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Mary o’Nette

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Mary o’Nette Empty Mary o’Nette

Post by Zonkes October 16th 2021, 12:56 pm


"Play with me."

The Bio

Real Name: Mary O’Nette
Villain Name: Pandora
Title: Dollface, The Fear Descendant, that fucking doll thing
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 400+ years old
Gender: Identifies as female
Race: Descendant (Doll)
Hair: Yellow string hair
Eyes: Black buttons
Height: 18”
Weight: 2 pounds
Blood type: Yellow energy and straw stuffing

The Looks

A patchwork, torn thing held together with lightly glowing golden thread and patches of cloth. The eyes are a shiny onyx black, and move in a way that wouldn’t be out of place in a stop motion animation. Sown onto her body, is a blue and white dress stained with dirt and mud. Her yellow hair is thick string that moves with the fluidity of natural hair.

Mary’s mouth can split open, to reveal strings hanging from the roof of her mouth and a churning yellow pool in the cavity where her throat would be. If one listens closely, you can hear awful, horrible screams and wicked laughter.

The Personality

Equal parts terrifying monster, and betrayed child; Mary has not been allowed to develop spiritually or mentally since she was 16. Due to this stunt in her growth, Mary often acts like a child despite being several hundred years old.

Mary enjoys seeing people uncomfortable and in pain, not a trait that she has always had; but has developed since her imprisonment in cloth. In many ways, it’s a reaction to her predicament. Seeing others in pain is a sort of vengeance or karma to the girl.

Mary plays with people the same as other people play with toys. She’s keen to play house normally, allowing her victims to perform daily tasks under her command, but if any of them leave her, she tends to… not be happy.

The Story

The legend of Mary O’Nette begins with the colonization of North America. Among the pilgrims, stowed away in a rat infested cabin was a young girl. On board were alchemists from the old world, come to this land to discover new alchemy, new ingredients, and the chance to experiment on this child.

Her black hair with yellow streaks and slightly glowing yellow eyes would be enough to turn anyone away usually, but she had an unsettling presence around her. Anyone that got close to her was struck by the realization that someone was watching them. All hours of the day, whether unconscious or not, crew members would complain about this paranoia.

Her mother long dead, and her father never wanting anything to do with her in the first place; the alchemists were allowed to take the girl wherever they pleased according to the king of Spain. After all, what did the king want with poor, strange, orphans? Learning more of her through the alchemists would be far more profitable if the alchemists were able to keep her presence and purpose quiet.

For months, they sailed. Passengers died, slaves died, but the girl did not wither. Even as the crew contemplated cannibalism, the alchemists noted a lack of physical response. She was still seemingly well fed and her eyes still gleamed as a plague destroyed the lives of families. The girl knew that these weren’t good people. Good people wouldn’t keep men and women in chains, or use her for whatever ungodly experiments they planned for her.

At night, she’d listen to the slaves chatter on about their home countries. They sounded amazing. She would love to see them one day. But she never spoke to them, never found her tongue in the six months she travelled.

When the boat landed, the girl hid in a barrel. This was something the alchemists had told her to do whenever someone came down to the slave cells. They took them away in chains, for a life that none of them wanted to live for. She would never see them again. Just like she would never see her home again. They were kindred spirits, in a way. At least in her mind.

It was dark when the alchemists retrieved her from the ship. They left her in the barrel to avoid unwanted attention from the colonists. She heard the whip crack and men screamed. The men she had been listening to for months treated like animals at best. For a brief moment, she felt anger, hatred, and rage boil up. But then…. A selfish fear took hold instead.

Her yellow hair took on a deeper, metallic luster, becoming golden. She sunk deeper into the barrel, shrinking away from the awful sights. She could fight her way out of the barrel, but they had guns and whips and chains. If she tried to do anything, they would undoubtedly catch her.

She clutched onto the only thing she managed to smuggle with her at the bottom of the barrel, a small plush doll that her mother had sewn for her. It’s dark hair was similar to her own, and it’s black eyes were oddly comforting. She clutched the thing, and waited for the trip to end.

The trip was only the beginning of her nightmare though.

Alchemist Santiago’s Journal:

It has been a long trip to the new world. We are just pleased that the savages below deck did not attempt to claim our subject for themselves. The alchemy would not be as effective should she have been soiled. We took the girl to a building that the king had ordered be built immediately. We paid trustworthy god fearing colonists hefty sums to keep the savages and other ne’er-do-wells away. Now we begin our experiments.

