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Lazarus Empty Lazarus

Post by Adam Johnson May 13th 2020, 6:20 pm

Lazarus 79973b19f23fdc4e546b0835a74b4b7b

Basic Biography

Name: Lazarus (Original name unknown)
Title: Blood fiend
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 5,365
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Hair: Copper red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’4 ft
Weight: 127 lbs
Blood type: Vampiric ichor

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: Supremely selfish and self assured, he does what he wants when he wants without worry about what someone else might think. The kind of person who believes his desire to do something is more often than not a good enough reason for it, needing no real deeper meaning for his actions. Violence is for its own sake or for the sake of hunger, or perhaps simple anger that has overcome him at the time. The only thing that tends to make him think ahead is his own self interest and all planning, all discretion he might take which seems out of character for him is in the end for himself. Those that oppose him chasing his desires are those that are simply too stupid to understand him, too selfrighteous or rivals in attaining that goal.

A lot about him is big. His views of the world, beauty and even the emotions he expresses when they come about. Everything about him exemplifies someone who likes to live largely. When he parties it’s always big, when he feels anger it’s with all of his being and when he is sad it’s the kind of sadness that only could manifest within dreery poetry. Enough so that most people find him either utterly enchanting, or frightening depending on the kind of mood he’s in. From, angelic to demonic within moments if that would fit his mood or desire. His taste for life matches his own taste for blood, with criteria seemingly coming from nowhere  and changing based on whims. Though he has deep held ideals which even his own emotional whimsy cannot truly hold.

The thing that seems to always remain within him is the capacity for deep love and deep hatred, for those that have wronged him and for those that have managed to somehow steal his heart in ways that few have ever managed to do within his lifetime. Pure obsessiveness and capacity for revenge beyond human understanding are both things within him, allowing him to be the perfect picture of a monster that most imagine when they think of a vampire.

Lazarus doesn’t remember the name he had nor the life he had before immortality. He had a family, perhaps they loved him and perhaps they didn’t but emotions that come when he thinks about them is disgust. Whatever people had raised him weren’t anyone that he would have wanted to remember. The smokey room where he lay, bleeding out and looking up to the pale being that had drained was his true first memory. Osiris, a special existence even among immortals had picked him out for some reason. Perhaps his red hair was something that caught the man's interest, though all he knew was that  this vampire could have killed him but instead fed him his blood. Performing unto his a dark trick which changed his very being. Changed who he was and eradicated all that he was into something else entirely.

There was a reason for his rebirth, to serve this undead sovereign and do what he wanted. Lover, servant and everything else in between. Something for him to play with he assumed when the great queen Isis didn’t have enough time, so enamored with her own cult to do anything like that.  He didn’t mind it, strength and immortality were something that pleased him more than he ever would have admitted.  He did what he wanted when he wanted, until the great calamity that destroyed their cult came and scattered those that remained to the winds. He was one of them, existing as he could within the world without psuedo-divine vampiric guidance. That was when he came into his own, creating his own way of living and doing his own things without anyone telling him what he could do. No more rules as he saw it and a world of blood waiting to be drunk. There was some understanding of the way his sire and Isis were able to see themselves as gods compared to the weak mortals.

The millenia passed from there with his life passing through mortal spheres like a tornado until he found himself in England or somewhere in Europe. The where wasn’t important, just that was when he met one of the few humans he turned and actually meant to keep turned. Adam, a fascinating mortal who found himself loving above his station and with a little push would find how stupid that really was. He saw nothing wrong with pushing the father in certain directions and even having the poor human beaten to near death. Afterall, the dark trick was something that would repair all of the damage that had been done to him.  It was difficult to resist the smell of his blood, though he managed the changing easily enough. Watching his progeny claw his way through the dirt, Lazarus felt a certain amount of pride with what he had created.

It was nothing to tell him he couldn’t see his beloved or their unborn child, because he was now a monster and that meant he was a threat to him.  The years from there were a wonderful blur, ripping through people stupid enough to think they could hunt him and derstroying their paltry attempts. He was afterall, someone who was too powerful for the lame human efforts to do so. Eventually he found himself surrounded by vampires with thoughts similar to his own, this just out a larger target on his back and eventually hunters with greater means to hunt came around. Eventually his own arrogance lead to him being burned up in an inferno and taking to the earth. Hiding deeply within the soil until someone dug him up. The ancient, raven haired goddess who once called herself isis. Who still called herself Isis.

Fed her blood he rose once again and was given a new purpose. To raise hell and do whatever he desired so long as it underminded the great sovereign Osiris’  vampiric society. Now that was easy.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Vampiric Strength:  The ancient blood that animates him and the millenia he has amassed power has allowed him to attain strength that few vampires could claim in this modern time. He can shatter bones with casual motions, rend steel to tatters bare handed and smash cars in half when he is so inclined to. While capable of lifting feats,he rarely finds himself so inclined to perform them. He estimates he could hold a building up would it not fall around him, though he has never even tried it.

Vampiric Speed:The speed he can perform would allow him to move faster than those youngers of his species can keep up with, and he can in short bursts move faster than even the human eye could follow. Allowing him to move from one side of a room to the other before they could even blink, seeming more like teleportation than even speed to those lacking the ability to follow. He describes it as willing himself to be there and so he is.  His speed is still superhuman on sustained treks, allowing him to reach approximately mach 9 on land at maximum and faster should he ever be forced to swim, though his inclination to do so varies.

