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Jordan Reynolds

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Jordan Reynolds  Empty Jordan Reynolds

Post by Jordan Reynolds September 7th 2021, 7:56 pm

Jordan Reynolds  Teen-titans-beast-boy-preview-header-1231482-1280x0

Basic Biography

Name:  Jordan Reynolds
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age:  27
Gender: Male
Race: Half Human/Half green dragon/ Descendant
Hair: Brunette with green tips
Eyes: Forest green
Height: 6' 2"
Weight:  193 Ibs
Blood type: A -

The Looks


The Legacy

Simple would be the best way to describe Jordan. He isn’t what someone imagines when the word dragon comes up and that shows with every interaction he holds with another person. Constantly the kind of person with some kind of smile on his face, Jordan is what you see most of the time. More often than not allowing what he thinks or feels to bubble to the surface without really restraining himself. If he’s happy he’ll smile, or even sound it and when he’s mad it’ll show just as easily. That’s one thing a person can trust about the young dragon, which is that he’ll shoot pretty straight with them.

The kind of person who enjoys spending time with friends and making sure they’re enjoying spending time with him. Always the life of a party when there is one and trying to make sure that the party has life to begin with. Would sooner be put out than to be an inconvenience to someone else and is best described as painfully earnest for reasons that don’t seem to make much sense to anyone else. He’s the kind of personality that is simple but might leave most people confused despite its simplicity. Best described as a nice guy however who will go out of his way to care for the people he cares about and not be rude to those he might not care about either.

Passionate about anything that catches his interest, Jordan loves being active most of all. Whether that be simply going for a run or wrestling with a friend who could keep up, he’s always the kind of person who wants to keep active. Even still he’s not without flaws, because he’s a person after all. When he feels as if he is pushed into a corner, he tends to lash out at those pressing him into that uncomfortable situation. Violent anger which otherwise would seem unlike him explodes out with terrifying pressure. This potential for anger is something that he despises himself for and despite holding that loathing inside himself, Jordan is not one who views himself highly despite the happiness he projects.

Jordan doesn’t remember what his parents were like. He never actually met them, instead growing up with a loving couple who said they found his egg one dark night. A couple of mages that were set outside the world of mages, instead doing their own thing without really letting themselves be bogged down by the laws of men from hundreds of years ago. Mavericks who tended to piss off the wrong people, though he knew them as mom and dad because they were there for him when no one else was. What he got from those parents his egg had been lost, though what he hadn’t been told was that it was lost in a clash with humans who wanted that dragon egg for a long dead and forbidden ritual.

At the very least he was raised in a home that loved the young half dragon and made sure he was raised in a way that would allow him to survive in this human dominated world. That meant learning to control his ability to change shape into his human form and how people interacted with one another. How best not stand out from humanity as a whole, though some of the lessons just did not make sense to him really. Still, if his parents were teaching him that meant it was something important and he paid attention anyway.  After All they had taken him in when his parents didn’t seem to want him and that was all that mattered. So all lessons were important to some degree, and he soaked them up as best as possible.

His  life in that place was wonderful really. He had parents that loved me unconditionally, trained me and raised me the best they could with what they had. There were some tough times. Such as the time a demon lord tried to kill all of his family, specifically to spite  one of them. That was also when he discovered he was special beyond just being a half dragon.Considering he had been the one doing most of the fighting, he was also hurt the most but instead of dying something else happened. His body began knitting itself back together with threads of green light. Not even leaving a scar when it was done, even if he felt a little tired

It was after that fight with the prince of Hell he learned was named Malphas that they tried to address what had happened with him. His parents couldn’t tell what had happened, aside from a kind of magical phenomena he had never shown before. They gave all the help they could but in the end he had to learn for himself what this meant, though it was pretty hard. Despite that he steadily managed to glean what the power was and what it did for him. In the end all he cared about was that it gave him and what power it allowed him. He never saw himself before being a hero but something about helping people appealed to Jordan.

So maybe he tried it out every once in a while.

The Powers and Weaknesses

Descendant of Will
Descendant Ever since he was young, due to being a descendant Jordan has been different than humans and those like him. Common Descendant traits mixed with his own half dragon abilities.

Descendant Physiology: Jordan’s strength and speed are  vastly enhanced due to being a descendant. He’s capable of lifting things such as buses with a single hand or even tanks with various levels of ease. Smashing through walls, leveling buildings and the like when going all out. He can shrug off anti-material rounds with at worst mild bruises on his softer areas and no issue in better protected areas. Capable of running around 300 mph, even breaking the sound barrier in short sprints and taking multiple cluster bombs with little to no injury.

