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Blanche Penderghast

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Blanche Penderghast Empty Blanche Penderghast

Post by Descendants January 27th 2022, 12:36 am


’tis a shame we must fight. I have foreseen the outcome, and it is a poor one for you."

The Bio

Real Name: Blanche Penderghast
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 997||24
Gender: Female
Race: Descendant

Hair: Violet
Eyes: Violet
Height: 5’11
Weight: 150 lbs.

Bust Size: DDD
Butt Size: 39 In.
Foot Size: 6

The Looks

Blanche Penderghast:

Blanche is an exceptionally beautiful woman. Though physically barely older than a teenager, she has the grace and regality of a woman in her prime. This is because, as a Descendant, Blanche is ageless. Her eyes reflect this; deep, violet pools of endless torment and sadness, as if she’s seen the end of the world and is powerless to stop it. Eyes of endless sorrow in a sea of pale white define her face.

Blanche does certainly have a unique appearance. Growing up, she was often mocked for her bright violet hair and eyes, but as she grew older, she  came to embrace them. Her hair is kept unfettered, falling in feathered waves down her back and across her chest. Rarely do people see her with her hair up, the long waves kept free by preference; that’s not to say she’s opposed to the idea, however. Many of her Corruptions change her hairstyle, and she doesn’t have an issue with this. During stressful times, such as during combat, she will even put her hair up a tight ponytail or bun, depending on the situation and how much time she has.

Her style is simple and elegant, and unlike a lot of Descendants, she doesn’t use her constructs to make her clothes. White dresses with simple shoes are her usual wardrobe, and in this she looks simply fantastic, as free and beautiful as a wild bird. There are occasions where something as simple as that doesn’t cut, and on those occasions, dresses are still her choose but she moves from the carefree sundresses and flats to evening gowns and heels. When the situation calls for it, she has the style of a Russian monarch.

She still prefers simplicity, though. Modest white dresses or, at the very most, similarly colored sundresses are her favorite, partnered with light make-up and simple, slip-on shoes.

The Personality

Blanche is not someone to be easily classified. She, in fact, makes it a point to refuse simple classification. She is joyous and terrifying and very much an enigma. Her long life and many years of experience has served her well in this regard; all but the most skilled psychologists would find it a struggle to even get a read on her. To the outside observer, she is a blank slate, someone to never play poker with, which is just how the Queen of Swans prefers it. Getting close to people has never served her well. People thinking that she has no emotions is what’s best, in the long run.

But oh, Blanche has emotions, lots of them, and most repressed. As powerful an Empath as she is, what else is to be expected? It is normally during moments when she lets her guard down, such as sleeping, that these emotions express them, unfortunately in quite a violent manner. These are her Corruptions, and each one is as different and unique as the colors on the rainbow. And each is a representation of a different tragedy or repressed emotion. In each, Blanche acts differently, particularly in those few she has treaded further down the path of.

Overall, while she is in control, Blanche is a kind, wonderfully giving woman, though quite conservative in her actions. She isn’t going to give her coat to a woman off the street; she will anonymously donate to homeless funds in an effort to improve them. She despises the spotlight, and will do nearly anything to avoid it. Once upon a time, she was anti-social enough to make paranoid schizophrenics downright friendly in comparison, but she’s since gotten a tad bit better at it.

The Story

"When the broken emperor rises,
When the shattered sun remains,
the shards of a fallen star will reunite
and conquer the final end."

These were the words that flashed through her head the morning of the solar eclipse. A sure sign of magical convergence itself, but as the memories burst like bubble pop from deep within her, she knew there was something more amiss. It was a prophecy long ago, each one etched into her mind until they came to pass, and now the words glowed from deep in her memory. The red sun could only be the shattered star, and the broken emperor … she flew on violet wings above a city that did not remember their founder, built upon the bones of a conqueror long forgotten by history. The Frozen Emperor … he had slipped her mind, or perhaps there was some magic when he died.

But he did die. Blanche watched Shiwa tear his body to shreds, his black magic rotting every inch of him as the curse took hold upon his soul. As if there was a need. As if he could return from that. The shattered remnants of the Valkyrie lay around them, in various states of health, only persisting due to the unholy grip of their Lord and Master; you could not die unless the Lord of Death permitted you, after all. Blanche still remembered the taste of her blood; it was the first time, in a long time, she had a met a foe capable of challenging her.

But time had passed, many hundreds of years between then and now. The survivors of that day grew, and below them, the idyllic island had turned into a bustling metropolis. Even above the city, far away from the smog and bustle, she could hear the occasional car. A shame, but also a testament to the tenacity of man. Even after the most brutal warrior the world had even seen brought the Western Hemisphere to its knees, they persevered and built the greatest nations the world had ever seen.

And they evolved! Humanity evolved. Metahumans and beings with powers from beyond the stars had blended into humanity, turning them into a shining example of what a race could do. There was strife, and there was war, but humanity was well on its way to a golden age that would never end! And she could not let anything compromise that. Her eyes narrowed as something shifted in front of her …

The Emperor …

He was here.