We attempted to make the first incision, but our blades were turned away, as if her skin was steel or some harder material. Truly incredible. We asked for one of the slaves to be brought over with an axe. When he swung, the metal managed to bite deep into her arm. Yellow strings reached out and grabbed the slave, throwing him bodily from the building. We will of course pay reparations to his master.

After examining the wound, we’ve come to a fascinating discovery! The girls blood turns into a strange yellow energy when subjected to certain alchemy. Maybe if we introduce it directly to her body we could create some sort of serum to instill these abilities on others.

Failure. The girls body rejected the concoction and she vomited too quickly for our potion to take affect. Perhaps with the addition of native sorcery…

We have managed to come into contact with a shaman who, in return for protection for his people, has agreed to assist us in this matter. Why should he fear us anyway? The other alchemists and I are only here to experiment. But I gave him our word that the alchemists wouldn’t attack his people.

Success! This time, when under the hold of native magic, the girls body released the yellow energy that created her strings. The girls body is to be buried in a nearby mass grave for the sick. No one need know of what we did or who she was.

End of Alchemist Santiago’s Journal

Everything was muffled for the girl. She was trapped in some sort of glass vial. She shifted her weight, trying to get a better look at what the alchemists had done.

Her body was there, but she wasn’t in it. Slaves were dragging it off, but she wanted to get back to it. She screamed, but no noise came out. She attempted to shift her body, and felt the uneasy sensation of falling. A crash and she found herself in a body, but not her old one.

From the perspective of Alchemist Santiago

We heard the crash before we saw the abomination. It rose on glowing yellow legs that looked more like ropes than anything. The dolls black button eyes stared at us with infernal contempt as we realized our mistake. We played God with a demon. The black string hair that the doll had changed into a golden color. It tilted its head, and it’s eyes managed to narrow.

“You killed me.” It said without moving its mouth. We knew it to be true the moment the words entered our minds. The eyes fell upon me, I knew I was no longer safe. I had to run. Run away.

The yellow string wrapped around my arms and legs, and my mind became heavy and dim.

The yellow strings released me, but the world had changed. The clean cabin was replaced with a poorly kept burned out old place. I tried to stand and run, but my bones turned to dust as starvation and neglect took their hold.

As I died, I saw the yellow strings reach out to me again… dragging me to Hell…

The Legend of Mary O’Nette

Following the collapse of the Santiago colony, Spain attempted several more times to colonize the area but were turned away by the monstrous doll that haunted the coastline. When British colonists finally managed to settle the area, the doll was finally given a name. Mary. The naming seemed to settle the spirit within, and it retreated to a house that it had constructed for itself.

Anyone who entered the house after this was considered dead. Several attempts were made to burn down the house, hopefully taking the satanic doll with it, but the Lost came to douse the fire. Eventually a fence was put around it, and a nursery rhyme was created to ward children from the place.

“Mary O’Nette, Mary O’Nette.

She’ll take you away, best not to fret. No beast, but your soul her feast.
Stay away from Mary O’Nette”

This worked for a long while, the story passed from generation to generation and the house was left alone, only the most disobedient or stupid children went missing… until Mary left.

The Powers

Eyes in the Dark - Mary’s Naivety ability creates eyes everywhere she goes, nearly invisible as they attach themselves to any still surface. She can cause them to become visible, but this is unnecessary in most cases. The eyes, when visible are black with yellow irises and a cats slitted pupil. The irises seem to burn and dance like a fire. The eyes have a dual effect, allowing her to see in any direction she wants just by concentrating and causes intense fear and paranoia in anyone perceived by the eyes. [Permission needed for paranoia]

Puppeteers Strings - Mary’s curiosity ability is her puppeteers strings. Unlike most descendants, Mary is unique in that she can’t actively create complex constructs. Instead, these yellow strings grasp onto anything in range. The strings are incredibly strong and durable, capable of withstanding superhuman strength and suffer no weaknesses of normal strings. They are also incredibly flexible and quick, capable of responding to the merest thought that Mary gives.

Mary’s strings can lift objects up to 200 tons in weight without much strain, much more than that and they begin to break and fray.

When a living being is snared by these strings, their mind becomes clouded and foggy. Mary can transmit her will through the strings, forcing them to follow her every command. This is permanent until Mary decides to release them from her grasp, generally when they become too weak or boring to be considered fun. [Permission Based]

Additionally, her puppeteers strings allow her to grasp inanimate objects and copy them into constructs up to 50 times. The object has to be a physical thing, but they function exactly the same as the original object; only these are made of golden energy that tries to sap away the willpower of anyone who touches them.

