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Osiris Empty Osiris

Post by Adam Johnson July 28th 2016, 6:23 pm

”Despite the infinite nights I have lived, this world continues to astound me.’

Osiris Original

Basic Biography

Real Name: Bale (Changed to Brian Reams)
Renegade Name: Osiris
Title: The ancient one
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 6, 236
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light brown
Height: 6’2 ft
Weight: 229 Lbs
Blood type: Vampiric

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: He is an ancient soul, one that had seen centuries pass while he didn’t age beyond the day he was turned. In a sense this has managed to make him callous towards things that humans normally would worry about, as his life in comparison to their has no real end. His view on humans however is pragmatic, seeing them as short lived but interesting beings. This view may be the reason that he finds the requirement of feeding off humanity to survive greatly lamentable. Enough so that he prefers to feed only from those willing, or those that he deems unworthy of holding the gift of life.

In a sense one could say that he is a poetic being, viewing things in ways that most modern humans would not. He is in love with the modern age of invention, with it’s many buildings and
conveniences that would have seemed like grand luxuries within the time he was born.  To an extent this may be why he has gone out of his way to accrue such excessive wealth, to know the finest of this new world.

His view on his own kind is rather interesting, as he prefers not to have much to do with them unless they are of his own blood. To this day he has no idea why he feels this way towards his own people, but it’s something that its present within him nonetheless. These feelings extend towards anything that isn’t human, though metahumans are something that has his interest more than anything else. .

History: Bale has been able to remember life ever since being given the immortal blood of his sire, however the years before that had been lost to him. He is vaguely aware of what he was beforehand, but nothing else can really be said about it. Born as a slave, his life was not something that he would want to remember even if he could. HIs first clear memories were those of being brought into the mysterious cult of the unknown dread goddess Isis. Initially he had been brought to her as a blood sacrifice, something that the many worshippers hoped would bring them many blessings within the next year. This was something that had been happening for years now, and yet fear was the only thing he remembered of that moment.

He had been ushered into a strange chamber, clean in appearance with the walls decorated with rather ornate murals. He was in awe of the place, especially at the being that was settled upon a throne with dark eyes focused upon him. She was dressed like a queen, flesh as pale as milk and more like a statue than a living being. For a moment he was struck with awe, falling to his knees as the goddess rose from her throne. Each step was without sound as they stepped forward, getting closer and closer until  her presence was unbearable

He was expecting to die, and yet that was not what happened. Rather she spoke with a voice, smooth, soft like a summers breeze. This unknown goddess had seen something within him, a being that was unlike any she had seen before, though how exactly was not explained. In the span of a second he was pulled to his feet, eyes meeting with hers. It was not his fate to die, no, she had called for her servants and he was ushered into another room. This one was luxurious, expected more for a king than whatever he had been at that time.

Time from there had passed like a blur, with him being groomed for something unknown. However, that unknown purpose had been revealed when the time had come, and he was brought into his life as a monster. He was being groomed for a consort, someone that this goddess could rule with on her throne. This involved the dark ritual that would turn him into a blood drinker, much like her and the ritual was one that none of the worshippers knew about. This ritual had lasted an entire night, and once he rose from his first sleep of death he could feel that he was not as he once was.

Everything had changed within an instant. His senses are infinitely sharper, turning the world into something different than it was in his mortal life. A place of infinite mysteries and beauties that he could now perceive. These new, intense sensations were enough to overwhelm the fledglings that he was and it took time for him to adjust. Luckily, he had someone to teach him to cope with these new feelings. This goddess, one that had seemed so above him looked even more mystical through his new eyes. He had been told he was a god now, just like her and his great powers would only continued to grow.

Overnight he had gone from what he was into something else, a thing of worship that those beneath him saw as an object worth reverence. being inducted into this new life, he was presented with a strange amulet, one that was said to hold great power though it only served as a symbol of his authority. Thus began their rule over the small cult that had sprung around their worship. At first the thirst that wracked him was something that disgusted him but eventually it became something that he embraced, just as humans readily kill animals to survive.

Perhaps it had been the years wearing away at his conscience that was once human or something else, that was a question that could not be so easily answered.  Still he noticed that his own powers were beginning to grow, and with them his hunger had actually begun to wane. Slowly at first but he began to notice that he needed to feed less and less, making him wonder what that meant actually. Perhaps he could eventually survive without blood, though the hunger for the substance itself was nothing that truly ever went away. While he may have not needed it, going without always did cause him to become ravenous.

He reigned beside his maker Isis for centuries until the time came that a rival cult had sought them out with the help of their supposed deity. Despite the strength of the two vampires, they could not stop the slaughter of those under him. Despite how many they had managed to take out, the loss was still something that could be felt keenly. So they sought out those that would see them dead, and yet when they met with them, this deity with wings of gold proved too powerful in the end. It was this time that he had been incinerated, push to near death. It was through mere chance that he had managed to escape what should have been certain death.

