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Thanatos Cirillo

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Thanatos Cirillo Empty Thanatos Cirillo

Post by Descendants February 11th 2022, 12:41 pm


"I put you in check three turns ago and you failed to notice. A pity."

The Bio

Real Name: Thanatos Cirillo
Nickname: Thane
Title(s): Cirillo Heir
Alignment: ???

Physical Age/Apparent Age: 20/???
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Greek/Japanese
Race: Descendant

Blood type: ???
Zodiac Sign: ???
Star Sign: ???

The Looks

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Long

Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: Tan

Body Type: Lithe and Fit
Scars/Tattoos: A small symbol on his right pec is the only mar in his flawless skin.

Clothing: Thane wears suits, almost exclusively. When forced to wear something else, he prefers buttoned-up shirts and slacks. Though he owns T-shirts and jeans, he rarely wears them unless he is purposefully “dressing down”, for themed parties and such. All of his clothing is expensive, made of top-notch materials and fitted to him. Particularly his suits; each one costs a middle-class salary and is some of the finest you will find.

General Appearance: A tall, lanky, but nonetheless attractive man, Thane has a killer smile, dry, sarcastic wit, and the type of eyes that burn when they focus on you. He has a way of speech and holding himself that attracts anybody he talks to, and he uses it to great aplomb; he always seems to know what to say and what to do to seem the most appealing to people. He has a “cool” aura to him; everything seems effortless to him, even when he’s doing something he is not inclined towards. Despite his thin appearance, however, Thane is in very good shape, even doing modeling, both regular and the underwear kind.

The Personality

Joys and Pleasures: Thane loves strategy, loves toying with people and figuring out secrets. He gets great joy from puzzles and hard work, and seeing the frustration in peoples eyes when he wins. His family, also, is a source of great pride.

Fears and Failures: Thane has an incredible fear of failure, perhaps brought about by his incredibly high intelligence. This translates into a fear of disappointing those closest to him, and a fear of weakness, oft compensated by false bravado.

Defining Habit(s): Thane carries a chess piece around with him, twirling it between his fingers as he talks and walks; he also likes to use chess puns and terminology. He also stares at people quit often, as if trying to solve a particularly hard puzzle.

Goal: As a young man, he has no goals, except to graduate top of his class at UCLA.

General Personality: Many people would call him a manipulator, like a giant spider on a web of secrets, and Thane is inclined to agree. Rich, handsome, cool, with an intelligence far beyond anybody in his age group, he found it far too easy to manipulate the people around him. He turned it into a game of sorts; how fast can he have this person under his thumb. Even his modeling career was no different; though short-lived, it was yet another card to play against other people. And Thane is an alluring conversationalist, an interesting person with lots of experience and a unique view on the world.

Thane views life like a chess piece where he controls all the pawns and everybody else is a step away from losing. To him, he is so far ahead that nobody else has a chance to catch up. This confidence - some would call it arrogance - carries him far in life. He acts as if he owns the entire world, sauntering into a room with the type of energy that somebody either loves or hates. But he isn’t cruel, not outright; he uses his given gifts to improve the lives of those close to him, and he does not flaunt his wealth or intelligence. It is a tool to be used against his enemies and those who oppose him.

A special place exists in his heart for friends and family; with strangers and acquaintances he can be stiff, outright cold even, but with them he lets himself go, laughing and joking with the best of them. His younger sister, Azul, in particular, brings out the best in him, even if “the best” is embarrassing in hindsight.

Thane is somewhat of a womanizer; he views it as a game, playing with the bodies and hearts of women who find him attractive. Though he doesn’t have an exceedingly high “body count”, as it were, he has slept with a few, and toyed with the rest.

The Story

Notable Figures: Hercules Cirillo, Jasmine Cirillo, Azul Cirillo, Benjamin Cirillo
Birthplace: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
Current Residence:

Occupation: College Student/Model

History: Once upon a time, there was a dark god who, upon achieving ultimate power, found himself wanting. Though born and raised a human, he had long lost his connection with his fellow humans. Seeing himself far above them, he could not debase himself by interacting with mere mortals, and so he created a being; just like him, but a child, without the memories and powers that made it so hard to connect to humanity. He put this seed inside the perfect host and watched as his spawn grew, unbeknownst of his connection to the Nevermore King.

Thane was born to Hercules and Jasmine Cirillo, big-time Greek entrepreneurs with a name that stretches back to ancient times. Despite his heritage, Thanatos took after his mother’s father, with his pale skin and dark eyes, though the former has long been tanned by decades of constant activity. He was loved, almost to the point of excess; growing up, he got everything he wanted, living a life of luxury so expansive, it is a wonder he is as well-adjusted as he is; this is due mostly to the effort of his father, Hercules. He refused to let Thane grow up vain and emotionally distant, unlike the children of his friends, and so impressed upon all his children the importance of hard work, perseverance, and the ability to provide for yourself.

From a young age, they were expected to work; nothing major, but chores were a major part of Thane’s life, inspiring in the young noble a love of work and puzzle-solving that would only grow as he got older. Though his siblings were not as accommodating, Shiwa was more than willing to help his father work with them; it was his job as the elder sibling, they told him, and he did not mind in the least. His family, and particularly his siblings Azul and Benjamin, were the most important thing to him.

