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Amelia Ashenberry

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Amelia Ashenberry Empty Amelia Ashenberry

Post by Shadows of the Pale Flame February 11th 2022, 4:03 pm


"Tch. And who are you to approach me?"

The Bio

Real Name: Amalia Ashenberry
Villain Name: Thorn
Nickname: Mistress of Thorns
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Ofrarian
Hair: Ash Gray
Eyes: Gray

Height: 5’8
Weight: 140 lbs.
Blood type: Evil

Bust Size: 30DD

The Looks


An exceptionally beautiful woman, Amelia is, literally, genetically perfect. Seeing her is like looking at an angel from stories, or a succubus from the pits of hell; she has a dark beauty about her, in her sparkling eyes that suggest she is not entirely good. That if she were to sleep with you, she would kill you in your sleep.

The Personality

Complex, scarred, and emotionally twisted, Amalia is not someone who can easily be shoehorned into specific categories. She has lived a storied life, much of which she keeps secret. And that is perhaps the best way to describe her; she is secretive. She is not used to sharing with others, only of doing a job, and that is one of many reasons why she chooses to keep her mouth shut about herself. Questions about herself or her past are more often than not left with silence and a glare, if not the sharp end of a blade. Amalia does not suffer fools in such away and will send those soft in the head to an early grave. It is a similar matter with which she treats her enemies; with cool, often violent, discourse.

A woman of faith, Amalia devoutly holds to the tenants of her religion, following the doctrine of The Darkened Word to the letter. However, her beliefs are not normal for this world, originating in a land where magic and war were commonplace. Blood and violence play a large part in her worship, and as a result in how Amalia views the world. Red is her favorite color, of course, and the colors of red and black play a huge part in her life. Wearing those colors are saved purely for special events in her life. Violence, to her, is a perfectly reasonable way to solve problems. If someone has an issue, solve it by bathing in their blood, if they are weak. If they are strong, their issue is valid and they may present it. But the weak have no place to her.

She is commonly viewed as grumpy, cynical, and with a very dry sense of humor, not to mention violent and mean to most people, even her employers. And there’s no doubt she is prickly and hard to get along with. She is unapologetic, stubborn, headstrong, and used to getting her own way. She’s basically a pissed off porcupine. But if you get her to uncurl her barbs for just a moment, there’s a naturally kind woman underneath. This shows often enough in the field where she’ll buy food for others, defend others from the honorless, and help police catch a dirty thief. All in all, she is somewhat contradictory; a warrior devoted to her faith from a land where blood and magic conquer all, thrusted into our world due to tragedy and trying to cope with the sudden changes. She’s gotten better, too. She no longer stabs everyone who talks to her.

She still doesn’t like phones, though, or most modern technology. While the advent of the car and other transportation devices is a Tenebrosi-blessed event, Amalia still doesn’t trust them. The only modern technology she consistently relies on are motorcycles, as they are similar enough to the horses she was raised on to comfort her with the modern tech. While this does tend to lead to a dichotomy to the people whom are closest to her, as she considers a reliance on technology a crutch when it comes to honor and combat and will not bite her tongue to do so, it also often leads to her being far out of her depth in a lot of situations.

The Story

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a girl. Her name was Amalia, and she lived with her mother and father on the outskirts of the small country of Ofraria. They were very happy, thank you very much. Her mother, a Battlepriest with the Black Church, just like her grandmother before her, would often brush her hair and tell her tales of the glorious battles she fought and witnessed, and of the great beasts she had slain. Her father was merely a baker, but he had a good heart, a trait her mother saw long ago. The bread he cooked had the same love he showed the world every single day, and thus was quite popular with the common folk, who gathered in his shop to eat, converse, and enjoy the simple things in life.

It was this life Amalia led.

And it was a good life, for a while. She followed in her mother’s footsteps, joining the Black Church as a Choirgirl, and working her way up. It was here she met her husband, a simple farmer once set to the Church to deliver the daily tithe. It was love at first sight; Amelia fell for the funny man in his Sunday Best, while he was enchanted by the mysterious, ashen-haired woman in armor. They were married a week later, and moved into her childhood home, with the approval of their parents, who had long passed.

And they were happy.

Ofraria fights frequent wars; the elves in the west, barbarians in the east, dragons to the north. They are surrounded by enemies, and the Battlepriests hold the line. Amelia was infrequently home, the battle with the dragons heating up, but when she was, her husband was there to greet her. A fine cook, he greeted her every time with a smile on his face and ready to hear about those vile creatures who dared to defile Ofrarian land with their presence.