The Powers

Basic Descendant Physiology: Like all Descendants, Blanche is supernaturally powerful, mentally and spiritually. Her physical abilities are absolutely top-tier, due to her fully-realized status (a fully-realized Descendant is one that has unlocked the sixth and final tier of their powers), and this is also reflected in her mental capabilities as well. Strength-wise, Blanche can easily stop a speeding truck and lift it outright over her head with little ease, and take damage equivalent. Bullets bounce off her body, even things as powerful as tank shells or armor-piercing rounds. Her resistance even extends to heat and cold, allowing her to go in what passes for a sundress in the most extreme of temperatures. Her speed is likewise amplified, allowing her to move at speeds of Mach 2 and react at speeds of equivalent. This even applies to the most basic of actions, such as tying her shoes or putting on make-up.

Mentally, she is reinforced as well. Due to the nature of her, and the knowledge she has of her nature, Blanche can theoretically go decades without food, sleep, or even water by drawing energy and sustenance from her magical core, though due to a lifetime of thinking she required these things, it’s by no means a comfortable experience. Her mental defenses are absolutely top-notch, only the most powerful of psychics able to pierce her defenses. This applies to her senses, as well; purely by smell, she is able to identify people over 100 yards away, while her eyesight and hearing are similarly enhanced. Unlike most people with these enhanced faculties, she is not subject to bright light or sharp smells as a weakness, her own nature preventing that.

Magic: Descendants are naturally magical beings, and Blanche more so than most. First and foremost, as a being made of pure emotional energy, Blanche is able to reform if killed. Unless killed by something of sufficient magical force to destroy her piece of the Cosmic Source, Blanche will reform the next day with all items not taken from her corpse; said corpse will turn into purple lotus flowers that slowly rot over the course of 24 hours. Blanche’s new body is identical to her last one, with all memories intact. The only difference is a scar resembling the way she was killed, left on the spot she made.

Like all Descendants, Blanche has the potential to be a powerful mage, and she has grasped this to her advantage. She preferred to focus on utility spells above all others, though she is no slouch among those. In addition to the spells and magic she has actually learned, Blanche has a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of basic magic and advanced magical techniques, capable of locating and identifying spells based purely on the sigils they make or the sound of chanting in a large crowd. While this isn’t foolproof, it is quite useful in most situations when encountering various mages.

This form of spellcasting is incredibly versatile, but still must utilize the adages of spellcasting; that being structuring it with verbal, somatic, and material components.

Martially Trained: Blanche is by no means a weapon master, or any sort of martial-arts expert. However, she is over nine thousand years old, and has been in quite a scrape in that time; in fact, until the 70’s, has been involved in every major human conflict. Modern weapons elude her, due to her moratorium on violence since before they were introduced, but nearly all melee weapons she has a firm grasp on, as well as experience in most forms of hand-to-hand combat. The one form of fighting she does excel in, however, is all pole-like weapons: spears, guandoa’s, bo staffs and the like. This is due in part to the experience needed for her fifth-level release, but more so due to the grace and power she can wield without sacrificing mercy or beauty. With these weapons, she is as skilled as it is possible to get in nine thousand years. This equates to a gift greater than any human could hope to achieve. She is supernaturally gifted with this particular branch of weapons, able to match even the most skilled of fighters.

Language Master: Due partially to her age, and due partially to her need to understand arcane languages, Blanche speaks a plethora of languages. While this includes most modern interpretations of languages, such as French, Spanish, English, Japanese, etcetera, this also includes any language that is considered dead or forgotten. Sanskrit, Ancient Babylonian, Classic and Modern Latin (though Piglatin escapes her), and many other languages often used in the weaving of magicks. This is often used to determine spells before they’re finished and maybe even establish countermeasures on the fly.

Fortune Telling: An inherently magical ability Blanche has honed over many centuries. Her Fortune Telling allows her to discern the future through a variety of means, be it Tarot Cards, bone reading, reading tea leaves, palm lines, or the various other means through which someone can tell the future. The future is not kept in stone; what is read can change. This ability merely tells the ability to predict the current path the affected individual is currently on.

In addition to reading fortunes via various means, her innate magical ability and connection to all living things of this earth has granted her dream-like premonitions and visions. Some of these are of the future, events yet to happen; others are of the past, events that happened long ago. Even others are of dimensions and people not of this world. It is these that are the most terrifying for Blanche, as some of these places are where nightmares walk and physics cease to exist. These visions or premonitions come to her in moments of extreme relaxation, most commonly when sleeping, but can also happen if she relaxes. But not always. It’s a game of chance.



Lady Frigga is the result of her hardcore dedication to her training and powers, ultimately mastering them. Unlike any and all of her Corruptions, Blanche has full control over her abilities. This is her most basic form, the element of Compassion, with purple constructs. Lady Hera is the representation of her Compassion, the emotion she represents. Each and every one of her powers have this in common, the Compassion to understand the world and change it for the better.

Lotus Root: First Stage. Blanche is Compassion, the physical embodiment of it on this Earth. And what is Compassion but Sympathy and it’s twin brother, Empathy? This is the ability that Blanche possesses. Everyone within 100 yards of her is subject to this ability. It bypassess all known forms of mental resistance due to it reading the soul, and can even be used on her fellow Descendants. But what, exactly, does it do? Well, that’s simple. To put it in layman's terms, Blanche Penderghast is one of, if not the most, powerful Empath. Anybody within range is subject to Lotus Root, her ability to sense, feel, and manipulate emotion.

