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Osiris Labs

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Osiris Labs Empty Osiris Labs

Post by Katrina A. Russel December 20th 2020, 10:09 pm

Place Name/Business*: Osiris Labs

Built/Founded*: Fifty years ago by Katrina’s grandfather

Location: London, England

Appearance: Osiris Labs is located in a nondescript building in the heart of London. From the outside, it appears as a bron brick, slightly run down office building, but the inside is a high-tech, state-of-the-art laboratory. The first two floors are office buildings, while the lab is built underground.

History: Osiris Labs was founded by Christopher Russell in June of 1975 in an attempt to create materials capable of resisting an incoming nuclear war. While he failed this, Osiris Labs turned it’s attention towards metametals; metals and alloys with unique and special properties. When Timothy Russell took over the company, he started to monetize the company, selling heavy Iron and quality Steel for use in Industrial and Commercial sales. Only in the last five years, the twilight years of Timothy and the beginning of Katrina’s reign, did the Lab produce unique metals and has made the Russell even richer than they were.

Main field*: Research/Development and Metametals

Patents: Bavarium A powerful energy source created within Osiris Labs. It has a crystalline structure and is blue in color. The energy Bavarium produces is harnessed by Bavarium Batteries, which are ten times more powerful than modern lithium-ion batteries; because Bavarium is a solid energy source and poses no environmental hazard, disposing of them are significantly easier. Bavarium is relatively cheap to produce, though Osiris Labs charges nearly $700 dollars for a simple D battery. Bavarium products are commercially sold, but the secret to producing it remains with Osiris Labs.

Capsidium: A unique, photovoltaic metal created by Osiris Labs. When exposed to photons, it creates an electrical current. A gram produces about ten thousand watts per hour. Capsidium is the ultimate in clean energy as it doesn’t decay nor produce any waste. It is, however, extremely brittle. Osiris Labs has a huge stockpile of Capsidium, but due to pressures from the government and power companies, has decided not to sell it. Osiris Labs, however, is completely self-sufficient using Capsidium and Photolite. Capsidium has no proper rate as they do not sell it.

Photolite: An intensely bright, intensely hot metal. It has these properties because it is a photodegraded metal e.g. it decays into light. Photolite can only be created through a very specialized, secretive process through Osiris Labs. Every hour, a gram of Photolite produces over 10,000 Lumens. A single gram of Photolite costs $17,000.

Cavorite: An extremely rare and difficult to create metal, Cavorite is particularly useful as it’s immune to the effects of unusual gravity. This is accomplished by the use of gravitational shielding. As a result of this process, Cavorite is extremely strong and has a high ductility, as well as immune to the effects of cold; however, it is sensitive to extreme heat. Additionally, Cavorite is incredibly expensive to produce; a single gram of this metal costs nearly $5,000.00.

Hawkium: Named after the famed astrophysicist who first posited the Theory of Everything, Hawkium is the direct inverse to Cavorite. When exposed to unusual gravitational phenomena, Hawkium absorbs this energy, stabilizing the unnatural energies and storing the energy within itself. Massive amounts of this energy can cause odd gravitational fluxes, such as things levitating and visual warping around the material. In its natural state, Hawkium is a translucent lavender, but as it absorbs gravitational energy, it darkens and becomes more opaque.When sufficient gravitational energy is absorbed, any amount of force greater than fifty Newtons will release said force. Hawkium is capable of absorbing enough gravitational energy to level a city block, given the time and unusual gravitational energy. A gram of Hawkium costs $17,000 to create.

Chlorophyte: While Chlorophyte can be found naturally in the world, it is a much weaker version than that which is created in the lab. Created from organic matter which is compressed, frozen to near absolute zero, then bombarded with extrastellar rays, it possesses a few properties other metals don’t. When against anything artificial, Chlorophyte is about as tough and hard as bronze; however, against natural materials, such as wood, it is hundreds of times more effective than typical steel. Chlorophyte also holds an edge for an extremely long time, nearly a year of constant use without needing to be sharpened. Additionally, treated Chlorophyte is used as an aerosol to cut in half the growth time of plants. While expensive to create, Chlorophyte is commercially available. A single gram of Chlorophyte costs $4,400.00. Axes and machetes with a Chlorophyte edge run about $10,000.

Duranium: A new superalloy created by Osiris Labs, designed to be used in drill bits, hammers, and other industrial tools. A trialloy of tungsten, chromium, and platinum and reinforced and forged with diamond dust, Duranium is highly durable, resistant to rusting, and is additionally the hardest commercially available metal on the market. It is capable of being used for 10,000 years before degrading (standard for typical uses). However, it cannot hold an edge, and is not very strong. It can easily be destroyed by torgue, and for this reason is only useful for the drill bit, not the drill itself. Duranium costs about $2,540.54 for a gram.

Harbenite: A dull red metal found only under conditions typically consistent with the core of the Earth. Intense gravitational waves, high pressure and heat, and constant momentum are needed to create this metal. Extremely dangerous to produce and manufacture, Harbenite is lighter than cork yet three times stronger and tougher than steel. It is commonly used in lab equipment and boats; recently, however, Osiris Labs has received a contract from the British Military for the use of Harbenite in their weapons and armor. The biggest downside to Harbenite is it’s durability; being such a light metal wears on it quickly, and thus is extremely susceptible to rusting and environmental effects. Despite the methods with which is needs to be produced, Harbenite is relatively cheap to produce, costing about $200 per gram. Harbenite is not commercially available; however, governments and other elite Agency’s can purchase this metal through Osiris Labs.

Omnium: The second of Osiris Labs’ trialloys, Omnium is a light golden metal. The ductility of Omnium is insane; it has the look and feel of spider webs, but it is incredibly tough and hard and capable of being woven without sacrificing it’s ductility. Omnium is as flexible as Kevlar yet as strong as plate steel. The metals present in Omnium are titanium, gold, and lithium. Because of the softer metals used in this trialloy, it is highly susceptible to fire, having a melting point of 200 degrees. Omnium is typically paired with Kevlar to account for this weakness. Omnium is relatively cheap to produce, costing $250 per gram. Omnium is not commercially available; however, government entities can purchase Omnium through Osiris Labs.

Blazium: A bright red metal not found in nature; it was created wholecloth by Osiris Industries and has the atomic number of 120. It is only ever stable when paired with Gloomium. A gram of Blazium has enough explosive energy to destroy a three story building. Blazium explosives work on the opposite principle of traditional explosives, where two or more chemicals are mixed to create a chemical reaction; Blazium is so reactive that it can only exist for approximately two seconds before exploding in a rapid explosion. Blazium explosives work by removing the Gloomium compound surrounding the Blazium core, thus allowing the explosive to explode. The flames produced by Blazium are intense enough to melt steel in seconds. A gram of Blazium costs approximately $10,000. Under no circumstances can Blazium exist without Gloomium.

Gloomium: Created in direct opposition to Blazium. It’s molecules are arranged in exactly the opposite configuration of Blazium; when it interacts with Blazium, the Gloomium particles latch onto the molecules, preventing violent destabilization. Gloomium has no useful properties other than for Blazium stabilization; it has medium conductivity, is expensive to produce, exists as a liquid at room temperature, and is extremely photosensitive, evaporating in direct sunlight. Gloomium is not available for purchase at any time, only available with purchase of Blazium.
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