Amelia’s greatest strength and weakness is her strength of character; this came into play when her commander, a Holy Knight, ordered her to kill innocents. She hates dragons as much as the next person, but this village was unprotected, tucked into the shadow of a mountain. Amelia protested, but despite her protests, the Holy Knight did it himself, collapsing the mountain on top the innocents. She was distraught; it was a horrible, vile thing to do, but she could not protest for fear of being Excommunicated.

A fear that was soon to come true.

When she returned home, she found her house abandoned and a notice from the Inquisitors; her husband had been arrested and promptly executed for heresy. She knew this retaliation, she felt it in her heart. They had left his body on the ground like a sack of rotten potatoes. All through the night and day, she cradled him, tears turning into wails of sorrow and, finally, bitter anger. Donning her wedding dress over her armor, she was like a ghost amongst the Inquisition, slaying as many of them as she could reach. And as morning dawned on the Black City, she was gone, leaving only her bloody footprints and a dead guard.

She swore to never again serve a master who would betray her.

The Powers

For those not in the know, Ofraria is a country heavily reliant on magic, built on a weak point of the ley lines. The humans who live in this country have undergone a form of magic-assisted divergent evolution. They are stronger, smarter, and overall genetically superior to normal humans. Ofrarians abilities are not limited to their physical form; it never pays to judge an Ofrarian by their shape. Instead, the strength of an Ofrarian is determined by the energy flowing through their Lexiskia, a series of tattoos inscribed on their body that each and every member of the Holy Ofrarian Church has. These Lexiskia emit energy that, in large numbers, is detectable by technology, appearing as electromagnetic fluctuations and disturbances to invisible spectrums of light. With particularly powerful Ofrarians, usually those who are Battlepriest or higher within the Grand Holy Army, their Lexiskia shows in the visible light spectrum as well, with a color unique to each individual.

Other than their genetic advantage, all Ofrarians derive strength from their inner reserves of magic as well, bolstering their natural magical energy, plus granting them other unique abilities and a propensity for spellcasting. This comes with a powerful trade-off, however, what the Archbishops call “Pati Exhauirare”. When outside the bounds of Ofraria, or a similarly powerful magically-infused area, the Ofrarian slowly starts losing magic, their very soul leaking out to the world. While mostly painless, it is nonetheless uncomfortable. After a period of time, usually a week but can stretch up to months for powerful Ofrarians, they will lose their powers. At first this manifests in losing their extraordinary strength and abilities, but eventually leads to illness, weakness, and death.

The Holy Ofrarian Church is both the ruling class and the acting military of Ofraria. Even the lowliest Orpriest of the Church boasts a special blessing, inscribed upon them by the Papal Emperor himself. This Blessing takes the form of a special tattoo, called “Lexiskia”, inscribed deep within the Ofrarians soul, granting them some small measure of the power of the Tenebrosi, the ruling Chief of the Ofrarian Pantheon. These tattoos are unique to the individual, different runic symbols as glimpsed by the Papal Emperor. These gifts are magical in nature, but often have unique and powerful abilities.

In addition to the Lexiskia, each Ofrarian receives at birth an “Obscuras”, a piece of the Black Crystal that powers all of Ofraria. This Obscuras will remain with them their entire life, and it is through this blackened crystal that all Ofrarians channel their magic. Without it, using their special abilities is innately dangerous. These Obscuras’ are incredibly durable, particularly to magic, but can still be shattered by powerful concussive force.

Ofrarian Physiology: Amalia is powerful, even for her kind. Her magical energy overflows in a sparkling blue-green aura in a constant light around her. She can easily lift a fully-loaded semi truck and move at speeds in excess of Mach 1 for short bursts. Her unique physiology also gives her a unique durability; though physical attacks act normally against her, she has a very powerful defense against magic and such attacks, such as energy blasts. This defense isn’t impenetrable, but can still handle most run of the mill attacks.

Third Eye: Perfect Senses All Ofrarians possess a magical sense, a sort of third eye. This magical ability is three-fold; every Ofrarian possesses perfect senses. Her sight and hearing are a perfect 20/20 and an impeccable sense of touch, scent, and taste round off the cardinal senses, but with this comes also a perfect and accurate sense of time, temperature, pressure, and the various other secondary and tertiary senses that make up the human condition.

Third Eye: Magic Sight: The second part of Third Eye involves the ability to see magic. This ability is limited, capable only of seeing if the user has potential to use it and the amount of mana they have at first. With training, though, they can discern race and abilities from their mana. [Permission Based]

Third Eye: 360-degree Awareness: The third portion of Third Eye involves an aura of awareness that extends two inches from the body. This “sixth sense” is almost an early warning system, a tingle that lets the Ofrarian know something is within their space.

