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Aisha Konnick

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Aisha Konnick Empty Aisha Konnick

Post by Descendants October 1st 2019, 7:44 am


"I’m just your average, ordinary magical girl."

The Bio

Real Name: Aisha Konnick
Hero Name: Dove
Nickname: Ai Kon
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Descendant
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Pink
Height: 4’11
Weight: 90 lbs
Blood type: Pfft. Blood?

The Looks

The immediately noticeable physical aspect of Ai is her color Everything about her bleeds energy and joy, from the long, voluminous, bright pink hair, to the sparkling eyes matching her hair, to her outfit, which is perpetually fluffy and just as pink as her glitter. Many people have speculated she bleeds glitter; this is not true, she just wears enough to make a unicorn blush. Her eyes are just as pink as her hair. She is a short girl, sure, but always wears heels, and her personality tends to nullify this is a bit, her aura and good nature tending to exaggerate her height quite a bit. When it comes to shoes, her choices are as varied as the the stars in the sky.

Ai has many different outfits which change from day to day, depending on her mood, the weather, and the current fashions. She has likely thrown away more clothes than the average person has worn. Her most commonly worn outfit is a fluffy pink dress, the tight bodice hugging her generous curves while the flared skirt hides her legs to the knees. These are typically paired with her favorite heels or pink, glittering flats.

Aisha’s muscle tone is nothing to write home about; she doesn’t have an excess of fat at all, but her muscles themselves aren’t exactly developed. She’s still strong, far stronger than any human could hope to be, but that’s a result of her being a Descendant, not any work out routine of hers. When she walks, she does so with a bounce in her step; it’s almost a skip. Her bone structure is thin but well-defined. She has a rather large bust for her frame, boasting a D-cup.

The Personality

She’s nice and embodies Love, but to think she is just simply some bubblegum airhead would be a mistake. She is very smart, though not arrogantly so, though she is an airhead. Due to her upbringing, she is quite stubborn and spoiled, only wearing the best of clothes. She does not know the value of a dollar and can barely tell different bills apart. But despite this, she is a genuine, loving girl who cares for all living things. She couldn’t hurt a fly (even if her powers let her) and is easily the kind to take in lost pets or stray dogs and cry over spilled milk. Sensitive and empathic to all, Aisha tries to be everyone’s friend, even if they make it clear that they are not interested. She is optimistic to a fault; she is aware of the reality of the situation, but chooses to cling to the hope that things will always turn out for the better. She is also a bit gullible; her sheltered upbringing led her to believe most people are honest and truthful. She abhors violence, and will go out of her way to try to stop and prevent it.

The Story

She was born 16 years hence to a famous movie star, Sabrina Sapphire, and a very powerful Senator, Hideaki Nakamura. Both of her parents were very busy, and had no time for her. Instead, she was raised by a nanny, from whom she learned Spanish. At a young age, she displayed her intelligence, talking and walking before she turned a year. For as long as she could remember, she was helping people. She was a matronly figure, also helping and laughing. She had a natural tendency to help people; in fact, it was very hard for her to resist. She quickly became everyone’s little sister, and if anyone made her cry (a feat that is not actually very impressive) many people would come to her defense.

She joined ballet as a toddler and come high school, she joined cheerleading, her peppy attitude and natural athleticism catapulting her to head cheerleader. It was, however, her Freshman year that she discovered her powers, and in an entirely mundane way. She woke up one day half-way through the school year and suddenly, her hair and eyes were pink! More importantly, her already perky attitude was increased tenfold. It wasn’t long before she discovered the more “super” part of her powers, her ability to use crystals to heal. One of her teammates broke her leg, see, and she reacted out of instinct, pink crystal enveloped the injury, and within minutes she was healed.