The flames had been put out by throwing himself into the Nile, washing down it until he managed to pull himself to shore, a burnt creature barely alive. It was within this state that he feverishly dug deeply into the sand, letting the earth cover him as he went deeper, until his limbs could no longer support him. Now too weak to even rise, his body slipped off into a deep sleep. Despite this, his mind was still active, much like a radio as it recieved various signals from the human world around him. How long he lay underground was unknown but he was aware that time was passing, quickly even for his strange perception of time within this catatonic state. So many years had passed that he could barely comprehend the things happening, but eventually hunger would bid him to rise from the dirt.

So with feverish hands now resembling claws rather than human hands he would dig upwards, rising  under the night sky of Egypt. As if born again, he took in a deep breath and let his senses guide him. Despite how long he had gone without feeding, his old wounds had managed to mend themselves. He found his victim soon enough, draining them until there was not even a drop of blood left within their body and even ringing the heart within their chest for every last drop. This precious fluid flowing through him, it began to vitalize him and that was when he realized something. His body, it felt far stronger than it had ever felt before.

When he had finished gorging himself on the local fare, he went about testing what he could do. The limits of his strength, and various other things. How much he had grown was something that shocked him. Along with that came new powers, ones that had grown with time and some that he only truly became aware of recently. His mind could reach out to others, feeling their thoughts as well as imposing his own on them. In fact, he could even will something to move and it would move, extending even to allowing him to kill something by wishing it to die.

All of these changes within him were bewildering, and at the same time exciting. Still, he needed to figure out how much the world itself had changed within his deep sleep. What powers ruled within this world, as well as what that would mean for an ancient being like himself. New languages were being spoken, fresh words upon everyone's lips and the innovations that came with it was equally intoxicating. What he had found was that hundredss of years had passed ever since he went into the earth, and what greeted him was almost enough to make him want to withdraw back within it.

Gone was the days of the great religions that had ruled within his time, and yet new gods took their place. Still, adapting was something that he would have to do, and wealth was something that he would need to obtain should he want to survive within this new world. This was where his own vampiric powers proved the most useful, as he began to become acquainted with how this world now worked. His mind much like a sponge was capable of absorbing everything that it was presented with.

With all of these preternatural powers, he began to gather wealth within the new world. Various families, successful within their own right proved to be useful should he actually need  anything monetarily. This took centuries to perfect, but he had managed to gather a considerable amount of knowledge. These years went by, with him trying to catch up with everything that had happened without him. However, in trying to catch up he only found himself trying to understand even more marvels that were being birthed within this new world. Humanity was becoming a marvel to him. Things that had been considered impossible within his time was happening before his eyes, and he only wanted to be apart of it more than anything else.

Despite how much things had changed, his interest within the world had only grown as time passed.  More and more he wanted to know about this world, be apart of it and so he made steps to do just that. It was in the information age as many had come to call it that such secrecy was not an easy thing to have. The birth of the internet, and rapid information exchange was something that made sure that he could not protect what he wa so easily. That only meant he would have to work harder to keep things hidden. However, as time went on he found himself slowly coming in contact with other undead, beings that were the same as him.

Initially he had assumed this was Isis, but that was proven wrong when a new one had come into being, claiming to have killed the old one. Some of the undead that had come to him as if they could cow him into becoming this Lord of Shadows lackey had only ended up being taught his own power. So slowly he began to put these rogues into their place, placing himself as the sovereign over many of them easily. It was an age of young rogue vampires doing what they will and that spelled nothing except disaster for his kind within an age of spreading information.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Ancient Vampiric Strength: Being that he was born from the blood of the ancient vampire Isis and given great time to age, along with drinking of the primal fount for hundreds of years, his strength has greatly increased. This allows him to overpower a human with an insane ease, and even overpower some more powerful metahumans. He had never bothered to calculate how powerful he is, but is appears that there are few that can overpower him without great effort. His strength can be increased by consuming the blood of an even older and more powerful vampire..

Flesh of marble: Through the years, his human flesh has begun to harden into another unknown substance. This allows him a superhuman level of durability. This allots him protection from minor things such as small arms and lesser levels of superhuman strength. His body is naturally inclined to be able to withstand his own strength. His flesh on tough is both smooth and hard, however it takes on a more human feeling should he feed sufficiently.

Vampiric Speed: Due to his age, he is capable of achieving incredible speed, moving fast enough to where humans are incapable of following his movements.

Supernatural reactionary time: He is capable of perceiving and reacting to things at a superhuman levels, dodging bullets with minimal difficulty and even keeping up with faster metahumans.