This has very few limits. In typical situations, Blanche can only feel what the individual is feeling at the current time; hunger, pain, sadness, arousal. Whatever it is, she shares that emotion with them. This is not an ability she can control. This effect is cumulative; every living thing, from the smallest plant to the largest giant, so long as they are within the range of her Lotus, is subject to this, and she is subject to them. It should be said that not only can she sense these emotions, she can sense the reason behind them; skipped breakfast, husband cheated, didn’t pay taxes. This comes almost immediately after the initial emotional sensory experience. If, however, Blanche lays a hand on an individual, she can delve entirely into their emotional history and the reason behind them, getting a rough estimate of their entire life.

That was sense and feel. But Blanche can also manipulate these emotions. Unlike the first two aspects, manipulation requires the individual to be within ten feet of her or one of her constructs. Once these conditions are filled, Blanche can change whatever emotion they are currently feeling temporarily. This effect can be permanent, if the source of whatever caused the original emotion in the first does not return to emotionally injure the recipient again.

Lotus Blossom: Second Stage. Like every Descendant, Blanche can manipulate emotional energy. Being the emotion of Compassion, her constructs are a deep, vibrant purple. These constructs can be created as basic constructs - such as walls, blasts of energy, or simple things like stairs - or can be used to create much more complex creations. Even things such as seemingly living creatures and clockwork constructs can be created, so long as Blanche knows the layout and structure of the object she is creating; she cannot, for example, create a fully-functional quantum computer, but she can make a simple swing. All of her constructs give off an aura of ten feet, under which her Lotus Root is active.

Like all Descendants, Lotus Blossom has a unique property. Compassion is the ability to feel what others are feeling and change for the better. These constructs represent this in the most visceral way. When she wishes, Blanche can create an area, specified by her constructs, no larger than 10x10x10. Anything within this area is subject to her ability, the ability of Change. That is to say, Blanche can change anything within the boundary of this area. This Change is limited to the physical, but within this purvey the changes are endless. She can change the shape or color of things, make things larger or smaller (within the confines of the constructs), and even alter the physical appearance of individuals or things. This last one requires permission in-character to achieve.

Lotus Flower: Third Stage. The Lotus Flower is a bit esoteric in its usage. Simply put, it allows Blanche to create living Lotus Flowers. At first, this appears to be nothing special; after all, she can make much more impressive constructs at a thought with just her Lotus Bloom. So why is this special? The Lotus Flowers created by this ability are special, in their way. For one, they don’t wilt and are particularly difficult to destroy, about twice as difficult as normal constructs. But, like all things Descendants, they’re not so simple.

First, Blanche can create two different types of Lotus; Clear Moon and Lace Gem.

Clear Moon, also known as ‘Wild Lotus’, are flowers that bloom specifically in wet soil or on fresh bodies of water. They are about a foot and a half in length, with 26 petals per blossom. Like all constructs, they are a deep, vibrant purple. Lace Gem Lotus, also known as ‘Tame Lotus’, are close-bunched flowers with a cut stem and over 100 petals per blossom.

The power of the Lotus Flower is simple, but effective; whoever is touching, or within range, of the Lotus shares in the sense and feel portions of Lotus Root. The aura that radiates off of both versions of these flowers is ten feet in diameter; however, for each Lotus Flower within range, the range triples, for a maximum of three hundred (300) feet. Clear Moon Lotus can only be created within wet soil or fresh bodies of water, and will remain growing there long after Blanche has forgotten about it. Lace Gem Lotus, however, are special in that they form only on the flesh of living things, be it human or animal. Lace Gem Lotus is not painful either growing or existing within the flesh, nor is it obstructive to clothing, armor, or any sort of magic; but if attempted to be removed, the many roots grown into the flesh will begin to rip and tear at the flesh. One must be willing to mutilate themselves to remove it.

Anyone under the purview of Lotus Flower cannot manipulate emotions. Additionally, Blanche is capable of sensing all the individuals that are affected by Lotus Flower, no matter their location. Only fifteen (15) Lotus Flower’s can be created at a time.

Spirit Lotus: Fourth Stage. Like all Descendants that have reached this level, Blanche can summon a weapon, an earthly manifestation of the Cosmic Source and a direct font to the Purple Palace, the dimension of pure Compassion energy Gwendolyn resides in. While active, Spirit Lotus increases the power of all of her other abilities, including her base Descendant Physiology. Her strength and durability are tripled, as are the durability of her constructs, and her speed is doubled. Her aura, as well, has increased, now spreading over 300 meters with the limit of manipulation set to thirty. The aura of Lotus Flower and her other constructs are tripled as well.

Like all Cosmic Weapons, Spirit Lotus has a unique ability, and this ability is focused purely on its blade. When this blade cuts something, no matter how light or heavy the cut is, she can change the function of how that thing works. She can, for example, touch a microwave with Spirit Lotus and make a machine that causes things to get colder. This effect is permanent, and lasts after she seals her ability. Anything changed by Spirit Lotus takes on a very faint purple hue, gains a violet pattern, or otherwise represents the color of Compassion. Spirit Lotus can manipulate itself at will, allowing it to pass through solid objects with ease or making its damaging attacks heal. Changing the function of something takes no time at all, but must make some small amount of sense. She cannot, for example, make that microwave cook rainbow clouds.