Well, from there her life only got crazier. She worked in secret to master her powers, eventually being contacted by Ahava herself who, surprise! Was her grandmother. Her mother was a Descendant as well, though her’s tended more towards desire than love, like Aisha did. With her help, and training in the Valentine Vale, the pink world of pure Love, she mastered her powers. She had a few close calls - like accidently making the captain of the football team feel incredible amounts of lust for her - but at the end of the day, she managed to come out of it unscathed. Her graduation from high school went without a hitch, and she was readily accepted into NYC School of Medicine to study medicine.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

Descendant Physiology: Ai, being a Descendant, is significantly more physically and mentally powerful than any human. For her, this manifests mostly in her durability. Even among her kind, Aisha is tough. Very tough. A semi moving at top speeds wouldn’t be enough to leave a bruise on her skin. This is compounded by the natural strength and athleticism she possesses. She is capable of lifting that same truck at the upper limits of her strength. Her speed, reaction ability, and agility aren’t nearly as increased, below peak human levels, but her endurance is on par with her durability.

Healing Factor: In addition to her durability, Ai possesses a very potent healing factor, so much so that oftentimes, she won’t even know she’s been injured. Minor to moderate injuries heal nearly instantly, closing before she even has a chance to feel the pain. More serious injuries take some more time, though she can regenerate a missing limb within a day. Regenerating isn’t painful, but it does itch something crazy. It’s a natural, instinctual reaction and not something she can control. This power also extends to any clothing she may be wearing, so long as its mundane.

Valentine Aura: The first level of her Descendant abilities, Valentine Aura is an ever present, invisible magical field that extends 50 feet around her. This aura has several effects. First and foremost, anybody within range of this aura are compelled to be more joyful and act kinder towards her and everybody else. They may find themselves falling in love with her, or experiencing arousal, or dancing aimlessly in the moonlight; the effects it has on them depends entirely on the person themselves, and the strength of it even varies from person to person. Valentine Aura also influences plant growth, particularly around her immediate vicinity. This is based entirely on her emotions. She will often find roses and lilies and other flowers associated with love and happiness blooming under feet; if she stays in a place for a while, they’ll start blooming within range of the aura as well.

Heart of Glass: The Descendant of Love can manipulate pink energy, hardened and shaped emotional energy within her spectrum. This energy takes the form of crystalline structures, formed into various shapes to suit her need. The possibilities are endless, limited only by imagination. Her skill with these constructs are top notch, enabling her to create nearly anything she can think with almost no limits. Typically, she uses these to create bandages, sutures, and other simple medical tools. With concentration, she can even make more advanced things, such as entire, advanced medical machines. Heart of Glass can be constructed anywhere within the range of Valentine Aura. More advanced applications are only possible within hands reach of Ai. These constructs can even simulate living life, though they are not truly sentient. When it comes to defensive and offensive power, they are approximately 1/10th as powerful as Ai is at the moment of their creation. A weird quirk of this power is the ability to fashion clothes in varying shades of pink that do not appear crystalline on the surface. These clothes have the durability of her constructs.

Heart of Hearts: A pink and gold scepter, two wings flanking a pink crystal held in place by two crossing circles of gold. Heart of Hearts is conjured from thin air, created out of pink energy and the Cosmic Source. When summoned, several things happen. First, the range and potency of her Valentine Aura triples, enhancing it to extending in a 150 foot field around her. Along with this comes an uptick in durability, increasing by about fifty percent, making her even more durable than before. Second, it grants her a unique ability. While wielding Heart of Hearts, Aisha can create Chrysalis’. Potent constructs in the vague shape of a crystal, though more similar to a butterfly chrysalis than an actual crystal, these chrysali are formed over the entirety of any living thing, ranging from a little squirrel to a being the size of a blue whale, though it will always be the exact size to exactly contain the living thing. While contained within, the living thing is suspended in a pinkish dust, held in place by tentacles that wrap around the neck, ankles, and throat. Once suspended, they are instantly put to sleep. But this is no normal sleep.