No Strings On Me - Mary’s Curiousity allows her to cause anyone who picks up her doll form to become a conduit for her soul. Mary can insert herself into their body, supressing their personalities. She can see through their eyes and feel using their body, but is still tied down to her doll body and can move that just as easily. The possessed body gains access to all her abilities, including her descendant physiology.

Descendant Physiology - While she is trapped inside of a doll, Mary still has impressive strength. While contained within her doll form, she is as strong as an Olympic weightlifter and as fast as a decent sports car.

Mary’s senses are dulled by her doll form, but when utilizing another body she can feel a fly buzzing from 10 feet away, see distances normally only achieved by sniper scopes completely unaided, and hear a whispered conversation from up to a yard away.

Additionally, Mary’s physicality while utilizing No Strings On Me grants her host the strength to lift heavy construction equipment with one hand, move at speeds up to 300 MPH, and sustain hits from most small melee weapons and some forms of small caliber guns.

Her durability is increased while in doll form, capable of withstanding almost anything short of a nuclear bomb dropping on her head while utilizing No Strings On Me only gives the new body basic bulletproof durability.

Puppeteer’s Web - Mary creates a net to capture anyone that tries to get her. The net stretches from one wall to the other, with large gaps between it that would allow a small or slightly below average person to pass through. Touching one of the strings however, causes the trap to spring abd the strings come alive to wrap a victim up like a fly caught in a spiders web.

Puppeteers Feeding - Once contained within the web, Mary can attach more strings to the cocoon and begin a horrifying process to sustain her unnatural life. Using dark magic gained from the esoteric books that her murderers held, Mary discovered a way to sustain her connection to this plane of existence.

The victim trapped inside the web is mystically forced to cede their life energy to the doll, becoming dehydrated and shrunken until what is left inside is a little wooden puppet, about the same height as Mary. Mary can use these puppets like a normal person, except without the strength or resilience that a normal person usually has. Often, she’ll just burn these effigies to keep her warm.

Portal to the Pit - Mary is a Descendant. But she should have died and gone to the Iron Pit to be told of her reality and be reborn in her safe space. But thanks to human interference, Mary is trapped. Inside her mouth is a portal to the Iron Pit, a dimension ruled by the God Yirah. This dimension of pain, suffering, and fear is the source of Mary’s power ultimately and by forcing someone to go through this portal, she can temporarily sustain her life. But not as long as through feeding.

When Mary opens this portal, it creates a vortex that sucks in everything in a 5 meter area, including people, ground, and objects. For a single moment, she floats above a crater of debris and then she sinks to the earth. [Permission Based]

The Weaknesses

Blue - Objects colored or painted blue can pierce her body as if she had no resistance to the object normally.

Green - Objects colored or painted green can pierce her body as if she had no resistance to the object normally.

Burning Barbie - Being a literal ragdoll, Mary is incredibly susceptible to fire. Divine blood can only do so much after all. Especially when you have no real blood to begin with.

Fire bypasses Mary’s durability, allowing her doll body to be burned or melted just like a normal rag doll.

If the doll catches fire while using her curiousity, the human host will take the damage that the doll takes.

Raggedy Anne - Despite being incredibly strong and durable, the doll only weighs a small amount. Likely enough that a chihuahua could take her on a journey. She’s ultimately a rag doll, grab her by the head and she won’t have the leverage to strike hard enough to cause any real damage.

Now with REAL Ragdoll Action! - If you get a grip on her upper chest, you can cause her to completely lose the ability move until you let go of her. Additionally, her descendancy abilities are cut off during this time. Leaving her blind, helpless, and defenseless.

Alchemical Solvent - An alchemical solvent of Mercury, Iron, and Lead with other ingredients to keep it liquid can be fed to her to cause her body to reject the soul immediately and force her out temporarily. While she’s forced out, she is a small glob of golden energy in a semi-liquid state incapable of using her abilities. If left without a body for too long, she will be sent to the iron pit to reform.

Consecrated Ground - Mary was created using shamanistic magic in addition to alchemy. Perhaps as a side effect, Mary is not allowed on ground that the church has deemed holy.

The Fluff

Like all descendants, if Mary is killed, she is sent to the dimension of her divine ancestor. In this case, the Iron Pit of Yirah. There, she will wait until a body is reformed for her. If her soul does this, a human body will be created for her instead.

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Mary o’Nette Empty Re: Mary o’Nette

Post by Descendants October 16th 2021, 1:30 pm

Seems alright to me, to be honest.

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Mary o’Nette Empty Re: Mary o’Nette

Post by Chellizard October 16th 2021, 1:31 pm

Approved and moved.

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Mary o’Nette Empty Re: Mary o’Nette

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