Aesthetically, Spirit Lotus takes the form of guan dao, a sort of Chinese spear/halberd mix. It is a beautifully crafted piece of weaponry. The large blade set on the end is dark purple, nearly black, and is connected to a soft lavender pole. Golden ribbons extend down past the blade and flutter of their own free will. The Triangle at the other end is the same dark purple as the blade. Typically, the golden banners swirl around Spirit Lotus, creating a hypnotizing whirlwind. The image of a violet swan with its wing spread separates the blade and Triangle from the main staff, a representation of her spirit animal. The engraved image of two swans ‘hugging’, forming the shape of a heart, is engraved on the flat of the blade.

In addition to the powers this ability grants, Spirit Lotus changes her physical appearance as well. Six feathers appear on her face, three under each eye; streaks of purple run down her face, vertical lines that curve across her delicate features, stopping just short of her lips. Her lips become stained violet, any sort of make-up vanishing off her face, and her eyes glow with the repressed light of Compassion. A sort of halo covers her head and back, a corona of purple light that almost represents a cloak. Her nails elongate, similar to talons.

When she first summons Spirit Lotus, her clothes burst off her body as she shrouded in the violet light of Compassion, concealing her naked form. This light becomes her clothing, a light blue dress that flows down her legs and ends just under her thighs. A dark violet ribbon is tied around her waist. This ribbon is matched by the one in her hair, keeping the loose, feathery strands from falling into her face. Matching flats, the same color as her dress, adorn her feet, with a little, perfectly tied ribbon on them.

Anything affected by Spirit Lotus once cannot be affected again within a 24 hour period.

Dancing Lotus: Fifth Stage. At all times, Blanche has a swan with her, and save for its purple hue and ability to talk more fluently than any human, appears to be a normal swan. It follows Blanche religiously, though she does have her own life, occasionally flying or swimming off to do her own thing or to deliver messages for Blanche, as a favor. This is her Eidolon, a physical, permanent manifestation of the Orchid Ocean, a dimension of infinite compassion and home to her Absolute Ancestor, Gwendolyn the Riotous. Despite her appearance, Concordia is more than a swan; she is a capable combat companion and guide. When she wills, or when Blanche orders her to, Concordia can transform, Channeling the Orchid Ocean through Concordia, granting them both immeasurable power. Her size increases dramatically, turning to the size of a large truck. Her feathers gain a consistency equivalent to Blanche’s constructs and incredible physical strength. Her flippers turn sharp and clawed, a second set of legs bursting from her chest. Her beak and tongue grow long, sharp teeth, capable of shredding through most defenses and chewing steel. Additionally, Concordia can project constructs, just as Blanche can, that possess all her properties.

While Concordia is Channeled, Blanche transforms as well. The dress burst into violet light again, the ribbon growing and stretching over her shoulders like wings. Her hair elongates, reaching to her waist and tied in a fancy bow that looks like a swan. Heels adorn her feet, and black leggings adorn her previously bare arms and legs. Make-up like markings adorn her face, winged eyeliner and stained purple lips accentuating her pretty features. Most importantly, her pupils turn into wings and the violet in her eyes glow brightly, capable of being seen even in the brightest of days.

While Channeled, Blanche’s powers are increased, her durability and physical abilities doubling from the previous increases, and the durability of her constructs tripling. Additionally, the aura of both her and her Lotus constructs increases to 600 meters, with the limitation of manipulation set to 100 meters. Channeling also increases Blanche’s potential for magic increases, any spells she casts having twice the effectiveness and duration.

Concordia has a unique power of her own that Blanche cannot emulate in this form. This ability can only be used while Channeled, but it is incredibly powerful. Throughout history, the singing of a swan was considered beautiful, but tragic, as they only sing in victory … or in tragedy. Swans have always been symbols of emotive art, muses through the ages, but nothing more so than their beautiful song. This “Swan Song” has been encapsulated by Concordia in a most primal form.

“Swan Song” is a beautiful, melancholic tone that travels for miles throughout the land, penetrating the deepest barriers,filling the air with a tone like angelic choirs. The only material this song cannot penetrate is her own barriers, parting around them like waves on a rock. Everybody who hears this song is instantly assailed by emotion; multitudinous, innumerable emotions. Every emotion they’ve ever felt, every memory that made them feel; and more than that, every emotion Blanche has ever felt, every memory tied to these emotions, every emotion from every person she’s ever felt. It all assails every individual who hears this Swan Song, an emotional nuke that explodes all at once. This sudden onslaught of emotions and memories is enough to floor all but the most emotionally powerful individual.