The dreamworld they are thrust into is a peaceful paradise, constructed by their own mind. The goal is simple; have them at ease while their body and mind is healed. Inside the Chrysalis, physical wounds are healed at an extraordinary rate, even regenerating lost limbs and curing degenerative birth defects and incurable illnesses. Meanwhile, within this inner world, the individuals face their demons in a safe, healthy way. They aren’t so much forced to confront them as they are gently nudged to do so. [These effects are entirely permission-based and controllable by Ai.] The time inside the Chrysalis is distorted; every hour that passes in the real world is an entire day within. Once inside, the Chrysalis is sealed shut, only capable of being opened if either the individual inside is fully healed, or if Ai opens it prematurely. Unlike her normal constructs, these have approximately half her durability at any given time.

Third, along with the staff, she is dressed in an entirely new outfit. Any clothes she is currently wearing disappear in a flash of pink light, replaced by the outfit of Heart of Hearts. Light pink, fingerless gloves with a heart on the back adorns her hands, and matching stocks, with hearts lining the upper edges. Cute heels with a bow tied in the shape of a heart adorn her feet. A skirt ending just where the stocking end protects her modesty, while a shirt, though perhaps a better term for it would be ‘wrap’, covers her bust, leaving most of her stomach exposed, though none of her breast is. This wrap is held loosely at the back, resulting in a ‘fairy wing’ effect. Finally, her hair is tied back into two ponytails, one on either side, each tied with a double-heart bow.

Obsession (Corruption): Beings of emotion, Descendants are … susceptible to corruption. Each Descendant has an opposite, a weakness that affects them the most. And for Love, this is Fear. Pain. Violence. The opposite of everything that Ai is. And when these things are inflicted upon her, they change her. Her pink turns yellow; her eyes, her hair, her constructs. As she is overtaken more and more by the emotion of fear, the color taints her further. At first appearing as nothing more than a single yellow streak or a slight tint of blond, she can be corrupted completely, her entire disposition and being effectively, if temporarily, altered. Due to her relative inexperience and general inability to tap into the full power of her Descendancy, full corruption is unlikely; fifty percent corruption is the extent.

Fear changes people, and this is no more true than when it comes to Ai. When she is corrupted, everything down to her soul is changed, and this includes her powers. Her yellow-pink constructs have unique properties, unlike both that of Love and that of Fear; they are Obsession, rose-gold constructs to strike fear and love into the heart of everyone they come across. No longer do they possess healing properties. Each level of corruption changes her more and more, and each level twisting a different level of her Descendancy.54

10% Corruption: A Black Shroud The first stage of corruption is only at 10%. Fear has just begin to set in, but it's real, a visceral sort of gut feeling spreading from her core. The very tips of her hair turn yellow, with the color creeping up the nape of her neck. At this level of corruption, Aisha is more manic, liable to lash out and run and hide, the fear not quite controlling her yet. She would be expected to act as any normal person would under these circumstances. This level of corruption affects her Valentine Aura, twisting it and corroding it into something unhealthy. Instead of a general sense of loveliness and joy, those within the area of effect instead feel a desire to take her, follow her, make her theirs. This only compounds the fear. The plants grown by Valentine Aura are twisted, black versions of their original ones.

25% Corruption: Obsess The second stage of corruption, a quarter tainted by the emotion. Fear is well on its way to conquering her spirit; its familiar now, a constant companion. It’s began to take control. Ai no longer runs from danger but embraces it, tackles it head on; more of a compulsion and a need than true desire, she is easily dissuaded from her course of her action and quite unstable in general. Physically, the changes are obvious. Yellow has fully creeped into her hair now like vines. Several inches at the bottom of her hair are completely changed, with many tendrils shooting through her hair like highlights. The outer edges of her pink eyes are changes as well, rimmed with gold. This level of corruption changes Heart of Glass. No longer do the constructs heal and invoke peace and harmony. When someone touches the rose-gold constructs, it invokes in them a sense of deep and overwhelming need to continue touching it; being away from it is an almost painful thing. Rose-gold constructs are made in pairs; if a person or an object possesses the matched pair, anybody under the influence of Obsession will have the feelings of need and keening desire towards that person or object rather than the construct themselves. At this level, as well, her Binding Oath weakness is overriden. Additionally at this level of corruption, the plants grown from the Valentine Aura are no longer flowers, but thorny vines.

