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Lazarus Paralax (Abaddon)

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Lazarus Paralax (Abaddon) Empty Lazarus Paralax (Abaddon)

Post by Descendants July 21st 2019, 1:13 am


"You shouldn’t have tried t’ stop me. Now I gotta kill ya. And I’m gonna make it hurt."

The Bio

Real Name: Lazarus Paralax
Villain Name: Abaddon
Nickname: Lax
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Descendant
Hair: Yellow (dyed black)
Eyes: Bright Yellow and slitted
Height: 6’1
Weight: 185 lbs
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Lazarus is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. Half Russian, half Puerto Rican, he exhibits the best traits of both sides of his family. His black hair is wavy, coming to his shoulders and parted down the middle while his eyes, yellow and bright enough to glow in the dark, stares with a predatory hunger. His fashion is impeccable, though his typical outfit consists of a dark leather jacket, blue jeans, and work boots. As part of his active lifestyle, Lax definitely has muscles, cut like a kitchen knife, and he knows it too. Just above his right bicep, there is a tattoo of a wasp.

His outfit could not be more different from the typical attire. Black armor covers his torso, thick leather shoulder pads adorned with metal spikes jutting from them. A similar design is seen throughout his outfit, particularly on the wrists and ankles. Lots of spikes. His blond hair is kept unfettered, just brushed back out of his face, upon which a mask is worn. This mask has a jagged line cut for the eyes; white, with an expertly painted design as if it was freshly splattered with blood. A long cape flows behind him, black with yellow trim.

The Personality

Lax is not a good person. He doesn’t even try. He enjoys the suffering of others, whether he causes it or not. A psychopath through and through, he does have a few mitigating features. Lax has a soft spot for animals, particularly dangerous ones like snakes and bears, but will soften for any pair of doe eyes and soft fur or skin. Same goes for children; as bad as he is, he still feels guilt for killing or harming children and women. Not enough to deter him completely, though, but it does give him pause. Well, occasionally. Lax is a violent person, as fitting as that is, and will not hesitate to blast people out of his way if he needs to. That said, he isn’t some dumb brute; he is capable of rational thinking, he just chooses to ignore it in most situations, his arrogance shining through in these situations.

The Story

Born the only child of a well-known Japanese gangster and his lovely wife, Lazarus has always been … well, psychopathic. As a child, he would squash bugs, pulls the wings off flys, and bully and torture younger children. His father and mother, of course, not only tolerated it, but actively encouraged it. Both believed it was just a sign of strength, not mental illness; and in a way, they were right. His father was the Descendant of Fear before him, and his child displaying all the signs of Descendancy excited the old man. He grew up in what most would consider an unhealthy environment, but was fodder for the flames of darkness inside him.

With puberty, the obvious changes came; his black hair turned yellow overnight, brown eyes to the soft golden, slitted eyes of a predator. And with this came his powers. He first discovered it when he got angry and glared at his teacher; she suddenly collapsed, screaming, and had to be committed. This power came to great effect when he grew older and started to run his own little gang, his fear-based magics quickly rising him to the top of the criminal underworld, where he stays to this day.  On the eve of his 18th birthday, a god spoke to him. Yirah Black, the Fearmonger, an entity of shadow and darkness. He crept into his soul and taught him the secrets of his powers.

Through Yirah, he met Mistress Scarlet, a beautiful sorceress who taught him the secrets of magic. His power growing, he realized his goal; to again reignite the fear of darkness and shadows, of the monsters in the dark. Humanity had for too long walked in the light. Time to drag them kicking and screaming back to the shadows.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Descendant Physiology: As a Descendant, Lax is more powerful than any human. His durability is most notably increased, capable of taking rifle fire point blank to the chest without blinking. His physical strength is highly enhanced as well, allowing him to lift cars clear above his head. His speed and reflexes are superhuman, allowing him to move and react at subsonic speeds.

Veil of Yirah: Lax can sense all the things within his domain - fear, pain, and violence - within 100 meters of him. Not only can he sense the location of these things, but what is causing them as well. When it comes to Fear, he has an instinctive knowledge of what terrifies people the most; he can also sense the type of pain that would cause them the most harm.

Denizen of Fear: Lazarus is immune to feeling fear save for his one, very specific fear, that being dolls. He is terrified of dolls.