Divine Lotus: Sixth Stage.  The final power of any Descendant, Blanche’s Realization is a sight to behold. A bright violet light, blinding everyone who sees it for miles around, surrounds her and Concordia. For a moment, the light glows in intensity; then suddenly, it pulses, a wave of energy running through the ground and a single, deep, bass note. The two lights merge together and then, in a shower of sparks like a firework, out emerges Final Lotus Blanche, the most powerful form she will ever take. The guandao has warped, taking on a more elegant, pointed form. Swan-like armor has shaped over her body, girding her hips, breasts, and head in themed armor. But the most noticeable aspect are the wings; giant, thin wings, like the bird from which she merged, extend from her back, capable of flying at speeds up to Mach 24. Blanche is much more bird-like in this form, her hair shaping like feathers and the feathers under her eyes multiply, now three a piece. Every word she speaks in this form is a musical note, carrying with the potent effects of Swan Song. A long leather jacket, covering most of her skin, and armored heeled boots, complete the look.

Of course, Blanche’s powers are excessively heightened during this time, physical and magical abilities tripled, with reaction time and agility to match. Her constructs gain quadruple durability, becoming extremely powerful, quite possibly one of the most durable things in the world. More importantly, the range of her Lotus Root increases to ten miles, and the aura of the constructs created by Lotus Blossom are increased to the same. The roots of the Lotus Flowers become impossible to remove, permanently rooting them in place.

But of course, Blanche gains a new power. Everybody within her aura is subject to her empathic ability, and this ability carries it a step further. Blanche is capable of creating what she calls “Lotus Shadows” of anyone in the range of her aura. These Shadows are exact replicas of whomever she makes the shadows of; there is no limit to how many Lotus Shadows she can create at a time, limited only by the amount of people in the aura. These Shadows possess all the memories, personalities, and powers of the individuals afflicted. When it comes to the powers, they are exactly the same, with all the knowledge and power of the individual they copy,


All Descendants are beings of emotion, and they are ruled by it; each Emotion is represented as something vital to humanity, and for Blanche, this is Compassion. Yet all Emotions can be twisted, changed beyond their norm, turned into something different and, often, insidious; these are Corruptions, a representation of powerful emotions twisting the Descendant beyond what is recognizable. Each Emotion has twelve Corruptions, one for each other Emotion. To Corrupt, the Descendant must be confronted with opposing emotions powerful enough to overwhelm them, most commonly forced upon them by emotional manipulation. While the power is great, all but the most powerful of Descendants take leave of their senses while Corrupted. Only through use can they eventually master its weaker forms, but even the most powerful cannot fully control themselves when Corrupted.

Once learned, a Corruption can be manually triggered again, and once Corrupted, the Descendant is much more susceptible to it in the future. Every Corruption, like their main power, can grow in power with use; however, the more they learn of it, the more they are under the control of this Corruption, and the less that remains of themselves. Coming free of a Corruption is not a simple task; while emotional manipulation is the easiest, the most common is a sort of “coming to the senses”, where their dominant Emotion takes over. Other forms can be a loved one reaching them or simply the corruption Emotion dispersing in time.

-Lady Idunn-
Life Corruption: Emotion of Ambedo, Fuschia Constructs

White Lotus Root: Blanche is ancient, and as such has had many experiences; with life, and mystery, and wonder in general. It is these experiences she channels into her White Lotus Root, mixing with her Compassion. Ambedo is described as “a kind of melancholic trance where you become completely absorbed in sensory-vivid details. Those stuck with Ambedo are often lost in the hyper sensation, examining the spinning motes of light that was once dirt, struck by how beautiful everything thing, even as time slows to a crawl.

First Stage.The second White Lotus Root activates, the world slows down for Blanche. Many speedsters would recognize this ability for what they typically see, but Blanche doesn’t move any faster. White Lotus Root lets Blanche “slow time down”, it is in reality a form of hyper-concentration. Whenever Blanche focuses, the world slows down around her, letting her concentrate and plan without fear of being injured. The level of dilation is directly related to the level of concentration; the harder she concentrates, the more intense the dilation, up to 1000%.

When activated, fuschia lines spread through her hair, infusing with the violet to the roots. The same color shoots through her eyes as well in a pinwheel pattern.

White Lotus Blossom: Second Stage. Like all Descendants, Blanche can manipulate emotional energy in the form of constructs, and little changes when she Corrupts. White Lotus constructs are fuschia in color, despite the name, and are as strong as her typical constructs in Lady Frigga. And just like her typical form, they possess an Aura. Its quite simple, actually, what White Lotus Blossom lets her do; anybody within the range of her Aura, detailed in Lady Frigga, can share in the hyper-concentration granted to her by the former ability, subject to Blanche’s choice (by default, they share in it, but she can choose to exclude people.) Blanche controls the “rate” of deceleration, matching everybody affected with her own.

Blanche can maintain control during this level of ability. While any constructs are active, the violet of her hair and eyes are tinted with fuschia, like veins through both of them, though they keep the violet color prominent.

-Lady Nanna-
Love Corruption: Emotion of Peace, Magenta Constructs

Pink Lotus Root: Peace is the ultimate goal of war, and it is here that is exemplified. Peace is what Blanche strives for; peace for herself, for the world, and ultimately, peace for Shiwa. Too long have they all been stricken with uncertainty and war; they deserved peace. It was this desire for peace that helped contribute to her plans to wage war on Shiwa; to put an end to his terror once and for all.

First Stage. When activated, the aura of compassion Blanche normally exudes is changed to one of peace. Everyone within range has a layer of magenta over their eyes, the only physical aspect of this ability; more importantly, they find themselves unable to move or fight or think aggressive thoughts, or really, even move at all. They are stuck in a world of wonder, full of peaceful thoughts, wherever that may be for them. While high willpower can resist this, and this does count as a psychic attack for reasons of defense, it is quite difficult to do so.