Ancestral Memory: Each and every Ofrarian possesses a link to the memories, experiences, and advice of their ancestors. The former two are innate, brought about at puberty- along with the physical changes the Ofrarian goes through. The latter is in the guise of a ghostly voice, called the Ancestral Guide, who the Ofrarian can talk to and discuss things.

The Black Ritual: The magical ritual whose invention got her banned from her country. The Black Ritual is a corrupted inherit of the Shadowed Oath, the most sacred prayer for all Ofrarians. By utilizing dark magic in conjunction with the magic words of the Oath, Amalia can restore all of her magical energy during this ritual. This is an involved process that requires a sacrifice and a special knife.

Lexiskia: Touch of the Void: This ability is the foremost combat ability of Amalia, most commonly used in conjunction with The Black Maul. Written on her right arm, Touch of the Void tells the story of a warrior gifted with divine power by the spirits. Touch of the Void is a relatively simple ability; it allows Amalia to channel elemental energy through any physical weapon, though typically her Black Blade. She can choose from fire, air, water, metal, and wood. Each Element has a unique effect.

Fire: Touch of Fire generates miniature explosions. These explosions don’t damage the enemy in the slightest; in fact, they’re so small, they’re hardly noticeable at all. What these bursts of flame do is propel the blade in seemingly random directions; one moment, the blade will aim at the knee, and the next it will be propelled at the chest or neck. Aesthetically, Touch of Fire generates a corona of heat around the handle, while making the blade grow hot to the touch.

Air: Touch of Air transmutes the physical blade itself. When activated, the next attack made will completely bypass any material considered ‘defensive,’be it a shield, armor, or even a wall or similar structure. The blade will pass through like air, solidifying on the other side. This process is practically instant, ensuring that the blade will still bite into the skin no matter how skintight the armor is. Touch of Air cannot bypass superhuman durability unless its durability is offered by armor or something similar. Aesthetically, Touch of Air creates a cyclone of energy around the entire weapon, powerful enough to be seen by the naked eye.

Water: Touch of Water pulls water out of the air to create its effect. On the next attack, a massive burst of water will erupt outwards, covering an area ten feet in diameter, though leaving Amalia and the area immediately behind her unscathed. This force of water is set off with enough force to move even cars several feet away. Though it does very little damage, Touch of Water can send most humanoids flying dozens of feet away. Aesthetically, Touch of Water creates a dripping effect on the weapon, condensation dripping from the tip.

Metal: Touch of Metal relies on the pain of an injury to activate. Any wound generated by Touch of Metal will grow steadily severe. A cut on the arm will slowly grow larger and more painful. This is done through metal shards embedded into any wound delivered, generated from the magic of the Lexiskia. These shards will constantly expand these injuries, making even the smallest cut a life-ending injury. This expansion occurs at approximately an inch a minute. Aesthetically, Touch of Metal creates a metallic sheen on any weapon, reflecting light as effectively as any mirror.

Wood: Touch of Wood relies on the growth of plants. To activate this ability, the weapon must touch two things, be the ground, an object, or a person; the lightest touch will do. If done so while Touch of Wood is activated, tough wooden vines will appear from thin air if a person or object, or erupt from the ground otherwise. These wooden vines will immediately ensnare the targets, forcing them together. If the blade cuts a person while this ability is in effect, the roots will manifest from the wound itself instead of blood, making it that much more difficult to remove. These roots are supernaturally strong, but can still be removed relatively easily. Aesthetically, the weapon becomes covered in roots while Touch of Wood is in use.

Lexiskia: The Giants Gauntlet: A powerful ability, inscribed on her left arm. The Giants Gauntlet tells the story of a woman warrior fighting and slaying a giant menace. The Giants Gauntlet adds onto Amalia’s already prodigious physical strength. The Giant’s Gauntlet triples Amalia’s physical strength in her left hand. Additionally, it magically reinforces her. More specifically, if she blocks an attack far stronger than her, she will not be moved, nor suffer damage at all from this attack.

Lexiskia: Do Unto Others: Tattoos etched across her back. These tattoos tell the story of a woman warrior diverting and reflecting damage from an army of archers. More of a passive ability than an activated one, Do Unto Others requires Amalia take damage. Any wounds suffered, no matter the source, are taken into account. After sustaining any amount of injuries, the next attack against any opponent will duplicate these injuries onto them. This doesn’t heal her, merely replicates the injuries onto the appropriate places.