Glimmer of the Iron Pit: The first level of his power, this ability requires staring the victim in the eyes. Doing so opens up just a glimpse of the Iron Pit, a dimension of pure fear, pain, and violence. Those afflicted are immediately assaulted with images of their worst fears, and they are convinced they are being tortured; being skinned alive, bamboo splinters under their nails, eyes gouged out with rusty spoons. All the worst and most horrible torture methods are inflicted upon them in an illusion so real it can send the victim into shock. This lasts only an instant, but to the victim, it can seem a lifetime as their worst fears and most terrible torture happens all at once.

Bane of Creation: The second level of his power, Bane of Creation signifies the raw creation and manipulation of Yellow energy. Yellow is the color of fear, violence, and pain. This energy can be formed into constructs, the limit of which is only that of his imagination. Typically he forms them into weapons or flying shards of energy, or as platforms for him to walk on. These constructs carry within them an insidious ability. Doing so much as touching yellow energy will cause a pain unlike any other, a pain that bores into the soul, ignoring pain resistance. Should the energy carve into the flesh, this pain only intensifies. Like a white-hot blade covered in acid, the sheer pain from touching it is enough to send a man into shock. Even worse, each subsequent touch is even more painful, slowly intensifying the more damage he does to his victim.

This yellow energy is inherently powerful. It’s durability is on par with high-grade steel, though it weighs next to nothing. He can also conjure these constructs with just his mind; projectiles created by Bane of Creation can travel up to 50MPH.

Nowhere Blade: The third level of his power, a blade forms. This blade is black, with a thin yellow edge vibrating with energy. A katana-like blade, the tsuba is in the shape of a lions head. This blade is drawn straight from the Iron Pit, formed from the eternal metal that encompasses this sword. The edge of this blade is a construct in and of itself, possessing all the powers of Bane of Creation. Two unique powers exist for this blade. The wounds inflicted with the Nowhere Blade cause intense pain, yes; but unlike normal wounds, the pain will never fade, lasting until he banishes the Nowhere Blade back into the Iron Pit.

Anything severed by the Nowhere Blade will be subject to this secondary effect. Yellow energy coats it for a brief second, then with a sound like a pained scream, pulls it into the infinite void of the Iron Pit. For inanimate objects, they are simply stuck there, forever. Living things, however, are kept alive to be tortured for all eternity. Any strike that kills a living things does not take their life, but rather pulls the entire thing into the Iron Pit; should he cut off a limb or chunk of flesh, however, this will be pulled into the other world. The insidious magic of the Nowhere Blade keeps the feeling attached, forcing the individual to feel the horrible tortures they are subjected to. [Permission Based]

Everlasting Fear: An ability that technically exists outside of the domain of his Descendant ability and is almost purely a magical ability, it nonetheless utilizes his energy manipulation as a catalyst. More of a supplemental ability than a proper one in itself, Everlasting Fear is meant to be used with other constructs. By reinforcing its very essence with magic, constructs become physical, magic and energy replicating their physical counterparts. A mask created with his constructs becomes real, made of wood or steel. The same applies to anything he can create.

Machiavellian Projection: Sometimes, Lax does not wish to be discovered for who he really is. He developed this ability to help him remain discovered. Machiavellian Projection masks not only who he is, but the very magical energy he exudes from every pore. His constructs turn white, his eyes turn brown, and his hair turns white. This also completely hides any identifying information from him; he will not leave fingerprints, he has no scent, nor can he be detected by any device or ability that would rely on natural phenomena, such as his breath or the oils in his skin. Most importantly, it masks his ability to be touched or sensed by magic completely. Doing so would mark him as just a regular human. This change is completely physical in every way; the magic reshapes his body in an instant, changing him down to the genetic level. The only thing not to change is his personality.

The Spells

Fear-based Magic: Magic under this type use Bane of Creation and raw magical ability to create unique effects. Fear-based Magic expands upon the already impressive powers demonstrated by Bane of Creation and Glimmer of the Iron Pit using the application of magic. For simple purposes, this type of magic count as constructs and have all the weaknesses constructs do.