While in use, Blanche pupils turn into discs similar to magenta moons.

Pink Lotus Blossom: Second Stage. Like all Descendants, Blanche can manipulate emotional energy in the form of constructs, portraying whatever her imagination desires, from bolts of energy to entire buildings. While Corrupted, these constructs possess the same strength as her Lady Frigga Descendancy, but are a magenta color. Like all Studied abilities, Pink Lotus Blossom has a unique ability, and that being Absolute Peace. Anybody touching a construct of hers, for as long as they’re touching it, is afflicted by “Absolute Peace”. They do not move, they do not see, or smell, or hear; they barely seem to breathe, their body autonomous, lost in the world of their own making.

This illusion is more powerful than that created by Pink Lotus Root; all non-vital functions are shut off, as if the victim is in a coma. They are lost to the memories, and once inflicted, only removing the Corrupted Construct from their being can end the perfect misery. This does not work on individuals with mental resistances or fortitude on par with Blanche.

While in use, the magenta moons seem to glow and even revolve slowly, shedding a small amount of light in front of her. Blanche can control herself in this form.

-Lady Hlin-
Hope Corruption; Emotion of Charity, Navy Constructs

Blue Lotus Root: Throughout her long life, Blanche has encountered hope in all forms; from the hungry giving to the thirsty, the big to small, and the rich to the poor, and yet she also witnessed the opposite, a testament to the truly best, and worst, humanity has to offer. Over time, Blanche developed this Hope into the Corruption of Charity.

First Stage. An aura exudes from her, equivalent to her Lady Frigga Descendancy, that affects all living things; plants and animals included. While bathed in this aura, they are emotionally affected; they are filled with a sense of charity that inspires them to give what they can to those who do not have, obstacles be damned. This can lead to violence, if they deem an obstacle capable of being forced through.

However, that is not the intent of the aura. The Charity Aura that extends from her affects them metaphysically as well. A portion of all powers and abilities an individual has that extend beyond the norm, or what is typical for their species, is shared with every other individual within range of the Aura. Super strength, speed, energy projection, even magical powers and skills are all shared amongst all individuals. This is an ability that Blanche can be selective about, limiting it only to allies. Weaknesses for these abilities are not shared amongst those. While activated, however, Blanche is as a statue; aware of her surroundings, but unable to move, a statue of charity. Her hands held out, as if asking for an offering.

While this ability is in use, her eyes and hair grow veins of navy, like vines growing through them.

-Lady Var-
Willpower Corruption: Emotion of Loyalty, Greige Constructs

Green Lotus Root: First Stage. Loyalty has, and always will be, an important thing for Blanche. For centuries, this loyalty was directed towards Shiwa, her husband and master, and for the longest time she served him as his Valkyrie. Now, her loyalty is geared towards her family and friends, and she serves them with as much vigor as she did Shiwa. This loyalty manifests in the Lady Var Corruption, the Emotion of Loyalty.

This manifests as an Aura around her, with the same range as her Lady Frigga Descendancy. Anybody within this aura range are bound by their loyalty; to anyone whom they are loyal to, be it a master, a boss, a wife, or a friend, they cannot keep secrets, and they are bound to protect them with their life. This affects allies equally.

While this ability is active, Blanche’s eyes glow green.

Green Lotus Blossom: Like all Descendants, Blanche can manipulate emotional energy in the form of Constructs, in the form of whatever her heart desires at that moment, limited only by her imagination; these constructs, while corrupted, are navy in color and possess equivalent durability to their Lady Frigga counterparts. Like all Curiosity’s, it possesses a unique power; this power comes into play when any creature capable of intelligent thought is touching her Navy constructs. Once they touch a Construct, every individual is locked into Council, allowing free-flow of thoughts and emotions while its going on. All those locked into Council are bound by Blanche; the Council is broken when a Bond is forged, an agreement between the individuals that cannot be broken or disobeyed.

While in use, navy lotus blossoms grow over everyone, dissipating when Council ends. Blanche is affected by this as well; additionally, her hair and eyes are stained navy, a representation of this power.

-Lady Sif-
Grief Corruption: Emotion of Empathy, Seafoam Constructs

Cyan Lotus Root: Empathy has been both a blessing and a curse for Blanche; for one, it is her greatest strength, a desire to help people made only better by her god-given abilities. On the other, it has historically been the cause of some of her greatest failings in life, and what causes her the most pain. Still, she perseveres, her empathy driving her to heights her enemies cannot even consider.

First Level lt manifests as an Aura the same range as her Lady Frigga. Anybody within this Aura are subject to its effect. Green Lotus Root possesses the ability of “transparency”; every object within range becomes see-through, unable to hide behind. This transparency also applies to people, though not in a physical sense; while within the range of her aura, it becomes impossible to lie, even in jest. Illusions, false identities, even things such as dyed hair and colored contacts, it is all rendered mute or transparent, no matter its power. You cannot hide anything while under the effects of this ability.

While Green Lotus Root is active, Blanche’s eyes turn bright green and green lotus flowers burst into life within the radius of the aura.