Flesh like marble: Whatever process that has turned him into a vampire has slowly been hardening his body beyond human means. Blows that a human could deal out would not even be tickles to him, more likely to cause injuries to those that would strike him. Knives barely scratch him and small arms fire would do nothing more than cause unimpressive dents within his skin, requiring something larger than a pistol to truly hurt him in any meaningful way, though vampiric strength or anything supernatural finds that they could harm him.

Life everlasting: Part of what makes him so dangerous is his ability to recover from harm. So long as he isn’t starving he can heal far faster than a human, small cuts closing up within seconds and bruises fading before they could tarnish his pale skin. Deeper wounds at most would take minutes, such as large chunks of flesh or shattered bones, though drinking blood can turn any injury into something that could heal within less than a minute if he were able to drain a human adult. Limbs can be reattached should he hold the limb to the stump and drink blood while doing so. The same can be said for his head should someone be able to decapitate him.

Preternatural senses:  His senses of sight, smell and hearing are far greater than a humans, especially when it comes to following blood.

The Mind gift: An ability all vampires of his kind eventually manage to develop through years of aging and Lazarus has managed to develop quite the powerful gift. He can read imagines, emotions and even thoughts from living beings around him. Vampires or anything that thinks, he is capable of getting impressions from them at the very least.  Surface thoughts are the easiest, though with effort he could dig through a person's mind and even implant thoughts of his own or communicate through this link should he desire. The harder he pushes, the more he could dig through a persons mind though most human minds prove too fragile after a certain point and tend to break; leading to insanity. (permission based)

Vampiric cruelty: While all vampires of his kind eventually gain the telekinetic gift, Lazarus has managed to elevate it further into something he calls “The Killing Gift”. Firstly he can manipulate objects like any telekinetic, throwing people and objects around with casual thought. Smashing whatever he would desire to bits but the true power is that he can focus this ability to cause harm within living beings. The easiest method would be causing veins within a person's body to rupture, causing them to bleed from any orifice possible and dying, though he can also ignite their nerves to feel unimaginable slicing pain under their skin despite no damage being done. Years have allowed him to develop this ability and he uses it without any reserves. (Permission based to cause pain and kill obviously)

Glamour: By making eye contact he can beguile and undermine someone, allowing them to become far more susceptible to his suggestions. (permission based)

The fire gift:  Making use of the mind gift, he can agitate molecules in the air and cause things to combust. With concentration he can use this to create balls of fire he can throw.

Venom: A substance pervasive through his entire physiology, venom is the very thing that causes the change within humans changed by a vampire. It comes in multiple forms, all that have to be injected to have any affect on someone though it can be ingested or injected through needles. The most common is an agent that when applied through biting slows coagulation, which is counteracted by vampire saliva. A secondary venom is one that causes strong muscle contractions, causing the target to be unable to move, though ancient enough vampires have been able to produce a toxin that causes near instant death in humans. (Permission based)

No pain: The pain gift doesn't work on things that lack nerves or can't naturally feel pain.   

Pure silver: Silver burns his flesh like fire and leaves wounds that heal much slower or through consuming blood.

The touch of fire: Fire ignites his blood like gasoline, causing him to become like a torch and usually incapacitating him as a crippled husk or killing him if the fire sustains long enough.

Winters bite: Frozen wounds take longer to heal than normal.  

Invitation: He cannot enter a residence without invitation from a human within it.

Holy Symbols: Holy symbols pressed against his skin burns it painfully.

Deadmans blood:  Should he consume dead blood, Lazarus would be overcome with pain and paralyzed for a few minutes.

Grave soil: Should a vial of his own grave soil be shattered, he will be compelled to come to the location.

Holy Water:  Holy water burns his flesh like acid, leaving injuries that takes while to heal. Even drinking blood he can only hope to heal within hours from the injury.  

Eye contact: Eye contact is required to use his glamor ability, and sunglasses can thwart this.

Sunlight: Sunlight might not hurt him but it can make him weaker when directly exposed to it or uv rays.


Eternal:  No matter how long he may live, Lazarus won’t age or won’t grow any weaker. So long as he can consume blood and is not killed, he wll remain vital until the Earth exists or until his body is destroyed.

Day walker: Due to age and drinking powerful, primal blood he has gained the ability to withstand the sun to some extent and can walk in it without burning beyond a small amount of tingling pain.

Vampiric Blood: His blood if consumed by a human will bring about a sense of euphoria that cannot be reached by any drug within circulation, thus making it sought out by anyone who has tasted of this forbidden fount. While this fluid is desirable, it is also highly flammable, thus making him highly flammable considering it runs through his veins. Through a constant trade of blood, he can make another person a vampire. This blood also can mildly increase a person’s strength, senses speed, stamina and even healing abilities so long as consumed regularly.

Fangs: When angered, hungry or by willing it, he can produce highly durable fangs within his mouth. They are capable of breaking the skin of even highly durable metahumans, being the primary means of feeding. This is also where his venom is injected into a human. Should these fangs be removed they can grow back within the span of two weeks.

Physical Priority
Reaction 1
Agility 2
Endurance 3
Strength 4

The Son of The Raven - Samael Christensen
Osiris - The Undead king
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson
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Lazarus Empty Re: Lazarus

Post by Zonkes May 13th 2020, 8:50 pm

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