Nightmare Doll: By utilizing his fear-based abilities and the knowledge of worst fears, Lazarus can construct near-sentient representations of these nightmares. These constructs don’t look like his normal ones, being a near-perfect copy of the fears, if exaggerated a bit. Each one will, however, have yellow eyes or some form of yellow marking in addition to their normal coloration. He doesn’t need to be near a fear for this to happen; he can conjure anything somebody might be scared of at any time, so long as it is a physical fear; for example, he can create a giant spider that is under his control, even if no one is nearby that is scared of spiders. These constructs have all their related abilities and attributes they typically have, along with the weaknesses of Bane of Creation and magic in general.
Weakness: He cannot conjure loneliness, or failure, or something similar. Nightmare Doll can only be used once per post, and has a two post cooldown. The constructs created by Nightmare Doll last three posts (or ten minutes) before disappearing. [Permission Based]

Provoke: By breaking apart the energetic bonds of Bane of Creation, Lazarus can incite people to violence. This spell will force those it affects to view everyone else as their enemies and force them to fight, heedless of age or gender.'
Weakness: This spell can only be used once per post. Provoke can affect even strong-willed individuals, but those with magic resistance, or high levels of magic themselves, won’t be affected. [Permission-based]

Mass Provoke: This spell applies the concept of Provoke across an area of effect. Due to this broad scope, the effect is weakened.
Weakness: Only capable of being used on people with low willpower or who are close to succumbing to rage and fear already. This spell can only be used once per thread. [Permission-Based]

Blood Magic: A specialty of Lazarus, Blood Magic utilizes blood, flesh, and bone to craft unique, often grotesque, but nonetheless effective spells. A form of Dark Magic, all types of Blood Magic requires a catalyst, typically a certain amount of blood, though more advanced spells could require a flesh sacrifice as well.

Drain: The most simple Blood Magic spell in his Arsenal, Drain allows Lax pull the blood from a wound.
Weakness:This spell requires an open wound to be used and an effective range of 25 feet, though can be used an indefinite amount of times within that range.

Corrupt Liquid: With a sample of blood of at least half an ounce, Lax can convert any body of water permanently into blood, useful for spells that require a certain amount of blood to use.
Weakness:This spell can be used twice a post. Corrupt Liquid can only convert up to a pint of liquid per day. No matter its use, it cannot convert any "living" fluid. That is, the oil inside a sentient robot, the blood inside a person, or the sap inside a tree. It cannot also convert "pure" or magical things, such as sanctified liquids, holy water, or any liquid that possesses magical energy.

Blood Blade: This spell utilizes magic and any blood within range to create blades, similar to water blades, from blood. This can be used on any blood within range and fired off at 50MPH.
Weakness:Blood Blade can be used once per post. Blood Blade is still liquid regardless, and despite its power has limited cutting power. While it can cut through flesh easily, it's cutting power ends at leather; anything thicker will receive negligible, if that, damage. Blood Blade is purely offensive; due to it's makeup, it cannot, for example, be used to block another sword aimed at him.

Creeping Vines: A spell that utilizes blood as a catalyst for life. Pouring magic into blood creates red, thorny vines which can grow indefinitely, so long as there's blood and the magic keeps flowing. Once either stop, the vines will last 2 posts, or five minutes, before crumbling away, leaving only a blood stain. These vines can be controlled in the direction they grow, allowing them to be used as an environmental hazard or to ensnare foes. These vines may have an additional effect depending on the powers of the person whose blood he is using; if the person has durability, the vines may be more durable, or if the individual has fire abilities, the vines may burn at a touch.
Weakness: Creeping Vines may only be used once per post, and only up to three times per thread. Creeping Vines possess a particular weakness to fire. It only lasts two posts, or five minutes.

Bloodhound: An altogether insidious spell, this mid-range spell in the Blood Magic family creates a small golem, vaguely similar to a dog but made of blood. The Bloodhound’s entire existence focuses on tracking down the person whom essence gave it life; it cannot be harmed by conventional means, can travel through any liquid and squeeze through even the smallest hole. It can travel up to speeds of 500MPH tirelessly. Of course, the downsides are great.
Weakness: For one, it cannot harm, injure, or otherwise distract anyone else, no more so than the existence of a dog-like blood golem would. It takes 30 full seconds to cast (or the entirety of a post), and requires a “sufficient” amount of blood; at least a pint of it. Additionally, it can only ever be cast once per thread, and instantly dissolves into a puddle of blood when it finds its target. It leaves bloody footprints and marks wherever it goes, making it particularly easy to track.