Stubborn Will: The second level of his awakening is turning the energy of will into tangible constructs. Jordan’s willpower is a strong thing, radiating through his entire being and affecting him physically.  He heals monumentally faster than he would normally. Minor injuries would close up seemingly instantly, small scrapes and cuts and disappearing. Larger injuries take a little longer, taking around thirty seconds to close massive gashes and recover amputated digits such as fingers, toes and even parts of his hand. Major damage such as extensive brain damage, damage to the internal organs or massive parts of his extremities being removed will take minutes to fully return. Jordan doesn’t know the full extent of his recovery, though he thinks perhaps he could recover from being reduced to nothing more than a slurry.

Will of Iron: Jordan has the ability to create constructs composed of green energy. He can create anything that his mind could think of, from  gauntlets to knives and anything else he can think of. All of these constructs seemed to have a scaled pattern about them and are extremely durable even compared to other Descendant constructs. Making them solid weapons that rarely if ever break when met with another force. What makes these constructs special is not just their own durability but the fact they increase in strength through repeated use. The more they are hit or deal damage or strike something the more powerful they become.

Ceaseless Will: Having reached the third stage of his understanding of himself asnd his energy, this is the very strong will energy that leaks and radiates out from him. A normal person would find themselves slowing down when losing a leg, or even their eyes though Jordan is not affected by something like that. Should his head be removed, he will still fight as if nothing had happened and the same with other extremities. He can extend this ability outwards into an aura that would affect anything within that space which is around 200 feet. Things within this area work even if broken to the point they would not logically work. As if too stubborn to admit that it’s broken.

Aspects of a dragon:  Due to his draconic heritage, Jordan has been able to manifest aspects of a dragon upon his person. This has come in the form of earthy green scales capable of shrugging off missiles, powerful claws that can slice through steel, a tail that can smash human bone as if it were glass or even wings that can propel him through the air at twice the speed he can run.

Born of the earth: Jordan is an earth dragon; born of the earth and so he gains strength from being in contact with it. His physical strength and durability all double when in contact with the earth.

Draconic senses: Due to his dragon heritage, Jordan has sharper sight and smell compared to the average human. Able to pick up small details, as well as changes within temperature or minute smells that would go otherwise unnoticed. Things like blood are much easier for him to smell, usually able to pick up a single drop within a mile radius if he’s looking for it.

Poison Immunity: No matter the toxin, poison or venom he is unaffected by them.  

Envenoming: Jordan is capable of coating his draconic claws in powerful venom, the kind that can dull the reflexes and thoughts of those who are affected by this poison.  

Magic Resistance: Dragons are creatures of innate magic and since they are born of magic, they innately have a resistance to it. Being that Jordan isn’t a full dragon he doesn’t have the near immunity his full blooded kin would have but he is capable of shrugging off magic that would otherwise affect someone else. Lesser spells and cantrips would fizzle out before even touching him and even greater spells lose some effectiveness when hitting him. Magic, especially external magical interference, seems to fizzle out or weaken in strength before affecting him.

Orange: Any orange item can bypass his powers, including his durability and constructs. Jordan doesn’t know why this is the case, but it seems to dampen the green energy he conjures.

Dragon sickness: Jordan as a half dragon is drawn to all things shiny, especially anything gold colored or gems. All it would take is someone trying to bribe him with them to catch his attention, even distract him.

Emotional Manipulation: Effects that would alter a person's emotional state would be able to manipulate Jordan.

Blue:  Any blue item can bypass his powers, including his durability and constructs.

Rolling boulder: While his constructs do become stronger, they quickly lose steam and begin weakening back to base strength after around a minute or so of use being done. All it takes is five seconds out of constant use for his constructs to lose strength.

Without the love of the earth: When not in contact with the earth Jordan doesn’t gain any boost and in fact becomes weaker as a result.

Base chakra: Striking Jordan in his base chakra around his gut causes his powers to stop working or weaken temporarily.

Overwhelming smells: Due to his senses being so sharp, Jordan can easily be disoriented when exposed to powerful scents.

Water: Water wears down earth, though in terms of Jordan it can easily dilute and wear away the poison that he is able to create through his draconic abilities.

Very dense: Jordan is a very stubborn person, which means once he’s put his mind to something very little can stop him which includes information to the contrary that might give him a better or even good outcome.

Electrum: Jordan seems to have a strange reaction to the metal and feels his powers flicker and wane when it contact with it.


Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds
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Jordan Reynolds  Empty Re: Jordan Reynolds

Post by Zonkes February 4th 2022, 9:11 pm

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