-Lady Sunna-
Greed Corruption: Emotion of Ambivalence, Cerise Constructs

Orange Lotus Root: Ambivalence is defined as having second thoughts or ideas about something or someone; Blanche’s Ambivalence was a defining factor in Shiwa pulling away from his conquest of the realms 1000 years ago. It was this same Ambivalence that had her hesitate for a hundred years at his side; one never knows the consequences of her actions, not until its too late. Only by overcoming such second thoughts did she stand up to Shiwa. That event birthed Lady Sunna, the Greed Corruption.

First Stage. When activated, an aura spreads out from Blanche equivalent to Lady Frigga, and everybody within range is affected by this ability. This ability affects the mind; everybody has doubts, and second thoughts, and Lady Sunna brings them to the forefront. It indiscriminately makes everybody doubt every movement they make; from an attack, to what they want for dinner, every decision they make will be second-guessed and analyzed.

While using Lady Sunna, a cerise tint taints her eyes and hair.

-Lady Eostre-
Fear Corruption: Emotion of Concern, Savannah Constructs

Yellow Lotus Root: It was Concern that brought Blanche back from the brink of oblivion, led her to serving the people instead of her once-lord and master. It was this concern that led her to betray Shiwa, the Black Warlord, and in exchange got cursed by the man who had professed to love her. It led to this Corruption, Lady Eostre, the Corruption of Fear.

First Level. An aura surrounds her, covering the same space as Lady Frigga. Anybody within are assaulted by shadows, shades of their deepest fears, regrets, worries, concerns. Every little thing that haunts them whispers to them from every direction, they more they are worried about, the more stress they have, the more shadows there are, until the battlefield is full of them, each of them whispering these thoughts into her head.

While activated, Blanche’s fingernails and eyes turn the color of the African savannah.

-Lady Vor-
Passion Corruption: Emotion of Integrity, Rose Constructs

Red Lotus Root: First Stage. It was integrity that led Blanche to betray Shiwa, what led to her current state. It was the passion for life that led her to stop him from massacring civilians, and what she attempts to capture in her paintings. Integrity gave birth to this Corruption, Lady Vor. She has become quite familiar with it, able to utilize the full spectrum of abilities, though with exceedingly more loss of control. It is only used in the most dire of circumstances, when an absolute defense is necessary. The color rose, a perfect mix of red and violet, encompasses her form, one of the clues that perhaps she is not entirely herself.

First Stage: Absolute defense. That is what this ability gives her. As absolute a defense as possible for a level of this ability. Though technically an aura, it only affects Blanche and any abilities that originate from within the range of this aura. So long as that criteria is met, Blanche cannot be injured by physical attack, and has highly increased resistance to magical attacks. This resistance only applies within the range of her aura.

While this ability is being used, the ends of Blanche’s hair are red, and red vines spread through her hair.

Red Lotus Blossom: Second Stage. Like all Descendants, Blanche can create constructs, the size and shape of which are only limited by her imagination. These constructs are rose-colored and be created anywhere within the range of her aura. Like all constructs, they possess a special ability, this being “Immutability.” For as long as Blanche concentrates on it, they cannot be changed, be it through force or magic. Blanche can maintain up to three such constructs at a time, each no more than 20 meters cubed.

While any construct is “rooted” as such, the red in her hair grows, as does the red in her eye, much more pronounced now.

Red Lotus Flower: Third Stage. The durability applied to her constructs can be applied to any physical object within range of her Aura; simply by willing it, it will become as durable and tough as her rooted constructs. When done so, it will be coated in a layer of rose, as if she had covered it in one of her constructs.

Blanche starts to lose her control at this stage of power; while an object is rooted, rose color flares through her hair, her eyes positively bleeding with it. Additionally, her clothings to change, energy flaring around her boots and gloves, as if forming armor. While using Red Lotus Flower, she starts to be affected by the Passion forming Integrity in her veins; she will become more rigid in her beliefs, less willing to let things “slide off her back”, as it were.

Red Spirit Lotus: Fourth Stage.Like all Descendants of this level, Blanche can summon her Divine Instrument. In Blanche’s case, her typical guandao is changed to a medieval Knight’s shield, emblazoned with a vulture on the front and rose red in color. It is elegant in design, perfect for Blanche’s willowy frame, but despite it’s fragile design, it is the definition of an immovable object. It completely negates all damage hit by it; physical objects stop dead, psychic attacks fail, magic dissipates, even other Descendant abilities are completely nullified by touching this shield. While this shield is summoned, Blanche’s abilities increase. Her constructs are twice as durable, and her physical and mental abilities are tripled.

But unlike every other Divine Instrument in the history of Descendants, Blanche is not the sole owner. Should anyone with sufficient Integrity put up the shield, they can use it just as efficiently as Blanche can; complete nullification. In addition to the shield, Blanche gains greaves, chestplate, and gauntlets with similar properties, though these are much harder to strip from her.

While in use, Blanche is heavily affected by the emotions of Passion and Integrity; she is much more intense, much more strict, incapable of “letting things go” that violate her profound moral code. Nearly half her hair is rose-colored now, eyes like flowers from the color.