The Weaknesses

Inherent Weaknesses Of Fear: Descendants are not made up of purely physical matter like humans; rather, they are made from emotional energy made manifest, sprung forth from their piece of the Cosmic Source. While this gives them great power, this also leaves them with several rather unique weaknesses. First and foremost, like all Descendants, Lax is weak to two different colors and certain emotional states; in this case, the colors Blue and Green, which represent Hope and Willpower. Which segues nicely into the next weakness, that of the emotional side. Emotional manipulators are the bane of any Descendant, and should one force the aforementioned emotions onto him, he will lose all power. Weapons coated with either of these colors act as they would on a normal, unenhanced human; that is to say, it completely bypasses his immunity and affects him as if he has none. Additionally, any blue or green objects are immune to all his abilities; ie, if someone has blue eyes, they are immune to Glimmer of the Iron Pit.

Glimmer of the Iron Pit: The nature of this power being what it is, it has severe weaknesses. For one, it requires direct eye contact; through a lens or from a reflection doesn’t count. Additionally, this ability can only be used once per person per day. Those with a particularly high amount of mental fortitude or willpower can resist this ability and not suffer the tortuous effects of his stare. Using this power also physically and mentally exhausts him; after the third time using it, he’ll start suffering the effects of sleep deprivation, while also suffering dry eyes. Each time after that the effects will worsen; the tenth usage within 24 hours will cause blindness and bleeding from the eyes, as well as complete and total exhaustion; in most cases, both can last up to a week, though if healing is administered promptly, the recovery time can be reduced to just under three days. Glimmer of the Iron Pit is also completely ineffective against anyone with green or blue eyes.

Bane of Creation: This ability essentially being a creation and manipulation ability, it comes with its own set of limitations and weaknesses. Foremost among them are the bane of any power that creates, that being quantity and complexity. Bane of Creation can only create up to 25 cubic feet of constructs at a time, and can only be made into relatively simple contraptions, such as blades and walls; the absolute upper limit of his ability is small ‘clockwork’ devices or emulations of small animals and insects. Though he is immune to this power on the surface, should anyone be capable of wrestling control of it away from him and puncturing his skin, he will be subject to the effects of it as well. Despite Bane of Creations overall power, it is useless against anything green or blue; even a bat wielded by a normal, unempowered individual of those colors can cause it to shatter; in the same vein, should anybody be wearing this color, they are immune to the effects of Bane of Creation on the parts shielded and, in fact, it will disperse the energy should it touch it.

The Nowhere Blade: This powerful weapon has its own fair share of disadvantages. Like all of his Descendant abilities, The Nowhere Blade is weak to the colors green and blue; unlike Bane of Creation, it can cut these powers, but only as well as an iron blade, lacking its supernatural hardness and edge. These colored attacks can also weaken it, and potentially, destroy it. Should this occur, he cannot summon the Nowhere Blade for 24 hours from the moment it is destroyed. If someone were to cut around the area afflicted by Nowhere Blade, the effect will end.

Everlasting Fear: This ability can only be used on three constructs within a 72 hour period. Things that this power are used on leave his control and into the physical world; animals may turn on him, and he can no longer control them. Constructs made permanent lose any special properties made possible by being a construct. Additionally, he can emulate special materials; only common materials.

Machiavellian Projection: The biggest weakness of this obscuring ability is simply that anything changed loses its abilities. That is to say, his constructs lose their ability to inflict pain. While Machiavellian Projection is activated, he cannot use any of his magic.

The Items

”Lions Roar:” A modified S&W Model 500, oft touted as “The Most Powerful Handgun in the World”, Lions Roar lacks the typical chrome aesthetic that most guns of this kind possess, instead replacing it with a faux-wood grip with rubber inserts and a black and yellow design. The modifications done to this gun have greatly increased its power and range by approximately twenty-five percent while mitigating a proportionate increase in recoil. These increases have reduced its ammo capacity by 1, however, leaving it with only a five chambered barrel. It’s twin, “Lions Rage”, it similarly modified.

Sliver of Silence: A pure white blade, expertly crafted from the most modern, high-quality materials. Other than its high-quality carbon steel and whisper-silent sheath, it does possess some high-tech advancements. The scabbard and hilt combine to create a biometric lock that delivers a 50,000 volt to unauthorized wielders. This same electrical design can be utilized as a weapon, adding a taser-like bolt of electricity through their body.

The Fluff

His connection to the Iron Pit grants him a form of immortality; instead of passing from the mortal plane, should only his physical body be destroyed, Lazarus will return three days later having spent this time in the Iron Pit, with a newly reconstituted body.

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Lazarus Paralax (Abaddon) Empty Re: Lazarus Paralax (Abaddon)

Post by Zonkes September 16th 2019, 4:13 am

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