The Weaknesses

Power is not Infinite: All Ofrarians share a weakness to the mundane, a word which, in this case, applies to all the places and things that do not bleed with magic. Just being in these places drains them of their lofty powers and their magic, the Lexiskia that marks them so the very key to their undoing. Naturally, over about a month's time, the magic within an Ofrarian will drain, weakening and eventually killing them. But using the power that is supplied by their magic weakens them far quicker than that. Their physical abilities are far less taxing than their magical ones, but taxing it is. Every attack, every defense and movement, brings the Ofrarian closer to needing to recharge. For the vast majority of Ofrarians, this involves resting for a time within the limits of an area with said high-magic energy. Amalia, however, can perform the Black Ritual, which will completely restore her to fighting ready; the downside of this is, however, is that the Black Ritual cannot be used on the battlefield, and must be prepared, well … ritualistically.

Mechanically, each post the Ofrarian goes without recharging reduces all capabilities by 5%. Once the Ofrarian reaches 70% capacity, this goes up to 10% and they are unable to use any of the magic granted to them by the Lexiskia. At 50%, the drain reaches 20% per post. And at 25%, the Ofrarian loses the connection with their Third Eye, and the Ancestral Memory. By absorbing

Fragile Obscuras: The Obscuras embedded in her hand is only as durable as glass. It is the single, unifying weakpoint for Ofararians, and thus targeted by their enemies. Should it be destroyed, the Ofrarian will be unable to absorb and control their magic, eventually causing their demise and, immediately, making them unable to access any Lexiskia.

Opposite Elements: If her Touch of the Void is exposed to the opposite element in sufficient amounts, it will be nullified.

Magical Disorientation: In areas of incredible magical energy, or when exposed to tons of magical energy directly, Ofrarians become disoriented and unable to discern magical energy; it can even disrupt their enhanced senses and ancestral connection, if the magic is potent enough.

Mana Drain: Using her magical power drains her of mana, 5 percent for every Lexiskia gained. This must be moderated by the passive absorption that Ofrarians partake in; about 2 percent every post in combat. If they use to much of their power, they are subject to the downsides as detailed in the Power is Not Infinite weakness.

Do Unto Myself: Despite its power, Do Unto Others still requires her to get injured and suffer the injury before she can reflect the damage, and it doesn’t heal the damage.

Concussive Disruptions: Powerful blows to her head, such as with a baseball bat or powerful telekinetic force, can cause her to get disoriented, losing her Third Eye abilities and even disrupting her Ancestral connection.

The Items

Valyrian Metal refers to iron ore found in magically condensed areas, such as those found within the borders of Ofraria. The magic fills the iron, granting it incomparable defenses, even beyond most alloys, such as steel. Valyrian Metal is excessively hard to mine as a result, however, and even harder to shape. Due to its rarity and difficulty, there are rarely full weapons made of this. Instead, a layer of Valyrian Metal is placed over typical iron or bronze, granting the weapon or armor the increased properties of the Valyrian Metal without costing a gratuitous amount. Valyrian Metal is nearly bulletproof, with also being extremely resistant to magic. At the same time, the unique structure and magical energies within the metal allow it to channel magic.

The Black Maul: This two-sided axe is a potent weapon, make of Valyrian steel. Other than its weight and the property of all Valyrian metal, that of being nearly unbreakable, it possesses no unique properties.

Crystal Gauntlet: A gauntlet made of some sort of transparent material. The fingers end in hooked claws. The gauntlet covers her entire hand and wrist, ending just before the Lexiskia on her left arm. A hole in the middle of the back of her hand reveals the black Obscuras. The Crystal Gauntlet is fused with her hand and cannot be removed. Due to this magical fusion, it possesses the same durability as Amalia herself and should it be damaged, will heal just like Amalia.

Valkyrie Armor: A unique set of armor fashioned, after a sort, from European half-plate. Thick plate covers her chest and stomach over a half-sleeve tunic. A skirt, reinforced with similar plating, covers her legs, though ends well above the knee. Gauntlets protect her hand, while matching greaves extend up to her knee. While it lacks the protective quality of a lot of equipment, particularly full plate or chain, it makes up for it with the agility and freedom of movement it grants her. A current of magic runs through it, magnetizing the opposing current in any Valyrian Steel that touches it, allowing such equipment to be carried with little difficulty.

Iris Shield: A black shield with adjustable leather straps. Made of bronze with a layer of Valyrian Metal, it is quite useful for deflecting or diverting attacks. Due to the interaction between the bronze and Valyrian Metal, when hit with enough force, it lights up with all the colors of the rainbow.

The Fluff

As an Ofrarian, Amelia is practically ageless.

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Shadows of the Pale Flame

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Amelia Ashenberry Empty Re: Amelia Ashenberry

Post by Zonkes February 12th 2022, 5:46 am

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