Superhuman Regeneration: His vampiric body has been able to repair itself greatly thanks to the potent blood of his sire, the first of their kind. Minor damage such as scratches or cuts tend to repair themselves within seconds, and greater wounds heal depending upon how major these wounds are.

Preternatural Senses: His senses of sight, smell and hearing are all well beyond human, to the point that even many animals would find themselves outstripped by his sensory. HIs sense of smell is very keen when it comes to sniffing out blood.

Spellbinding: By initiating eye contact, he can bring someone into a spell of sorts that is best described extreme suggestion. While eye contact is required to initiate it, it is not required to keep this control going. This is possibly also why people tend to describe him as beautiful, despite their personal preferences. (Permission based)

Telekinetic control: He can move matter with a thought, throwing it around with impressive force, even greater than his own physical strength. He can lift large amounts to the point that many would consider it insane. Few people have proven to be a match for this psionic ability. He can even use this ability to tear apart lesser beings from the inside. This power seems to be linked to the force that animates him, though what that is remains unknown. (pc permission for that)

Pyrokinesis: By greatly agitating atoms, and matter he can create and ignite matter, thus using the gift of pyrokinesis. While not as fine tuned as his telekinetic power, he can create great blazes and burn even those that are considered superhumanly durable with great effort.

Telepathy: He can break into a person's mind and communicate with them, transfer images as well as even dig through their thoughts. Comes from the same source that gives him his telekinetic powers.

Venom:A substance pervasive through his entire physiology, venom is the very thing that causes the change within humans changed by a vampire. It comes in multiple forms, all that have to be injected to have any affect on someone though it can be ingested or injected through needles. The most common is an agent that when applied through biting slows coagulation, which is counteracted by vampire saliva. A secondary venom is one that causes strong muscle contractions, causing the target to be unable to move, though ancient enough vampires have been able to produce a toxin that causes near instant death in humans. (Permission based)


The Light of Day: While sunlight will not kill an immortal as old as him, it still is debilitatingly painful to the point that he finds it difficult to function combat wise while under it for any period of time longer than five seconds. It would be the equivalent of a really bad sunburn in terms of pain, except constantly stinging.

The bite of silver: Silver making contact with his skin causes immense burning pain, causing the flesh exposed to it to hiss, burning and even peeling away should the metal be removed. Exposure can immediately begin to sap away his strength, and sufficient exposure can even cause him to become weaker than a human.

The Burn of fire: His body is rather weak to fire, and any flame larger than a lighter would likely begin to set him on fire due to the unique composition of his blood. This normally means incapacitation.

Brilliant lights: His eyes are sensitive to light, and can be easily annoyed by them. Sudden bright lights can blind him temporarily.

Pure Salt: His body takes a rather violent reaction when introduced to pure salt or anything that is highly salty, such as ocean water or just salt. His reaction is usually violently vomiting blood should he ingest it or his skin burning should he be injected with it,  or come in contact with it.

Heavy Weather: Stormy weather can impede his ability to fly, greatly so considering that he usually tends to fly high when he does.

Frozen: Damage caused by any manner of freezing or cold take longer to regenerate from than normal.

Concentration: HIs telekinetic powers require a certain level of concentration, and without it the power for the most part be unusable.

Natural Weakness: Naturally, his pyrokinetic abilities are less effective against those who can make use of water, and submerging oneself in water protects them against his flames.

Eye Contact: His ability to spellbind requires that he make eye contact first, meaning that wearing sunglasses or anything that obscures that eye contact can keep him from being able to initiate this power.

Willpower: Once aware of his telepathic probing, a person can push him out of their mind through sheer effort, though the greater the will the easier this is.


Vampiric characteristics: When angered, hungry or by willing it, he can produce highly durable fangs within his mouth. They are capable of breaking the skin of even highly durable metahumans, being the primary means of feeding. A secondary characteristic is that he can extend his fingernails into small claws that have an impressive amount of cutting potential.

Vampiric Blood: His blood if consumed by a human will bring about a sense of euphoria that cannot be reached by any drug within circulation, thus making it sought out by anyone who has tasted of this forbidden fount. While this fluid is desirable, it is also highly flammable, thus making him highly flammable considering it runs through his veins. Through a constant trade of blood, he can make another person a vampire. This blood also can speed up a person's natural healing greatly.


Physical Priority
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Osiris Empty Re: Osiris

Post by Lucas July 28th 2016, 6:32 pm

Approved until stated otherwise.

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Osiris Empty Re: Osiris

Post by Hyperion September 10th 2016, 4:23 am


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Osiris Empty Re: Osiris

Post by Zonkes December 28th 2019, 4:33 pm

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Osiris Empty Re: Osiris

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