of Storms. As such, Andrea gains a powerful divine ability to discern the guilt a person feels.[Permission Based]

Demon of Storms - Andrea can also imbue her abilities in combat with the ferocity of a hurricane. Temporarily boosting her physical speed, strength, and durability up to twice their basic levels.


Divine Sense - As part of her training with the Templar Order, Andrea has gained the ability to sense arcane energy surrounding people around her and in the air.[Permission Based]

Magical Dampening Sigil - From her training with the Templar Order, Andrea has discovered a magical symbol that creates a magical dampening effect on anything that it’s placed on. While under this sigil, any magic that is considered weak by the general wizarding populus is completely mitigated, and novice wizards have no chance of producing a spell. In addition, even apprentice and master mages have severe trouble in casting even the most basic of magics.

Divine Smite - As a member of the Templar Order, specifically as a Templar Squire, Andrea has a personal divine smite that is strong enough to banish imp-level demons and pixies, and slightly injure higher level magical threats.

The Weaknesses

The Crown weighs Heavy - Andrea’s crown chakra is the focus of her power,  thus being hit in the back of the head forces her to lose all of her abilities temporarily. The harder she’s hit, the longer it takes for her powers to return.

Germaphobia - While not as bad as her brothers, Andrea is terrified of germs and getting dirty. This is bad enough, that Andrea will actively leave the fight if someone so much as coughs in her direction to wash her armor. This is a mental compulsion that she cannot help. Pointing out the smallest amount of dirt or filth on her armor will cause this reaction as well.

Red Passion - While under the Mantle of Pink Desire, the color of passion, Red pulls her out of the mantle and forces her to lose any and all abilities tied to her Desired Outcome.

Bronze Honesty - While under the Mantle of Blue Friendship, the color of honesty, Bronze pulls her out of the mantle and forces her to lose any and all abilities tied to her Power of Friendship.

Green Willpower - While under the Mantle of Orange Indulgence, the color of Honor, Green pulls her out of the mantle and forces her to lose any and all abilities tied to her Avarice Aura.

Orange Avarice - While under the mantle of Green Honor, the color of avarice, Orange pulls her out of the mantle and forces her to lose any and all abilities tied to her Divine Intervention and Dueling Grounds.

Honorable Duel - If at any point, Marcelle, either by mistake or otherwise, breaks the rules of the Code Duello, she will lose her own abilities just as any other person would in that same situation.

Closed off - While under any of her other mantles, the color of White Destiny is completely inaccessible until she is pulled out of it. For moments - 1 post - Andrea cannot access her own color and has to rely on her own, dulled senses and physiology to keep her from being destroyed.

Flawed Constructions - While Andrea’s constructs can take on the aspects of the things that they represent, Andrea requires a working understanding of how they work, and their general applications to get the constructs to react the way that she wants them to.

It’s Personal - Andrea’s sigil is unique to her and her personality. Because of this, each of her mantles aside from the Mantle of the Knight of Destiny cannot utilize this special magical tool.

Tracking - Due to her bright coloration, tracking Andrea is easy to track in dark areas.

Chemical Allergy - Due to its life killing properties, bleach and other toxic cleaning chemicals cause a severe rash and nullifies her durability where it touches.

Templar Specificity - Due to the nature of how Templar’s create their seals, each and every seal has to be created for a specific situation. This takes around a post to complete.

Mantle of Many Colors - When Andrea is forced into contact with one of the colors she has taken on as part of her mantle of responsibility, she will automatically take on that mantle, temporarily losing her own color specific abilities.

Divine Charge - Andrea’s divine smite requires several moments - 2 posts - to charge up before use. During this time, she can’t be interrupted without losing concentration.

White Out - When Andrea is running, her vision becomes completely whited out and she must take frequent, short stops or risk running into things.

Broken Threads - If one figures out how Andrea is manipulating their bodies, they can easily separate or change their thread to disallow Andrea’s manipulation. After all, destiny is in your hands.  

The Items

Black Rose - A black rose given to Andrea by Shiwa Kodomo. The rose allows Shiwa to track her anywhere on earth. Shiwa can instantly teleport to this rose, or project himself from it. As well as see and hear through it, and use his telepathy from it. It allows him to get past any ward, or wall.

Templar Gear - Andrea was gifted by Alexander a slim silver sword, and a set of armor that Andrea still has in her room. The Silver Sword is embossed with Andrea’s sigil, and the armor has it over its left breast plate. While wearing the armor, it completely protects Andrea from most forms of magic. The sword, likewise, is nearly immune to magical manipulation.
Weakness: Still steel - With enough force, a clever opponent can scratch out the sigil on her gear and cause it to fail. Additionally, physical attacks that can damage steel can damage this armor and blade.

The Fluff

Connected Destiny - As a secondary effect to Andrea’s passive, Andrea knows everything she needs to know about the people under her banner simply by thinking of what she needs to know. The number of people under her banner, their general health and injuries they’ve sustained,and a brief glimpse into their emotional states.

This does not allow her to know anything about the people under her banner that isn’t related to the fight they’re fighting or their goals. In addition, hiding information from Andrea is as easy as not wanting her to know it.

As with her banner, this fluff is also permission based when used on another player character.

Descendant’s Never Die - As a descendant, when Andrea dies, she is instead sent to the realm of Koshek, where she will be left to reform over the next 72 hours. When Andrea takes enough damage to be killed, unless the damage is magic enough to destroy her shard of the cosmic source, her body will dissolve into her armor.

Over the next 72 hours, the armor will rust away. Andrea’s new body is identical to her old one, with all the memories intact. When she does reform, Andrea reappears in her bed at the castle.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Andrea Beinheim Empty Re: Andrea Beinheim

Post by Katrina A. Russel March 10th 2021, 2:58 am

Accepted! Will be moved. Very good job, the history was a real tear-jerker.
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