He graduated valedictorian of his private high school in the suburbs of Beverly Hills, and promptly moved onto college. Though a sad day at the Cirillo household, they were nonetheless proud of him, and he promised to visit often, and he did. Every spare time not taken up with school activities - of which there were plenty - he visited his family. Now, in his second year at UCLA, he feels something on the horizon; some sort of life-changing event. And he could not be more excited.

The Powers

Overall Power Profile: Thane is an Incarnation of Azrael, the Nevermore King, Master of the Eternal Empire, Shiwa Kodomo. And thus, he has some abilities that stem from this, though not nearly as powerful or as potent as his origin, nor does he know about this origin. Though he lacks the Black Source that powers Shiwa’s ability, he can pull this power from Shiwa himself, though the drain is negligible enough that it is not noticed, nor would it be cared about would he do it.

Applications: Hyper-Intelligence: The mind of Thanatos is ridiculously sharp, capable of planning and calculating in seconds what most would take weeks to do. This intelligence is geared more towards strategy, cunning, and wit than mechanical or more practical purposes, but nonetheless is put to good use. This also applies to his learning ability; currently, Thane speaks 17 languages, and is capable of learning a new one as easy as most people learn a video game.

Eidetic Memory: With his hyper-intelligence comes the trope of every edgy character from the 90’s; eidetic memory. Every bit of information that Thane has ever heard can be reiterated verbatim, and who natural prowess with learning, and high intelligence, lets him learn new skills and integrate said knowledge at an accelerated rate. Should he be so inclined, he can become a technical expert in a skill (defined as having 10,000 hours in it) in a matter of days.

Helm of Darkness: First Stage. The first of the two abilities Thanatos possesses, the Helm of Darkness lets him read the minds of the weak-willed around him. He cannot control this, unable to prevent the assault of thoughts around him; meditation helps curb the intentions somewhat, as does focusing on the mind of an individual. Only surface thoughts can be read unless Thanatos touches an individual, at which point he can dwell deep within the palace of their mind. The [Permission Based]

Helm of Darkness also allows Thane limited telekinesis. Though not powerful, he can use his power to manipulate anything within 30 yards of himself at peak human levels. His control over this is impressive; he can use it to nudge locks to open doors, write, even type on a computer without looking.

Walls of Asphodel: Second Stage. Like all Descendants, Thane can manipulate emotional energy in the form of Constructs; he can use Black constructs, which represent Death. These constructs can be shaped into any number of things, from energy beams and bolts, stairs, bridges- anything the Descendant wishes. Though Thane is not a proper Descendant, he still possesses mastery of this emotional energy, capable of conjuring anything his vast imagination can think of, though in limited quantities. He can create about twenty squared meters of construct with his current power level.

Like all Descendants, these constructs have a unique property, this being Isolation. Hate isolates one from everything around them, and it is this power that Thane emulates. Two criteria can be used for this power to come into effect; the first is the most common. Touching one of Thane’s constructs elicits a feeling of isolation so powerful, it can cause suicidal tendencies. All emotional attachments are severed in an instant, leaving the individual feeling completely alone. This persists for several seconds after they remove their hand.

The second is more insidious, but subtle; should someone be separated by one of his constructs - an ally on one side, they on the other - they will lose all connection to that ally. All loves and hopes and dreams will be gone for as long as they remain separated. On a Descendant or magical being that has discovered their Bond with their Soulmate, it causes physical pain, enough to cripple a grown man with agony, as the ultimate opposites meet. [Permission Based]

The Weaknesses

Descendant Physiology: Like all Descendants, even if he is only Descendant-adjacent, Thanatos has a particular vulnerability to emotional manipulation. His strong mind lets him resist the typical mental manipulation they are vulnerable too, but emotional manipulation still causes physical pain, depending on the strength of said manipulation.

Over-Stimulation: A sad reality of most people with increased intelligence and abnormal memory, Thane is quite susceptible to becoming overwhelmed. Though he does his best to hide it, the simple truth of the matter is Thane frequently experiences migraines and confusion from headaches. This applies particularly well when amongst too many “loud” thoughts. For this reason, he never frequents places with lots of people, eating lunch alone most days.

Fallibility: Unless he concentrates, Shiwa cannot always make sense of thoughts; though his power helps to translate, most thoughts do not connect A to B; they connect A to cheese and then to number 5. In other words, they are nonsensical, as the brain does not think linearly. If he concentrates, or if he touches an individual, their thoughts make sense.

Full Cover: Walls of Asphodel must fully cut off vision from the afflicted individuals; if they can still see an ally or loved one, this ability will not work.

The Fluff

  • Technically, Thane is a Descendant, though lacks a Cosmic Source, and thus many of the innate abilities of Descendants.
  • Thane comes from money; old money, too. As the eldest child of the Cirillo family, he has a direct line to a trust fund set up by his parents.
  • He attends UCLA in a dual major program; one for Political Science, the other for Psychology, and he makes it look good.
  • Thane has done some modeling, both typical and underwear type, and is shameless about his attractiveness.

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Thanatos Cirillo Empty Re: Thanatos Cirillo

Post by Zonkes February 11th 2022, 3:50 pm

Mucho approvedo!

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