-Lady Hel-
Death Corruption: Emotion of Abandonment, Plum Constructs

Black Lotus Root: Death and abandonment have been a large part of Blanche’s development. Lady Hel was the first Corruption she ever knew, as familiar with it as her Descendancy. From her parents leaving her and the subsequent falling in with Shiwa, her life has been a series of individuals leaving her, like she was the exit gate of a parade. It was these events, and so many more, that led to the birth and eventual development of Lady Hel, the Corruption of Abandonment.

First StageBlack Lotus Root is an aura around her, touching everybody within range, with quite the insidious property. At first, it starts off slow; you get brief flashes of something, like a floater in your eye. But as time goes on (mechanically, every post it increases in potency), the something solidifies. In the corner of your eye, just barely visible but oh-so noticeable, is your loved one, doing the one thing anybody who loves anybody fears; leaving. Black Lotus Root manipulates the mind, as well, tricking those afflicted to believe it is true. This is potent enough to end a battle outright, but should they stay exposed to this aura (ten posts) they will start seeing their loved ones die; suicide, car wreck, train accident. Every horrifying picture, and they will believe it is the future.

While using this ability, Blanche’s hair takes on a darker hue.

Black Lotus Blossom: Second Stage Like all Descendants, Blanche can manipulate emotional energy in the form of constructs. These constructs are limited only by her - rather prodigious - imagination, taking the form of energy bolts, chains, shackles, or anything else the situation might require. Though she does not possess the skill to emulate living things, they otherwise work exactly as their physical counterparts. Like all Descendants, as well, these constructs have a unique property, and it is an insidious one. When someone touches a Plum Construct, Blanche can choose to activate this ability.

Within the dark violet of the constructs, images are scenes; memories, or close enough to them, of those that left them. Great loves, best friends they nearly forgot, parents and family that left. And if they continue to stare into the depths of the construct, these memories become corporeal, pulling themselves free from the confines of memory into our reality. These living memories are under the control of Blanche, and save for the blackness of their hair, are indistinguishable from the real thing.

While using this ability or any construct, Blanche’s hair is black and the whites of her eyes start to darken, veins of dark violet shooting through them.

Black Lotus Flower: Third Stage. This stage modifies her aura that constantly surrounds her while in this form. Anybody affected by the Abandonment energy has an additional effect thrust upon them; thoughts and images of worthlessness and self-doubt fill their mind, they begin to believe the entire world is abandoning them. Extended exposure to this ability can cause suicidal thoughts, on par with the power of Black Lotus Root.

When this ability is used, black like ink spreads down her back, like smoke from a fire. The whites of her eyes turn completely black, though the violet iris remains. She starts to lose control at this point, more forlorn, obsessed with the concept of abandonment.

Black Spirit Lotus: Fourth Stage: Like all Descendants, Blanche can summon an aspect of the Cosmic Source, a Divine Instrument to help her in her daily life. For her regular Descendancy, this is a violet guan-dao, stored in the Azure Aviary until she needs it. When she Corrupts, however, the weapon turns into a sickle with a carved wooden handle. The armor that covers her while Awakened changes as well, turning from the beautiful mantle into a thick, dark cloak that covers all of her features. Dark violet energy runs along the length of the scythe, possessing cutting power equivalent to her construct's durability.

While Awakened, Blanches physical and mental might is doubled, but this is not what makes this a terrifying ability. In the guise of the reaper this form puts her in, she is capable of slicing through people without harm, at least physical harm; when the blade moves through their body, it severs a part of their soul, making it harder to connect to their powers. A power at random is lost, unless it is structured; if so, it is lost in descending order, most powerful first. If all powers are removed, then the time it takes to recover them is doubled with each subsequent hit. Normally, it would take 1 hour after the most recent hit to recover powers.

Like any Divine Instrument, it can also be used for its intended purpose, this being a weapon.

While using this Awakened form, should one see it through the smoke pouring from her hood, her eyes are completely black, hair like ink falling down her shoulders. She has lost complete control at this point, obsessed with the idea of severing all bonds another person may have.

The Weaknesses

Mental and Emotional Manipulation:Though Blanche possesses resistance to mental manipulation, she is not immune, and should someone break through those defenses, they will find her most susceptible; she fears losing the memories of her many years, and falling under the control of others, thus making it easy to control her with simple threats. Similarly, as a Descendant, even a Transcended one, she is highly affected by any power that forces or manipulates emotions. These sorts of powers cause physical pain and can even manifest as injuries, such as lacerations, across her body.

Curse of Humility: A curse implanted upon her by Shiwa, her once-Master, as a “reward” for betraying him, the Curse of Humility does two things; first, it makes her unwilling to rise to combat. This is a compulsion; if the fight would not threaten her life or the life of someone else, she will not raise a finger. This is where the second part comes in; should the life be in danger, but it is against someone that Shiwa feels is above her - in this situation, anybody who Shiwa is working with or works for similar goals - she cannot fight against; attempting to do so will fill her with indescribable pain as corruption starts ripping apart her Cosmic Source.

The Items

Emotional Radar: A watch with an odd interface. When emotional energy is put into it, it scans for all forms of emotional energy around them, marked by various symbols to determine what type of energy. From the moment it scans it, it tracks the source of it anywhere in the universe.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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