50% Corruption: Deepest Desires At the halfway point, Ai is almost unrecognizable as the girl she once was. Controlled totally by the fear, she is unhinged, unstable, maniacal. Not altogether there, warped by the fear and the pain and the violence. She seeks something to latch onto, an obsession to focus on, and will go on a bloody murder spree until she can find it. Her hair is mostly yellow now, with pink streaks throughout it, and her eyes are almost completely taken over, about halfway. This level of corruption alters Heart of Hearts. The wand warps, no longer the beautiful wand it was, it is now something dark. Black, bat-like wings replace the gentle dove wings, a sharp, jagged cup supporting the lump of rose-gold crystal.

The power of this warped wand is an insidious and twisted one. Aisha gains the ability to sense the obsessions and deepest, most twisted desires of those within the boundaries of her Valentine Aura. The Chrysali she creates conjure these; dead mothers, drugs, depraved sexual acts, they’ll be made real in the eyes of the individual. She feeds off it, off the control and the obsession. For each individual under the effect, her Valentine Aura increases in range by 1% it’s current size.

The Weaknesses

Nevermore: The Descendant of Love has some rather unique weaknesses. Like all Descendants, Ai possesses a weakness to all things yellow. Any of the range of colors that can be classified as yellow have a corrosive effect to her, like she stuck her hand on a hot stove. The longer it touches her, the more severe the reaction. Anything yellow completely bypasses her durability and regenerative abilities. Her deep-seated fear of ravens, crows, and other black birds affect her as well; due to yellow being the color of fear, being too close to a crow or raven can drain her of her powers as well, while also putting her on the path of corruption.

Binding Oath: The oaths she will one day take have ingrained themselves into her very soul, altering her very physique and soul. If she ever came to the point where she would harm someone, any damage she would deal is turned into healing instead. A punch to the face heals black eyes or broken arms. This applies even if she does so accidentally or on purpose.

Poor Little Rich Girl: Aisha has spent her entire life sheltered from the world, and this shows in the way she acts and deals with danger and pain … which is not very well at all, to be honest. Despite her durability, she can’t handle pain or injury very well. The mere sight of even a bruise on her body causes her freak out, let alone any open wounds.

Permission Granted: All of Ai’s powers, particularly the more insidious Queen of Nightmare’s ability, are based on permission. If anyone truly wishes to rebel against her powers, they will be rendered immune.

Expose the Heart: While Ai is released, she is even more vulnerable to colors and emotional trauma. Each level of release makes her more and more vulnerable to these effects, even to the point of instantly knocking her unconscious should they touch her.

Love Will Save The Day: While in Queen of Nightmares form, Aisha’s weaknesses are added to. In addition to the original colors she is vulnerable too, she gains a vulnerability to cyan, or Grief, as well, a holdover of the yellow Fear she is infused with.

A Shattered Mind: While under the effects of the corruption, Ai is not altogether there. Her mind is shattered, making her easily manipulable by even slightly clever individuals. Same can be said of her powers; a natural side effect of Obsession is that to become obsessed with one individual. This individual may as well as call themselves her master, as she will do whatever or whoever that person wants to make him or her happy.

Fearfully, I Am Taken: Obsession requires Aisha to experience real, visceral fear. Not a funhouse ride jump scare, but the type of fear where she is scared for her life, scarred for life by the experience. Only then is the Fear intense enough to corrupt someone as powerful as a Descendant.

Calm Down: If anyone is capable of soothing Aisha, either through emotional manipulation or otherwise, she will return to her happy, pink form.

The Fluff

Being a Descendant, Ai is all but ageless. She is not truly immortal, as she can still be killed.

Her father is a senator of New York and her mother is a famous movie star. They have money.

She is currently enrolled in the New York School of Medicine to become a doctor.

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Aisha Konnick Empty Re: Aisha Konnick

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